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How to Overcome Shyness? [in Just 14 days]

Have you ever felt uneasy in a gathering or felt the urge to leave the restroom when someone enters? Have you felt to run away from that speech or a toast for a best friend of yours? Well, it is not only you who experiences that feeling, but there are many out there who do feel the same way. This kind of feeling to run away from being public or getting nervous of being in the limelight could be for because of shyness.

One cannot get out of the shy feeling within a day or overnight. It takes its own time and with constant effort and practice only, one could get over it. Being shy is not specifically classified for introverts; even extroverts at times do face such a situation. A little bit of exercise in this matter and an improved self confidence is the key to crack the shell. Once the shell is cracked, everything would be history and you could very well get rid of this kin of thought or feel.

According to a research conducted by Dr. Bernardo J. Carducci, shyness is basically based on three components.

  1. Self Consciousness in excess.
  2. Excessive Negative self evaluation.
  3. Excessive negative preoccupation.

Once these factors are overcome, then the job is half done in getting red of shyness. To help you get out of shyness, there are few remedies that could be implemented on a day to day basis to overcome the feeling and thought of being shy which ruin your enjoyable moments in life.

Day 1: Figure out What Makes You Shy

The first and most important step to get out of the cocoon is to identify what actually makes you shy. Once this is done, then the work is almost done. Mostly it would be getting shy to appear in a crowd, doing something new, exploring something different etc. In all these situations, try saying to yourself the mantra “I” like “I can do this”, I have something to offer”, “I look great” etc. This would increase your level of self confidence.

Day 2: Build Your Self Confidence

All of us are gifted with certain talents that we could offer to the world. Think about what you could rather than what others think of you or how they would see you in that situation. Every person is gifted with their own flaws.

Instead of worrying about what others check on, you check for yourself and have content in what you do. The fact is that not many people have the time to check on others and when you spend your time thinking otherwise, you only waste your life and lose confidence in yourself.

Day 3: Stop Comparing

Understand the fact that all the five fingers in your hand are not equal. Similarly, no two individuals are alike. You should never compare yourself with anyone around you. YOU are YOU and never try to be somebody else.

The actual YOU does have great wonders, but you do not realize them when you compare yourself with others, as you try to see only the positive side of other and see their absence in you as your negatives. This makes you feel that you are dwelled with negatives. You have your own positives that the other person may be envying. Therefore, never compare yourself with anyone around you.

Day 4: Find Your Strengths

Each one of us has something special in us. Try finding out that “something” in you and focus on it. When you start doing it, you would love what you are doing and great results would be observed. This would gradually increase your self confidence and realization of yourself and where you could stand apart from others. This understanding boosts your inner self and enables you to slowly crack the shell of shyness.

Day 5: Be Comfortable

Firstly be around people with whom you feel comfortable and who try to bring out the confidence in you and get the YOU out of YOU. This would help in the long run as this would help you to slowly place yourself in larger gatherings and help you to loose fear of facing the public.

Day 6: Focus on Other People

When you start to realize what is actually happening around you, you get to understand that you need not worry in any way. Get to understand people around you. Become interested in learning rather than focusing on your awkwardness in social situations. This would help you to understand how they too get over their fear.

Day 7: Visualize

Visualization has a great impact and in fact helps you a lot. Always visualize yourself as a confident and enthusiastic person with lot of positive energies in you. Visualizing this often would eventually make you one of the kinds. Similarly when you have to get prepared something that you are shy of, visualize the situation a couple of times and this would help you to overcome the situation easily and organize yourself as per your liking for the situation.

Day 8: Affirmation

Your inner conscious has great powers and your mind could be manipulated by your inner conscious. What you say is what you are. The more often you say you are shy and scared, you become one. On the other hand, the more often you say you are smart, confident and energetic, you become that. Therefore always feed your inner conscious with positive thoughts and you could feel the difference for yourself.

Day 9: Accept Rejection

Failures and success are a part of life. You must learn to accept the fact that failures do happen and the most important thing is not to take it personally. It happens in everyone’s life. Learn lessons from these rejections and failures. The lesson that you learn from each failure is indeed a blessing in disguise as it equips you to be a better and stronger person and gives you a better understanding of life. Do not lose heart, move ahead and when you keep trying, it will definitely pay off. After all, life is like a mountain, for every downstream, there is an uphill. So never feel disheartened and believe in yourself.

Day 10: Practice Being in Uncomfortable Situations

Running away from any uncomfortable situations is not the way out. There will be no end if you start running, instead face the situation and try getting out yourself. The more you force yourself in uncomfortable situations, the better you get out of your shyness and fear and this helps you gradually enjoy the situation at a later stage.

Day 11: Focus on the Moment

Focus on what you are doing rather than thinking what you are doing. For example, if you are talking to someone, focus on the words that you pick to talk, the tone you use, the abbreviations as all of them matter, rather than focusing on your looks and how that might affect the talk.

When you try doing that, you are not concentrating on the conversation, which makes the listener feel irritated. Instead, do one thing at a time and that makes you feel relaxed and the other person feel important.

Day 12: Loosen up at Times

Never try to be uptight on everything that you do. Loosen up at times, otherwise you may feel that you are not doing something that is right and this may cause uneasiness in you. People like to be in fun and energetic company rather than in company of those worried about their looks and presentations. Try becoming interesting and enjoy life that is in front of you.

Day 13: Chase Your Dreams

Follow your dreams, even if they seem impossible. When you accomplish your dream, you feel very confident. This not only increases your confidence level, but also would help you in having a subject to talk about, when you are in a gathering and looking out to start a conversation.

Day 14: Record Your Success

On this journey, gradually you will start overcoming the condition called shyness or low self esteem and you could see the difference in you. You start to view yourself differently and would recognize that you have become more comfortable and confident in situations that you feared before. Make a journal of your success. This would not only help boost your confidence, but you could see the difference in you for yourself. Appreciate yourself. You start to feel anew YOU in you.


The journey to get over the fear and shyness in you is not an easy task. With great effort, courage and strength, you could achieve all that you have dreamt of and seen in others. You could stand taller, happier and confident than ever before, once you have broken the shell. Experience the new YOU.

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