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Essay on Effects of Global Warming

Essay on the effects of global warming! Find high quality essays on the ‘Effects of Global Warming’ especially written for school, college and university students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the effects, prevention and conclusion of global warming.

The effects of global warming influence the temperature of the earth’s water, land and atmosphere year-by-year owing to numerous human-made and natural reasons. The effects of global warming are both long-term as well as short-term.

However, the long-term effects are quite more substantial. A decrease in the ice shield nearby the poles is one momentous long-term effect. In reality, the poles are melting. The effects of global warming are mainly categorized as natural and anthropogenic effects of global warming, out of which the anthropogenic impact is the most critical.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Standard) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC can also increase their knowledge by studying these essays.

List of Essays on Effects of Global Warming

Essay on Effects of Global Warming – 10 Lines on the Effects of Global Warming Written in English (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

What is?

Global warming is the rise in temperature of the Earth’s climate system. It is mostly happening due to several human activities.


Global warming has its adverse effect on the environment, human as well as animals.

Effect of Global Warming on Environment:

The drastic change in the weather conditions is happening because of global warming. The effects include an unexpected rise in the sea level, melting of glaciers, extreme temperatures, and natural calamities.

Effect of Global Warming on Humans:

Global warming, as well as its impact on the environment, is affecting humans in the form of various diseases and health hazards.

Effect of Global Warming on Animals:

The nature being disturbed due to global warming, the natural habitats of the animals are also disrupted. Animals are mostly dependent on the climatic cycles and global warming has resulted in a drastic change in the climate. This has also led to the extinction of several animals.


There is an urgent need to take preventive measures because global warming is definitely becoming life threatening for one and all.

Essay on Effects of Global Warming – Short Essays for Kids and Children (Essay 2 – 250 Words)


The effects of global warming influence the temperature of the earth’s water, land and atmosphere year-by-year owing to numerous human-made and natural reasons.

Effects of Global Warming:

The effects of global warming are both long-term as well as short-term. However, the long-term effects are quite more substantial. A decrease in the ice shield nearby the poles is one momentous long-term effect. In reality, the poles are melting.

The following are a few effects of global warming:

1. Increasing Sea Level:

One of the major effects of global warming is that the level of the sea is growing at a faster pace. If the sea level is going to rise at this speed then, in very short time numerous coast-line nations like Fiji, Singapore, Bangladesh, Egypt, etc., will rapidly get submerged.

Once nations get moved underwater, there shall be extensive harm to wildlife which exists in these nations. Moreover, the casualty will be inestimable. People living in these nations might have to migrate to other nations. Numerous people might fight for the land, food and job prospects.

2. Desertification:

Desertification is one of the worse long-term effects of global warming. The influence of extensive desertification is that the surface which was previously accessible for farming will be no longer suitable. Therefore, there will be less area for growing food. Smaller region for growing food for a large group of persons will lead to tragedy.


If we desire to survive on earth then, it is very important that we find the solution for the effects of global warming. It will not only save our earth planet but also the future of the coming generation.

Essay on Effects of Global Warming – How the Effects of Global Warming can be Controlled? (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

Global warming is one of the pressing environmental issues which causes climate change and the rise of temperature than the average level. It occurs mainly because of two reasons; one is humanmade, and other is due to natural reasons — human activities like deforestation, mining as well as industrial pollution cause climate change. In the case of natural activities, it can happen due to the volcanic eruptions, greenhouse gases, solar flare, prominences, sunspots, solar wind, etc.

Global Warming Effects:

Global warming can create many minor and significant changes in living and non-living beings.

The various effects of Global Warming are:

1. Change in Climate:

Global warming lead to adverse climatic changes. Heavy rainfall, floods, drought, snowfall, heat waves, as well as ocean acidification are some of the byproducts of global warming. Rise in sea levels due to thermal expansion and rise in the surface temperature of the ocean is also the ill effect of global warming.

2. Melting of Glaciers:

Global warming is the reason for Arctic glaciers to melt, which can have severe havoc for marine life and habitat. It is also a reason for sea level rise, and it negatively affects human being, as the bearable global temperature rises and may cause various health issues.

