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How to become an Alpha Male: The Complete Guide for Becoming an Alpha male

How To Be The Alpha Male (Yes, The Rules Have Changed)

Dalai Lama, Terrence Howard, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Napoleon Hill….the list goes on.

We admire these men. We envy their innate ability and talents. We feel the spirit of the Alpha runs running in their veins.

In other words, we want to be like them. We want to be the guys that control the space. We want to be the guy that ” own the authority”. We want to be the guy that is respected and appreciated.

Most importantly, we want to be the Alpha. What if, all you’re doing, the effort you’re making and rules that you’re following to be Alpha are all wrong.

Why There Is No Such A Thing As An Alpha Male?

You probably think that Alpha male exists, right. Well, let me tell you a little bit of a secret. Alpha male means different things to different people.

Like a successful life means different things to different people. Some people will find success in marriage, some in financial freedom, some in relationships.

Likewise, some people will perceive an Alpha as a the guy with great abs, the guy that gets beautiful women, the guys that this is the gentleman, the guy that is successful, the guys that is has money.

In other words, Alpha is a perception that people have. If they perceive that you have extraordinary ability, then they crown you as an alpha.

It won’t surprise you that one person may perceive a bodybuilder as an Alpha while another may perceive a lean athletic body person an Alpha.

Hands down.

Alpha is a perception that men have about guys with extraordinary ability. The question now is, how can I take that to my advantage.

How can I be the man that is perceived an Alpha by people. Being an Alpha doesn’t come with a set of rules to follow.

However, there are certain traits that automatically qualifies you to be the Alpha male.

Take The Reigns

Alpha holds the reigns. Alpha like to take charge in their life. Alpha assumes life responsibilities. They’re not crying babies.

If you want to be Alpha male always control what happens to you. That means if you have to be at work early, be there early. Don’t have an excuse that there was a traffic jam, when you could have gotten out of your house early to compensate for the jam.

When it comes to responsibilities, you have to assume it. If you made a mistake, accept it that it was yours and you’re a wrong.

For instance, most people would want to blame others for everything. They blame their parents for not taking them to a better school. They blame themselves that they are not techy enough to start an online business.

Being an Alpha means creating your own life. To have a life as an Alpha, you must be responsible both for your life, and the life of others that you care the most.

Alphas Don’t Compete, They Dominate

If you have read most Alpha articles on a popular blog, you’ll feel the essence of competition.

And when you want to be the Alpha male, you feel like you have to compete with others. True Alphas don’t compete, they dominate.

Microsoft didn’t prevent Steve Jobs from creating Apple and Apple products, because Bill Gates was in the space. In other words, if you want to be the Alpha don’t compete, instead dominate.

If you have to compete always compete with the person you were yesterday. Every day, you need to get better and better. If you compete against yourself, you won’t have to worry about what other men do.

If you have a talent, you’ll always compete to perform or produce better than you did last year. With time, you’ll be the man that dominates the space and their industry. As an Alpha, always do something that you love. Something that people will remember you for.

Known For Something That They Take Pride

Name anybody that you think is Alpha? Chances are, the person you’ve named are known for something. It can be a person like Terrence Howard’s, who is known for his excellent skills for acting.

It can be Warren Buffet, who is known for investing. You may not agree with me, but if you look closely, those people were liked, or people love them because they have something that they do exceptionally well.

To be an Alpha and command attention, you need to have something or do something that you like. It can be that you’re great at fashion. Or you’re just starting your own business.

To be an Alpha, people must know you for something. If you have a popular blog with a wide readership, your audience will see you as an Alpha.

Ask yourself, what is it that you can do better than any other person. You have to have something that you’re good at. If your salesman, then you can work your way up to be CEO.

Bonus Tip: Alpha is not just a trait. Alphas are known for something.

Obsessed To Fuel Their Goals

You know obsession is a bad thing, right. The good news is, that obsession is a good thing, if it can make you accomplish what you have to do. Or make you do great things in life.

Any person that has ever accomplished anything big in life, was always obsessed with something. A musician will always be obsessed with his music, because he wants to make his music great every single year.

Obsession is another name for loving what you do so much. For instance a businessman will always be obsessed with the growth of his business. That means he will always be finding quicker ways of growing his profits and revenue through innovation.


In whatever that you’re doing, you want to be obsessed. You always want to think about every single day. Asking yourself, how you can do what you do better or how to improve.

