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Welcome to the world of Alpha males!  This is the most compelling, comprehensive and exclusive guide written in eBook type format by a team of powerful Alpha writers with a big mission to transform you from a mere beta male to a highly respected Alpha male. Start reading and ‘be the KING of your territory, be the ALPHA!’

Alpha Male Definition

To some people:

  • He is the man that gets the attention of every lady
  • He is the man with a great job and happy family
  • He is the celebrity
  • He is the CEO
  • He is the man with best body and six packs.

Ever sat down and asked yourself who an alpha real is?

In other words, when people talk about being alpha, what actually do they mean?

I tried to find an exact answer to this question for a long time… I think two years and I have a shocking revelation to make.

Alpha male is the perception that people have about you. It may sound vague, but it’s the truth. Most importantly, I believe being an Alpha comes from having a strong mind.

A mind that is capable of accomplishing things most people dream about. It’s not seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger having incredible muscle and copying. It’s about finding the reason why you’re doing so.

If you find your why in everything that you do and you believe it. Then you’ll automatically become a pack leader. It can be in your job….maybe you do it better than other employees. It can be that you want to do weight lifting to inspire skinny men to try out.

Whatever that you figure out doing, it has to have a strong reason enough. That’s why I told you that Alpha have a strong mind to be whatever they want to be, and finding the reason why.

Reputation is a Bank Account

True Alphas have a strong reputation. It’s like a bank account. To have a good reputation doesn’t mean that you have to agree with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Reputation comes when you have confidence in what you believe or values. Most importantly, is the willingness to never comprise the things that you believe in no matter what people say.

That goes along with having a strong mind. Christopher V. Flett in his book, ” What men don’t tell women about business?”, a person’s reputation is like a bank account, when you promise something and deliver it, you’ve made a deposit. Your reputation goes up.

I strongly concur with those believe of Flett. Another thing that I borrow mostly from the book is that, an alpha doesn’t need many friends unless they have business value.

Let me explain:

Look around you closely. You’ll realize that you’ve surrounded yourself with people who let you remain where you are.

You can view it in the words of Napoleon Hill: You represent the five closest friends that hang around with you.

In other words, you need to have valuable contacts or worthy friends. Maybe you’re asking yourself, who are worthy friends.

A worthy friend is not someone who will help you when you have money problems. It’s someone that can mentor and encourage you to become a better person at what you do.

It can be that you love writing like me and a friend who loves writing encourage you to become more or better. Good friends will encourage you a lot. They are not the one who whines.

Here is my ultimate definition of an Alpha male based on my research:

An Alpha male is the man with a strong mind, strong reputation and strong support network of friends.

Alpha Males Vs Beta Males: The Big Difference

Here is something both we can agree on:

Alpha males shape the world. But guess what I realized in a nick of time… there is another class of people that is rarely talked about, the beta male.

Until recently, when I wanted to write another alpha male article.

Then it finally dawned on me:

Why should I strike out the big difference between alpha male and beta male and share my findings with the community.

Alright, let’s roll. Take a seat, spare 3 minutes because you won’t believe what we discovered…..

Alpha Male

Like I have said before, Alpha male takes the reigns. They are the James bond type of a guy that every man wants to hang out with and every lady drools over.

What makes them earn this trust and respect from people? Well, as it turns out… the character and personality speak volume.

No one can deny that they have an admirable character that everyone wishes they had.

Think am crazy? Ever watched James Bond? Do you see how perfect the man looks from the screen of the movies. He seems to get everything right. His plans and goals work perfectly to suit him.

Wherever he goes, he leaves ladies, jaw dropping at his seductive techniques, which makes men want to be like him.

Does such man exist in a typical world? No. Unlike in the movies that you’re shown only the good sides. A real Alphas has his own set of challenges too.

The difference is how they approach those challenges. Unlike the Betas and Omegas, a real Alpha never runs from a challenge.

In fact, he welcomes the challenge and takes pride in learning how to solve them. He is not the guy that will complain at every worst break happening in life.

Even the ladies love this trait because they believe and have a confidence that this guy will help them go through this crisis.

And the best part is…………

The Alpha will always come up with a solution. Have you ever heard your kid tell his friend that “dad always has a plan”?

The kid believes so because the father is an Alpha. Let’s look at…

What Makes Alpha Male Difference From The Rest?

Alpha male commits themselves to the line of duty. They have a duty to serve the people. It doesn’t mean that one has to be in the military.

In a typical world, it means committing oneself to find solutions to problems. In your workplace, it can mean finding a way to lower the cost of production and maximize profit.

In a family, it can mean providing your kids and family the life that you never had instead of living day by day.

Providing profound service can mean lots of things. In the spiritual realm, it means being empathetic to people.

For that reason women feel safe being around this kind of man.

Alphas are the men who take initiative and responsibility in life. In fact, they are the dudes that like to make commitments to people and things.

If they take the lady on a date, they will pay the bills and drive a woman home without expecting sex in return.

Alphas take charge of their life, that’s why you’ll hardly find them broke. Do you know why? Because they work hard to make sure that they have the lifestyle that they want.

If you don’t have the lifestyle that you want, you’re not Alpha. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a body builder or not. The first step to be an Alpha is to put your finances in order.

Alphas have a game plan going on and they improve their financial situations every day. They work hard to make sure that they have the dream life they want.

The Beta Males

Who are beta males? You can easily spot them from their character and personal traits.

Beta males are the calm people. The Mr. Nice guy who ladies love and like to keep them in the friend’s zone. He is the guys that want to recognize and seek attention from everyone.

In most cases, he likes to give people a false sense of personality and traits.

As people stay in his circle, they realize that he doesn’t have any game plan going on….rather than dressing smartly to show off the little he has while he has an empty bank account.

This is the guy that will go to a fancy place and take selfies everywhere to show people how rich and lavish he is. Most ladies flock to him only to realize that he isn’t an Alpha male.

He is living the lie. In other words, this kind of man has nothing that their fellow man can learn from apart from bragging how about the number of ladies he slept, the clubs he has gone, the beautiful place has visited.

If you want to spot the difference listen to the kind of conversation that he has.

The Way To Spot A Beta Male

How do you spot them? Simple. Listen to the way they talk. Let me ask you something…who is Barack Obama, who is Jay-z, who is martin Luther king.

You got it right. Barack Obama is a politician, Jay-z is a rapper, Martin Luther King is an activist. My question now is..how do you know he is an Alpha male?

Besides wearing an expensive clothes and having a fancy car, what do people know him for? If he is less known apart from the physical appearances, then you’re dealing with a beta male.

Beta male like to complain and whine a lot when things do go well. Unlike the Alpha, they don’t like to struggle and find a solution. A man without a concrete plan is a beta man.

In this world, you’re either alpha male or beta male. You can’t fake what you’re not. The only reason why few ladies like beta males is that they are not egocentric and they are empathetic people.