3. Affects Natural Processes:

Increased atmospheric temperature augments the evaporation process, affect river flows, Lake water levels and create water scarcity.

4. Extinction of Species:

With increase in temperature due to global warming, various species are becoming extinct as they are not able to withstand the high temperatures.

How the Effects of Global Warming can be controlled?

Experts suggest many ways to control the effects Global warming, out of which two best solutions are adaptation and mitigation. Under mitigation, we can take many actions to reduce the consumption of energy by using energy-efficient appliances. Also, we can use alternative energy sources to reduce the dependence of hydrocarbon energy and other forms of energies that can damage the ecosystem.

Another possible way of controlling the effects of global warming is by limiting the dependency on fossil fuel, encourage recycling, stop deforestation, etc.


Global warming can be responsible for the rise of temperature from 0.3 to 1.7 degree than average temperature, and that’s why it is a matter of concern. According to NASA global warming has increased earth’s average surface temperature.

As per recent Global warming statics, the future looks to be very gloomy. If the unscrupulous abuse of natural resources continues in the present phase, it will have a catastrophic effect on flora and fauna of the earth. Steps must be taken to curb the effects of global warming.

Essay on Effects of Global Warming – With Conclusion (Essay 4 – 400 Words)

Global warming is a change in normal climate where the earth’s temperature rises gradually. The effects of global warming are mainly categorized as natural and anthropogenic effects of global warming, out of which the anthropogenic impact is the most critical.

The various effects of global warming are listed below:

1. Weather Changes:

One of the major effects of global warming is the change in natural weather that affects the seasonal timings like earlier flowering of plants; unexpected variation in agricultural yield etc., which adversely disturbs the food supply chain and social systems.

The effects of global warming also includes the change in rainfall amounts and patterns; this either makes a land wetter or drier depending on the geography. Though the studies show the transformation of colder day or nights to hotter, the impact is considered to be critical in the long way.

However surveys leave a nightmare that the heat waves have almost reached the extreme that it’s difficult to cure the happenings so it is better to take precautions to prevent further effects from being dreadful.

2. Regional Effects of Global Warming:

The changes in hydrological cycle, ocean wave intensity, wind speed, etc., are commonly categorized as regional effects of global warming as the percentage of impact vary with regional geography.
Glacier retreat is a phenomenal effect of global warming which results in large scale melting of ice glaciers and thus increases the sea level gradually. This is a shock for people in low land areas. Reduction in glaciers also affects those populations who rely on icebergs as source of water.

There are certain unpredictable effects of global warming like tropical cyclones where the wind speed is likely to increase but the regions to be affected may vary and remain uncertain.

3. Life Threats:

Ocean acidification is another serious effect of global warming where the increasing amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases risks the life in ocean due to oxygen depletion. The abrupt effects of global warming also causes distress among the human health in the mode of diseases like malaria, dengue fever, diarrhea etc.


Growing needs and modern life style leads to the increasing effects of global warming directly or indirectly. As an individual contribution to decrease the effects of global warming, all you can do is prefer organic products instead of industry made non-degradable materials. This in turn reduces amount of garbage and lessen need for open waste burning that releases harmful gases.

The natural calamities that used to occur once in a decade have become frequent due to the extreme effects of global warming. So love your nature by planting more trees and the earth will love you back.

Essay on Effects of Global Warming (Essay 5 – 500 Words)


Global warming is no longer something that we are anticipating because it is currently happening based on the effects being experienced. Effects of global warming are as a result of the rise in temperature in the hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. Ever felt that the sun is too hot? Well, that extreme heat is an effect of global warming. Now imagine the consequences of that heat on all components of the environment with an increase in global warming. The heat that we are feeling is tolerable to some species while to others it is not. Although global warming is defined as a rise in temperature on earth, it does not mean that heat is the only effect. There are far worse effects of global warming.

