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List of Best Apps to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts


Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a way or two one could utilize to best manage multiple social media accounts?

Think on all the stress of trying to login into your various social media accounts and at the same time remembering to schedule posts, monitor performance of your social content and remembering to write on all social platforms one at a time. We can’t hide the fact that it can be too much hassle and very tedious to maintain a decent level of organization on such levels.

With the advent of powerful applications to help you manage multiple social media accounts, you don’t need to be bothered so much as they tend to do an excellent job while saving you on time and generating great feedback content

Social media is now an effective way to push your business into a wider reach of audience and the limelight of the world. When you create multiple functioning presences across different social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter and others, you create an avenue for more persons to view what you have to offer.

So having an application to manage your multiple social media accounts puts you on the right track in getting the best out of social media. So, if it is to create a fresh content, make a detailed posting schedule for a particular content and at the same time having appropriate management tools, then these applications are your best bet.

Benefits of Having Applications Manage Your Multiple Social Media Accounts

If you are still skeptical about these amazing management tools, we highlighted a couple of benefits for you below:

Manage All Your Accounts in a Single Place

The very obvious and glaring benefit of having these managing applications is that you can operate all of your accounts from a single place. Most of these applications like Buffer and Hootsuite are equipped with dashboards that create an avenue for you to monitor and view your various social accounts.

You can login to all accounts from this single screen, and this saves you considerably on time and other resources

You Can Schedule Your Posts for Other Dates and Time

Some of these managing application tools are sensitive enough to know when more users have access to your posts and they bring up possible schedule suggestions to help you generate better output from your posts

Scheduling saves you on time and ensures a well-designed constant published material is always maintained

Automated System

How about having an application follow your directives, schedule and get things done even in your absence. That is part of the benefits you can get with these management systems. With tools like IFTT, you can create recipes that can connect your multiple social accounts so that as soon as an event takes place in one, it triggers other actions to take place in other social accounts.

Have Access to Data and Analytics on the Go.

If it is analytics you want or data to properly track and record your social media content performance, then you can have access to that on your management tool. See who has views your post has accumulated, how many people are talking about and other useful data that benefits your social media operation.

Time Saver

There is nothing as precious to you as your time, and social media application managers are tailored made to save you on your time. With single dashboards and interactive tabs, you are not given any hassle or stress. These applications allow you to generate so much with just little effort.

The Best Apps to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

1. Hootsuite

When it comes to applications for managing multiple social media accounts, Hootsuite is amongst those considered the best out there.

One of its strengths that makes it very popular is that it can support a different array of platforms and at the same time provide eye-catching features and wide array of settings.

Monitoring, scheduling and connecting to more than 30 different kinds of social platforms is part of the features Hootsuite renders to its users.

Users of the Hootsuite can easily access and manage their accounts as it is simple to organize and operate. The simplicity to add accounts, manage accounts and schedule posts is unmatched by other multiple social accounts applications.

A pro plan offers you more feature and dynamics when it comes to managing your social accounts, and it is worth it to get if you can. Check out further details of this must-have application at http://hootsuite.com.

2. Buffer

The buffer app enables you to effectively plan a schedule that helps in optimizing social media updates simultaneously by helping to spread and schedule them across the various platforms.

The dashboard makes social media management relatively easy. It is simple to use, offers an easy way for you to access and view your analytics and above all you are given complete control when it comes to your posting schedules and viewing analytics.

One of the core strengths of buffer app is it scheduling features. Scheduling is made very simple and easy for you, and you are at liberty to schedule for days ahead

Each post (contents) can be tailored made to fit perfectly with the various social outlets on your dashboard. These contents are shared at the most appropriate times each day, and tracking links help you monitor them and give a feedback

Buffer app is simple, easy and effective as a managing tool and scheduling tool and it gets the job done.

Although the free app has reduced features, this shouldn’t be a hindrance; you can get the most out of your buffer by going pro. Make activity scheduling seamless for your multiple social media accounts at http://bufferapp.com.

3. Tweetdeck:

When it first came out, it was used to manage other social media platforms, but that changed when Twitter acquired rights to it. Now Tweetdeck is used for one single purpose, which is to manage and monitor multiple twitter accounts all at a single time.

The dashboard of TweetDeck might be a little similar to other managing apps, but its features are relatively unique to it

You can tailor TweetDeck to specifically track down particular hashtags, peculiar events, and topics, so you completely know of what’s hot, new and trendy

From a single dashboard, you can log in and view multiple Twitter accounts. This eliminates the difficulty in login into various accounts one after the other and also you can tweet all at once in your multiple accounts from the dashboard.

Although TweetDeck on its own doesn’t give you any can’t report or analytics, you can utilize the one twitter provides you get your required data and analytics.

Scheduling of tweets in your accounts is hassle-free. Tweets can be scheduled for instant delivery or at a specified later date. Images can also be included in your messages.

Currently, tweetdeck is free, though a pro version might be out in little or no time from now. You can find further information and updates at https://tweetdeck.twitter.com.

4. SocialOomph

If you are interested in creating new and effective social connections in line with your needs and market strategy goals, then socialoomph will do a tremendous job for you.

SocialOomph creates a platform for you to boost and implement your market strategies when it comes to social groups.

