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How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Boyfriend Back: The Most Exclusive Guide

This is the most powerful, stunning and exclusive guide written in easy to read eBook style format, by a team of relationship experts, for helping you to magically get back your ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend. Everything you need to get back your ex under one page.

Introduction: Getting Your Ex Back

You know it. Breakups hurt to the moon. For a second, it may make you feel hopeless and confused on what to do. The loneliness and depression are enough to ruin someone’s life forever.

And the worst part is that it can make a person experience a sense of low self-esteem which is important to their well being. It is no secret that thousands of people commit suicide happen every year because of the breakup.

Lots of guys struggle with breakup every day. In fact, if you look at the recent statistics on divorce and break up, you’ll see that number increasing every day.

Despite all that, there is good news for you. Using our guide, you can get your ex back. Most importantly, have him or her forever.

I am of the opinion that if you love somebody enough in your life. You’ll always do anything to have them back, even if it means selling a piece of your soul.

Love is something that we all want to share and receive. This guide is divided into two distinct parts:

Getting your ex

Getting your ex sections teaches you on a list of psychological techniques that you need to do to have your ex back. There are two sections. There are two parts: One dedicated to women and the other to men

Resources/Courses that you need to use

What goes into getting your ex back can be overwhelming. That’s why we created a second section that comes with a list of tools that you can use win them back.

You’ll have everything at your disposal from getting your ex back, creating a winning game plan, what do during the no contact period and what to do after they have come back.

It is my belief that the strategies that we have here will work for you. The good news is that it has worked with past students who took us on a try with our exclusive programs.

The most important thing that I love about each program is that it is ingrained in the principles of psychology. That means, instead of relying on guesswork and trials to find the ideal answers.

You have tested principles that will help you. For instance, in order to understand what your ex is feeling right now, you need to understand the reactance principle well.

Without that understanding it can be difficult to have them back. What happens when you understand all these? You’ll have a checklist at your disposal. All you need is to tick the things that your ex is doing that are suggesting they are likely come back.

In other words, by providing you this guide, we reduce your workload from nursing frustrations and anxiety to ticking important milestones that your ex makes to come back. And the best part is that you’ll be smiling when you tick those suggestions.

How simple will that be? We’ve gone through all that effort to make your life easier. All you need to do is read and follow the checklist to the end. Before you know it, they will be begging to come back.

How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back: 20X Faster?

Stop right there!!!

All that you are about to do now will help you lose her forever. And what’s worse …she is going to send you into depression and loneliness that you’ll never get out of.

Think you need to spend time asking for forgiveness? Probably not. Actually, there is a way you can get your ex-girlfriend back 20x faster, rather than screaming depression and neediness.

It may look easier to list a few techniques that you can start immediately to ace her comeback. But I will be doing a you a great disservice if I don’t help you understand the female psychology and loopholes that you can use to appeal to her attractiveness instinct.

It doesn’t matter who dumped the other. The fact remains: YOU NEED HER BACK. She has everything that you ever dreamt of as a man. She is the one that you want to be the mother of your children.

My goal is to help you get your ex-girlfriend back and start a family together. First, there is something that I have to do.

Let me lift the veil for you:

Hacking The Female Psychology Loopholes

It’s been 4 days or even one week after the break up and each one of you is feeling the fear of loss. Each of you contemplating what you could have done right to save the relationship.

In fact, each of you have already gone forward to narrate the breakup stories to your friends seeking for consolation and sympathy.

The truth is, all the advices that you’re receiving now from friends and families won’t help you. In fact, you’ll get the most awkward advises on the planet like you need to get back to her.

You need to fight her love more than never. If you love her enough, you need to get back to her. Listen, I understand your frustration and disappointment.

Even your girlfriend right now she is finding one reason to figure out whether she is indispensable to you. Whether she was right to break up with you.

You don’t want to give her that satisfaction. For now, you need to apply what I call reverse psychology to get her back. The more you try to talk to her and convince her to about your state of relationship, the more she will back away and find more excuses why she needs to get rid of you.

Think am wrong?

Think the last time you convinced somebody to buy something? What happened, the person didn’t buy it. That’s because people don’t like to be sold. They want to feel that they made the decision to buy and you did not make the decision for them.

Right now, let her make the decision that she is not better off without you. Inside this guide, we want to show you how to hack into the psychology of a lady and help her make the right decision.

Okay, maybe you’re wondering what is reserve psychology. Reserve psychology is the act of wanting somebody to do something that you want, instead of asking them directly, you trick them to do the opposite.

Studies show that reverse psychology works great in a relationship and that is what I want to help you learn about. Reserves psychology is important in three ways:

  • It forces human beings to act independently on the decision making process.
  • Most importantly, it empowers human beings to think that they acted out of their free will. In other words, she wasn’t forced, coerced or threaten to do something.

Imagine if you can help your ex-girlfriend arrive at the conclusion that actually you were the one she was meant to be with you.

Apart from reverse psychology you need to apply the principle of scarcity and demand to let her know your sexual market value. Okay, how do you apply all this information….In other words, what are the some of the tactics that I can use right away to make her come back.

Fix Your Sexual Market Value (Right Of The Gate)

A break up is not the only thing that has just happened. You have also lost your sexual market value as a man.

Now is the time for you to fix it. Sexual market value is also called the dating market value. SMV is the total packages that you offer a lady or a man in the market for a relationship.

