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13 + Free and Premium Project Management Software

Different companies have come up with various project management software. However, one should be keen to select the best and the most appropriate for the type and size of their business. Below are the chosen best free and premium project management software that is sure to provide you with excellent project management solutions;

List of Best Project Management Software

a) Resource Guru

It provides a solution to scheduling of equipment, people and other resources for your company projects. This is because it has a scheduling tool which assigns and keeps the records for the management team to follow up on the processes and the due dates for various projects in the system. It also makes it easy to follow up on every activity going on in the system, the scheduling for the members and products and most importantly the dates. Resource Guru will help you develop comprehensive reports, accurate time tracker for the staff, the creation of team visibility on one smart calendar and faster scheduling. The major companies that use this software include apple, Deloitte, UBER, and Disney. For further details about this software, check it out at https://resourceguruapp.com.

b) Trello

Trello is a project management tool which enables you to easily have an overview of the entire project over a short period. It helps the organization of business operations which are inclusive of company data, client’s queries and communication trails as well as project’s procedures and processes for ease of access by the members. It enables the design of various components; create labels, marketing functions, and provision of website redesign features and development checklists. For effectiveness, the apps required to work with this software include; GitHub, Evernote, Google drive and Slack. Further details are available at https://trello.com.

c) BaseCamp

Basecamp is a project management software popular for its ease of use and efficiency. It enables interface collaboration with team and clients. Its major functions include; creation of various projects, discussions, writing of to-do list, files management, sharing and creation of documents. It is also easily linked to mobile devices. This makes it easy for you to use it from anywhere which makes the management of projects easier and almost in real time. For further details and regular updates, visit their website at https://basecamp.com.

d) Teamwork

This project management tool provides an interface for several team members participating in different projects. With this software, you can keep track of all the projects in the system, the activities undertaken and available files are kept collectively in one location. This setting enables easy tracking of projects as well as effective interaction amongst the team members. Also, Teamwork provides affordable pricing packages. It is free for a team of five members and provides affordable fees for larger teams. Teamwork is very effective when used with Dropbox and Google Drive applications, which are important in the support and management of files. For more information, this software is easily accessible at https://www.teamwork.com.

e) Rational Plan

This project management software is best suited for the process of project planning. It allows you to follow systematically follow every single step provided in project processes. The processes involved in project management are also evaluated by this software hence enabling development of reports which are later used in objectives setting. The various differentiated products offered under this software are; the rational plan Single, the rational plan Multi, and the rational Plan Viewer. For more information find details at https://www.rationalplan.com.

f) ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is considered a very reliable project management software because of its wide focus on the whole process details of project management. It has extra features useful for the process of project execution and management of operational activities in the system such as the importation of project details and accounting of the costs incurred in the process. It is among the few that offer invoicing services and features which makes it easy for the follow up of payments being made. Payments and invoices are paid directly through online payment services such as PayPal, MasterCard and credit cards. For further details visit their website at https://activecollab.com.

g) WProject

This software will help you in data delivery, storage, and management. It is most useful in the learning institutions where the data is relayed to the learners. The features of this software include; Project management, time tracking, resource planning, issue tracking, dashboard configuration, and message boards and agenda. More information and update regarding the software are available at https://www.wproject.fr.

h) Zoho Projects

This is a business based software that provides you with different solutions inclined to the setting of a formal business. This tool is important in the process of project planning and coordination and enables a seamless flow of events. Its importance is attached to its distinct features which boost the management process. These features can be integrated with GoogleApps, bug tracking as well as Wikipedia. For more information about this software visit https://www.zoho.com/projects

i) Jira

Identifying bugs and raising issues are the two key solutions offered by this software when it comes to agile project management. Its key features include; customizable scrum boards, flexible kanban boards, agile road mapping and reporting. Moreover, Jira enables the user to create customizable filters, use it anywhere, integrate with more than three thousand apps, automate processes by use of its API’s, and customize all the workflows. These features are the primary contributors to agile project management. Their features can be assessed in detail at https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira.

j) Asana

It will help you and the business team to easily track every activity undertaken, access it and with ease. It makes the files and documents easily visible to members for access. This avoids confusion and repetition because each member is aware of activity the other member is involved in, what they are doing and the time they are executing a given task. Asana has features which include tasks allocation, dashboards, projects and conversations which are important in the organization of work. Moreover, the use of this software ensures accountability and increase of work time by monitoring the activities one performs over a given time. It is used by big companies such as; RedBull, Delloite, New York Times, All states and Airbnb among other organizations. For more information find details at https://asana.com/

k) Microsoft Project

This is project management software whose developer is Microsoft. Its main functions are divided into three; resource management, portfolio management, and project management. It has a set of integrated tools that aid in planning and tracking of projects. Under project management, it has tools such as; project planning, out-of-the-box reports, built-in templates, multiple timelines as well as accessibility in various devices. With portfolio management, there is out-of-the-box report, BI integration, portfolio optimization and systematic portfolio evaluation. Resource management function utilizes tools such as; visualized heat maps, integrated collaboration, mobile task management, and resource analytics. It has been adopted by most top-tier organizations such as Netflix, BMW, Toyota, British Airways, Intel, Tesla, Ernest and Young amongst many other big market players. Start today with Microsoft Project at https://products.office.com/en/project.

l) Genius Project

It will help the project management team and managers solve all project issues that may arise in the course of project execution. The issues may include; the need to improve the business operations, ease of accessibility, proper management of data, and tracking of input and output of the general project and the project meetings.

The genius project incorporates features such as Cloud-based and on-premise which provides the client with the choice of buy or rent, easy deployment, and flexible configuration. For more information on this software visit https://www.geniusproject.com

m) Millestones Professional

It enables you to make project schedules for your organization and the management process. It is used with other components and products to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. These applications include; excel, Microsoft Excel, and Oracle.

This project management software provides the following solutions;

i. Making the presentation reports within minutes-this is because millestones professional enables scheduling, an organization of projects, the creation of timelines and close monitoring of the results.

ii. Creation of strong presentation reports for Microsoft project. This is because it can turn Microsoft project into an eye-catching, easy to understand and interpret all the details type of project. The feature enables ease of usage and enhances proper scheduling.

iii. It creates very clear reports which can easily be interpreted and understood with less ambiguity and error because it provides comprehensive information on a single page hence enhancing clarity.

iv. Clear articulation and monitoring of the budget because it collaborates with the schedule and cost performance of the company.

Further information on the software is accessible at https://www.geniusproject.com.

n) Axosoft

It can identify bugs in the system, and this leads to a well-defined process of managing the project by the project management team because they have clear project guidelines. The managers can easily identify the activity that was done by others and also activities executed in the system that triggered or lead to an error which will then promote the process of rectification. For further details check out the app at https://www.axosoft.com


When it comes to choosing project management software various factors are considered; size and type of the project, size of the team, the costs involved as well as the complexity of the project. The various software discussed above cut across the different levels of these factors of consideration. Each one of the named software has its pricing packages that are highly dependent on the features and solutions offered. The use of project management software is almost inevitable for the success of every project. It saves time, cost and improves effectiveness as well as the efficiency of the team members hence resulting in a successful project.

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