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How to Overcome Loneliness in Life [14 Incredible Ways]

All of us, at some point or the other, have felt lonely. It is fine to feel lonely once in a while and fortunately there are many ways to overcome loneliness. One should be able to differentiate between loneliness and solitude.

Solitude is something that we enjoy or in fact like to be alone for some time with our own selves, whereas loneliness is something that when being lonely, we do not like and would like to be in any companionship.

Being lonely is not such a horrifying thing. There are many ways where one could get out of the feeling of being lonely and feel happy. To make it simple for the readers out there on how to overcome loneliness, a few of the strategies that could be followed are being discussed here:

Day 1: Use Time in Positive Manner

When you end up feeling lonely, don’t get upset; instead take this time to improve areas in your life. You could do many activities like playing brain games, reading something that interests you or even cleaning up your house to the dream style of yours!! Time flies and you get out of being lonely.

Day 2: Do Something That Interests You

We all have felt many times that if we had the time we could do it. The “IT” could be something that you have been longing for. Make this time that you are alone for this use. Have fun with yourself. Try a new hairstyle or a new color, involve in some craft that is your hobby, try being blissful. It is you who decide how to get yourself occupied and happy.

Day 3: Change the Way You Think

The more you think you are alone, the more you feel lonely. Instead, rearrange the word in you and you could feel the impact it holds. Instead of saying the house is quiet, say how peaceful it is. The word “peace” itself brings in lots of positive feel. Rather than feeling “I’m alone” you could feel as “It’s my Time”, I can do anything without disturbance, that feel itself brings in a lot of change. Rather than sighing, sing around. That would make you feel better than getting the feel that you are alone.

Day 4: Take a Ride

It is the best time to go for a ride. Grab your bicycle and take a good slow ride so that you could enjoy the surroundings. To make it more fun filled and active, you could invite your friends or family to join you for the ride. This would not only increase the fun but also make you get out of the feel of being lonely.

Day 5: Cook a Great Meal

Even if you are not a great cook, try making something for yourself. Give a treat to yourself. Cook something that you love and get involved. The outcome is fascinating and rewarding. You would just never know how time has passed away. To make it even better, invite someone for dinner and cook for them. It is really rewarding to see and have food with someone that you have invited over and made dishes exclusively for them.

Day: 6 Read a Good Book

Reading is the best way to get into another world entirely. Visit a library and choose a book that interests you and dig yourself into it. It awakens a lot of your creative thoughts, a good way of educating yourself and above all the best way to keep the clock ticking. With so many varieties of book based on so many topics, one does not find it difficult to pick one they like.

Day 7: Set Up a Coffee or Tea Date

Call upon friends, brush up you old contacts and invite them for a coffee or tea date. Enjoy time spend with them, explore new places with them. You could see the child in you come out once again with your old companions and enjoy doing things together. There is no greater fun than spending some mischievous times with an old buddy.

Day 8: Involve in Activities

Rather than sitting idle and feeling lonely, get yourself involved in activities that you like the best. For example joining a sports club or volunteering any social activities or church groups, or in some political campaign or anything that you find is more interesting. When you get involved in such activities, you get rid of being lonely and enjoy spending time doing something worthwhile.

Day 9: Considering of Having a Pet

When there is movement in the house, the thought of being alone just vanishes away. A pet has been a domestic companion for centuries. Winning a pet’s heart is an experience and when you get along with them, you would never feel lonely, as there is no better friend than a loyal pet.

Day 10: Keep Contacts

Keeping in touch with people is one way of killing loneliness. Even is you are far away from your friends and relatives, be in touch with them. With advanced technology, getting in touch with people is never a tedious task and when you talk and hear some one dear to you, you would feel much better.

Day 11: Focus on Others’ Needs

When your thoughts get diverted, half of your feelings of being lonely would be got over. Focus on others’ needs and feelings and offer a helping hand, it not only soothes them but also you. When there is a mutual understanding and sharing, both the people would feel better and it would help you and the other person to get out of the negative feeling within you and get together for something positive.

Day 12: Be Kind

Being kind to others does not cost you anything, but in turn would reap you great rewards. Even while being with a stranger, being kind to him is the greatest deed and this would give a feeling of happiness inside you. Every person is alone, and offering any kind of help or service would definitely make his day as well as yours.

Day 13: Volunteer

If you have spare time with you, think about volunteering some groups or works that interests you. You could stand up for a cause, help many out there who have been in search of someone to look up to and when involving for a public cause, you get involved that you forget almost everything that makes you feel bad as you would be occupied. A good deed with positive thoughts is all that it requires to be a volunteer.

Day 14: Find People of Your Interests

In today’s advanced world with so many advanced technologies, it is never difficult to get people who think like you or share the same interests like you. Find such kind of people, mingle with them and when you get people who share the same wavelength as yours, there is no other joy than spending good time with such people and groups.


Thus we get to understand that it is all up to us to decide whether we would want to be lonely all the time or whether we could get out of it with so many ways out there. Being lonely is not something unusual, however being lonely for quite some time may discomfort you. Choose a way that you find comfort in and go for it. Never allow loneliness to engulf you, as you could overcome it in many numbers of ways.

Life is only one time and so it is important to find ways to keep you always happy and energetic, enjoy the blessings in life, rather than being gloomy and feeling worthless. You choose the way you live, make it worthwhile.

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