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How to Improve your Attitude? [in Just 14 Days]

We have very often heard saying,” Gosh, look at her attitude!” or “What kind of an attitude does he have?” What exactly is attitude? Attitude is defined in many aspects, but to put it simple, Attitude is something that develops from one’s internal feelings and thoughts and goes hand in hand with one’s behavior. Attitude and behavior are linked and hence, ones behavior explains one’s attitude and vice versa.

Attitudes could be formed directly as a result of experience. It could be from personal experience or from observation. Attitudes could be influenced by social norms and social roles. By observing or being influenced by various external factors, attitudes could be formed as it influences your beliefs and behavior.

Attitudes could be changed for the betterment. Everybody feels great when someone praises you or says that you have a great attitude. To get there, one has to analyze where one has to make the changes and bring about the good attitude in them.

Attitude simply means bringing change in the outlook of life. The way you see life is how life gets shaped. Positive attitude brings in positive feelings and energies in life and thus makes you happy, whereas negative attitudes bring in darkness and makes you gloomy.

One could change the basics in one’s attitude and experience the beauty of life by simply following these steps on a day to day basis.

Day 1 – Rise and Shine

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” We all have learnt this, but very few of us implement it. Waking up early, taking in fresh air and going for a brisk walk for just 15-20 mins makes a great difference as the first step in bringing in good attitude.

Day 2 – Self Analysis

Have you ever felt how it is to talk to yourself? There is no other better analysis than self analysis. Need not talk loud, talk within you and try to find the positives of the happenings of the day. It is how you see things that shape your life and attitude. For any happening, if only the negatives are focused, then you see only the negatives, but if you focus on the positives, then everything turns with a positive effect.

Day 3 – Tomorrow is another Day

At times things may not go the way you want it to be, but that does not mean it is going to be like that forever. As time passes, so will troubles. Leave back the troubles of a day behind and begin the next day afresh. A new beginning for all things and everything gets better.

Day 4 – Charge Your Attitude.

Attitude is something that could get influenced easily and hence you should keep yourself charged always. Listening to motivational talks, reading inspirational books, listening to good music all impacts your thoughts and brings in a positive energy in you all the time. The more positive energy you have within you, the better you feel about yourself and that reflects in your behavior and attitude.

Day 5 – Be Optimistic

Life is never a bed of roses. We all have ups and downs in life. However if you keep thinking on the negatives, you eventually become a pessimist. An optimist always sees the positive side of happenings in life. For him, blessings are counted more than the difficulties and he believes that in each difficulty he has learnt a lesson to be remembered. This brings in him more energy and he sees the brighter side of life always in life.

Day 6 – A Good Deed a Day

Doing something good for others makes not only them happy, but also you. Passing a compliment, bringing snacks for someone at the workplace or any other good deeds. Seeing someone smile because of you automatically makes you happy and increases your positive energy.

Day 7 – Choosing Friends

No matter how much positive energy you have in you, if you happen to be in a circle of friends that are more of the negatives, you unknowingly would also be one. Keep away from such kind of friends. Always choose people who see the brighter side of life and feel happy and hold great confidence in them and others. This would enable you also to create all these good qualities in you and help you build a better attitude to life.

Day 8 – Dream High

People with great dreams only could accomplish great things in life. When you dream, dream having a focus and strive to achieve it. When you stay focused, you have a great desire of accomplishing your dream and thus you make sure that no other distractions come your way.

No matter how big or small, weird or not, having a dream is the first step to a great attitude and proving others that you can accomplish what you have been aspiring for a great achievement that lingers with you for a lifetime.

Day 9 – Find Time for Your Hobby

Each of us is blessed with one kind of a hobby or the other. Find time to keep polishing your hobbies. It is a great rescuer in times of great stress and difficulty. When you are totally distressed, following your hobby not only gives you relaxation, but the joy in doing something you love brings back the positive energy in you. This really has a great impact on your attitude.

Day 10 – Pen it down

A good way of developing a good attitude is penning down what you want exactly. It would be easier to know what exactly you want and when you have written it down, it gets clearer and thus it would help you to focus more and you would work towards it, rather than just hoping and saying that you need a good attitude. Writing helps in understanding and focusing.

Day 11 – Turn the Negatives to Positives

Just because the day did not start well, does not mean that it is going to end the same way. Sometimes a well begun day may have a bad ending and a bad started day would have a good ending. It all depends on how we take things and see them. Even when others around you are bullying you, you could find a way to get it back in a cheerful manner rather than getting harsh. That would stop them and reduce your stress as well.

Day 12 – Learn Constantly

Develop the habit of constantly learning, and it would help you in developing your attitude. When you learn new things, the joy of acquiring knowledge makes you feel happy. When you start gaining knowledge, you start feeling more confident and this would enable you to develop your attitude in the right direction, provided you are acquiring knowledge from the right sources. Have a quest for gaining more information and it would definitely help you in the long run.

Day 13 – Acknowledge

When you are sure that you have achieved something really great, acknowledge yourself. Give a good pat to yourself. Praising yourself also helps to improve your inner confidence and thus it reflects in your attitude. There is no harm in self praising, once in a while.

Day 14 – Take a Break

When you are stressed out and you feel that your effort to achieving your attitude is not getting along well, then take a break. By taking a break, you reenergize your spirits both physically and mentally. Rest well, sleep well, eat well as all these factors help in your overall well being and if you do not stay fit and healthy, you cannot develop a good attitude and behavior. After a break, you could feel the difference in you.


Having a positive attitude not only makes you happy, but would also help in attracting other people to you as they would enjoy being in your company. Over a period of time you would develop a great character that everyone would look forward to and it would help you to improve your personal and professional life.

Positive attitude people are liked by all at any point of time and are always looked upon. It is up to you whether you would like to build a positive or negative attitude. After all the control is with you, and you decide what is to be done.

Find out the true optimist in you and experience the difference the world holds for you!

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