Because your sexual market value has reduced, it becomes impossible for her to accept you. She is now thinking of getting a man who has high sexual market value than you.

In fact, research states that women make a decision to be with a man depending on their sexual market value.

In other words, you need to have a high sexual market value for her to give you a second look. Your sexual market value comprises of looks, confidence level, status, charming, alpha traits. You can fix all these things and still be desirable again.( More on these later).

The 30 Day Rule

Don’t worry, I came up with the phrase. Here is my definition of the 30 day rule. It states that you should never contact a woman 30 days after you guys have broken up.

In other words, you should cut off communication instantly. No text messages, no Facebook text, no whatsapp and never taking her calls.

You want her to feel lonely, most importantly, figure out that she is never complete without you. You follow the 30 day rule for three seasons:

  • To give her time to think things through
  • To let her feel lonely and miss you a lot
  • To come out strong

In any argument or dispute, the person that talks less or remain quiet, is the winner. Look at argument that you had when you were a child.

Chances are you noticed that when two people are arguing the one that remains silent, is the one that wins people approval.

An argument is no different than a breakup. You want to come up composed and strong. The more you argue with a person, the more you’ll never agree with them. In other words, remain silent, no contact, no text, no calls. You also don’t want to be rude.

I know you’re wondering…what do you do during the 30 day rule? You’re fixing your sexual market value, figuring a way you’ll become more meaningful and valuable to her.

What about if she comes to your home? Treat her the way you would treat a normal friend. Talk with her about something else, not your previous relationship. If she tries to bring that, state it clear that you better talk about something else.

Then, immediately jump to another subject, otherwise she will feel sad and make you sad. You can say something fun that will make her laugh or something along the lines:

” Let me show you how to fix this and that or cook this?” Always act happy and don’t make her feel like you’re sad or depressed. In fact, change your body language around her.

You can take the position of the American leg crossing when you are sitting next to her. Always end your conversation first, don’t let her be the one that ends the conversation.

Breaking Out Of The 30 Day Rule

Once the 30 days are over, you can now make her work for your attention. Here is the period where you want to communicate with her and win her attention again. During this period, you want to make sure that you do the following things:

Keep your calls short. If she takes too long on the call, you can come up with an excuse that this is happening. Like, okay, can we have this conversation later, I’ve got Teeny on the door and we were working on something.

That works for texting too. You want to be the one that ends the text messaging. Your ratio should be 1:1. You need to send one text and wait for her to reply. Don’t be the guy that sends out two or five texts, only for a lady to reply with two lines alone.

If she takes 30 minutes to reply, take one hour to reply also. Women appreciate men who value their time because that is the only way they view themselves. Most importantly, they like to have a confirmation that they have the best guy that appeal to them.

If you spend too much time texting her, you conversation may lose meaning. At this stage never talk about your past relationship.

To avoid feeling desperate and need take time to meet and go a date with other ladies. Doing this helps you muzzle up your confidence again, because it will play a crucial role in winning her back. Text her and flirt a little bit.

Upgrade To Version 2.0

To win your ex you have to be the better version of what they want. You need to forget the past self and project a future self. This plays out in how you look yourself.

For starters, you have to upgrade your grooming. In other words, get a new tie, new clothes, new suits and new shoes for you.

You also have to invest time in the gym working out during the 30 day rule and after. Getting your grooming and physic right is one way of raising your sexual value. If she meets you, she will be startled at how you have changed.

If you can, take time to learn some few cooking lessons on YouTube. The next time she comes to your home, you can choose to prepare a signature dish for her. This is excellent because she will be startled at how much you have changed over the cause of the break up.

Women like surprises. In fact, if you surprise her on the different ways that you have changed, she will be impressed. Chances are she feel stupid on why she broke up with you on the first place.

There are things that you can upgrade in your life that you never used to like cooking. All you need is master few dishes. Working out. Four weeks and more can get you into the perfect shape if you do it right. Grooming. Getting nice clothes, changing colognes and smelling tastier than ever. Getting your hair style right. Body language, you need to master the language of the alpha to project confidence and superiority from the way you stand, talk and use your hands.

Meeting Her The Right Way

If you’ve lost your ex, you need to meet her in a big way. Don’t suggest any random place that she has visited or you have visited in the past with her.

Choose a superior place she has never gone before. Depending on where you are, they are places that your ex dreams of going, but she has never been there.

In fact, these are the most expensive place that I think an average man can afford to go there. During the meet up, never bring the subject of your past relationship. Act like you’re hitting on her again.

If you do that she will love you to the moon and she will enjoy the moment. Promise yourself never to discuss negative thoughts or emotions. Treat her like you’ll treat a girl that you have just met and getting to know her for the first time.

Up Your Bedroom Game Alittle

After you have met with for the first time since the break up. You have to sleep with her. Sex will solidify your relationship again. When it comes to sex, you need to make sure that she has the best sex ever.

During this sex, it is best if you do for her something that you have never done before. You want her to have new experiences that she has never had.

In fact, if you change your bedroom game a little bit, this may be the only thing that you need to seal the deal. Chances are she will get out of it feeling and connecting with you at a deeper level.

It’s hard to tell you the exact things that you can do to ace her come back. Hey, sit down and figure out the things that you’ve done in the past. You can find so many ideas to spice up your bedroom game on Google. If you want to get on the edge, you can buy a sex education course.

