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Top 5 Qualities an Alpha Male Looks for in His Bride-To-Be!

List of qualities that an Alpha Male Looks for in His Bride-To-Be are as follows:

1. Perfect hair

Surprisingly, yes! Alpha males disapprove of women who keep unkempt locks, unnatural hair colours or styles. They do not like artificial beauty and are not big fans of quirk. Elegance and femininity, for them, is more important than fashion trends. The amount of people they meet in a day, due to their high stature, plays an important role here. They find it embarrassing and awkward to move around with a center-of-attraction!

Hair growth and quality is all dependent on nutrition and hormones. These men prefer women with perfect, natural hair as they like to show that they have picked the best fish out of the dating pool. So, the best is to assure that your hair looks healthy, and keep it to a natural hue.

2. Graceful gait

You might not notice how he walks but your Alpha male is sure to pay close attention to your gait. These men admire elegant women with graceful walks. Your ability to carry yourself as you walk speaks volumes about your personality. Especially to make public appearances, wives of successful men work a lot on improving their gait. You don’t have to be a supermodel but make sure you maintain proper balance and don’t stumble as you see him.

3. Erect Posture

Alpha males have an eye for posture too. They look for women who have an erect posture and strongly disapprove women who slouch. No matter how beautiful you look, if you have drooping shoulders, they’ll strike you off the list. And, it’s not even baseless; it has a lot to do with confidence and manners. Alpha males look for poised and cultured women who can stand as tall as their stature.

4. A sense of self

Do not lie or pretend about your abilities. Exaggeration can be a huge turn-off for Alpha males. They are smart and they will know. So if you don’t understand a certain subject or lack in an area of knowledge, work on getting it right. Also, brush up your understanding of politics, current affairs, and culture as Alpha males find it extremely attractive.

5. Sense of communication

The lofty life that successful Alpha males live demands a woman who can deal with high power and wealth, and it’s important for her to speak in the same tone. Inappropriate abbreviations and misspellings are deal-breakers for Alpha males. They also find grammatical errors off-putting.

Always check the emails and texts you send them because they might judge you based on that.

Other than written communication, verbal sense of communicating is also important to them. The tone, dialect and selection of words, everything matters as most deals, get-togethers and conferences. A major part of their lives are all face-to-face events.

Making an Alpha male fall in love with you isn’t a matter of few talks and tricks; it’ll need perseverance, dedication and will to improve. Alpha males know their worth and the massive amount of women willing to get married to them. They are fastidious and pick out the best in terms of beauty, personality, and heart.

The above mentioned tips and traits, if followed with determination, are enough to make an Alpha male put a ring on it. Good luck, you’re going to have a great journey and an even better destination – your man’s arms, exactly where you belong. And, when you get there, do not forget to send us an invitation to the wedding!

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