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How To Text A Girl You Just Met: 4 Examples

Minutes, days, weeks and months she hardly replies to your text messages.

You only send her amazing text and here you’re wasting your time on a girl that has decided to go numb on you. Initially, when you met her, she had the same sparks and interest as you.

Only for that spark to disappear in the cloud. You can’t help but wonder whether the texts you send her were embarrassing or offensive to her.

Ever felt that way after girl just gave you her number. Well, that ends today. From today, I want you to come off as a hero using the secret texting strategy that I use to get inside a woman’s head and tune her attraction instinct for long.

Before we dive into the meat of this post, let’s look at a common mistake that men make when texting a lady. When you get passed these mistakes, you can sleep with any lady you want….

Forget The Girly Text, Unless You Want To End Up In The Zone

The classic mistakes that guys do is send a lady boring text. Texts that scream the following words:

Hi Jessica?

How are you doing?

How was your day?

Did you enjoy the last movie that I send you?

Seriously, it is 2018. Sending a text like that, you’ll end in a dry spell and the worst past is that the lady will forget that you even exist.

Before you send a text to a lady:

  • Have a plan
  • Retain her attention

It won’t surprise you to find a guy texting a lady without a plan. Ladies can know the type of guy you are by the kind of texts you send.

You can’t be sending boring text like that and expect to get laid. You need to have a plan on what kind of text to send and find a way to retain her attention for long.

Lots of guys would send a text message to a girl and the lady would take 30 or even 5 hours to reply the same text.

But guess what I realized just in the nick of time:

It’s not that the girl doesn’t have time or she is playing hard to get. It’s just that she is replying to the most fun, interesting text first.

That means, your boring text is probably down the rabbit hole unread while funny interesting text get a reply. This is the lesson that I learnt the hard.

From today, never text a lady without a plan. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple hi or hello. You need to have a plan, otherwise you better spend your time playing video games and watching movies.

Okay, do you have any strategy in mind on how I can go about this? Yes.

The Opening Strategy

The hardest part of any text messaging is the opening line. It matters a lot.

Picture this lady in mind: Coming out from a long day at work, she cooks dinner, she goes to her bed. She starts seeing her favorite telenovela on her bed eating french fries.

Sending a lady like this boring text won’t help it. She will just picture you like her boss. Most important, is you asking questions every single moment.

So how do you break the ice? In other words, how do you break her attention from all the things that she is doing?

My Point:

Stand out.

Instead of sending boring text messaging… here are some of the funny text that you can send to get attention:

Hi Jessica, Are you masterbating right now…Holy Shit, you’re doing it again? Please tell me that I’ll be safe with you when we are together.

Hi Jessica, do you live alone or do you have a cute stray cow that you cuddle throughout the night?

Hi Jessica, been thinking, when was the last time you prayed to God for a boyfriend, because I have feelings that you’re hitting on me.

In stead of sending him and expecting a response back. Put something funny into the comment. You don’t know how to be funny..don’t worry, that brings us to our next point.

Master Of Self-Deprecation Humor/Jokes

Science has it that having a strong sense of humor is what will attract the ladies to you. If you can get a lady to laugh, there are 60% chance that you can also sleep with her.

You don’t need to be Kevin Hart to crack our jokes that would make a lady laugh. In fact, if you do that often you can come out as a jerk.

Okay, how do you create jokes out of the moon? Simple. Master self deprecating humor. Everyone can do this.

Self-deprecation humor is making jokes that draw attention to you. In other words, making jokes about yourself in a positive way while at the same time making a lady horny.

Here are examples:

Picture this scenario: a guy asking a lady out.

A normal guy would say: Natalie why, don’t we go out this Saturday. Let’s meet at Hilton Hotel at 8:00pm

Self-deprecating jokes: Natalie, want to meet you at Hilton Hotel at 8:00pm. Wanna get horny at dinner with you..Wanna take me up for the challenge?

A girl asks you something like: Are you married?

A normal guy would answer: No, I am not married.

Self-deprecating jokes: Hell no. I want to keep my virginity for the right lady to break me. My virginity will prove to her how much I love him. I want to keep it for her.

A girl can ask you something like: How are you doing?

A normal guy would say: am fine, you

Self-deprecating humor: Am with my cat helping her have her first masturbation. You should come over and see how I help her do it. It’s lovely and interesting.

If you want to win a lady. Any question that she asks or comment that she gives. Think of a self-deprecating joke to counter that. She will love you for it, I promise you.

Sending Sexting Message

Sending a sexting message is tricky for most guys. Even those that can pull it off, get into a trouble. Girls love to sex chat a lot, sometimes they can block your number if you don’t it the right away.

First, you need to check the state of her mood because that will tell you whether she is ready or not. Forget asking common questions like.. what are you wearing… begin with something fun and interesting.

Or you can use my self-deprecating techniques to check the status of her mood. Here are examples of texts that you can use to break the ice.

First check her mood, if she is up for it. If she laughs or smile that is a good indicator that you should proceed. Otherwise, she won’t.

Hey, do you have a clue on how I can help Lucy (pet) get her first masturbation. She is nervous… does you have any clue on this sort of things….I just want her first experience to be awesome and memorable…(please send your pet’s pic)

Hey, you’re beautiful…do you ever get horny…I doubt it.

Hey, do you have a pet, what do you do to help her get horny.. she been disturbed over night..

Hey, I saw a woman’s underwear…and you come in my mind. Feel like buying it for you, but am afraid you’ll get horny and even rape me…Promise me you won’t do that.

You get my example… The text has to be funny enough or at least make her smile..Then you can proceed to ask several other questions in mind.

Anytime you get a negative response, send a self-deprecating humor to make her laugh and forget what you said. Then come to questions like your favorite style and so on.

What To Do From Here

You don’t want to be the guy that always texts and do nothing, girls get bored fast. You want to be the guy that text lady and take her to the next step. Don’t be the guy that flirts too much without calling the lady unless you want the girl to view you as a text guy.

You want to be the guy that text a girl and propose a meet up at the end of the conversation. Or propose her to come and meet you or a sleepover. You can play it nice in the texting. Have questions about my seduction secret, send me an email.

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