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Top 5 Timesaving Social Media Management Tool to Grow Your Business

Are you having a tough time in dealing with managing several social media platforms? Well, in this smart generation, there are tools to handle each of your accounts together. Save your time for posting individually and start using some amazing social media management tools.

If you are not finding the right tool for the task, we are here to help you! Our deep research has found out the top five social media management tools, which will serve you according to your wish. Let the business grow as well as save the time. Shall we start?

In today’s discussion, we have gathered only legitimate and useful tools. Depending on the features, some of them are way too advance for the beginners. So, be a pro and let the tools come handy. Here is the list!

Social Media Management Tool # 1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is now in the leading position among the other social media management tools. According to its recent performance and user certifications, we have positioned it to the number one.

The tool works perfectly with your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

The benefits of using the tool are as follows:

  • Sprout Social has a single inbox where all the messages are stored accordingly. You can either check them or hide for viewing in free time. There is a spam filtering advantage for saving your valuable time from seeing irritating advertisements and announcements.
  • The tool can be used both individually and manually. If you are holding a large or medium business, share the workload among the teammates. Categorize messages and events in order to prevent duplication. It will make your task simpler than ever!
  • Sprout Social is that tool which is a pro in scheduling. It can schedule, reschedule and create queue according to your command. Whenever you want to publish a message or announcement, set the time. Done!
  • There is a shareable calendar for your fellow teammates. Work together in real time and manage events, tasks and profiles more conveniently.
  • You can experience a tremendous improvement of Sprout Social analysis. The user is able to see views, engagement as well as responsiveness.

Social Media Management Tool # 2. eClincher

eClincher is a multi-tasking tool for social media management. It not only saves time, but also makes your time enjoyable. The intuitive interface allows the user to create, repurpose, reply and schedule in an easy way.

It handles all types of popular social networks including FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogger, YouTube and so on like these. All you need to do is adding a profile and customize it with your requirement.

The features are:

  • The unique part of having eClincher is the Live Social Feeds. Go to your pages, profiles and groups. See comments, like posts and reply questions instantly.
  • A unified inbox for your social media sites has been added in eClincher. Through this, you can view messages and make them disappear so that it will not popup again. It lets you connect with unique individuals every time.
  • Plan and create schedule more smartly. The tool has a simple way for making structure for your posts, pins and tweets. Set the time to post them on the respected site. It will be enough!
  • No more third-party image filters! Use the Canva of eClincher for appearing smartly in social media platforms.
  • Recycle, one-time and end-date queue allow the user to keep your contents alive as much as they require. These are included in the Auto Post feature of eClincher.
  • You can actually experience the combo of Google and Social analytics in a same place. The reports are more accurate and smartly visible because of this.

Social Media Management Tool # 3. HootSuite

HootSuite is a perfect social media management tool for a single person to a large agency. It allows everyone equal measure of advantages. The ease of using HootSuite has made it one of the leading management tools.

The benefits of HootSuite are given here:

  • The customized single dashboard is the thing you want. This intuitive UI gives you the chance to organize all the accounts single-handedly.
  • More than thirty-five famous social networking sites can be connected in this tool. It gives you the opportunity to spread the business several times.
  • Do you want to remain online for 24/7? No problem! Use the Auto Scheduling feature of HootSuite to organize your future stuffs.
  • Also, the Hootlet makes it easier to plan posting or tweeting or commenting according to your convenient time.
  • HootSuite shows the report and analysis of engagement in different formats. You can avail the chance to avail them in order to test engagements.

Social Media Management Tool # 4. Sendible

Sendible is an emerging timesaving tool for social media management. It has made easy to increase the content publishing. The user is able to handle the tool from a single screen.

Features are:

  • Priority Inbox shows only the valuable messages which will not waste your time. It gathers all the messages from different social media for you and creates the priority according to your filter.
  • You have the opportunity to send bulk or individual messages to the audience using Sendible.
  • For preventing duplication, an advanced content recommendation engine is pre-built with this tool. You will be notified before posting any duplicate content. It also shows suggestion to let you find the exact post for the maximum engagement.
  • RSS Auto Posting gives an overview of the ongoing trends. It collects and publishes more relevant contents.
  • Sendible is able to connect to almost all the social networking sites.

 Social Media Management Tool # 5. MavSocial

Ready for appearing more visually in the social media? MavSocial is a specialized tool focusing the visuals.

The Tool has:

  • MavSocial is able to connect FB accounts, pages, groups as well as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.
  • An advanced filtered Social Inbox that can categorize messages collected from different sources of your linked social profiles. Like, comment, post and retweet instantly.
  • MavSocial has an individual Stock Image Store. For any advertising purpose, simply upload from here after buying the copyright. The Digital Library is a collection of your photos and clips.
  • Use the Drag n Drop system to manage the schedule. Fix your time and let the tool manage the rest for scheduling and rescheduling even if you are not present.
  • Reporting Dashboard is an easily understandable platform to know the engagements. You can see the ongoing phenomena in it.

What do you think? These will be more than enough for saving your time and money in social media management. No more waiting. Just grab a tool that matches your requirement and let the business grow. Good luck!

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