Even if you know something that much, you can always benefit from new information. At the end of the sex she may ask you if you are still together. You can tease her a little and eventually say that you’re back.

Get Her Back

Imagine the wonderful time you’ll have with her, the sleepover, the fun and the kisses. This time it will be forever because she will come for good.

The good news is that all those things are about to happen if you follow the all the steps that we have outlined above. It is never too late to bring your ex back where she belongs.

You just need to do it right. Mostly, she will be asking herself why she broke up with you in the first place. And she will promise herself never to leave you forever. All that I’ve said won’t happen if you sit and don’t take action.

You need to apply all these steps to help her realize your potential. To help her understand that she made a huge mistake letting you go.

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back?


What if there is an easy way of getting your ex-boyfriend back? Most importantly, making him fight your attention and regret breaking up with you. Chances are, you’ll pay for anything to get him today, right? Well, brace yourself, in the few minutes am letting you into a secret that women like you have used in the past to get their ex-boyfriend back…Stay with me for a few minutes and let me explain how this plays out.


Here is one thing that we can all agree on:

Your ex-boyfriend meant so much to you. He made you realize for a second that you could end up together in marriage, have kids and even wed.

Now you feel like you’re the problem. You are the main reason that he went away. Your break up was a death sentence that has left a big hole in you that can’t be filled.

If only GOD could turn back the clock so that you could correct the mistakes that you have made in the past. To amend things so that they can go back to the way they used to be.

Sometimes you feel like if your boyfriend had a little understanding he would have admitted the mistakes that he made in the relationship.

You don’t have to beat yourself to death. Every single day, thousands of wonderful ladies like you go through the same experiences in our life.

We bump into this handsome young man, dating for a couple of years or even months. Then suddenly a stupid simple mistake that could have been avoided, makes us broke again. And here we are, feeling that our heart is apart and we can’t move on without them.

Listen, all is not lost. And that’s why I wrote this guide to help you get the love of your life. You don’t need to waste time dating every new guy when your biological clock is ticking.

In fact, it is easier to get along with your ex than starting over again with a “douchebag”. With my guide, you don’t need to do much, you only need to make him feel that she lost the most discerning and thoughtful lady on planet earth. The following steps will help you get him back. Most important, keep him.

Go Cold Turkey On Him

Chances are you’ve started to miss him. You feel like sending him a simple hello to find out his reactions, right. May be that would make him realize his mistake. Don’t even think of doing that.

If you’ve done that, then you need to stop. You need to go cold turkey on him. Going cold turkey means cutting off communication with him. Here is what cutting off communication means:

  • No calling him
  • No texting him
  • No Facebooking him
  • No whatsapp text

If you want to find success with no contact method, the best way is to delete his number of your phone. Take a shit of paper, write his number somewhere safe where you’ll need it back.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, why should you go cold turkey? Is that not being mean and selfish.

Let me explain something…..

Men are simple creatures. If men find what they want easily on a silver plate, they won’t value it. Contacting him right now will mean to him that you’re desperate and needy. Most importantly, he may take advantage of you and then tell you he doesn’t know what he was doing.

Here are the reasons why should go cold turkey on him:

To make him miss you so much. After relationship, people want sympathy and empathy. People want consolation that what they did is right. Don’t give him that satisfaction

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I couldn’t agree more with this phrase. It was what your man needs to realize how great you are.

To evaluate the relationship that you had with him. You need this time to sit and think clearly whether you were meant for each other in the relationship.

Men like it when they find things out for themselves. Let him find out if you’re that great for her. The opposite of going cold turkey on him is panicking, stalking him, texting him and begging him.

You don’t want to become a slave. You want to be the master and control things. Now the question that you’re probably doing is what will you be doing in the meantime?

Erase His Power Of You

The reasons why you’re feeling this depressed and lonely, is because you’re thinking about him. Most importantly, you have things in your house that still remind you of him.

This is the time to get rid of everything. You don’t need to throw them away. You need to hide them from your presence.

Find a box and stack his things together, even the presents that he bought for you on Valentines. You need to be in the right frame of mind.

That means…you have to unfollow him on Facebook. You have deleted his contact. This is also the time you need to find something and do that will distract you from a him like your job.

If you have a hobby that you love, this is the time to spend time on it. This is the time to go out for a date with other guys.

You can visit your friends and have fun with them. In other words, do something that will help you forget him.

Never spend time alone, do something active that involves your mind. You have to erase his power over you. You want to make him feel like you’ve moved on with your life.

Time and again, he may want to contact you. You should ignore his calls and texts. Don’t reply to him unless it is an emergency and you’re certain it is an emergency. Never break the rule of communication…you have to go 30 days without communication.

Upgrade To Version 2.0

Do you know the first things that attracts men? Looks. You want him back so badly right. There’s good news…during those four weeks, you need to upgrade to version 2.0.

Start going to the gym, yoga, try zumba dances….Do workout every single day. This helps you get in a perfect shape. Mostly, importantly exercising is great for your body, mind and vitality.

In fact, if you do it constantly, he will be amazed with your new look that you have. You need to get your wardrobe together. That means, you need new clothes and styles that you know will keep you on the trend.

If there is a sexy dress that you’ve been dreaming of buying, this is the time to buy. Hey, don’t forget your make routine…You need to be your best at all time.