Actually the struggle that ladies have with dating an Alpha is that they are not emotional and sensitive. Ego is something that most ladies have to live with if they want to date an Alpha.

10 Signs That You’re Not An Alpha Male

Ever asked yourself what characters disqualify you as an Alpha male?

In today’s post, I will walk you through 10 demeaning behavior that disqualifies you for the coveted trophy.

Most men agree with the idea of being an Alpha and the majority of them still cherish this habit.

Want to learn more? Here are the 10 signs that you’re not an Alpha male:

1) Complain Too Much

Ever seen these kind of men? The type that just complains about everything on the planet.

The kind that will tell you how the economy is in the toilet, the IRS stealing his income and why most of his friends suck.

In fact, men like this hardly have a stable relationship. Do you know why? Because most women are fed up with their whining every time.

Besides, if these men whine and complain, how will they actually solve problems for their family. A man who complains is not an alpha, in fact, he may be viewed as having feminine trait.

If you have a problem, figure out the solution. If the economy is bad, figure out how you can improve your financial condition.

It’s better to remain silent and come up with a concrete solution than spend the rest of the day whining and not doing something about it.

True Alphas never complain.

2) Low Self-esteem

This is evident. Have you seen a man constantly, read his girlfriend text and messages when she goes to pee. I mean the man who walks up in the wee hours of night just to see the kind of text, his girl is having with other male friends.

That is a sign of low self-esteem. It means that you think the other male is better that you and they will do anything to take your girl away.

Another situation is where the guys feel that he is not better off to approach a certain lady. Or he starts to view a lady as not her type based on the personality and physical traits.

True Alpha muzzle up confidence and they believe that they have something unique that the world loves about them. If you don’t value yourself, then you’re not a true Alphas.

3) Gossips

Gossiping is a trait that women have. It is a feminine trait. True Alphas don’t gossip. Men with a sense of mission and focus rarely have time to gossip because they are occupied with their plans.

Likewise, men that gossip, don’t know the best possible use of their time and they probably don’t have any plans for their future.

True Alphas keep their mind occupied with the best ideas and friends that can help them scale their vision and mission. If you want to be an Alpha, stop belittling people even if you’re treated like a pesticide.

4) Remain In Crises

Hey, what do you think makes a man? It is what he does when crises happen.

If you’ve lived in this world long enough, you’ve met different crises from relationship, politics, schools to friendship, the difference is how you handle it.

Beta people are known for reacting to every crisis that befalls them. True Alphas recognize the urge to change when a crisis happens.

Most importantly, they try to solve the crises. An average man responds to crises by panicking.

5) Bully People

Let’s make one thing straight: Alphas are not afraid to fight when necessary. That does not mean they should bully everyone around them.

Bullying people doesn’t make you an Alpha. It makes you look like an animal. Instead of bullying people focus on challenging people intellectual. Long gone are the days Alphas are seen as bullies.

6) Blame Games

When things go wrong the first things betas do is blame everything. They blame the parents for not giving them a better education. They blame their friends not helping them.

They blame their teachers not giving them a perfect grade. If you want to be an Alpha train yourself to accept responsibilities.

Believe that ” shit” happens and it happened because of you. Alpha male are the guys that will accept a 100% responsibilities.

Only if you can stop blaming others and take responsibility…that’s when your life will change.

7) Lying

Ever ask yourself why people lie to others? People lie because they want two things:

  • Protection
  • Admiration

If you examined early what made you lie in the past, it was either because of the protection and admiration. A child will lie to protect herself from being scolded by her father.

A young man will steal because of admiration. Let me explain, when a person steals money, they want to do something with it. If it’s money, it can be they want to impress the ladies or for recognition.

True Alphas stand for the truth and they will tell a person the truth. They say the truth on matter how tough the reality can be. As an Alpha male, you want to be that type of person.

8) Not A Gentleman


True Alphas are gentlemen. They are the one that will open the door for lady, carry the ladies and so on. If you are the kind of guy that expect the lady to pay the bills after having a date with you, then you are not a gentleman.

Gentlemen aren’t broke, they have money to spend on the best suits and clothes for their wardrobe. If you want to be true Alpha, then you need to be a gentleman. True gentleman will always have his own set of styles and manners when it comes to grooming, choice of house and where he lives.


9) Acting Before Thinking

Emotion rule the world and they are the reason why most men make bad choices in life.

Frustration and depression make people make bad decisions in everything. People that are not Alpha male will respond to emotion either positive or negative.

From today, train yourself to think before you act. How can you do that? Simple, before you make any decision, try to write what you are about to do down.

That’s the only way to have an awareness to a decision that you’re supposed to make.

10) Fear

Fear is something that we all have, even Alphas have. What separates the True Alphas and Betas is how they handle the fear.

Fear will always be there in your life, whether you want to start a new business or start something new. You’ll always have fear.

In fact, most people that live in fear never take the first step in accomplishing anything. Fear can come in many forms: Fear of starting a business, fear of networking, fear of offending others and fear of making bad decisions.

Fear is there:

It is something that we can’t deny it. True Alphas are fearless. They approach everything with die-hard courage that it will work no matter what.

Ready To Take The Leap?

Are you ready to be an Alpha male? Then avoid the traits above. Be that fearless man that ladies crave for. If you have any of the above traits, try to change your behavior. In fact, make it an aim to avoid complaining or fearful in case of adversity. A smart lady can tell if you are drowning in fear. Always have confidence in your values and abilities, because that is what makes a man an Alpha.

10 Qualities Every Alpha Male Should Look For In A Girlfriend

Everyone knows that Alphas rules the World. They are the ambitious guys that had the courage to pursue that an amazing idea.

They are the guys that wake up early in the morning to pursue their goals and find a purpose.

Yet, after achieving all the incredible things in the world, an Alpha still has one problem:

Finding the right girlfriend for him. In other words, spotting the desirable qualities in a lady.

Why is this a big challenge? No one teaches us how to love. There is no school that will teach us how to spot the best trait in a woman.

Think i’m crazy? Picture Samson in the Bible. With all the strength that he had, a woman was the only poison that weakened him.

Moral lesson:

Choosing the right girlfriend for an Alpha male is not a simple task like picking a sack of potatoes and I will tell you……

The Single Reason Why Most Alphas Never Get The Right Lady

Yes, most Alphas end up with the wrong woman. Here is what happens.

A man goes to the club or maybe anywhere, finds an attractive lady and he starts pursuing her. Six months down the road, they decide to get married.

Two years later they break up and the Alpha is again searching for the a partner. Do you know what has just happened here.

The Alpha choose the lady based on beauty. I am not saying that choosing a lady based on beauty is not the right approach.

Most ladies that are beautiful take an advantage of their beauty to get men. They think that if they just apply the makeup and all the stuff, men will fall from the sky for them.

