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8 Personality Traits That Naturally Attracts Women

Ask any guy around:

What personal traits attract a woman to a man and they’ll go like this:

  • Women love guys with money
  • Women love guys with smart cars
  • Women love tall, handsome young men
  • Women love guys who have luxury mansion and yatch.

Unfortunately, what most men don’t know is that women can fill attracted to the normal, nobody guy like you and me. Yes, Women love guys with money, I can’t deny that.

Fortunately, they do love and cherish guys like me and you. You just need to know the 8 personality traits that naturally appeal to their attraction instinct.

And the best part is…it is not that hard to figure out. In fact, I want to take a simple approach to help you understand what I am about to reveal.

Reading another blog, they’ll try to educate you on the female psychology and the magnetic seduction.

But there’s something that most of us forget. Women are no different like men.

Understanding The Psychology of Influence In Friendship and Dating

Picture the last time you met a new male friend. What got you attracted to him. Chances are, you got attracted or liked him for several reasons.

It can be he was resourceful, he was funny, he was confident. In other words, you talked to him and ticked.

Personally, I’ve made many friends because of the conversation that they had with me. Their conversation and personality made me keep tabs with them.

Because inside my mind, I’ve had bad friends in the past and I was glad at least I’ve found somebody who has what am looking for in a friend.

Likewise, in the past, you’ve also been turned off by people who you didn’t like.

For instance, you get introduced to a person or you met a person. And when they start to talk within the first 5 minutes, you’re bored.

You feel like you don’t want to hear from them again. In fact, you come up with every excuse to tell them that you’re not interested no matter what they want from you.

My point:

The same way you make male friends is the way you get a woman to love you. Now if you’re having a problem making male friends chance are, you also have a big problem getting ladies to love you.

If you don’t have the personality (More that later) that your friends admire, such that they can’t have a party or something cool without you. Chances are, women will also never like you.

I’m of the opinion that women have to like something in your in order to sleep with you or even be your girlfriend. And if they can’t find anything in you, you’re bound to be dumbed and rejected.

The question is… what do personality traits can you mimic that women would love….

Strong Confidence In Yourself

I know it sounds like a cliche to say this. The truth is…you need to work on yourself. You need to work on your personality.

Women can spot a guy with low-self esteem from far. This happens the way you talk to her. And the best part is women are very good at eye contact.

She will use her eyes to know the type of person you are. Your facial expression, gestures and your arms. In other words, she will read your body language.

From there, she can know whether you’re winging it or not. You see, most women love a guy that has strong self confidence. In fact, they’ll be glad to brag about their guy to their girlfriend.

How do you show strong confidence to a woman. Simple. Your body language. Am sorry to say this, but you need to study and master body language if you want to get laid.

You need to know how to use your arms, how to stand, how to pose, how to look her in the eye, how to hold her, how to sit with. The internet has a library of information that can help you.

Have A Sense Of Humor

You need to have a great sense of humor. You don’t need to be a comedian and you also don’t need to come up as a jerk.

What does having a great sense of humor mean? It means the ability to make a lady smile. If the lady smiles at everything that you say or even laugh, chances are you’ve won her.

But the real question that you’re wondering is how on earth can you do that. In other words, how can you go from a boring jerk to a likable sweet guy.

Let me give you a classic example:

Let say you want to know if a lady has a boyfriend. Instead of asking boring questions like?

Are you seeing someone or do you have a boyfriend? You can ask something more fun like this:

How many boyfriends are you dating? Obviously she will laugh or smile.

Another example:

When did you last have sex or get laid? You can come up with something like, when did you last have a real orgasm, forget those horrible situations where you moan like Moran pleasing a jerk who doesn’t know the meaning of real fuck.

It’s sound funny. It will get her smiling and looking forward to it.

Be Passionate

Guys that are passionate in life get women the most. Look at musician, politicians, sportsman and artist, they are passionate at what they do.

Passion is contagious. If you’re passionate at what you do, chances are, you’ll be passionate the way you talk to people.

And even your friends will like you because you’re a man with passionate.