Live Life Like Warriors

Great men are those who wage war. War is a sign of strength in a man. A man is a strong as the battle that he fights. Life is a war. Every single day, man has to choose the right decision that has a bearing to his life.

The warrior is that person that lives with us. That person that gives that the courage to confront any demons. That person that people love in us.

The battle of life is hard, the coward in us may want to force into the easy path, but the warrior in us keeps us fighting.

An alpha is the man that recognizes that life is a battle and put on the armor suit to fight the inevitable. As a warrior you don’t just follow the crowd, you want to lead it.

Build Courage

Courage may look like making big impactful die-hard decision, but it’s not. True courage is found in little things that we do everyday. It is not transcending the limits of your humanity to perform superhuman things.

Real Alpha knows that true courage is found in doing little things that get unnoticed. It is found in ordinary things:

……The moment you decide to quit smoking.

…….The moment you decide to become 100% responsible for your life.

……..The moment you decide to start a part-time business for your dream.

…….The moment you decide to start going to the gym

…….The moment you resist to be a player and love one woman

The difference between the Alpha and Beta isn’t that Alphas do great things.. It’s in the recognizing that small moments matter in life.

In other words, if you want to be an Alpha, start doing the small little things every day that are unnoticed. If you can do the little things, chances are, you can take on bigger things in life.

Turn Limitations And Weakness Into Strength

You’ve probably thoughts about rules of Alpha male and maybe thought about following them. Leave the rules for a minute.

As a man, you want to simplify your life, before following any rules, you must first correct your own life. You must know your limitations or weakness.

I believe you have objections or goals that you hope to achieve someday. But, anytime you think about them, you keep posting to

…. Someday I will start reading

….. Someday I will take my girlfriend on a vacation

….. Someday I will start going to the gym

….. Someday I will start that business

In other words, you live in ” someday Island”. You need to vouch yourself of these islands. You need to start working on what’s preventing you from becoming the man that you want.

Once you’ve identified the train wreck in your life, work on it every single day. Don’t quit until you get what you want. Alpha is a person that gets what they want, anytime they want it. And if they have a weakness, they turn them into strength.

Bonus Tip: Get a notebook and start writing down the one thing that’s preventing you from achieving what you want.

Rely On Their Abilities

We live in an entitlement society, where we think we deserve everything. Early on, our parents told us that we deserve everything. In fact, our parents planted the seed of entitlement in our brain.

The moment you start thinking that you’re entitled to something, you stop working and fighting for it. You start relying on people, friends and government for help.

You even start relying on your company to increase your salary. And when people, government and friends don’t give you what you want, you start to cry and whine.

True Alphas want to be in the position of control. You want people to rely on you. True Alpha recognizes that the World owes them nothing-whether it is the relationship, the fame, the happiness, self-worth, the place they live. True Alpha relies on their abilities and talents to earn the rewards they want.

True Alphas forge their path to greatness and freedom. If they need help in one area, they learn how to assist themselves.

Long Students Of Continuous Learning

Look at any successful Alphas in the past, what makes them great? In other words, what makes them great at what they do.

In one word. Knowledge.

Alphas are people who have great knowledge that people value enough. You don’t need to go to Ivy School like Harvard to have knowledge.

You need to be read books. Books that can help improve your life. You need a book about healthy living. You need to read autobiographies of successful people in life. You need to read marketing books.

For every book that you’ll read you’ll become wiser at something that people don’t know. Do you want to get better at stocks, then read books written by George Soros or Warren Buffett.

The gap between the Alphas and beta doesn’t lie on physical strength anymore. The gap between the Alphas and better lie in the mind.

An average American CEO reads 1 book every week that is, 52 books per a single year. When was the last time you read a single book even a novel, it was the University.

Bonus exercise: Try to read at least one book per month that is 12 books per year and see what happens to your life at the of 12 months. Even if you don’t have goals, you’ll begin to see life differently.

You can be the true Alpha. To be an Alpha you need to be your own man. The man that is committed to fuel their goals and live along with their standard. The man that has something to live for.

The man that has a legacy that they want to pass to their children. You don’t need to follow the rules to be an Alpha, you just need to find your own unique ways to be the Alpha. You need to follow your own rules to greatness and freedom.

You don’t need to follow everything in this article, you just need to follow one simple thing and commit to it. That simple thing, will qualify you to be the Alpha.

You’ll get the recognition, the love, the loyalty and the appreciation that you’ve always wanted. True Alphas forge their path to greatness and freedom. You can do it.

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