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How to Wake up Early? [21 Outstanding Tips ]

Waking up early is close to impossible to many of us, even though we know that there are many advantages of doing do. We do admire people who wake up early and do so many activities like exercising, meditation, yoga and many more.

Yet, on a cozy morning to get the blanket off us and be systematic is a challenge for many. To wake up fresh and early in the morning, it just does not happen in one fine day. One needs to slowly implement it and apart from that there are many factors that help you wake up early.

Waking up early is a real tough task initially, but it does help in the long run.

The saying that goes, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”, stands true.

This article would help you to get systematic and follow some simple steps that suit you the best, to attain a good night’s sleep and a great fresh early morning. Let us go step by step:

1. Have a Good Reason to Get Up

Having a clear view of the need to wake up early is the first most important step that you need to take. When you have a vision, you get the desire to fulfill it. Once the reason to wake for each day is clear, then the go back sleep will not happen.

2. Avoid Snoozing Your Alarm

We all have the urge to snooze the alarm and think, just another 10 mins. That is dangerous!!! Never snooze off your alarm. Get up once you hear it. Jump out of your bed. Once you come out of bed, the urge to go back to sleep is gone. You will eventually wake up and feel better than through a preserved drowsiness.

3. Drink a Glass of Water

The first thing in the morning as soon as you get up, make it a habit to have a glass of water. Having a glass of water with an empty stomach has lot of health benefits and also awakens your inner system so that you would feel fresher. Infact, this habit was cultivated in me by my husband, and now I never skip it. It really feels great!

4. Breathe Deeply

In take of lots of fresh air, would pump in lots of oxygen and this would help you feel better and energized. Your body feels happy and light and that is directly reflected in you. The fresh air awakens all the cells in you body and makes you feel all energetic for the day.

5. Do Not Drink Coffee Everyday

Most of us have the habit of beginning the day with a hot cup of coffee. Well studies say that our body gets accustomed to the caffeine in the coffee and does not react to it; therefore it does not help us to wake up, rather slows the process. Therefore save the coffee for few days. You may have to compromise on your daily routines but gradually it will give a break to your routine of having coffee.

6. Have something to be excited about

Waking up early is a tough task .Find something that excites you to get up for the day. Even getting time to browse through your mails is great. If you do not like the work that you do, do not think about it instead do some sport or activity that makes you feel happy. Always start the day with positive energy and thoughts.

7. Exercise

Exercise is one word that is hated the most, but is interesting to be heard off. Start exercising, today. It is always better late than never. If you run short of time, choose something simple and interesting or something that you could blend with your morning works. This has two effects, one, the work gets done and two, you get that needed amount of exercise that would keep your body fit and healthy.

8. Establish A Stable Routine

Have you ever noticed that our body when following a regular pattern, would automatically start wanting to do the same regularly? Similarly, when you train your body to a certain pattern like waking up at a regular time daily and having a routine, it would get easier for you to start waking up early.

9. Get Rid of the Options

When there are options then only we fall a trap to them. There is one good way to get rid of them. Schedule meetings and deadlines for the mornings as this leaves no options to change the appointments in the last hour. Hence the need to wake up early and get things in order arises. In this way you could make yourself get up early.

10. Have a Similarly Motivated Friend

Having a friend that is by your side is a blessing. When we wake up early and experience the benefits and when they are being share and inspires many, that makes us feel better. When they too join us and follow the morning routine, we have someone to help us get back on track, when we tend to feel less motivated. Like minds always go together and similarly, like minded people bond together for the better.

11. Avoid Certain Foods at Night

In order to wake up early, you need a good night’s sleep. For a good nights sleep, one of the best ways is to avoid coffee, red wine and chocolates at nights. These foods could upset your intestines in such a manner that you would wake up constantly or may have a light sleep. Avoid these after lunch.

12. Pray Before Going to Bed

Before going to bed, just spend some time with yourself. Meditate or pray, thank God for all the blessings of the day. Tomorrow is a new beginning. This makes you feel better and light and ensures a worriless night would help you to have a fresh morning.

13. Never Have Food Just Before Bed

Many people after a hectic day, run back home, cook something, eat and then sleep. Never sleep immediately after having food. That not only spoils your health, but also causes uneasiness during sleep, thus disrupting your sleep and end result is that you are unable to wake up fresh. Try having a few hours between your dinner and bedtime, and make it a light dinner so that your system finds it easy to digest. You could feel the difference the next day.

14. Get in Positive Energies to Your Room

There are certain aspects that we need to believe in life. Arrange your room according to Feng Shui (a Chinese art that helps to balances energy in the house). This does a lot of difference and you could experience a good and peaceful sleep.

15. Try Not Disrupting Your Sleep

One way that sleep gets disrupted is when you have the urge to go to the loo. Empty your bladder before going to bed. This will help you in not making you getting up in the middle of the night, as even when you sleep the kidneys function and they need to empty when full. So instead of exerting pressure on your excretory system and disturbing your sleep, drain it before you sleep and sleep peacefully.

16. Keep Your Sleep Consistent

It is not how many hours you slept that should be counted. Instead it is the quality of sleep that you take which matters. Be consistent. Maintain a fixed time to go to bed everyday, no matter what and similarly set up your alarm for a same time every morning and wake, even if it is a holiday. This way you could get your body listen to you and feel much better.

17. Set Alarms at Different Timings

Most of us have the habit of putting off the alarm and getting back to sleep again. To get out of this habit, start setting alarms at different timings, let’s say a gap of 5-10 minutes. So that even if you try to go back to sleep, these buzzing bees don’t let you do so. At least to put them off, you will be out of your bed.

18. Have a Comfortable Bed

To sleep well, we have to feel comfortable. Try having good comfortable bed and pillows, so that it helps you to have a good sleep and in turn helps you to wake up early and fresh the next morning.

19. Reward Yourself

We all seek appreciation to keep us motivated for whatever we accomplish. When you accomplish the set goal of waking up early, reward yourself. Rewarding could be something that you like the most, like having a day’s breakfast from your favorite outlet or taking a day off and enjoying yourself, could be anything that you feel happy about. This way, you would feel more motivated to follow the practice.

20. Having a Morning Call

There are many options in this. One you could offer yourself to call up someone in the morning to wish him. This creates a responsibility in you and you start developing the habit of waking up early to keep up the word. Second, have a friend or family member call you up and making sure that you are out of bed. This way you both are benefited.

21. Sleep and Wake up at the Same Time

We try developing the habit of waking up early and then on a Sunday, we wake up late being a holiday. This kind of attitude breaks the routine and makes you feel tired when waking up the next morning. Develop a pattern of going to bed and waking up at the same time on a daily basis. Follow the same routine on weekdays and weekends. This will help you.


Waking up early has many benefits. Once you experience the greatness of early mornings, the getting back to bed will never crop up in your mind. People who wake up early are always fresh and energetic throughout the day, whereas those who wake up late are always moody and lethargic in any activities during the day.

Enjoying nature with all its freshness and a sweep in of unpolluted air from the morning wind is an experience to be felt and not explained. A little bit of prayer, meditation, exercising, planning for the day and spending quality time with family in the evenings, would make up your entire day very fruitful, and to organize all these, you need some time for yourself, when you are fresh. There is no other better time than mornings, when both mind and body are all set for a new beginning.

So wake up and experience the beauty and blessings of life from today.

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