As an Alpha you have a purpose, a reason, and non of your reasons boils down to you, having a handsome face to get the ladies.

That means, if you want to find the right woman for you, you need somebody that has a purpose or driven like you. That brings us to….

10 Qualities To Help Choose The Right Partner For Life

The Quality That Most Men Overlook

Most men will choose a woman based on physical appearance. In other words, a lady that has boobs, butt or beautiful face.

The fact is: Looks are deceiving. It’s true that looks may make you sire beautiful children. What is the reason for choosing a beautiful looking lady, if the lady can’t provide you with solution to life biggest problem.

As an Alpha, you’ll come through a situation where you need solution to a problem or suggestion to an existing problem.

Would you be happy if you can confide your problem to the wife that offers no solution but remain silent, because she doesn’t know what you’re saying. Look for a lady that is intelligent like you. If you find one that has both brains and beauty…that is fine.

1. A Visionary Lady

You want to be a power couple. Then you need a lady that has a vision. A visionary lady will help you stay on your vision. She will remind you of duty and responsibilities that you have.

But how do you find such a lady? Simply. Look for a lady with accomplishments in life. A lady that has her own goals and plans for the future.

In fact, you can ask questions like where does she see herself in the next 10 years. Listen to how she responds to the questions.

2. A Confident Lady

A lady that is confident won’t be jealous when you talk or have a lunch with your female friends. A confident lady will have confidence that she has found the right kind of man for her. She will have 100% trust in you.

A confident lady won’t be spending time in clubs and sleeping with every other man. In fact, a confident lady will tell you her opinion and stick to her gut. If you are an alpha, that is a lady that you should be dating.

3. A Respectful Lady

A lady with deep respect for her man won’t be dressing herself like a slut. She will dress responsibly to accentuate her body.

How a lady puts on her clothes is directly related to the respect she has for herself. What the woman says and how they say it shows how much they respect themselves.

4. Unwavering Loyalty and Understanding

Alpha males love ladies with unconditional loyalty to them. Most importantly, the kind of ladies that understands our innate desires and feelings.

Loyal ladies are known to have boundaries for their male friends. And they will not do anything that will make their partner’s question for their loyalty. In other words, they are there when Alphas want them.

5. Independent

A mistake that women make is believing that Alphas are looking for a lady who is weaker. That’s actually wrong. Most Alphas find it hard to choose a woman of their dreams because most ladies view themselves as a weaker vessel.

Independence can mean lots of things. It doesn’t mean career alone. Independent boils down to beliefs, thought processes and values they lady has.

Think of it this way. In case of an argument, the lady has the courage to speak her mind. As an Alpha, you need a lady who is challenging because you’re not intimidated by them.

6. Playful

The life of an Alphas is a serious one. Imagine the errands that you run throughout the week. The decision you have to make whether you like or not. The bad breaks happening every now and then.

The last thing that an Alpha need is a happy and playful home, where he will be received with joy. As an Alpha, you need a person who can strike out the balance between making life look serious and having fun.

You need a playful lady that will make you laugh and forget all your worries at work.

7. Emotional Maturity

As an Alpha you need a Woman who is mature enough to understand your feelings and emotion.

A woman who is emotionally mature won’t blame or criticize you for every decision that you make. Most importantly, she will be inclined to share her feelings with you in a way that does not demean you.

An emotionally mature woman would not let her feelings control her when you’re having an argument.

8. Values

There’s a way our parents have brought us up and shapes the way you live. For instance, if your parents shaped you to behave confident in every situation. That becomes your culture and values in your life.

As an Alpha, you have your own standards about life. Most important, it is the values that you have that helps you choose your friends wisely.

To be on the good page of life, you need to choose a lady that has the same values like you. Or at least, a lady that sees the World, they way you see it.

9. Sexual

A real lady is the one that’s sexual compatible with you. It doesn’t mean that she knows all the right moves. It means that she can do anything to make you crazy or crave for her.

Sexual compatibility means a lot when it comes to relationship. It is important for an Alpha to find a woman who will please him in the bedroom.

10. Faithful

There’s nothing bad that spoils a young marriage and relationship like unfaithfulness. Being faithful means a lot of things. It means having a woman that supports your opinion or ideas that you have.

You won’t find a faithful lady flirting with every man on the way. In fact, she will be forthright with any man that tries to make an attempt to pursue her.

Can You Find A Trophy Lady?

No. In a perfect world, you can’t find a trophy lady like most Alphas think. In fact, most ladies won’t have all the traits that you want. That means, you need to be flexible and accepts what’s not there.

In a typical world, it’s rare to find a lady that is beautiful and at the same time intelligent, only a few exist. If you’re choosing a lady don’t let looks deceive you. Always look for more than beauty in a lady.

Alpha Male Body Language: The Complete Guide

Ever found yourself listening to people for hours and hours without feeling boredom?

Or have you ever found yourself obsessed with a character in a movie?

Chance are, you felt in love with the body language. Movie directors and expert are very good at ensuring that the body language of a character is superb.

If you want to be an alpha male you need to be a master of body language. Inasmuch as you need to have confidence, body language really matters a lot.

Even when you’re going for an interview, the interviewer can tell whether you’re confident in your abilities or you’re just lying.

In other words, no matter what kind of interaction you’re in your body language will tell people whether what you’re talking is really or not.

That’s why police who questions people who have done something wrong will spot the body language to know if the person is telling the truth or not.

The question is…can people perceive you as alpha based on your body language. Yes, because body language speaks louder than words. Here are some of the body language that an alpha needs to master

Power Posing

Power posing is the kind of body language that you display to people that you meet. It’s commonly used by leaders and people in authority.

You don’t need to be a leader to display this trait, actually you can start practicing right away. Not only can this pose helps you improve your confidence, it can also change your psychology and attitude towards something.

In fact, research has it that people that do a two-minute power posing before they go to an interview, have a higher chance of getting the job.

As an Alpha, first impression is everything. It was what people will judge you for. As an alpha you never want to leave your body loose.

You need to create the impression that you’re the man. From the way you place your hands in the way you walk.

Latest research from Harvard Professor, Amy Cuddy states that projecting power is more about how you stand than how you talk.

Her new book, ” Presence” further explains the benefit of mimicking the body language of people in authority. She goes on to argue that, power posing is 100% effective than confidence-boosting exercises like: I love myself, I like myself and so on.

In other words, power posing is being expanded and open. When you adapt that stature you take up space. Ever watched the movie the wonder woman, look at the way the lady stands: legs spread apart, chins tilted high and hands held at her waist.

As an Alpha if you adopt the body language of a powerful person, it changes the way friends, colleagues and people see you.

And the best part is:

It reinforces your behavior and makes people act differently towards you.

There are several power poses that you can practice in your life.

For example:

Rest your feet on the table, clasping your hands behind your head and leaning back.

This is the perfect power pose for those who work in their own office and want to project dominance and superiority.