Working on your looks will give you more confidence. If a guy wants to take you for a date, go with him.

It will give you confidence and help you move on. In fact, chose red when it comes to dating. Studies show that wearing a red dress attracts men and make them fall in love with you.

Most important, you’ll have a bunch of guys killing themselves over you. In fact, you would have raised your sexual dating value in the marketplace.

When To Start Contacting Him

If after 30 days he has not contacted you. You can contact him.

What I know is that he will contact you immediately after realizing that you went silent on him. Here is a rule about contacting this guy.

Most ladies fail at this step. They still come out needy and desperate. You don’t need to contact him, you need to find a reason to contact him so that he doesn’t smell desperation.

For instance, you can start a text along this line…Hello, I saw this wonderful place we used to hang out and thought of you. We actually had a nice with you..but now it is past tense. Just want to let you know.”

You don’t have to use place, it can be a movie or food that reminds of you something about him. Just send a simple text to initiate the conversation.

Look how simple that text was. Most guys will reply back. Even after he has replied to don’t reply every time. Take time, you need to avoid texting so much and tomorrow you have nothing to talk about.

Treat him like you treat a guy who wants you. You don’t reply immediately. You take time, sometime you’ll reply tomorrow.

When you’re texting him, don’t remind him of the previous relationship. You never want to take him through a therapy session. In fact, the more you remind him, the more he will resist you.

Make sure that you polish your vibe. You only talk about positive things. Your message should be upbeat.

6 Commandments to remember when contacting him

  • Never remind him of the past relationship. You’re not in a therapy session
  • Remain live and upbeat in your conversation.
  • Give up showing the desperation and neediness.
  • Control the conversation. You can start or he can start and be sure to be the first to end it.
  • Never spam him with so many texts…If he doesn’t respond..relax. Give him time he will come around.
  • Keep in mind of his dislikes and likes.

Uncover His Lovemap

Men are simple creatures. If you understand the male psychology, you’ll know how to win him back. Let me tell you something.

Before a man decides whether to date a lady. He has a checklist in his mind subconsciously. In fact, the reason why he wanted to be with you in a relationship is because you had met everything that he wanted on the list.

He may not have told you this, but, he subsciously he knew it. You’re the one. Even you, before you decide to date a man there are certain things that you want in a guy.

And if you meet Mr. Right, you’ll know that he is the one. In this case you’ve broken up with him. Ask yourself what are the things that made him like you.

You may have heard him say this occasionally. If your man loved you, he would have told you that he liked this about you or that.

For, now you need to list the kinds of things that he loved about you. Then, you need to ask yourself, how are you going to make sure that you meet those needs. The more you strive to meet them, the more he will love you forever.

Let me give you a good example, let says that you’ve been talking with him for like 2 weeks without a date. And you remember that he is the kind of guy that loved travelling so much.

You can propose a new destination that both of you have never gone. If he likes adventure so much, you can decide to try extreme sports.

Activities like this will make both of you feel happy and even make two of you forget the memories that you once had.

During such a meet up, don’t tell him that it is a date. You can call it anything else. Calling it a date make him feel that you’re going to discuss about the past relationship.

Let’s say that he is a guy that loved a food, you can invite him to try a new recipe that you’ve made. When having such meet up, he may want to kiss you to make you feel that he loves you again.

Don’t fall him so easily. Just resist in a lovely way. Tell him that you guys should take time before you get back together. Doing that will move him to fight for you.

Never Rush To Get Him Back

A classic mistake that women make is rushing things. Take it slow. Let him fight for your attention and everything. Let him do a little bit of chasing.

When it comes to intimacy, you should take time. You don’t want to be all over him after 3 weeks of communication. If possible, take two or three months after breakup to have any intimacy with him.

Let him convince you that he needs you more than ever. If he can go to the extend of kneeling down, that would be great.

Getting a man back is easier if you know what you’re doing. Most importantly, you want to break up from neediness and desperation.

How To Get Your Ex-Back By Text Message?


Getting your ex back by text message is easier if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, most guys miss the only chance they have to get their ex back. Here is a free resource to help you win with text messages.


Chances are, you have gone through the 45 days contact period( If you don’t know the no contact period, please read out articles on getting your ex-back).

Now you feel like it is time to send that text message to ask them how they have been since the breakup.

You have good intention and you’ll ruin it if you do it badly. In fact, lots of women ruin the only chance that they could use to get their ex-back.

Your ex now has a negative vibe from you. If you come off needy and desperate, you’ll ruin that chance. If you take things fast, you’ll also ruin that chance.

Texts are the only way to find out if has changed his or her opinion about you. From the response that you get, you’ll learn whether he or she is ready for a relationship or not.

Some men and ladies take ages to recover from a breakup. In fact, there are some instances where you may need to extend the no contact rule, judging from the way he or she texts you back. Why do some men and women never get their ex back after no contact period?

Text Message: The #1 One Way To Kill The Little Window You Have

Ever received 4 or 5 text messages from one person. And the worst part is that they are blocks of 500 words and more. Like a regular article that you read on the internet.

Even if you send a text message, you need to send only one message and wait for his or her response. Give him time to think whether they should reply or not.

The mistake that guys do is send a text message and when they get no reply, they attack the person with negative language.

