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How to Improve Your Attention in Just 14 Days

Most of the time when we are involved in some serious and important task we do require good attention and observation skills. However most of the time we find ourselves getting distracted and lose the focus on what we are supposed to be doing. There are many ways that one could implement in their task that they are doing in order to increase their attention levels and get the best output on the work done. The ability to control the focus of attention is very valuable in many areas of life.

What exactly is attention span? Attention span is the length of time that one could focus on anything, before getting bored or being overloaded with any other information.

A few of the steps are being explained here , that could be followed for better improvement of attention and observation and how to get out selves focused on the work that we are doing and not being distracted.

Day 1:

The most important of all is to find a comfortable place required for the work to be done. When there are more movements in the room that you sit, the chances of being distracted are more. Therefore, choose that best suits you and always sit upright rather than a support as that makes you less sleepy!!!

Day 2:

Next, set a timer of some sort. Most of us get distracted while doing something for long, especially. It is mostly the internet that takes our time. Set a time for the work that you need to do. Collect the information’s that you require and then go offline. This would help you in restricting yourself from surfing the net while being involved in some kind of work. Set a time for yourself to check mails and surf and when done, just go offline. This would help in a great deal and would not let you get stuck to the internet for long and waste time unnecessarily than what is required. This applies not only for the internet, but also for any work that you do.

For example, if studying for long, gets you distracted. Take small breaks, so that the concentration level does not leave and you do not get distracted. Similarly with the household chores, do little and then after breaks do the rest. This would help you to get the work done effectively and neatly, without being distracted.

Day 3:

Observation is something most of us lack. A good way of improving our attention is to increase our observation skills and to get this effectively done, play “picture game” initially. This would help you to increase your observation skills and helps you to recall things faster. The simple way to do this is, study a picture for about 5-7 mins and then without taking a look, try recalling all the minute details of the picture you have seen. Regular practice with this would help you in a great deal in improving your attentions skills.

Day 4:

Meditation is one good way of increasing your attention span. Focusing n your breathing pattern is the best, rather than on a color, image or sound. This helps in sharpening our focus skills and thus observation gets easier and distractions could be kept at bay.

Day 5:

Most of us have heard that reading is a very good habit, but hardly a few of us do literally have the habit of reading. Reading does not mean great novel and fictions; even small articles would help in a great deal. Believe it or not, reading is definitely one of the best ways of improving your attention span. An interesting novel could get you glued for hours together, even without knowing what is happening around you! Such is the power of reading and with a developed habit; reading would help in extending your observation and attention skills to other things that requires an extended period of focus.

Day 6:

Avoid televisions. The televisions are one of the worst offenders, when it comes to distraction. With the ease of changing channels and constant commercial breaks, getting distracted is very simple. Limit viewing the televisions or fix a certain time to watch or record programs so that you could watch later without being disrupted and getting distracted.

Day 7:

Food does play a very important role in the attention span. Having the right food in right quantities does make a major difference. Never skip meals. Skipping meal would lead to loss of proper nutrients in the body that would lead to lack of oxygen supply to the brain and thus result in poor concentration and attention. Have food rich in carbohydrates and proteins in the mornings as it helps in sustaining more energy levels in thoughts.

Day 8:

Set rules for the work that you do. No matter what you do, set self rules that you could stick to and would not break. For example, while studying, make up your mind that you are not going to look up from the book, till the timer that you have set goes off. These kinds of simple self setting rules would help you to overcome the distractions that you may come up with in between.

Day 9:

Reward yourself for the great steps that you do. When you have stuck to the rule that you have made, you could reward yourself in many ways. Take a break, do what you like and then get back to what you actually intend to do after the break.

Day 10:

When you start finding ways that have helped you to improve your attention, practice them more and often. With practice only anything could get perfect. Do another five more like, read for another five minutes; write another five more sentences and so on. Include that in any activity that you do. This helps you to increase your attention span by another five minutes more on a daily basis.

Day 11”

A bit of physical activity can get you boosted a long way through. Physical activity does not mean hitting the gym, it could be a brisk walk, a bit of stretching or even dancing could do wonders. For example, when totally feeling drained and bored, put in music of your choice and dance for it for a while and you could feel the difference it has made in you. The energy levels rise and your observation and attention span increases.

Day 12:

Train your brain what should be done and what not. The result that you see in yourself is only the net result of proper training of both body and mind. When that is done, half the task is done. Set up time, get a strong will and stick to what you have decided, this would help you to stay more focused and attentive.

Day 13:

Sleep well. Rest to both body and mind is very important. Without proper sleep, you could never focus or concentrate on what you are doing. Rest is an important factor for the brain to function well and help in increasing more concentration and attention.

Day 14:

Keep yourself happy and in the midst of a good set of friends. They are really a supportive factor for proper thoughts and deeds. With the right kind of implementations of the work done, your attention skills gets better day by day and eventually to a great extend it would have grown that would help you in all the aspects of life.


To conclude, in spite of implementing these ways, attention span increasing doe not happen overnight. It may take months or years for one to get accustomed to this schedule, yet when trying to get accustomed, he is actually increasing his attention span by focusing on what is to be completed…

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