I believe, you have seen it movies, where the character just place their feet on the table and smoking a cigar.

Movie directors like to put this scene in hot movies because they believe the audience will feel how powerful the character is.

Stand up, lean forward, rest your arms on the table and spread your legs apart.

This style is commonly used in an interview when someone is grilling a candidate. Professional human resource managers know this. You can use this power pose when talking to your boss. Just stand up and plant your hands on the table with legs spread apart.

Puff out your chest, plant your hands on your hips while your feet are wide apart.

Let’s say, you’re having a cup of coffee with your boss. You may feel like you have a heart attack because your boss will ask something that you have not done.

Or you want to make sure that he doesn’t sense the nervousness in you. All you need is to plant your hands or hand on your hip, spread your legs and chest high, then talk.

Your boss automatically senses the confidence in you and believe that you’re on the task.

Head Nod and Beckoning

You have seen it on Tv and causal associations. A person walks past you and they just nod the head. Have you ever asked yourself if nodding carries some advantages in modern day communication.

As it turns out, nodding plays a huge role in our communication. Nodding is a sign that you agree to something. As an Alpha you don’t need to nod always, you need to nod when appropriate, otherwise people will get sick of you.

Head nod means that you agree with what the other person is saying. Most important, head nod can be used to control the flow of conversation and encourage the other party to talk more.

Alphas like to show interest in a conversation by nodding their head. Nodding is used in many circumstances:

  • When you want someone to nod back
  • When you want to show sympathy and enthusiasm to the other party
  • When you want to show them that you agree with what they are saying.

You might be thinking… what happens when you don’t nod… the reverse happens

  • It shows that you don’t agree or don’t trust what they are saying
  • You didn’t get it
  • You don’t really like the person.

In other words, it is a negative body language that the person sends about the subject that you’re talking about.

Techniques Alpha Male uses when nodding?

  • Slow and lengthy nod. This shows that you agree with what your opponent is saying. Most importantly, you’re urging them to continue talking, you like what they are saying. In other words, it tells the person ” take your time, am listening”
  • Small nods with a smile. This sign shows a bonding signal.
  • A fast rapid nod, when touching the ear or rub the face. This is a sign that you’re patience. You want them to get to the point quickly..

Direction When Nodding

When you nod, the direction also matters too. For instance, if people look away when they nod. It can mean lots of things.

….. It can mean that the person isn’t interested

…… The person is nodding for the sake

……. Or they can distract

Nodding can also be positive. It means that the person is thinking about your what you have said. Psychology states that it’s hard for people to think while at the same time maintaining an eye contact.

Head beckoning

Head beckoning is another form of body language that an Alpha needs to master. Like eye, head nod and head beckoning is something that you do during special occasion.

Most people that like to do head beckoning are high status managers. Head beckoning is mostly done when a person wants to keep a distance from the rest for good reason.

For example:

You’ve seen managers walk into an office, instead of giving the employee a handshake, they nod their head and pass.

They mostly do this to keep a distance and avoid looking too eager. In other words, they want to keep the interaction formal.

If you are Alpha in a managerial position, you want to always beckon your head and say hello to recognize your subordinate.

The Eye Contact

The sages were correct when they said that the “eye never lie”. That’s correct when it comes to creating a rapport or establishing meaningful connections with your colleagues.

Eye contact creates a sense of trust and confidence in a person. In fact, Psychologist agrees that the eye is an effective tool when it comes to communication.

Alpha males are men who never shy away from making an eye contact. Maintaining eye contact shouldn’t be confused with staring.

Staring makes people interpret different meaning. Police and detectives rely on the eye for the accuracy of the information that people say.

That’s means as Alpha, it is your duty to maintain eye contact when possible. If you show little to no eye contact it means that you’re lying.

Research says that people can actually read your emotions from eye slits. That explains why reading the emotions of people wearing sunglass is very difficult.

Because you don’t know where they are looking. The question is….how do you project good eye contact as an Alpha male?

Taking time to look at the person in the eye, then look sideways for a minute. The look at the them slowly. You can always look up and downward for some minutes so that people don’t feel like you’re staring them.

Most extroverts people like the alpha male look more often, and longer. That’s a sign of confidence towards the opposite sex.

Ladies are very good at eye contact than men. If you been a dating situation or maybe talking to a lady. You’ll notice that they will lock in eye contact with you a lot.

In fact, a lady merely looking at you, can sense if you’re a confident person or not. If you maintain good eye contact in a date, chances are a lady will like you the very first day you meet.

Tip: Next time you’re on a date with a hot lady… try to maintain eye contact while you talk. Nod a and smile a lot, then tell me if the lady didn’t feel like you connected with her on a deeper level. The Alpha male knows this seductive secret.

The Smile

Smile is a form of body language that every Alpha male needs to know. Most importantly smiling is associated with insta-bonding.

A good smile shows that the Alpha male is approachable, cooperative and trustworthy. What’s more, it shows that you agree with what the person is saying.

Does that mean that an Alpha should always smile? Big no. If you’re an Alpha you need to smile at the right time when the opportunity calls for it.(More on that later).

Scientific studies link the benefit of smiling to several things such as

  • Longevity
  • Performance
  • Success
  • Personality.

I won’t go into detail about all that, but I will show you the different types of smiles:

Tight lip smile

This is the kind of smile where you smile while your mouth is closed. Most people can perceive that you’re faking a smile from a distance.

You don’t need to practice this type of smile because it shows masking of feelings, thoughts and shyness.

In a typical world, people perceive smiling close to opening of the teeth. Tight lip smile means that you’re a secretive person.

The Smug smile

You’ve seen it in cartoon-the evil smile. These are the smile where you press your lip, leaving one side to come up. Most people do it with lips separate or tightly closed. Alpha male doesn’t put on this kind of smile.

Open mouth smile

This is a smile that’s known by many-where a person smile and they can’t help it but open their mouth.

The open mouth smile is the regular kind of smile that you and me do every single day. As an alpha you need to practice this kind of smile to always come naturally to you otherwise, it’s easy for people to know if you’re faking.

Is Smiling A Masculine Body Language An Alpha Needs To Master?

No, because, research has it that smiling has opposite correlation with testosterone levels in man…That means smiling is a feminine thing and makes a man lose his masculinity points.

When it comes to the dating scenes, Alphas need to smile less, because women prefer men who show strength and toughness.

Smiling guys are put off to women because he comes as a guy seeking appeasements. In fact, women rarely trust guys who smile a lot.

If you’re an Alpha you need smile to appropriately. Smile only when you agree with what the other person is saying in conversation.

The Hands

Your hand is an important tool when it comes to making a connection and conversation. In fact, studies reveal that there is a correlation between the hands and the brain.

They work together when it comes to conveying information to the other party. Most importantly, they can reveal dominance, trustworthiness, openness and submission when used correctly.