Communication is a two way traffic. You should acknowledge your partner’s feelings and give them time to respond back.

That way, you’ll have a chance of getting your guy back. A text is the only way of getting your ex back because you’ll learn a lot whether they is ready or need more time.

You don’t need to be a text terrorist attacking them every now and then. A great rule of is, to start slowly and then increase the pace as the attraction and connection peaks.

Keep this rule in mind: You’re texting for one reason: To find if he is ready to come back. If not, wait or give up.

Building A Rock-Solid Connection With Your Ex

How do you build a rock-solid connection once again? It is easier. First forget about the past relationship. Never talk about it again.

The more you talk about the past, the more you push him away. The main purpose of the text is to take the relationship to the next level, which is a phone call.

After a phone call, then a date and finally back together. How do you send the first text message? Forget sending a simple hello for the first time unless you want him to ignore you.

Send something positive like…

Hello? You won’t believe what just happened to me when I tasted the sushi salad that we ate at the Chinese restaurant?

The phrase, ” you won’t believe what has just happened” makes him ask what or tell me about it. It makes the guys curious and he will want to know more about it.

Then you can tell him or her what has been going on. After your explanation, wait for the response.

If he replies positive, then it is green light check that he may be interested in getting back with you. Don’t rush yet, just make sure to talk further and make sure that you be the first to end the conversation.

A lot of guys make mistakes when sending the first text message. You text the ” you won’t believe what just happened to me.” Then they go on talking to the guy for more than one hour or even 30 minutes.

Never spend more than 30 minutes texting this guy. The good rule of thumb is to spend 20 minutes, then end the conversation in a good note.

You can say something along the lines that…I need to get back to sleep. It was a nice feeling chatting with you. Have a good night.

You should spend with him 20 minutes a day chatting with him. The less time you spend with him, the more he will want to talk to you. The more time you spend, the more he will lose interest.

During the first two weeks spend 20 minutes a day chatting with him. The following two weeks, you can spend at least 30 minutes or more. By the second week if he is still interested with you, chances are high that he will want to hop on a phone with you.

What If They Doesn’t Reply Or Ignore You: How To Avoid It

That’s an interesting question.

You can text a guy and they don’t reply or ignore you. In the worst case scenario, they can decide to block you all together.

This can be avoided quickly if you follow the instructions that am about to tell you. I need you to do the exact thing. Here are the rules that you need to avoid:

Never send a guy a simple hello or hi after a breakup. You need to have a very good reason to text back. You also want him to have the positive intentions, why you are texting him. You don’t want to make them feel like you want to come back or act desperate.

When you send the…Guess what happened to me at such and such place…and he replies negatively. First, acknowledge it and ask for an apology in fact praise them. Here is how to do it…

I couldn’t agree more with you Jaime. If I was in your position right now, I could have felt the same way. Right now, there is no point of me slapping with you an apology because I know that won’t reverse back the pain that you feel. In fact, it will make it more painful. I just don’t know how to face you and ask for an apology right now. You probably don’t deserve an apology from me and I won’t even go further to ask for it. All I can say is that, I hope you find this night peacefully so that you can wake up tomorrow with great energy to achieve your goals.

After sending a text like that. Don’t reply again. Give him one or two more weeks. Sending a text like that would prevent your ex from blocking your number.

How To Get Your Ex Back When He Or She Has Moved On?


Do you feel that you have a chance to get your ex back after they have moved on? Do you feel that they is something that you can do to get them back after they have moved on? Are you prepared to accept the reality of what I am about to reveal to you. Hey, this article is for you.


Seeing them with another guy pains a lot. The worst part is realizing that they are happy with the new catch. And they act like you didn’t exist in their life.

The question that bugs most guys is…Can you get your ex back after they have moved on.

Guess what I found out after a running a few Google searches on the article?

Most experts agree that you can get your ex back even after they have moved on. Most importantly, found a new partner to share the love that you once shared with them.

They are 20% chance or even less that you can get your ex back. Most of you think that this is a rebound relationship that don’t last.

The question is, what if it is not a rebound relationship and for real, your ex has moved on? After a break up most of us are not in the right frame of mind to make educated decisions.

In fact, most decisions that people in your situation make comes from the urge to revenge or hurt your partner feelings.

Why It Is A Bad Idea To Get Your Ex Back

I know your ex meant a great deal to you. Let me ask you a single question? Would you be happy if your girlfriend was a friend of her ex?

You’ll be furious and angered. In fact, you’ll have a battle. In the worst case scenario, the ex may bump into you and hit you hard. Would like to lose your teeth on situation that you could have avoided in the past.

Listen, human beings, especially men, are protective creatures, they will do anything to protect a lady who is in their arms. You may end up getting killed because you don’t know the personality of her new boyfriend.

Any dating guru that tells you that you can get your ex-back after they have moved on, they are lying to you. What they want is your money.

They know you’re desperate and you’ll do anything to get what you want. It’s not your fault, your emotion has clouded your judgement. I can’t deny that you can’t get your ex back. Let’s look at….

Chances That There’s Still Some Feelings Left For You

There may be some feelings that your partner has for you and they are hiding it for you even after they have moved on. If you suspect that, great! Chances are, they may come back.

In fact, if they have entered the new relationship, your partner may still come back only under a few conditions(More that later). The problem is, you can’t know this by asking them directly.