With SocialOomph, you can connect your social channels or groups and then manage each one of them one at a time on the go.

The free version allows you to only manage your twitter account for free up to a certain time. Upgrading enables you to add up other social groups in your network tabs

This free version allows you to access some eye-catching features although a paid version gives you all of the dynamic features without any hassle

You can schedule dates and time if you don’t want the posts to be made instantly, follow-up keywords that are in line with your market strategy, truncate URLs, and immediately follow back people with similar interests as yours.

In the area of keeping you current in line with people who are in line with your market and service, socialOomph shines. You can search for people who are in similar business like yours, create an appealing welcome message to your new followers and even instantly follow back your new followers.

The way it is with socialoomph, you can generate amazing results with just little efforts. The free version only gives you access to Twitter; an upgrade allows you to manage other platforms. Build your social media connections by signing up at https://www.socialoomph.com.

5. IFTTT (If this then that)

IFTTT enables you to create a system for your social groups that is fully automated and works whether you are present or absent. It is perfectly ideal to manage a variety of social media accounts as it gives the user the opportunity to create an automatic working environment to help manage and monitor your accounts.

IFTTT lets you create these automatic responses that call recipes. These recipes enable you to specify actions that can be implemented automatically. This saves you from repeating such actions when they arise as the system automatically goes to work when such need arises.

With the IFTTT, you can create lots of recipes for multiple social media outlets, and that’s one of the IFTTT is popular and one of the best application to manage a variety of social media accounts.

Another plus on it sides is that you can manage not just social media accounts, but also websites and blogs are also on the management list. This versatility enables to set actions and triggers to help set rapid response across all platforms. Take for example if you post on your blog or update your website then the IFTTT, will automatically create a tweet or a Facebook post about it. Check out this amazing app at https://ifttt.com.

6. Sprout Social

Individuals or companies that are marketers in social media will find sprout social as a serious tool for serious business. Whether you are new to managing multiple social accounts or you are an old timer, sprout social can save you a great deal of time and help you achieve social media targets.

It allows you to post into a variety of social media platforms and still monitor the targets and responses that are generated.

Sprout special connects business owners to customers like no other. You can add or subtract to your team of members to better manage your platform

You can view if you were mentioned in any conversation, check out if you have been followed and analyze your product performance in the social market.

Although at first use the sprout social can be very tasking and full of instructions and directions, once you get the hang of it, you get to see the benefits and aids that come with it

You can purchase several different plans that fit your needs, and also a free 30 days trial period lets you access the features of sprout social and witness some of the features. Learn how to make your posting and monitoring of your social media accounts at http://sproutsocial.com.

7. Everypost

Social media isn’t complete without multimedia contents in the form of pictures and videos. Basically, social media feeds on the visual prowess of its content and every post allows you to do properly manage multimedia contents across all your social media platforms.

With every post you can create different group access to the different account, so your team can monitor different aspects of your of social media accounts.

You can tailor your posts and customize them to meet your targeted audience and on the same schedule the various posts to be delivered at different times.

The dashboard of every post is very simple, and it allows you to manage the marketing of social media content and flow of business without any stress or hassle

The general use is quite simple and pretty straightforward, and there is even an avenue to make connections to your emails and Dropbox. Every post is also integrated with RSS feed and Flickr

There is a free plan to get you to access the basic features of every post as well as about five prepared plans that are each equipped with various sets of dynamic features that can meet with one’s dynamic social media needs. Visit http://everypost.me to get further details of the app and its features.

8. Tailwind

This app focuses more on visual and multimedia contents in general. You find its strength more when it comes to Instagram and Pinterest.

With this app, you can monitor what happens to your posts on Instagram and Pinterest. For example, it notifies you when an image is pinned from your website or your Instagram post is being engaged by a viewer.

Those that are data analytics would find the tailwind a perfect fit as you can gather various hashtag data as well as monitor any mention of your brand or post on both Instagram and Pinterest

One appealing feature that tailwind is it notifies you of when most people are active and gives you the recommendation to post your content. With this, you can get more users viewing your work and getting a better feedback process.

It also poses a way for you to track the best of your content (those with highest performance levels) and allows you to make use of them at another time

A free trial allows you up to about 30 posts on Instagram and then about 100pins on Pinterest. The pro version has bumper features that are appealing and eye-catching and get the business done. Looking for a solution for your social media visual content? Visit https://www.tailwindapp.com.


You might just be starting out in your social media journey, or you are a professional in need of a platform that would speed up your work considerably and save you on time. If you need help in gathering data and performance reports, then a multiple social management application is exactly what you are in need of

From whatsoever angle we tend to look at it, social managing applications help to improve our social media efficiency and effectiveness on the go. You can create fresh, eye-catching content, monitor posts performance and progress and even as much as scheduling your posts

With their amazing, dynamic and eye-catching features, you can get more for less with these applications. With them at your service, your social media outlets will be more interactive, engaging and fine-tuned. With the rise of internet marketing, social media has become an integral part of every marketing organization or individual. Therefore the knowledge of all these social media management applications is critical to the success of the business. All you need to do is stay updated with the best solutions in the market to stay at the top of the game.

Please note that what functions of another person might not bode so well for you, so feel free to check out all the apps to see which meets your requirements.

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