Alpha males need to master their hand language, because the way you them, people will know at a glance how powerful you’re.

Take the example of politicians…..

How do they show dominance and power?…the way they use their hands. Even in work places, managers of higher status will use their hands to show dominance and superiority.

In other words, the way you use the hands people will know the kind of person you’re. Let’s examine different types of hand body language and their meaning:

Firm handshake

Business people know that a firm handshake is a sign of establishing connection and support. You can see most people do this when it comes to closing the deal or agreeing to a contract.

As it turns out, your hands can also betray you. You can come out as a weak species based on how you shake your hands. There are different kinds of a firm handshake that you need to know.

Hand Hug

You’ve seen a politician does this. They walk onto their support and they wrap them with both hands. Ever asked yourself what this means and portrays?

The hand hug usually perceives people in power as warm, friendly, honest and trustworthy.

Can you an Alpha do a hand hug most of the time? No. A hand hug is perfect a greeting with people who you are close to like families, friends, coworkers, even your manager.

When it comes to dating, you come off as a person invading the space of the lady if you’re meeting the first time. If you have met the lady like twice or thrice, doing a hug the next time you meet is perfect.

Dominator handshake

The dominator handshake is where a person greets then displays his arm downwards to prove authority and superiority.

The dominator handshake is common with top level manager and CEO. They are used to doing that because to show dominance.

This is the best handshake style for an Alpha who works in an office environment and wants to get promotion quickly. If you want people to submit to your dominance, greet them using this kind of handshake.

Yank and Pull

Don’t even try this. It’s not a good handshake style for the alpha and I’ll tell you why.

First, it’s a sign of insecurity. You’d see this mostly with college men. The yank and pull is a manipulative style because it’s done to get the other person approve or agree with you on something.

The Legs

You can hide your facial expression and gestures, yet there is one that you will fail to hide.

Even criminals do this. Your legs. The position of your legs reveals how comfortable you are in any situation. What’s more the leg is away from the brain and people are less aware about what their leg language says about them.

As an alpha you need to master the legs body language. Fortunately, there are different types of leg body language that Alpha needs to know. I will walk you through them so that you can know which one is perfect for your situation.

Feet Pointing

Feet pointing body language people like to use, yet few understand the psychological principle behind it. Feet pointing shows the direction where our mind is focusing on.

Let’s say you’re talking to a person and your feet are facing them. Do you know what that means? It means that you’re interested in what they have to say.

Likewise, if the feet are pointing in another direction, it shows that we are in a hurry. What’s more, it means that we are not interested in what they have to say.

As an Alpha male, if you are interested in what somebody has to say. You need to point your feet towards them. You’ll come up as good communicator who people like to be around with.

In most cases, our feet usually point to the nearest door, because when we don’t like someone, we feel like we should move away from them.

Standing leg cross

Crossing your legs is not the type of body language that every alpha you should practice. Leg crossing is the habits of beta. And leg crossing means submissive, defensive or closed minded attitude.

Beta male use leg crossing because it is a sign of low self-esteem and confidence. Ever seen a group of people seated together?

From your observation you’ll know that the person whose legs are crossed is either new to the group or has a low-self esteem.

Standing with legs high

You can see this position with army battalion. Standing with legs high facing the person you’re talking shows attention.

It means that you’re paying attention onto what the person is saying. Alpha male like to portray this kind of body language when they have a conversation with their colleagues.

A word of caution: While this position sounds good, it can also mean that someone is inferior when done wrongly.

For example:

When you stand with legs high and place your hands in front of them, it indicates weakness and defensiveness.

As a rule, always puts your hands behind while standing with legs high to show confidence and superiority.

Want to be an Alpha?…. Always remain still like an Army soldier and people will respect you. Do you see how the soldiers do it when they stop us on the way.

We generally give them respect and take their orders because they stand in a position of power and dominance.

Dominant stand

When you spread your legs apart, you’re sending a message. The message is ” you can’t move anywhere.” Observe the army closely, you’ll see how this is true.

Positioning your feet on the ground with your legs apart indicates dominance. This sign of body language is common to Alpha male, because it indicates that they are confident.

The dominant stand is often seen in dating scene, where a man approaches a lady. This body language can also be observed with high-profile officers like police, managers and CEOs who are giving instructions to their subordinate.

Sitting while the legs crossed

Same like standing with legs crossed. You come out weak and less defensive.

Most ladies like to put on this body language…it can be that they are sitting to hide their private parts or their defensiveness.

As an Alpha you don’t need to practice this body language. Leg crossing can also mean something different altogether. It shouldn’t mean the same in all contexts.

For instance:

It can mean they need to go to a bathroom. They are two types of legs crossing:

  • American leg crossing
  • European leg crossing

The European leg crossing is where your knee rests over the other. The American leg crossing is where your ankle rest on top of the knee.

The European leg crossing is an argumentative or competitive attitude while the American leg crossing means that the person is dominant and superior.

As an alpha male, you want to use this type of leg crossing interchangeable to suit your situation.

Smarty Panty

Smarty panty is common with high-level managerial individuals. It is where someone sits in a position that makes them appear bigger.

Here is a description of the body language in a nutshell. You cross your legs in the American style, lock your hands on your head and spread your leg.

This body language makes people interpret you as confident and dominant or superior. This is a good body language that the Alpha needs to master when talking to people.

Why Alpha Males Need To Master The Body Language

You may be reading this article and asking yourself: Does it really matter for me to practice all these body language in the name of being an Alpha.

Yes and I’ll tell you why? The people that you talk to everyday can interpret how superior we are based on our body language. Picture the example of Human resource manager interviewing the best candidate for the job.

They won’t choose a person based on their qualifications. They will spot the right candidate using their innate personality and character.

How do they know this? They are trained to look at the body language of the candidate. From your body language, they can spot several things.

And the best part is…they can if you’re confident, lying, honest, trustworthy and dominance. In any social interaction, what we say accounts for only 10%, 50% accounts for the body language and 30% for the tones.

In the dating scenes, you’re always told to look confident and to believe yourself that you’ll have the lady.

As it turns out, they never tell you how to be confident. The confidence of an alpha comes the way you use the body language.

Ladies can sense insecurity from a guy with the first five second and they can decide if they’ll keep you as a friend or a potential mate.

If you’ve never succeeded in the dating the girl of your dreams. Or if most ladies keep you in the friend zone, chances are, your body language doesn’t reflect who you are.

Do You Need To Follow Each One Of Them?

Actually no. Ever read the art of learning about how a famous boy became a chess champion in his teens. Here is what to do….

Choose any body language that you need to master. It can be power posing or American leg crossing. Then start with that one for the next three months or four until it comes naturally to you.

When sitting with your parents or girlfriend, try to sit in that position and talk. When you do this, you’ll notice something.

Your level of confidence goes up even when you’re talking about a topic that you hardly know. This has happened to me in the past.