What you need is to find out is clues and hints. They may not tell you this directly, but you can know that from their response.

If they show such signs, then you have a chance to prove to the guy that you love them. Let’s say that your past relationship was great before it came to a break up.

When your partner found love somewhere, they’ll have the comparison battle going in their mind. It can be you used to do this and that, but the new partner doesn’t do this and that.

Then when your partner finds that there is a gap or a disconnect. They’ll try to close that gap and they will finally come back.

Psychologist agree that when there is a gap between what people don’t know and what they ought to know. They’ll always close that gap.

This may also work out against you. They may find that the new partner is always interesting and closes the gap that you failed to fill.

The chances are huge that they may have gone forever. And if you nag them constantly, they will block you.

In other words, if your ex wants you back, you’ll know. They will start spending time with you. They will start chatting with you because they feel miserable without you.

Become A Better Version and Move On

If you can’t get your ex back, swallow your pride and move on. You’ll still find a better person in life. They have not caged your feelings of love. You can still love again.

Every broken relationship has some lessons. They are things that you’ve learned in the past relationship about yourself. And that could help you become a better person when you meet the right person.

Sometimes greater things happen after a breakup. Maybe the guy that you were with was not meant for you. I know it is hard to see this reality.

You can only understand the sense of what am getting when you meet a new person that fills the gap that your ex left. This has happened to me in the past. When you fall in love with someone, it is easy to think they are only people that can make you happy.

And it can be hard to move on if you believe that. Believing that can sabotage your chances of finding new love and happiness.

You have to let this belief go, if they have new partner in life. Letting this belief go set you up to find a new alpha partner that has got all you need in life.

Things happen for a reason. Sometimes a breakup is a signal and if you don’t see that signal, life can be miserable.

Focus on improving your life. Most importantly, start attending yoga or doing meditation to declutter your mind and find happiness.

Happiness in life doesn’t come from outside. It comes from loving and feeling good about yourself. If you’re happy with yourself, only then can share that love with someone else that comes to your life.

The myth that your girlfriend or boyfriend can make you happy is not true. . You can only make yourself happy. When you’re happy no one can hurt your feeling and emotion. In fact, happiness from within boosts your chances of self-confidence which is great in attracting an excellent partner in your life.

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Want You Back?


Feel like you need him back in your life? You’re not alone. A lot of ladies would sell a piece of their themselves to get the man they love back. Unfortunately, you’re not going to do that, this article has everything you need to get your ex-boyfriend want you back.


You need him back like yesterday. Every day looks dull without him. And the worst is that he is hitting someone else, making the chances of you getting him back small.

You’re not alone. A lot of young women struggle getting their ex-boyfriend back. In fact, some even commit suicide because they believe their ex was the best thing that they ever wanted.

Hope you have not reached that state. Okay, can you really get your ex-boyfriend to want you back? Picture the last time you got an argument with your friend.

You were so furious that you never wanted anything from them. You even went on to block their numbers whenever they tried to reach you.

Chances are, your ex is behaving the same away. Later on, your friend gave up on your because you could not forgive them for their mistakes.

Years later, you found yourself talking with them again. The question is what made you change your stand on them? Do you know what has just happened?

You just become an enemy with your friend. There are psychological reasons why a lot of enemies turn to be friends after a long breakup. You want to use the same tactics to win your ex-boyfriend back.

Change Your Mindset

I can’t emphasize enough how mindset is important. First, you need to get rid of the idea that you need to have them back in your life.

You need to stop beating yourself to death and whining all the times. The more you do this, the more you ex has the power to hurt you even more.

You need to be strong for yourself and future self. A man will come back if they notice a change of mindset. In other words, you’ve changed who you were.

The more you change your mindset, the more you increase your sexual market value. Right now, your boyfriend pays very little attention to you.

And the more you show them that you’re needy and desperate, the more they keep a distance. How can you change your mindset and improve yourself.

It is simple? Start taking yoga classes, practice meditation and mindfulness. You’re not doing that to get him. You’re doing that to become the best version of yourself.

You want to continue doing that even after they have come back. Motivation that comes from within is so strong than when you receive it from another person. If you’re a spiritual person, pray a lot. It will help you to be strong.

Don’t Contact Him

The next thing that you want to do is never to contact him again. Let him contact you. This takes time, I don’t want to give you the classic 21 to 45 day rule.

It can take time depending on the kind of a man that you’re dating. There are two kinds of the male personality.

There is a slim chance that a man with strong self-confidence may come back in your life. That’s because a man with strong self-confidence believes that they don’t need love to be happy. Their happiness comes from within.

Dependant man. No offense here, there is another group of men that believes that they can only find happiness if they have a found a perfect partner in their life. If you’re dating this kind of men, they can come back. That’s because negative emotion and sadness may haunt them.

There are few men who fall in the first category and majority belong in the second category.

During the period that you won’t be contacting him, you can take yoga classes, practice meditation or sign for a dancing class.

What if he tries to contact you, don’t be fast. Don’t give in, you don’t want to end up in a situation where he wants sex and disappears for good. Men do that all the time, you want to make sure that he is reaching out for the right reasons.

Give Up Feeding His Mind With Negative Energy

Now you’ve signed up for Yoga classes and have started meditation. Chances are, he may contact you. Yes, he will and here is what you do.

Never speak of the past relationship because that will ruin your day. Only speak positive things. You can even tell him that today you had an amazing day.