Climate Change:

Climate change has been occurring naturally over the years, but with the global warming effect, the nature of climate change has been disrupted. Climate change as an effect of global warming has resulted in adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat, extreme cold, massive storms, and drought. Experiencing extremes in weather is harmful to some species because a balance in the ecosystem is required for the survival of most species of plants and animals.

An Increase in Incidences of Natural Disasters:

Natural disasters are catastrophic, and an increased occurrence is even worse. Natural disasters occur due to the effects of global warming on climate change. Examples are drought, floods and storms. These disasters are destructive and interfere mostly with biodiversity. Using floods as an example, it causes death and displacement of species. Extreme snowing and heavy rainfall as direct effects of global warming can cause flooding. Snowing causes floods when excessive heat causes ice to melt to large volumes of water.

Excessive heat causes massive evaporation of water on the earth’s surface which causes heavy rainfalls. Floods cause falling of trees and plants, erosion of soil, increased occurrence of diseases in animals and lack of habitat for animals like fish that get displaced from rivers onto dry land. Management of effects of global warming, e.g., natural disasters is a challenge to us because of the limited resources and their abrupt nature of occurrence.

A Drop in the World’s Economy:

Economic stability is what we strive to achieve in our daily lives. Effects of global warming on the economy are devastating. Through natural disasters like floods, the property is destroyed, and there is a drawback in the economy that had been built. Agricultural activities are profoundly affected by climate change as an effect of global warming. Plants fail to thrive in adverse weather conditions. Management of the impact of global warming is draining to the economy. An increase in diseases is a severe effect of global warming on the economy. Chronic illnesses like cancer have increased due to global warming and environmental pollution, and they are costly to treat them. Such diseases prevent people from working towards a better economy because it renders them disabled to work.


In conclusion, the effects of global warming are alarming.

Essay on Effects of Global Warming – For School Students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Standard) (Essay 6 – 600 Words)


Effects of global warming have been a subject of concern since the earlier times. Although the temperature of the Earth has been rising for a long time, the current civilisation has begun to feel the heat of this increase to a larger extent with the onset of the 20th century. There are many reasons which have contributed to this global warming, the advancement of technology being the foremost one. The effects of global warming are, however, so severe, that they have led the world to unite as one in order to control it.

Effects of Global Warming:

There are many effects of global warming which have sent alarm bells ringing for the researchers all over the world. First and foremost effect of global warming is the melting of glaciers near the poles. The polar regions of the Earth have long been surrounded by ice due to the freezing temperatures and near absence of sunlight in these regions. However, with the increase in overall temperature of the earth, the glaciers in these regions have been found to melting. This has led to an increase in the overall levels of water in the seas and oceans.

This increase in the level of water poses a risk of submersion of coastal areas of the world. In fact, this increase in level is not something new. It has been increasing for thousands of year. Perhaps that is why the remains of the civilisations which once existed near water sources have been found to be under water. The remains of the city of Dwarka found under water which was established by Lord Krishna is one such example.

Another effect of global warming is the change in the climatic conditions of the Earth. This has further led to heavy rains accompanied by floods or severe droughts at regions which are not used to such calamities. For example, there have been varied patterns of monsoon in India which have kept the farmers guessing on the fate of their crops. Also, the severity of the weather has increased. Places which used to have normal temperatures and weather earlier now experience severe weather conditions which the people and other life in the region are not used to.

Other effects of global warming include the extinction of a variety of species on the Earth. There are many species which used to exist earlier but now have become extinct. This has been because they were not able to adapt themselves to the change in the climatic conditions. Dinosaurs which were a species who used to exist in earlier can no more are seen today. They are an example of what the change in climatic conditions can do to various species on the Earth.


Effects of global warming are not something which can be ignored by us. Moreover, humans are largely responsible for global warming as it is our activities which have expedited the rate of global warming on the Earth. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of the humans to study the effects of Global warming and plan the steps required in order to control it. There have already been some measures in places by the governments all over the world to control global warming.