Being of the American leg crossing, I came to find out that people appreciate my opinion and treasure my thoughts. In the dating scene, ladies will likely to be submissive to your opinion.

Bottom line:

Mastering the body language of an Alpha male sets you up for many accomplishments.

If you’ve never received a promotion in your workplace, start by working on your body language first.

From the way you shake your manager to the way you stand when you’re with him. Let prove to them that you’re the best, you’re the man.

If you can learn how to drive a car and operate a smartphone, you can learn how to master the body language.

Alpha Male Personality: Decoding the Personality of an Alpha Male

When most people hear the term, “Alpha Male”, the first thing that usually comes into their mind is a super good looking guy who is macho, muscular, charming, and heroic. While this may be true at times, but a real alpha male is more than just physically strong and charming.

Being an alpha male is not all about the physical look; it is about the qualities and personalities. And this is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. Below are the top 10 traits, qualities, and personalities of an alpha male. If you want to be a real alpha in your group, team, or community, it is not just about how you look, but how you behave and act. Here are the personalities you should develop to become an alpha male.

1. Have Confidence

An alpha male is always confident. No matter how you dress or how you look, you must portray yourself as a confident person. Confidence can mean many things to different people. And being confident as an alpha does not mean that you should be cocky or arrogant, but a sense of dependency. For example, when a problem occurs, as a team leader, you should be able to give your team the confidence that you are dependable.

Look at all the great leaders in the world, they show high confidence level even when things are not working in their way. This is not to say that you should be a cheerleader for others, but rather, you are confident with what you want, where you are heading, and self-assured.

For example, if you go shopping with a friend, do you ask your friend for his or her opinion of the shirt that you like? You don’t have to ask, “Is this shirt looks great?” A confident alpha male understands what he wants without needing the approval of others. Therefore, have the confidence and know exactly what you want without being too dependent on others.

2. Competitive and Love Challenges

The second personality of an alpha male is competitiveness. An alpha loves to compete and challenges. When it comes to solving a difficult and challenging problem, an alpha loves it and shows his curiosity in learning and solving the problem.

Everyone wants to win and nobody wants to lose. For an alpha male, they rather choose things that are challenging to do and not something that is too easy. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, he says that he loves the idea when someone tells him that it is impossible and no one has ever done it. This is because if no one has ever done it, and if he accomplishes it, he will be the first to do it.

So ask yourself right now, do you love challenges? If you have never challenged yourself, you will never know where your limit is. The only way to know your own capability and how far you can do is to always challenge yourself. And this is also one great way to improve your skills and ability in what you do.

Take sports as an example. If you are not competitive and you do not like challenges, there is no way you can win the game. The same goes for your life. You must be willing to take challenges and be competitive with what you want. And being an alpha male requires this quality.

3. Solid Communication Skills

Now you do not really have to be a master in communication and able to deliver your speech like a professionally trained speaker. However, alpha males have a strong communication skill and they deliver the message to their audience with confidence.

This also includes the body language. The way you stand, how you walk, your eye contact, and your gestures are extremely important because they portray your confidence level. Alpha males have strong body language, you can tell right away from the way they talk and how they walk. And you should develop this trait in you as well.

And having a solid communication skill does not mean that you are talkative, but you are not afraid to speak up when necessary. While communication is a huge topic and it requires time to master, you can always start by developing the fundamentals such as speak a little louder and firmly, show confidence in your speech, develop eye contact with the person you talk to, and stand and walk straight.

When you are meeting someone for the first time, give a strong and solid handshake. Give others a good impression and dress appropriately.

4. Decisive and Courageous

An alpha male is decisive and courageous. When it comes to making a decision, act confidently and with courage. For example, many people are having a tough time deciding what to do over the weekend or even what to eat for dinner tonight. Being an alpha male, you should be decisive and understand what you want. You don’t have to spend an hour to think about what to have for dinner. Just make the decision and stand by it.

Making decision is the first part, what is more important is in standing by to what you have decided. Once you have decided on something, unless you know that you have made the wrong decision, stand by what you have decided. Stop changing your opinion like how you change your clothes every day. An alpha male shows strong clarity in what he wants, makes a clear decision and stands by what he had decided.

Regardless of whether it is in the workplace or at home, alpha males are proactive. They look around, judge the situation and then make a clear decision and stay firm to that. If you want to be an alpha male, learn to cultivate the confidence of making a decision and take responsibility for it.

5. Physically Fit

A lot of people thought that being an alpha is all about being physically strong, with great body shape and macho. However, this is far from the truth. A real charismatic leader does not need to be physically strong, he just needs to be physically fit.

Obviously, you will not expect an alpha male to be unhealthy nor do you expect him to be unfit. Not everyone can have a body like Dwayne Johnson, but the key is to make sure that you are physically fit and healthy. You do not need to have the body of Schwarzenegger, but you do need to be fit. Thus, commit to exercising and maintain your overall health.

For example, celebrity athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Roger Federer are extremely famous, yet, they do not have muscular bodies like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It all depends on your field of expertise. Most athletes do not build up muscular bodies, but they are physically fit and strong to perform and to attract thousands of fans around the world.

There is no way you can be a great leader and lead your pack to success if you are always feeling sick, tired, and exhausted. Maintain your level of fitness and always show up with energy to be like an alpha.

6. Strong Determination

You do not need to be physically strong, but you do need to have a strong determination in what you do. Alpha males are extremely determined in their quests and missions in life. They become an alpha because of their determination. Look at Thomas Edison, he was successful because he was determined in achieving his goal. He knew what he wanted, and he did it even when the whole world tells him that it is impossible, until he proved them all wrong.

Becoming an alpha male is not an easy task. There will times when people will go against you and reject your idea, but you have to have the determination to keep moving on and believe in yourself.

When you study all the extraordinary people who have accomplished the remarkable feat in life, you will see that they all share a common personality, which is sheer determination. It is because of their determination; they press on and work on their goals and dreams, which eventually make them who they are today. They become an alpha because they are not willing to give up. When you refuse to quit and you march on with determination, you will eventually succeed and people will respect you.

7. Show Qualities of a Leader

It is only natural to think that an alpha is a leader. And it is true that an alpha shows the qualities of a great leader. Just like the wolves pack, you will notice that there is a leader within among them that stands out.

Alpha males have their own beliefs, ideas, and vision. And because of these qualities, people are naturally drawn to them and want to follow them. One of the best examples is Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was the man who led India to independence. Due to his bold vision, he managed to influence others and draw a huge following that led him and the people of India to a successful independence movement.

This is not to say that an alpha male is aggressive. An alpha is someone who is kind and gentle; who will sit back and watch everyone do their own thing, but make no mistake, an alpha male will stand up and fight for his rights and for his friends. A true leader takes care of his fellowships and takes bold actions when necessary.