If he asks why? Say that you’ve been practicing meditation, mindfulness and yoga in life. You now love your life more and more. You can even invite them to take the class for their own benefit.

Men like women who feel good about their life. Positive emotion is contagious. In fact, you may intrigue him even more because you went to a yoga class.

Research states that men love women who do yoga because they’re mindful. In other words, they have that attractive instinct that appeals to men.

The more you do it, the more you’ll have positive thoughts and attracts the best people in life. In fact, positive people tend to attract good things in life.

And the interesting part is, most people would want to interact with people like you because they’re tried having negative people in their life.

Go In With Social Media

When people break up, they keep distance. You want your ex to be in your mind, right? Here is what you do. Take the best selfies of you doing different things and post them on social media like facebook, instagram and twitter.

Now that you have started the yoga journey, you can take pictures and post them on social. You say something like, have signed up for yoga classes to find happiness and practice mindfulness.

Your ex will be surprised by the sheer amount of comments that men give you. Always post the best pictures of you doing something fun every day. You can take a post of you going to hiking with friends or having fun.

Chances are, your ex will be stalking you on social media because they are keeping distance from you. The comments and likes that they see your post and pics having, will move them to come back..

Why am I saying this? My ex wanted me back, but I didn’t want to come back. What made me change my mind is the kind of comments she was receiving from social media.

This actually raised her dating market value. A lot of men would comment on her wall and this made me realize that she was the best person in my life.

Even when we got back together, she continued taking the Yoga class because of what it did for her life. I am not saying that this will work. You have to give it a try. Even if you don’t get your ex back, your mindset will change and you’ll find better people in life.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend After He Dumped You?


If you’ve been dating for months or years, chance are, he still has a thing for you. And the worst part is he doesn’t want to let you know. He hopes to cut contacts, thinking that he will forget you. The good news is that my this article will make him remember you all the time. In other words, the feelings he has for you, it is never going away anytime soon. In this article, you’ll learn how to be indispensable.


Let’s face it.

You still can’t accept the fact that he dumped you. I know how depressing and traumatizing this can be.

Especially if you had the hopes that he was the one. The one that you’ll finally make you walk to the altar.

Even if your friends have assured you that he was the one. Most importantly, they were suggesting that you two should get married.

Now things have fallen apart. He is gone and you don’t know where to start to get your ex boyfriend back. I understand what your feelings

A lot of women would sell a small piece of themselves to make sure that they have their boyfriend back. Breakups suck, they are not a wonderful experience in a woman’s life.

Break ups can take you back to the dating scene again, making you bump to douchebags before finding the right person.

The question is, can you really have him back? You need to give it a try before you call it a quit. There are a couple of things that you need to at least try:

Sending Wrong Signals

Breakups come with lots of loneliness, depression and neediness. You’ll break up today, the next 5 days you’ll start talking to your ex.

If your ex contacts you, you should never reply to him unless it is an emergency. If you contact him, he will feel that you’re there for him.

And if a man can’t miss your company enough, he won’t value you. Men love to hunt for things that they can’t have. In other words, your man must miss you or at least have the courtesy to make him miss you a lot.

If you give him the liberty to talk to you after a breakup, he will not come back up.

He must learn what it means to have you back. Unless you let him learn that, you’re closing the small window that you have to get him back.

Here are some rules. Don’t contact your ex, at all for 60 days. I know it is tempting but you must resist that urge. If he tries to contact you, just ignore him.

In fact, get yourself busy with something more meaningful. He is not the only person that you have in life.

The Best Revenge Is Living Well

Your ex is gone and you have started to implement the 60 day rule. Do you have a clue on what you must be doing during that period?

Have no clue, don’t worry. First, change your mindset that you’re going to have him back. You need to make yourself happy without him.

I know it’s hard for a lady, but you need to give it a try. How do you do this? You need to eat good healthy food. Avoid junk food because they are bad for your health.

Second, you must hit some gym a little bit to tone your body. You’re not doing to get your ex back. Your ex shouldn’t be a motivation why you’re a hitting the gym.

Going to the gym helps you forget about him and make you a positive person in life. Chances are, after 60 days your body would have changed a lot.

And when a man sees the changes, he will start desiring you again. Third, you need to invest sometimes practising yoga, to change your mindset and be mindful.

Before you think of getting your ex back, you need first to invest sometimes changing your thoughts to positive.

The Wardrobe Code

You need to upgrade your wardrobe a little bit. That means you need new makeup, new eyeliner, new shoes and new clothes.

Why should you go to an extent of doing all this? Men love women who have a sense of style and fashion. Men like to drool over beautiful ladies.

Because men are visual creature, all you need to show them that you’re still beautiful again, is to change your dress code. In fact, he may be surprised what happened to you.

When he sees the new you, he will fight hard to come back. Men are wired to think that way.

Go Social To Make Him Miss You

Men are visual creatures. Men make decision based on what they see. You want to make him miss you? Fine, I have a secret.

Before that, here is a secret that I want to share with you. If you look at the number of facebook or instagram friends that a single man follows.

You’ll find that most men have more women friends than male friends. Why is that? Because they are good to look at.

And when they post a photo on facebook every man wants to comment so that they can get attention from the lady.

They comment hoping that the lady will notice them and maybe propose a date in the near future. Chances are, he is stalking you on social media and reading your status.

