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Why Girls Are Attracted To Bad Boys (As Proven By Science)

Seriously, why are nice ladies attracted to bad boys. It is a question that most “nice guys” would die to get the secret sauce.

It may not look fair from the laws of attraction and like poles attracting like poles. There is a science behind that chemistry one which you’ll learn about in a second. In other words, bad boys have a ” thing” that most women find themselves drooling over.

That said, it doesn’t mean that you need to be a “bad boy”, I’ll tell you that in a minute. Okay, let’s look at the scientific explanation:

1. To Boost Their Self-Esteem

Bad boys are over-confident. They talk with lots of energy and enthusiasm. And ladies love that. When they speak to a crowd or with their friends, they take the space. Because of the energy and confidence they have people like them.

Ladies love men who are confident and talk with energy. They perceive that if they become their girlfriend, their peers and friends will likewise give them respect, acknowledgement because they associate with somebody powerful. When they walk with a bad boy they gain self-esteem.

2. They Are More Fun

Apart from their daredevil character, we all agree that bad boys are quite fun to hang out with. In 2016, the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona conducted a study and found out that most women like bad boys because they are captivating.

Bad boys are known for lots fun things such as cracking jokes, taking daring adventure like jump bungee among other things. In most cases, because of tremendous activities they have, women find them fun to hang out with.

3. Runs In The Hormone

Are you aware that the love for the boys run in the hormones? I couldn’t believe how this was possible until I found a study published by Journal of personality and social psychology in 2012.

The publication states that women in the week of ovulation found themselves thinking that sexy bad boys are likely to become potential partners and better dads in the future.

In other words, Mr. Wrong looked exactly like Mr. Wright. In short, when it comes to certain months women can’t help it but think they are attracted to bad boys.

4. Narcissism Reigns In Bad Boys

Ever asked yourself why a bad boy gets laid more often than anyone. I’ve got sad news for you. A publication by Psychology today stated that bad boys have a Dark Triad( DT) Personal Traits of Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

More importantly, women like Dark Triad personality traits because these dudes have more self-confident than other dudes. Studies even show that women love bad boys because they smoke and drink a lot, which makes them attractive.

As Vinita Mohta reports it, most women are attracted to these men because they know how to sell themselves. Finally , the Psychology today goes on to put it that, the ” hallmark of narcissism is dominance, sense of entitlement and grandiose self-view. What’s more is that these traits is greater in men.

5. Know How To Fling

It’s true that most bad boys are not the “commitment type”, that is why women like them, because they are perfect for a fling.

That said, it doesn’t mean that all nice guys are looking for a long term relationship that leads to marriage. Like bad boys, you’ll find that most women aren’t that ready for a long term relationship, especially, ladies in college and what they are looking for is a fling and maybe date for a short term.

Psychology today, even puts it clear when they say that,” with respect to short-term mating, women are drawn to bad boys who demonstrates stubbornness, confidence and risk-taking tendencies.”

6. For Protection

In religion, women are known to be weaker vessels. That said women are more vulnerable to violence and abuse around the world. For their well-being, a woman would want somebody or a man that is strong enough to protect her.

Even in dating, a woman looks for security in man before anything else. If a man can guarantee better future, then he is a lottery. Same way with bad boys. As Hannar a PhD research puts it, ” Physical formidable and dominant mates appear to be associated with women’s self-assessed vulinariles.”

It is no surprise that you’ll find most bad boys with great athletic bodies and abs. In other words, the attractiveness of a bad boy lies in their psychic abilities that makes them greater than other men. And women love that because they are guaranteed of security and protection.

7. Bad Boys Are Many

Bad boys look like a new swag that everybody wants to put on. We are living in a toxic masculinity, culture, where narcissism is greater in men in almost every culture. This means that there are more bad boys in the world that nice guys, which means that women are likely to fall in love with any of these men at some points.

We’ve explained the science behind why girls are attracted to bad boys. The science is true, the bad boys are there for a fling, protection, Dark traits….but it doesn’t take that long before a woman’s heart is broken.

When a woman is looking for long term relationship rarely will she make the decision to date a bad boy. If you’ve been a nice guy thinking that it is over, and there is nothing you can do. Or maybe you can’t play the bad boy, your time is coming. At some point women grow up.

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