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How To Instantly Get A Girl To Like You

Let’s face it:

Seduction is tough and hard. Anyone that tells you that picking up ladies easy, is lying to you.

I was the guy who tried every pick-up line on ladies hoping that they would work on her. Unfortunately, it only worked for the dating guru.

The majority of men spend their time entire memorizing every line to get a girl to like them. Like those men, you’ve had lots of frustration in getting a lady to like you. The good news is that everybody can be great at the seduction game if they knew few basic things.

Most importantly, when they can apply what they learn to win a lady’s mind. Ladies are simple creatures, they all want one thing:

Nice Memorable Experience

What do you think makes a lady like you? I’ve been marketing products and interacted with customer for five years. Read lots of books in the field of persuasion and psychology.

From my experience, ladies are normal people. All they want is a nice memorable experience. From the way you spend your time with her to the way you interact with her.

The amount of time that you spend with her has to make her think of you all the time. Most importantly, to think what it means to have you as a boyfriend.

If you can do that well, chances are you’ll get her to like you instantly. The question is, how do you create a wonderful experience in a lady’s mind:

Seduce Her Mind

Ever heard of the phrase, “women are powerless against what they can’t see?

The problem that most guys struggle with is talking to her in a boring way. The way you talk to a lady should her attract to you.

Everything from your greetings to the way you answer simple questions. That’s what it means to seduce her mind. They are two ways to seduce the lady’s mind:

  • Implanted Commands
  • Fractionation

I didn’t coin these techniques, I credit them from Derek Rake. He did not invent them, but he was the first person to use them in the field of dating.

These two techniques are used to plant thoughts into the lady’s mind. When used correctly, the lady can literally peak your interest up, because you don’t come out pushy.

Most importantly, the chances of you getting into the friends zone is high. Here is how to use the Implanted commands…

Here an example:

“Sure, I can tell you that (Implanted commands) but I won’t”

“Sure, I can tell you that we will spend a lot of wonderful time together, but it’s better if you find things yourself.”

The second part (“…. but I won’t ) make it hard for her to reject you. In fact, she will smile and feel that it is true you can have a wonderful time.

Think of the implanted command like giving a 10 year old kid pizza while sneaking in vegetables. We all know that we need to eat vegetables, but we hate it.

Using that command to sneak in what you to the lady. Okay, let me show you a couple more examples:

” Sure, I can tell you that I’m the best person for it, but I won’t”

” Sure, I can tell you that I’m the best boyfriend, but I won’t, I would rather let you find out yourself.”

How simple was that?

Touch Her A Lot

The reason why most men never get a woman to love them is that they never touch her at all. Here is what happens:

A guy takes a woman to a date, they spend the next two to three hours talking without even touching her. No simple hug or even high five, the question is how do you expect a woman to like you if you don’t touch her.

Anytime you take her for a date make appoint of touching her. The more you create physical contact, the more she will feel attracted to you.

That means that you need to do with her activities that make you in contact with her. You can decide to go hiking, trail walking, swimming together, play football. Any activity that would make you touch her. In fact, if you constantly touch her, she will develop interest quickly for you.

Pay Attention

Most guys don’t understand what it means to pay attention. Paying attention is not nodding to everything that she says or looking her in the eye for too long.

Paying attention is encouraging her to talk about herself while you listen. Let’s say, she says something:

I like drawing a lot. Every day I like to come up with something new?

You can proceed with a question like…What do you mean exactly? Tell me more about that? After she has narrated her story, you can then say it in your own words like:

In other words, you mean blah, blah, blah.. I see, tell me about this and that. If you do this, you’ll get her talking and talking about herself a lot.

Make Fun About Yourself

Women love men with a deep sense of humor. Unfortunately, men are not good at this. In fact, most men think that they have to be Kevin Hart to make a wonderful joke.

You do not need to do that. All you need is to master self-deprecating jokes to make her laugh. The good things about self-deprecating jokes is that you’ll draw attention to yourself.

If you can make a lady laugh, chances are, you can make her sleep with you or even be your girlfriend.

Want Women To Flood Your Bed?

Following the techniques about especially the implant method and self-deprecating humor, you can attract any lady.

Most important, the lady of your dreams. That beautiful lady that makes men drool over. Months from now, your fellow men will be looking at you with bad eye walking with every hot lady.

They will envy you. Some will even ask if you have the magic secret that you’re not sharing. That’s happens because you followed everything discussed in this article

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