Men with passion are known for something. Let me ask you something…what do you do that makes you a likable person?

Men with passion have a direction that they are following. These are the kinds of men who have a plan about their life and ladies love that too.

Have something meaningful that you are striving for. It can be the way you cook food that makes friend like you. It can be the way you handle your work that makes people love you.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be a great artist, just find something you love and put your heart into it. Chances are, if you’re passionate about something, you’ll spread that passionate in your conversation with your dates.

Be Clean

You’ve heard the phrase that you don’t need Judge a book by its cover.

Well, before a lady accepts you into her life. She’ll have to take a look, what kind of person is she dealing with.

You don’t need to be formal or where expensive cloths. You need to be smartly dressed.

The question you need to ask..how does the dress you’re wearing says about me? Does it portray the person I aspire to be.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication skills are important. Most important is understanding the psychology behind every question.

It’s not enough to know how to talk to the lady or the pick up lines to use in order to lure the lady. You need to know the psychology behind why she is saying so.

Another Example:

Ever hit on a lady and every time you propose a relationship she tells you that guys are lying. Men like to cheat, men are the same.

An average guy will instantly jump in a with weak rebuttal like…ooh, am good, I’ll treat you well, am not like them. Give me a try and if you don’t like me, you can dump me.

But a smart guy will do things differently, first he will ask the question in his mind:

Why does she say this? Simple, it’s fear. She is afraid. The next question, how do I remove this fear? Here is how I’ll answer:

Actually, I feel you on this. I understand what you’re going through. If I was in your position I could have done the same thing. Don’t feel like you been meeting the wrong kinds of men in the past and now could be the chance for to start meeting the right ones.

I wouldn’t end there, but I will go great lengths to empathize with her situation.

Look Healthy

No one wants to be a in a relationship with a weak person or an old man looking to die in a minute. As a man, you need to be fit.

Your health needs to be okay. Being fit is an advantage because they average guy rarely visit the gym.

Your shape you should portray your physical strength and health. Women prefer a man who can protect them. Protection appeals to a woman’s survival instinct.


Unlike women, men are single-minded creatures. That means, it’s easier for a woman to multi-task than men.

This actually affects how ladies perceive you as a potential mate. Ladies want to see you deeply interested in what they do and what they have to say.

It is deeply interested doesn’t mean that you have to ask her a bunch of question about her life. Let me give you an example closer to home.

Let’s say you figured out that your girl likes to chicken teriyaki. How do you display presence, you can ask if she can come to your home or you can get to her home and learn how to cook the same kind of dish. That way a woman will feel your presence and attention that you give her.


Studies reveal that lady like guys who are mindful. Mindful men are attentive and have a purpose in life.

A mindful man is less angry. He is calm and grounded. Mindful men also have the quality of empathy, which makes ladies like that so much.

A mindful man is also vulnerable and ladies like men who are vulnerable tool. Vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, it shows that you have your own weakness and strength.


Aggressive men have their priorities in life. They have goals and dreams. The number one reason why women love aggressive men is that they know how to solve problems.

Aggressiveness appeals to women survival instinct and the protection that they want in a potential mate.

Are you the kind of guy that is aggressive, then you have a higher chance of getting a woman than other guys.

But there’s a catch:

You don’t need to be overly aggressive to the extent that you put off a woman or do something that puts your character in jeopardy.

Have positive traits of aggressiveness in the things that you do like your business and career. If you display aggressiveness everyone would want to be in your circle

Have Success With Every Lady Your Date

Yes, woman are not that different from men. They are the same. The same way you build a strong relationship with your best friend, is the way you do it with a woman.

In order to attract that beautiful, charming lady, you must first prove to her that you have what it takes to be a potential mate.

That doesn’t happen with you telling her, it happens when you show her the 8 personality traits that we’ve discussed above. Months from now, you’ll will be winning ladies over and over..even getting laid if you follow the proven traits above.

If there is one thing that I would encourage you is to use your body language appropriately because it says a lot about who you are as a person. Practice it so that it gives you the necessary confidence that you need to win a woman.

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