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How to Improve Your Sense of Humour in Just 14 Days?

Laughter is essential to make life worthy. Whatever may be the situation in your life, a heartfelt laughter can make life livable and healthier. The pleasure of laughter is beyond all rewards.

Humour helps reduce the stress and strengthen the immune system helping an individual to overcome any pain with utmost ease. Humour also brings relationships to life. Without it most relationships become lifeless and meaningless.

Humour isn’t a thing that can be defined with specific words. Humour is different to different people. But making an offensive joke and expecting the audience to laugh over it isn’t human.

Some people think that they are funny while they are only talking senseless things which do not entertain anyone, instead only irritate others. Being witty is about talking and laughing with dignity and at the same time offering light and cheerful moments to the people around. There are many factors that decide how humourous you are.

This includes the timing or style of delivery as well as tone of your speech.

Sarcasm is a type of humour, only if it does not offend anyone at large. If you fail to understand what is it that you require to become funny, we have 14 day guide for you to follow and improve your sense of humour. You will feel yourself alive and also enjoy a healthy life with more friends around you each day as you grow humourous.

Day 1: Get back your smile

A smile is very synonymous with a laugh, though technically they are different things. There are many things in this world that demand a smile. A toddler’s activities and talks, lush green surroundings with chirping birds, a task completed successfully at work or home, the news of a friend or loved one coming, watching a funny movie or humourous serial are just a few examples.

A person who smiles often is more likely to feel less burdened with the pressures of work and life and hence revive his/her sense of humour. Absence of smile is considered as a state of depression or stress where a person misses many joys of life.

Day 2: Learn to laugh at yourself

When your start to laugh at your own situations, others begin to laugh with you too. Try to find humour in some of the most embarrassing moments you remember from the past and learn to tell them like stories with a funny side added. Be dramatic while telling your stories and exaggerate a bit to add the element of humour.

Self-deprecation will slowly become a way you create a light environment around you and open yourself to humourous aspects of your life. As you learn to see life in a different light positively and humourously, you shall learn to make humour in most situations. Be sure not to make fun out of stories that are personal or make the crowd uncomfortable.

Day 3: Try to laugh at annoying or frustrating situations

Certain situations annoy you or spoil your mood. A sudden fall amidst a crowd, a hole discovered in your favorite shirt that you are just about to wear for a party or your step landings into dog poop etc are some situations where you are likely to get angry. It is expected about how you feel and thus very normal for you to act annoyed. But the fact is that nothing is achieved or nothing can be changed about what has been done. There is an easy yet funny way to get out of such situations.

Try to imagine someone you like or extremely dislike in your situation. Keep imagining the faces that come to your mind until you feel that you have thought of the best person to experience your predicament. This will bring a laugh on his state and then you shall eventually laugh on yourself.

Another way is to recollect the unfortunate events of the day and laugh in the mirror over the accidents and falls that happened. It will help you not feel frustrated over the situations and is an effective way not to lose temper.

Day 4: Read Comics and joke books often

Cut out the jokes from joke books that make you laugh the most and put them on the notice board or on some place like your office table where they are on your horizon.

Frequently seeing those jokes and comics will help you feel relaxed. Even if you read more comics, it has a very positive influence on your humour and helps enhance the humourous outlook you keep towards situations in life.

Day 5: Listen to funny stories of friends and colleagues

When you meet friends or colleagues at workplace ask them to tell you some funny things of past week that happened to them. Listening to humourous true stories is far better than hearing to gossip and people will remember you as someone who has a penchant for humour.

Once you develop the habit of talking and laughing over funny sides of real incidents, you will inculcate an attitude of humour and laughter within you.

Day 6: Draw cartoons

A frustrating day can end happily if you draw cartoons with funny caricatures. It will automatically bring a smile on your face in spite of your day being bad.

Sometimes we need to change our perspective towards the otherwise annoying things of life and simple cartoons with a pun can bring the required change making you feel light.