8. Charismatic and Radiates Aura

Another powerful personality that shows by an alpha male is that he is charismatic and radiates aura from within. You will know that a person is an alpha when you look at him. He simply looks charismatic and somehow able to draw attention and stand out from the crowd.

Alpha males are likely to create a stir in a room by their presence or entry. Regardless of whether it is due to their unique way of dressing, a solid and strong body language, or their inner auras, they seem to be able to command the attention and respect from others.

Developing this trait can be challenging, but it is still doable by adopting and going through the process of an alpha. You can build the traits, but it will take time and effort. You can always start with your body language. Stand straight, walk with confidence, and act as if you mean business.

9. Earn Respect of Others

This is not to say that you need to go out and demand respect from others. No, respects earned and not demanded. People will automatically give you the respect when you show and develop the right personality as an alpha. You do not have to go out and beg for respect, instead, do your things with your best, and when you are successful in your own right, they will give you the respect you desire.

The best way to gain respect from others is to be good at what you do and become the best in your field. Look at all the professional athletes or celebrities. People respect them because they are the best in what they do. Why do you think Lionel Messi is able to gain the respect from his fans around the world despite his small body? It is because he is the best in what he does.

10. Gentle and Protective

It is only natural for a leader to be protective and gentle to his own kind. When you look at the animal kingdom, you will notice that the alpha animal will protect its pack. An alpha wolf will protect its kind when danger arises. If a non-pack member so much as walks near an area controlled by the leaders, subordinate members of the pack sound off alarms. In turn, the alpha may also launch an attack.

Being protective does not only mean to protect but also to help others and solve their problems together. An alpha male is always ready to help his friends and never run away when someone comes to him for help.

Besides that, an alpha male is also a gentleman who cares about his clan, especially towards the female. Hence, practice being a gentleman to the ladies. Open the car door for the woman, buy flowers to her, and protect her with all your might.

Alpha Male Clothing Style: A Complete Guide

While it is true that how you dress does not really determine who you are, but your clothing style did say a lot about you. Being an alpha male is not all about how you dress, but it is about your principles, values, habits, and way of life. An alpha male is about whom you are and not so much about what you wear, but to care about how you look portrays something entirely different, and that is pride.

To say that an alpha male is not all about his attire, but the attire says a lot about a man is just like the saying, “All apples are fruits but not all fruits are apples.”

What is Alpha Male?

Before we dive straight into the topic and discuss how you can portray yourself like an alpha male, you must first understand the meaning of an alpha male. If you check it out in the dictionary, an alpha male is a man tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations. Just like within a pack of wolves, there is an alpha or a leader.

Some even say that an alpha male is someone refined, elegant, strong and a balanced man. It is every man’s dream to stand out and become the leader of the pack. Every man wants to be a leader and act more manly. Maybe this is because of the natural behavior that has been biologically ingrained in every man. An alpha male is always ready to converse with the ladies effortlessly, constantly in the center of attention, and knows what he wants and going after it. An alpha male also has supporters and fans, the ability to persuade others, and look sexy through his gestures, mimic, eye contact, and actions.

When you are an alpha in your group, it means like you are the leader of the pack. And if you are a leader, you tend to act differently, take care of your members, have greater pride, stand out among all the rest, and of course, dress a little differently than others. And this article is all about how you can dress to stand out and shine like an alpha in your group, community, or your profession.

The fact is that everyone wants to be an alpha and the easiest way is to be like one, but how can you look like an alpha male? Here are 10 simple steps that can help you become a real man through your clothing style.

10 Easy Tips How to Dress Like an Alpha Male

1. Get a jean

When you have no idea how you should wear, always start with the jeans. This is simply because the society has conditioned that people who are wearing jeans look manlier. Regardless of whether it is due to the rough finishes of the jean or advertising effect, a pair of jeans is necessary to an alpha male. Preferably, choose the darker color jeans.

A couple of ideas when purchasing a jean is to make sure that the jean does not fit perfectly lengthwise. You want to make it a little longer at the bottom especially if you wear boots. And get a fit jean if possible, but not overly skinny as skinny-fit jeans look less manly.

If you hate wearing jeans, does that mean you still have to get a jean? Well, not necessary. A jean is a great place to start, but if you do not like to wear jeans, you can also opt for other choices like a pair of khaki pants. A light brown, beige, or navy blue color khaki pant can make you look interesting and cool.

2. Get a dull t-shirt

Once you have got yourself a pair of good-looking jeans, it is time to hunt for the right shirt to wear. Choose to go for some nice, but dull t-shirts. Go for shirts that you can throw on to go to the gym, beach, work, and that match along with the jeans that you have chosen.

You do not really have to spend a lot on getting the branded t-shirts here, but some dull and less flowery shirts will do the job nicely. Buy dull and plain colors first. And if you want to you can choose to go for brighter color t-shirts if your jeans are in darker colors. An alpha male looks good in tees, so you can always buy more t-shirts and keep them in your wardrobe all the times.

As for the sizes, it all depends on your body size. Go for slim-fit when possible, else just have the tees fit snug, ideally snug in the arms and a bit loose in the body.

3. Get some button-ups

What if you do not like to wear t-shirts? Well, you can always go for button-up shirt, but go for the casual design. Never go for a plain white dress with black shoes, go with some red in it or another print with different colors is always a great place to start.

An alpha male does not really wear colorful or flowery-designed shirts. Thus, go for plain colors and full patterns. When you are wearing too colorful, you will only make people think that you are someone less serious and easy-going, or when it is too much, the attire will make you look funny.

If you are wearing a button-up shirt, remember not to tug the bottom into your jeans, this will make you look like less mature and not dependable. Of course, choose shirts that are not too long that makes you look short.

4. Grooming like an alpha male

Grooming is a huge topic and it is important, but for an alpha male, it is not as important as you think. You can groom as much as you want, just remember that you should never over-groom because an alpha male radiates with confidence and grooming does give you more confidence, but over-groom will only do the opposite.

Never shave your legs or arms. And choose not to pluck your eyebrows if possible. You can choose to trim your chest hair if it really gets out of hand and keep your hairstyle personal. Keeping beard is alright, but never let your beard grows too long and makes your face look messy. Make sure to trim and cut your beard from time to time.

What kind of hairstyle suits you the most? Everyone is different, and being an alpha being, your hairstyle will portray your identity, and you do not really have to spend too much time or effort on getting the perfect hairstyle. Just go with what God has given you, but make sure you take care of it.

5. Get some jackets

You can always buy a jacket or two so that you can wear them in the winter and spring. However, make sure the jacket you choose goes hand-in-hand with the rest of your attire. Apply the rule of thumb by choosing a plain design and color. Never go for a complicated design that you will never want to wear it. Choose something plain that you will want to wear regularly.

