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Snagit Review: How Different Is It, Features and Verdict

clip_image002Long gone are the days where you had to click (PrtSC) on your computer to take a screenshot.

Snagit makes taking a screenshots and recording videos a breeze. You’ve heard that our attention is less than 8 seconds compared to Goldfish right?

That means, to retain users on the site’s images are vital and Snagit can help you retain users on your website used properly. Most importantly, this software helps you record killer videos for your course or YouTube.

That said, there are dozens of reasons why you’ll need a tool like Snagit. Does Snagit make it easier for everyday non-techy people like you and me use it to the full?

That’s why I wrote this review, to examine its features and complexity in detail. In the end, you’ll make a perfect decision whether to go with a Snagit or the competition.

And if you don’t buy, that’s totally fine, there are lots of resources in our archive that you can’t miss a perfect fit for you. Okay, let’s roll.

Snagit: Exactly How Different Is It

That’s the question everybody asks. How different is Snagit. Snagit is a powerful screen capture software and screen recording tool.

clip_image004In other words, this is a tool with two main core functions of taking screenshots and capturing screen video.

A perfect tool if you have something that you want to demonstrate or present to your audience.

What’s more, you can even take colorful screenshots that you can use to illustrate in your work.

More importantly, you can edit these images and photos using Snagit.

Imagine all those features that Snagit gives and compare it to a tool like Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe maybe the industry leaders in image manipulation and design, but Snagit is cheaper in terms of price and quality.

What’s more, it has both a video capture tool and screen shot features and Adobe has only one feature: Image manipulation.

In fact, it makes editing photos and designing graphics easier. Unless you are a geek who likes navigating the quirks of Gimp, you better settle with Snagit.

No matter what you’re trying to do-whether fixing broken teeth on a photo or making your little dogs smile on the images.

Snagit takes the confusion and complexity away, leaving you creating meaningful, impressive images that people love.

Features: Inside Look At Snagit Features In The Details

Like what I said earlier, Snagit has two selling features that you’ll love: Screen captures and video recording features.

All these tools are essential if you’re running an online business.


Snagit Capturing Tool

Snagit comes with a capturing tool. Same with what you have on your PC, the PrtSC. The only difference is that you can make adjustments and edits to the photo or image that you took.

That’s a huge advantage, especially if you want to annotate things to images. If you want to capture an image, you’ll see a red button on the right hand. All you need is to click and you’re set to go.

Snagit Drawing Tools

I told you, it’s more than Adobe Photoshop for a fraction of that price. The drawing tools comprise of arrows, texts, callout, shapes, fills and stamp.

When you capture an image, you can use the drawing tools to write text, create circles, rectangles and fills. In other words, it makes easier for you to customize the images the way you want it.

My job is writing content online, one of the things I like to do to make the post interesting is to annotate images. Here is what I mean and am using Snagit as a demonstration.

Snagit Editor


This is the meat of the software, it has everything that you need. What I like is the blur feature on Snagit Editor.

At times, you want to share sensitive information with your audience. Let’s say, you’re sharing your paypal earning with your audience.

You can hide your logins id, or any sensitive information that you don’t want people to have access to. All you need is to set the degree of blur that you want.

Looking to your left, you’ll see a library, categories, type of screen capture and archives in the Snagit editor. This classic menu of Snagit editor is perfect if you’re a person that works with hundreds of images.

Sharing Feature

After editing the images, you’ll also want to share the picture right? Well, Snagit makes it easier for you to send your images to the destination that you want.

You can send to your Facebook timelines, twitter, FTP, email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Screencast.com, Onenote. Gosh!! It makes your work a whole lot easier.

Capturing Video


Snagit makes it easier to record screen videos on your desktop computer. What’s more, it has cool webcam recording features.

You can easily toggle between a screenshot with easy. Most important, you can add your personal touch to the video so that you can look as professional as possible.

With Snagit, you’re not in the business of recording videos alone only for your audience to see you as an amateur. Hey, you can trim and remove aahs, ohs, cough and extra time from those videos.

In other words, editing your videos is now easier thanks to Snagit.

Does It Have Any Cons? A Few

Snagit has its own shares of cons. The software is a little bit expensive if you’re the kind of a guy who doesn’t use it every month. Personally, I use it a lot when editing images every day and I see it as an investment in my business.


If you like to edit images or like to record screen shot video, you’ll need Snagit in my opinion. You’ll love its simplicity when it comes to image editing and screen video capturing.

What’s more is that you can create tutorial on a touch of a button and the videos will look professional. If you compare the price of Snagit, Adobe Photoshop and Camstudio. Snagit is a bargain in my opinion.

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