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How to Improve Your Personality in Just 21 Days? (With Pictures)

What exactly is Personality? We have very often heard saying, “He/She has a good personality” or “What a personality he/she has!” Personality is characteristic thoughts, behaviour and feelings that are associated with an individual. Basically it is how one attracts others through his deeds and words. An individual could develop his or her personality if he has a goal in mind and he decides firmly that he would develop himself in all aspects of life both internally and externally.

Personality development is not some rocket science. This could be developed gradually with time. The little things that you do or take the effort to do can have huge impact on your life. It is all how YOU decide how you want others to see you. For a better understanding, simple steps that could be followed over a period of time are illustrated below to develop your personality within the shortest period of time.

Let us go on a day to day basis.

Day 1: Discover Yourself 

We all have wondered at one point or the other, what are we, or who exactly we are. Well if you are able to find an answer to this, half the hurdle is crossed. You should analyze yourself, what is that you are passionate about. When you start doing things that you love, you would start to feel a positive vibe around.

People noticing you, recognizing you, appreciating you for your work and many other things begin to happen to you. Rather than living or doing things according to others’ choice, you would be respected for what you can do, no matter how weird it may be. After all you are skilled in that, so you could deliver the best! Analyze what makes you happy, both personally and professionally, you would start to feel the difference when you start doing things that you love the most.

Day 2: Observe Others

There is no other better way of understanding, than observing. Every person has good and bad in them. When you are attracted or attached to a person, find out what qualities made you get close to him, what are his positive qualities, how is he liked or admired by others. These things would enable you to find the good qualities in a person that you meet and you could also implement those good qualities in you. The more good qualities in you, the better personality you acquire.

Day 3: Be Bold and Ready to Explore

To get the best in you, always question yourself as to where you are today. If you feel that you are not able to get a justifiable answer, and then analyze where you have gone wrong or what prevented you from getting what you actually wanted. We all develop a comfort zone, whether at home or at work and then stick to it. Try breaking that zone. Step out; explore the adventures life has in store for you. It is fun and exciting to do what you really crave for, rather than being engulfed by shield that has restricted you to be what you are. Meet people, do adventurous works and be firm in what you do. Take your time, but do it, that is what counts.

Day 4: Love Yourself

Have you congratulated yourself for something good? If you have not done it till now, start it right away. There is no other better feeling that complimenting yourself when something really good has been done and you know it very well.

Compliments always have a positive effect and when you do it for yourself; you know that you have really DONE IT! A pat on your back makes you feel good and happy and helps in approaching other people. Don’t forget, even you are admirable and interesting.

Day 5: Accept Mistakes

We all are humans, and humans do commit mistakes. Accept the fact that no person is perfect, including you. Accepting one’s mistake is indeed a great step towards improving one’s personality. Trying to be a perfectionist would have negative impact not only on you, but also on others.

Day 6: Live Your Life

Every minute counts in life, likewise every deed also counts. When you spend time on something that is of quality both for you and others, you could tell others about your success stories and this would gradually develop your confidence. Stop worrying about failure. Only with failures do you really understand how you could get better.

Don’t distract yourself with the television or game that do no good to you, but instead just makes you feel lethargic and drains your energy. When you start stepping up and live life in a conscious manner, you start attracting adventures on a continuous basis.

Day 7: Choose Optimistic People

We are what not with our ways of thoughts and deeds, but get influenced by other people whom we meet in life. Always try to be with people who see the positive in life and are more readily to be with you and help to build you up. Never be with people who are always doubtful and pessimistic in life, they will only burden you with doubts about yourself and you reach no where.

Day 8: Expand Your Horizon

If you want others to see you as interesting, you yourself have to be one. Acquiring knowledge is the best methodology. Knowledge is power and very interesting too. Cultivate the habit of acquiring more information. It could be on anything that interests you. Read books, articles, interacting with people are all ways of acquiring information’s and improving knowledge which eventually makes you yourself an interesting person to be with.