First,never post negative status on your timeline unless you want him to label you desperate and needy. All you need to do is post positive comments.

Most importantly, post images and photos of the new you. If you are going to the gym, post a photo of you doing some serious workout.

If you do Yoga, post a photo telling people that you have decided to practise mindfulness and positive thinking. If you’re having fun with your friends, you can show them a pic.

You want to post more images to make him see you often. The more he is sees you on social media. The more he starts missing you.

The more he sees men commenting on your new photos, the more he will feel jealous and want also to participate in the conversation.

Here is a kicker on using social media:

Chances are, you have lots of male friends on social media. It’s human nature. For every photo that you take, try to generate conversation.

Let me explain?

When you post an image of you? The image needs to make men start commenting and you need to be replying to every comment with positive words.

Not something that can offend him. You want him to be reading comments about what other men say about you. The fact is, most men will say that you’re beautiful. What you do is reply back, with a simple thank you or why do you say that. You need to make these men say their opinion..like why do you say that..or what do you mean, tell me more?

Those comments alone will make him miss you and wonder why you’re not that miserable. Men are jealous creature and they will do everything to protect their own. Trust me on this, it will work great.

10 Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back


After a long break, he wants you now. He is now confused about his feelings. The next moment he wants you, the next one he doesn’t want you. Don’t ride with him, all you need is to congratulate and reward him. This article has all signs that your ex is showing you.


Ready to get your ex back?

Not so fast, take it easy and slow. At this point, they’re confused about their feelings. When your ex wants you back, they won’t tell you directly.

Instead, they’ll use code words that show you that they want. It is hard to judge whether they really want you or not.

Chances are, they are confused about their feelings. They send mixed messages to you. You can be tempted to give them a chance but don’t.

Let your ex say what they want directly to you. They should not hide from phrases such as they miss you. They wish you were there.

If you buy that crap, chances are you’ll get dumped for the second time. This is real, let them beg to come back again. So here are the code language and signs that your ex is using:

Talk about the future

When he contacts you, they talk about the future. If your ex talks about a future with you. They want you back in their life. In other words, you are the best person that happens to them.

When replying to him, avoid being needy and desperate.

Instead, you can reply to a comment like…It is good that you’re thinking this way. Time will tell ….something like that. You want to play it nicely. For every comment that he says about the future, first acknowledge it or thank them, then say your point.

Don’t say that I also feel the say same way as you. I want us to get married and have kids. Play hard a little bit.

Saying ” I miss you”

Your ex will tell you straight that he misses you. He won’t hide it. If he does that, chances are he wants you back. Never reply to the comment like a miss you too.

You can ask them what they mean exactly. Or why are they feeling that way all of a sudden. You can say something like:

Okay, maybe you should really think about what you’re saying. You don’t want to make a mistake that you’ll regret in your life.

Running into them

Now that he wants you back so badly. He sees that text messages are not giving him the upper hand. He will try running into you every now and then.

Looks like someone is tipping him of your whereabouts. He is at your friends. He is at the coffee shop trying to keep tabs on you. Men like to have this behavior, especially when they are madly in love with a lady.

Calling You While Drunk

It has a reached appoint where he calls you when he is drunk to tell you how much you meant to him. He even tells you I love you.

That’s a sign that he wants you. This is a clear sign that he would be miserable without you. In fact, some men will cry on the phone when they are drunk. When he tells you anything, you can say along these lines:

It’s clear that right now you’re drunk and don’t know what you’re saying. You need to take time and make the decision that you think are important for your future. Go home and cool down.

Beating themselves about what went wrong in the past

Your ex will try to agonize about the past relationship. There is agonizing and blaming you for everything. If he is blaming you, that is negative, never engage with him. But if he tells you that something went wrong and he has now changed, then he wants you back.

Calls you with no reason

Your ex will call you for no reason. If he does that, he misses your company a lot. He will say something like,

” I just wanted to say hello”

” I just wanted to listen your voice”

These are just make up excuses to get you on the phone. He is afraid of pouring his heart to you. Just be kind and say. Thank you then and have a good day. Let him fight for you.


When your ex sees other men trying to hit on you, he will feel jealousy. It is never a good thing to make him feel jealous on purpose because he may not come back to you.

He now shows you how he has changed

Your ex talks about change all the time. He shows you how he has gone to a therapy session. He may even share with you what he learned. These are signs that the dude wants you back.

All you need is to congratulate him on taking a huge milestone that most people never take. Never say something that will portray you as desperate or needy.

He now remembers good memories

Your ex now imagines the good moments that you guys had. The places that you used to go. The good movies that you saw and food that you ate together. These are actually good signs. All you need is to thank or reward him. You can say something like:

“It is good that you’re feeling this way, but things happen for a reason.”

How to handle Him

How do you handle all these? It is tempting to jump into his arms immediately you receive a comment. But wait, don’t be fast, take it slow. He is confused.

In fact, the next time he says something like he miss you? Just ask him what he means exactly or why does he feel that way? Let him explains himself.

When he explains himself, relax and chill. Don’t express your feelings yet, just listen and ask questions. Please don’t ponder over the past. If he wants to come back, tell him to take things slow.

The more you keep him waiting, the more eager he will be to pursue you to the moon and back. Men like to fight for what they want. Let him fight for you.

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