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How To Stop A Breakup Before It Happens?

You never thought of reaching this point.

And boom! You’re here:

  • Unanswered texts and calls
  • Less communication
  • Coming home in late the in night… sometimes sleep over
  • Flirting with the opposite sex……

All the reasons in the world to tell you that am done, am not interested, can’t you see it on my face. What’s taking you long to realize that.

And then it hits you:

Seriously, should you stop this break up from happening. In other words, is there more to this relationship that I should save it. Should I give it a second chance.

I know the feelings….we’ve all been there trying to stop a breakup. No one wants to go back to the square one searching and looking while all our mates have somebody for a long term relationship.

But here’s the problem:

Saving a weak relationship is a waste of time. Think of it like a car engine…initially it is strong and works fine. But when you neglect it… it loses its initial strength.

More servicing won’t help it. You just need to buy a premium battery. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation of servicing, take care of it like you understand the value it has.

Same with breakups…let it go. I know it’s hard, but bare with me for a second, because, I am going to reveal to you something that you may not know about love and relationship. This will help you a lot.

Why Stopping A Breakup Do You No Good( It Only Adds More Pain)

You’ve read lots of blogs and even ask friends for suggestions. They all tell you one thing:

Relationship is communication. Talk to your partner and you’ll solve things out. It doesn’t have to end this way.

Well, guess what I’ve found out in a nick of time:

If they are not meant to be with you, they won’t be with you. Chances are, your partner has arrived at a conclusion that you’re not good for them.

Research done by Antonio Damasio about Persuasion states that you can’t convince someone who has already made up their mind.

The research goes on to state that people will make their own decision based on self-interest reasons. However, how hard you try to show them logic, they’re made up their minds based on the emotions they have.

And it all boils down to this:

You can’t expect your partner to see things your own way unless you are very good at the subject of persuasion.

What then does this research tells us: for an average person, it is pointless to convince a person to stay with you in a relationship.

Let’s say they managed to stay with you in a relationship. You solved the things out, chances are they’ll still leave you in the future.

This circle happens so many times in a relationship. What we don’t realize early enough is they weren’t meant to be with us.

It’s a hard truth to accept. We are wired to save everything because we fear we cannot have another relationship. Yes, you can have another relationship.

Why Most People Have A Wrong Partners (Without Realizing It)

Stop right now and ask yourself:

Do you believe he or she is the right partner for you?

Right, what do you think she loves about you apart from physical attributes and sex?

You might have answered the first question, but fail to answer the second questions. Long lasting relationship is not built on a physical attribute and sex alone… it is built on something greater than that.

Early on when we get into any relationship, we fail to ask our partner that same question. That question is important because it shows you the kind of emotions, not logic reasons why this person loves you.

The number of divorces and heartbreak are so many because people never take the time to evaluate their relationship.

It is no surprise to find that most people enter into a relationship because of infatuations,a fling and so on.

That explains why there are so many cases of single parents in the world. In fact, the number of single parents has risen that the number of divorce cases.

Here is the brutal reality: If you stop this break up from happening, you’ll wind up a single parent. It’s time to move on.

Learn To Love and Embrace Yourself

I believe in you.

I believe you can find true love

I believe you can a perfect partner for life.

Before that happens, learn to love and embrace yourself. Before you can think of finding the right partner, ask yourself:

Are you the right partner? You need to know your worth as a person. You need to know what makes you special. If you can’t be happy with the way you are, you’ll try to find love from external factors.

That should also explain why some people won’t let others go, because they view them as a source of love. If you love yourself, you won’t feel desperate for love.

Men and women can smell desperation from a person so far. The worst part is that you’ll be taken advantage of. You have to work on yourself and find gratitude.

Although you won’t be perfect, that’s the first step to finding true love.

My point:

If you love yourself, you’ll find away to share that love with someone. And they will love you back for it.

Live For Something Beyond Love

Relationship shouldn’t be your #1 goal in life. Majority of people have a relationship as their #1 goal because they are bored with 9 to 5 jobs and meager salary.

In fact, majority of the population don’t have goals and desires outside their line of work. If you want greatness….I’mean great partner who loves you for who you are, then you must get out of your comfort zone.

Find fulfillment and happiness in something that you love. Most people find happiness in sex and relationship and when they see a partner is about to walk away, they feel sad.

This is the main reason why divorce and single parenting is so common. If you’re a lady or a man, find something worthwhile to chase for.

Chances are in the near future, you’ll find the same kind of a person that also has their own goal. And when you meet, you become power couple.

Power couples are born from powerful relationship. You become powerful in life when you know that you can do something better and your spouse will love the fact that you can make them or help them go through touch challenges.

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