Day 9: Be Yourself

Never pretend to be someone whom you aren’t. People hate being cheated and you should realize that they can easily understand whether you are real or under a mask. People appreciate for the Actual You and not the Actor You. There is a lot of difference between the both. No matter what, when you be who you are, you would be accepted. Therefore, develop a good personality, so that you need not flaunt.

Day 10: Learn Something New

Do not stagnate yourself. You mind is like a large sponge that keeps in absorbing more and more, the more you feed it. Explore things in life. Never underestimate yourself that you cannot expand more. Learn something new, develop a new hobby, open an unfamiliar book etc. and you could see the unexpected talents and qualities in you being discovered. It rejuvenates you and opens a new beginning in you.

Day 11: Be Positive

Always think with which kind of people would you like to be, people who are humorous and have a positive attitude or with nagging complaint boxes? In the same way, if you are a person who always opens up complaints, you would never have people attracted to you. All of us have problems in life and we ought to face them.

Hence there is no point in pondering over them. Instead, develop the habit of being positive, being cheerful all the time and make your friends laugh. You would be welcomed whole heartedly in all groups.

Day 12: Have a Role Model in Life

We all are influenced by one person or the other. And the reason of getting influenced is only because we like their personality. Observing them, taking advices from them and getting answers from them when in a crises are some of the ways of improving ones` personality.

Day 13: Believe in Yourself

Doubting yourself, it like letting you down in all means. Believe in yourself. Trust in the YOU, that you can achieve it. Keep saying that to yourself and you could see the difference that attitude brings about. What you wanted to accomplish, could be done by just believing in yourself that you could do it.

Day 14: Reflect Confidence

Most of the time, people confuse personality with appearance. Personality does not mean smart looks and beautiful appearance. It is just straight and simple. The confidence in your eyes, the sternness in your voice and your body language is all what counts for the right kind of personality.

Day 15: Variety is the Spice of Life

Following a regular pattern to improve yourself will gradually get you bored. Mix up your daily routines, bring in variety, it adds spice to life.

Day 16: Do Not Shout

When in public, being too noisy is obnoxious and annoying. You should know how and when to speak. Mannerism counts in your personality. Talk softly, yet firmly that reflects the confidence in you.

Day 17: Know When to Argue

Sometimes you might have a difference of opinion in a matter, that does not mean that only you are right and the other person is wrong. Accept their views, if they are right. You can go wrong at times. People would respect you for understanding rather than trying to impose your views, even if they are not right.

Day 18: Be there for Others.

At times, your friends or someone whom you are attached may be in a tough situation. Defend them, and they would be filled with gratitude all through their life. This shows that you care and you would be there for them during tough times. This creates a positive feel and you would also be helped when in need.

Day 19: Body Language

Body language is one aspect where you are being assessed without much effort by others. Look in the eye when you talk, that shows your confidence. Never talk looking at the feet. Stand tall, never stoop. Give a firm shake hand, hold your head high. Always carry a pleasant smile, it does not cost you anything, but has great returns.

Day 20: Motivate

Motivating yourself and others is best tool in improving one’s personality. It creates positive ripples all around you as well as others and the impact it creates is just fantastic.

Day 21: Create a Trademark for yourself

When you are different and special in a unique way, people will remember you even if they meet you only once. Leaving back a trademark, is the best way to flatter yourself for all the positive vibes that you hold and being the owner of a great personality.

By following these simple methodologies in your daily activities, you could observe the change that you bring about in you as well as with all whom you are associated with. You would be noticed, respected, appreciated and even become a role model for someone else!!! When you help others to get better, you help yourself to become the best.

To Conclude

We as humans have the power to shape our personalities the way we wish to. When we develop ourselves, in all best possible manners, we contribute not only to ourself, but also to others.

I hope with this simple article, I could help those who are in the look out of developing a good personality without being evidently noticed or for those who do not like saying about it. Implement it and see the remarkable difference in yourself. A guide to a New You for the coming years…

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