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How to Get an Alpha Male to Chase You?

List of 11 wonderful ways to get an Alpha Male to Chase:

1. Don’t chase, I repeat, don’t chase.

If you begin to chase them or send that ‘first’ text, you spoil the fun for them and seem like an easy-to-get. And Alpha males don’t like what comes easy. They love the chase game. If they are truly interested, they will not leave a stone unturned to get in touch with that woman. They like to take lead in life and dating. So don’t chase, just wait patiently until your phone rings.

2. Let them take the initiative.

Taking the initiative will make you appear desperate. An alpha male likes to make the first move, every time. Let him text first, talk first, invite first, kiss first and so on. Precisely, keep him in the first place and you’ll slowly watch him make you a priority.

3. Keep him wanting.

The best way to keep an Alpha male hooked is to keep him wanting. This doesn’t mean you postpone every plan they make, because then, they’ll just assume that you’re not interested and move on. We don’t want that.

To keep him wanting, you can reply to his texts later, and not immediately, leave a party earlier than others, not compliment him back etc.; the idea is not to give in easily, but slowly!

4. Make sure he remembers you.

In order to create a unique place in an alpha male’s heart, make sure he remembers you. There are probably a dozen women hitting on him and for you to stand a chance with him, it is necessary that he remembers you! Those women will leave back numbers or social usernames; so be advanced into the game. Leave behind stuff that reminds him particularly of you; makeup, jewelry, lingerie or a watch, are all good excuses for him to meet you again!

5. Act impressed.

Alpha males don’t like women who don’t respond to their efforts. If he does anything to impress you, be impressed or at least pretend to be. This is important to feed his enthusiasm to make sure that he continues to put in efforts into initiating a relationship with you.

6. Listen when he talks.

These men are smart (the reason why we chase them), and they’ll simply know if you’re just hearing or listening to what they have to say. When he talks, make sure you appear to be completely engaged in the conversation. When he cracks a joke, laugh. And, when he boasts about his success, his cars, number of apartments, stock stature etc., act inspired.

7. Praise him genuinely.

Alpha males, due to their high social and financial stature, are very used to receiving compliments. They are flooded with praises, about everything they do and for simply being who they are. So when you praise him, make sure it’s genuinely intended. Instead of telling him that he’s got a nice apartment or physique, tell him that you like the way he keeps everything organized or cares for his fitness. It’s just a different and better way of putting everyday things into compliments.

8. Act like an uncontrolling mother.

Alpha males look for wives who are like their mothers – loving, caring and gentle. They do not like controlling women or the ones who challenge their ego. Be soft, gentle, and shower him with all your love and care. They like to be around women who can convince others that their man is just the best! Like a son is to his mother, the Alpha male you’re eyeing should be to you second to none.

9. Enjoy their company with gusto.

These men consider themselves as very interesting beings and often they really are. They will never admit to have bored someone but will instantly assume you to be boring if you fail to address them with gusto. It is thus important for you to enjoy their company. They are very busy in their lives and if they spare the time to hangout with you, comfort them by enjoying their company to the fullest.

10. Dress well.

An alpha male doesn’t like to see his lady-love dressed down. He likes well-dressed women who know how to carry themselves. Femininity and elegance is everything to them and showing too much skin won’t really tempt them. They believe that there are no ugly women, just lazy ones. So, go to the gym, keep up with your salon appointments, and look your best. It’ll cast a good impression and they’ll take you seriously.

11. Be independent but not challenging.

If the recent surveys are to be believed, Alpha males prefer to marry women working at subordinate positions. Managers are mistaken to be controllers and hence aren’t their first choice. However, they also have a soft spot for independent women who can take care of their own selves and bring up a healthy family. If you’re independent, you stand a good chance. Just make sure, you don’t appear too challenging or dominating.

We have laid the table right in front of you! By now, you probably know what all is to be done in order to hook his attention, impress him and make him to want you. Now, let’s look into what makes these Alpha males get down on one knee.


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