The Paris agreement initiated in the year 2015 is one step taken by the major countries of the world. Under this agreement, all the countries over the world shall make substantial efforts in the reduction of emission of greenhouses in the atmosphere. This is aimed at reducing the rate at which the surface temperature of the Earth has been rising. However, this is not enough. Unless and until we support the government in its initiative nothing can be achieved. We must all strive to preserve the environment so as to give sustainable living conditions to future generations.

Essay on Effects of Global Warming – Long Essay for College and University Students (Essay 7 – 750 Words)


Effects of global warming are quite hard on our planet and environment. First, we need to know what global warming means. Global warming basically means a rise on the long term of the temperature on an average of the planet earth’s climatic system. Global warming is a facet of the climate change that is shown by the temperature measures also by the multiple and various effect that global warming brings. Global warming generally refers majorly to the observed warming that is mainly caused by humans since and around the pre-industrial era and its continuation that is projected even though we have had periods and times of it that were very much earlier.

In recent times, we often use global warming and climate change interchangeably, there is a difference between both though. Global warming refers to the temperature increase of the worldwide surface while on the other hand, climate change refers to the regional change in climate that might persist for a long period of time, including cooling or warming.

Effects of Global Warming on the Biosphere:

Overall, it is believed that global warming and climate change will eventually lead to the complete extinction of a lot of different species and also reduce the biodiversity of various ecosystems. It has been discovered that rise in temperatures tend to push and stretch bees to the limits physiologically and this could eventually cause the permanent extinction of the population of bees.

A study that was carried out in 2012 arrived at the conclusion that the central nervous and brain systems of some species of fish is affected by the continued uptake by the oceans of carbon dioxide. The study also showed that this affects the ability of the fishes to evade predators, smell and hear. The study concluded that dissolved carbon dioxide damages the nervous system of fishes contrary to the belief that the disruption is caused by oceans getting acidified.

Effects of Global Warming on the Environment:

There are various environmental effects that global warming has.

They are quite far reaching and broad but a few of the diverse effects will be discussed below:

1. Decline of the ice in the arctic sea, rise in sea levels, glaciers retreating

2. Tropical cyclones, extreme events, extreme weather

3. Change in the properties of oceans, ecosystem changes

4. Effects on a long-term of the global warming, climate change runaway

5. Cold blob in the North Atlantic, erratic and sudden climate change.

Effects of Global Warming on Social Systems:

The effects that global warming imposes on our systems as humans are largely as a result of the shifts or warming in the patterns of precipitation, or both, are being detected all over the world. As the magnitude and rate of the global warming increases, the risks associated with global warming also increases. Every region in the world faces a risk of passing through and experiencing the various negative impacts associated with global warming but regions that are less developed and also regions that have low latitudes face the highest risk rate.

A few examples of the numerous effects of global warming and climate change on us humans include:

1. Increase in temperature by a single degree increases violence by about 20%. This means that global warming leads to a lot more wars, civil unrest, violent crimes and fist fights.

2. Global warming damages the economy and brings about more cost to industries.

3. Global warming negatively affects crop production and the rate of economic losses as a result of events of extreme weather has increased all over the world.

4. Global warming negatively affects public health as a result of extreme weathers that causes direct effects like loss of lives and injuries.

5. Loss of livelihood of people living around the arctic and many other regions as a result of global warming.

Effects of Global Warming on Regions:

A lot of regions like Africa, the Arctic, Asian mega deltas and small islands are all regions that will most likely get affected by global warming and climate change.


As we all know now, global warming and its many effects is a very terrible thing that has a lot of terrible effects on our planet and even the lives of us humans on the earth. As a result of this, we must do everything within our power to battle global warming and try to adopt responses that can help us in battling global warming and climate change.

Some of the responses we can adopt to fight global warming include:

1. Climate engineering

2. Adaptation

3. Mitigation

Essay on Effects of Global Warming – For Competitive Exams like IAS, IPS, UPSC and Civil Services (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)

The effects of global warming have been far and wide. The whole world has been suffering the effects of global warming because we have come to realize that the ecosystem might be on the brink of losing its suitable balance.