Humour is an attitude. You have to acquire it artistically by making things look funnier and putting an end to the seriousness or graveness of any situation.

Day 7: Enjoying stand up gigs

Stand up gigs are essential to understand how people feel about the jokes. When you create an atmosphere to enjoy them, you shall develop a perspective of what makes you laugh and what kind of humour is personally funny for you.

Even watching comedy movies or comedy shows on T.V. can help you laugh over situations and in turn help seek humour in situations which you normally fail to find funny.

Day 8: Watch Comedy shows

Watch the late night popular comedy shows where hosts and comedians make everyone laugh with their well-timed and humourous talks. Their expressions and style must be noted to see and understand what is it that makes people laugh every time they mark a statement. It is way they put forth funny statements that makes them more interesting and you find them humourous. You can even use their one-liner jokes in your own talks and try to note how people react.

Day 9: Don’t go overboard with humour

Finding humour in awkward and offensive situations isn’t the right way to have fun. If you try to force humour into situations, it will only ruin your image as a person and people will try to stay away.

Humour has to come naturally. You don’t have to overdo it at social situations or plan it as it can become forced in such a case. Humour is spontaneous and unplanned and that is why it makes people laugh in the most

Day 10: Overstate problems

The more we exaggerate our problems to make fun out of them, the humourous perspective towards life and situations enhances. As they say, the problem is only as big as you want to see it; similarly the problem is as serious or funny as you look at it. The more fun you seek in exaggerating a problem when talking about it to someone, the lighter and dramatic the problem becomes with it being told as a tale with twists and turns.

Thus, it makes you feel as if the problem is a drama and you are supposed to laugh over it and not take it to heart.

Day 11: Do something humourous each day

You are what you do. So if you want to become a person with improved sense of humour, you ought to make it a routine. Do something silly each day. Make one humourous activity a part of your To-Do List, and mark it only when you actually accomplish it. Humour experts think that if you manage to include humour as a part of your tasks, you shall automatically regain or develop a humourous attitude.

Day 12: Share fun with family

Any time you sit with your family members for dinner or supper, make sure that you share your funny moments of the day with them. Sharing some light moments with family will reduce your stress levels and bring a cheerful and humourous person out of you who does not see embarrassment in things that go wrong in life but instead seeks fun and humour in it. You cannot change the situations or occasional things that happen to you any day but you can become a more happy-go-lucky person by taking them in a fun-filled manner.

Day 13: Spend time with children

Children love fun and have the attitude of finding humour in small things. Spending time with children can give you the sense of seeking fun in strange situations which you take very normally otherwise.

A light-hearted approach is an alternate perspective that you can learn from children’s humour that can be refreshing and different from occasional jokes that are developed for adults. Remember that humour isn’t about finding some mature stuff to laugh over. You can simply have a good sense of humour with a genuine and heart-felt smile to cherish. Others will also see the purity in your humour.

Day 14: Laugh and make others laugh

As you learn to find fun in your own situations and see how it eliminates the undue pressure that you face everyday, most of your worries and stress fades away with a heart-felt laughter. Laughing may have to be practiced to begin with until it becomes a part of your personality.

People who laugh often are counted as socially active and tend to succeed with their attitude and sense of humour. Your laugh will remove the toxins that you can never get rid of with any physical exercise or any diet.


Mark Twain has rightly said,

“Studying humour is like dissecting a frog. – You may know a lot but you end up with a dead frog.”

But laughing has natural wonders on your body and mind which cannot be neglected. Our mistakes become trivial when we shoo them away with a laugh.

People who laugh often are more confident and have lesser insecurities and fears in life. You shall find yourself more competent and capable with a smile around the corners of your mouth.

Sense of humour can be developed as easily as any other skill in life and bring a positive change in your life and relationship. We are confident that following this humour kind day- by- day makes you a more charismatic person with an enhanced sense of humour.

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