Bright colors’ jackets are not really recommended as they can get dirty easily and unlike shirts, you will have to wear the jackets often and almost every day. So go for darker color and match it with a bright color shirt. For jackets, you can choose to go for quality ones because you are going to wear them in the winter season. There is no point to suffering the cold just because you want to look cool. Sometimes the effort may be worth it, but if you have to suffer the cold every day, choose not to do so.

6. Time for the boots

As a male, you can have a few pairs of boots. The key is to buy quality boots without breaking the bank. Two or three pairs of boots should be more than enough. If you only go for two pairs, choose one for the brighter color and darker color for another so that you can have the best of both worlds.

Your choices of boots depend on your working profession and your location. If you are in the US, you can choose a pair of cowboy boots. Else, a safety black color boot can look nice on you too. If you are working in the corporate world, go for a pair of leather shoes that look nice on you.

7. Get a watch

Is a watch really necessary? Not at all, but every man should have a watch, especially the alpha male. A watch makes you look elegant and mature. In the business world, wearing a watch can make people feel that you value your time and you are someone dependable.

When it comes to buying a watch, the brand does not really matter; just choose a quality one that goes with your nature of work will do the magic. If your work involves a lot of outdoor activities, choose the leather strap, otherwise, you can go for the metal strap watch.

Watches can be many men’s dreams. Therefore, spend more time into doing the research using the internet and spend more effort choosing the right watch as it can be expensive when it comes to quality. By the way, you just need one watch or two at most.

8. Get a suit

Now, you do not need to spend all the money to buy an expensive designer suit. It all depends on your work nature. If your work requires you to suit up, then by all means, get one or two. The key in choosing the right suit is to go for a size that fits your body and then consider the quality. You do not really have to buy expensive suits, instead, choose to go for the best-fitted suit.

Tailor-made suits are good, but they are only good if you afford them. If you are going to wear the suit often, choose a nicely fitted suit. If you are only going to wear a suit occasionally, just go for the quality. And make sure you choose a suit that matches your pants and shirts.

9. An alpha male clothing is about quality, not quantity

Invest and buy quality clothing. Do not go for quantity. In the beginning, you may need to spend more money to buy quality stuff, but it saves you a lot of time to have to regularly visit the clothing store because old stuff wears out.

Although not all branded or expensive items are good with quality, but somehow, wearing quality stuff can make you feel more confident. This has been proven through plenty of studies and hence, chooses quality stuff and not quantity. Being an alpha male is also about being consistent with your image. If you wear all sorts of different design and color attire every day, you may lose your identity as an alpha. Go for consistency and choose quality over quantity.

10. It is about you

Remember, being an alpha male is about being authentic to you. There is no point to mimic and copy how others dress and become like them. You just need to be you.

For instance, if you like the athletic look, wear more sneakers, shorts, and dry-fit gear. If you like the jeans and boots, just go for that. It is about bringing out what is inside you and dress confidently to shine among others. Your attire counts, but what is more important is your character as an alpha.

Just dress like a man. An alpha male does not dawn themselves on accessories nor are they so worries about what they wear that they spend more time getting ready than a lady. Men, especially alpha males, wear simple clothes that endure their own lifestyles.

Remember, how you wear does not define who you are, but you are the one who should define how you wear and dress up to fit your image as an alpha with confidence.

The 5 Mentalities to Dress Like an Alpha Male

There are many websites and magazines obsessed with telling guys how to dress so as to appear powerful and influential, but what they end up creating are followers, victims and people who overspend in clothing with no actual power at all.

Although that how you dress is important, it is the characters within you that truly count. And when it comes to dressing like a leader, an alpha, mentality and character matter more. Below are the five mentalities you should adopt before you wear like an alpha male.

1. Have the pride

Never be obsessed with what you wear, but choose to take pride in how you look. The more you feel proud of what you do the more valuable you will be. When you value and are proud of what you wear and what you do, people will notice and it is something that you shine from within you, not from how you dress.

The problem with most people is that they focus too much on how they look and their outer image. While it is true that how you dress can make an impact, but if you do not have the pride, no matter what you wear, you will never feel confident and comfortable. Never let your clothes determine who you are, rather, feel the pride and make your clothes a part of your aura.

2. Understand your true value

Valuables like expensive suits, luxury cars, designer watches and jewelry are not really valuable. The picture you have with your lady on your first vacation likely to hold more value to you than your watch.

With this said, what creates your values are your experiences. Why do you think people want to wear branded items and drive a luxury car? It is because they want to portray themselves as someone wealthy and influential, but if they have never experienced the hardship, the rewards are just stuff and not valuable.

You have to understand what you truly value in order to bring out the best within you, which will make you a true leader and inspiration. For example, a simple watch given by your business partner when you fought through the hardships can be more valuable than a designer watch to you. Thus, do not fall into the trap to think that expensive means valuable. An alpha chooses items with real value.

3. Never be deceived by the society

A lot of people like to compare their lives with others, especially with the existence of social media. There is a new phrase called “social media depression”, where people compare themselves and show off through social media. When you overly compare yourself to others, you will get depressed easily.

You need to raise your self-awareness, discipline, and clarity. Although that most people buy into the idea that expensive and branded items make them more valuable these days, never fall into this trap. You just need to be your own man. It is easier than done. You have to know specifically what you want and not swayed by others or things around you. You have to have the discipline to pursue your goals and never influenced by seasons or trends or someone telling you otherwise.

4. Not for the impression

In today’s society, people wanted branded items and the nicest things because they want to impress others. Never allow this to happen to you. Freedom is more important to you than image. You should not trade your freedom with expensive things like clothes, cars, and watches just to impress others.

Plus, you do not want other people to envy you. A true alpha is someone who will never compare himself to others. You do not care if other people look at you and want to be like you. You are happy and proud of who you are and what you are doing and what you like. It does not matter to you if you are wearing jeans and old boots and the person next to you is decked out in the nicest suits he cannot actually afford.

Being an alpha is not going to wear something nice to impress others. You dress like who you are and what makes you feel comfortable.

5. Live simple and frugal

Finally, you have to know that what you wear is not nearly as important as what you do. People have been “deceived” by the society and the world that image is everything, which is really not. The alpha dresses with pride, but they did not wear because he wants more power or to be more influential.

A real alpha dresses with simplicity and frugality because money is being put toward other more important things. You have to understand that power is not found in the clothes you wear or the finest timepiece you owned. True power is about understanding what you want, act for it, and stand by it without being swayed by the influence of others.

Mahatma Gandhi is not the richest man in the world, but he has the respect from all around the world. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the two richest people in the world, but they are frugal and live in simplicity. It is what your clothing style that makes you who you are, but the way you live your life, your characters, your habits, your values, and your thinking that make you who you are.

Therefore, never get affected by what other people think about you. Stand strong with your own values and understand what you want to achieve out in your life.

A real alpha or a real leader never really cares about getting suit up or buying the most expensive watches in the world. A real alpha dresses so because they feel congruent with their deepest desire and their values. So build real confidence that shines within you, not from the outside.

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