Owing to indiscriminate cutting down of trees and endless levels of different forms of pollution; more and more greenhouses gases have been trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This has led to global warming. Such is the extent of global warming that the effects of global warming can be felt in our day to day life as well. So, let us take a look at some of the key effects of global warming and then get the impetus to do something about it.

The Primary Effects of Global Warming:

Temperature Change:

We have all witnessed how the temperature has drastically changed almost everywhere around the world. The places which witnessed no or little snowfall are often swamped with massive snow. Similarly, regions which were prone to heavy rain and flood end up facing drought. There have been striking changes in the temperature and weather of several regions. It is a direct result of global warming and shows how adversely we have impacted the environment.

Natural Calamities:

If you take a look at the frequency of natural disasters, you would be alarmed at their increased frequency. Almost all kind of natural disasters ranging from floods to even earthquake, cyclones, forest fires, flash floods; all have become so much more common than before. Did you ever give a thought as to what could be the key reason behind this increased frequency? It surely has to be global warming. As we have continued our ruthless exploitation of the earth, it had a direct impact on the earth’s atmosphere. It is high time that we understand that earth is the only life-supporting planet on our solar system.

If the natural calamities continue to occur at this increased frequency, it is a matter of time until the whole existence of life will be wiped off the planet.

Disturbed Ecosystem Balance:

We are all aware of how the ecosystem follows an intricate balance pattern. Everything is interrelated to each other. Even the presence of microorganisms is essential for the survival of big mammals as the food chain and food web all help in balancing this ecosystem.

However, owing to human interference and the massive rate of destruction of forest cover, we can feel how the balance of the ecosystem is being impacted.

The earth comes with a carrying capacity as it has the power to mitigate the damage which is caused to it. However, scientists and researchers have found that one of the key effects of global warming includes the fact that earth is reaching its carrying capacity and if the remedial actions are not taken at the earliest, it might end up exceeding it.

If we disrupt the balance completely, it is going to do a world of damage and earth may cease to support life any longer.

The Rising Sea Levels:

As one of the direct effects of global warming is the global rise in temperature, the sea levels too have seen an increase. This is a very alarming point and a major cause of concern because if the sea levels witness a significant rise, a lot of island countries like Australia, New Zealand, Maldives may all submerge complexly. Their existence on the world map may be completely eliminated because rising sea levels could be very risky for the world.

Melting of Polar Ice Caps:

A lot of scientists have expressed real fear as to how the polar ice caps seem to be melting. It is the meeting of ice caps which has resulted in the rising sea levels. There are polar ice caps in Antarctica which has shown melting. These are the regions which are supposed to stay frozen. However, owing to the increase in the average temperature, these problems have erupted. So, humanity as a whole needs to understand that we have to come up with the right actions at the earliest to mitigate the troubles we have already created.

Greenhouse Gases:

Such are the effects of global warming that greenhouse gases have become a concern in itself. There are a lot of gases which gets trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This includes gases like carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, hydro-fluorocarbons and more. These gases end up acting like a blanket and they absorb the radiation. It prevents them from escaping into the outer atmosphere. Owing to this phenomenon, the earth’s surface gets heated and this, in turn, leads to a rise in temperature and global warming.

Future Problems:

As we have already told about how the different systems and processes are all interlinked, the effects of global warming are surely going to have a wide array of other issues in the future too. It is hard to foresee the number of problems which we may have to face if we do not take the right action underway.

From losing the non-renewable source of energy to rapid change in climate, submerging of island nations, extreme weather, and disappearance of water bodies; there are several other problems which may come up.


As we are all aware of the effects of global warming, it is important that a collective stand is taken against these issues. If we do not put in the right actions now, the world may be impacted in a way that we may end up being in a place of no return.

Earth is currently the only planet that we know of which supports life. If the right mitigation activates are not performed, the carrying capacity will be impacted. So, you should do your best to ensure that you are doing your bit to save this environment.

The effects of global warming are already being felt in several spheres of life. If we want our children to live in a happy, safe, and green environment, the right educational and awareness campaigns should be set.


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