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How Can We Pray Effectively?

Traditional prayer is an integral part of many religions and belief systems. Knowing how to pray effectively is an essential skill if this is something that you do as a spiritual or religious practice. You need to be able to not only pray, but your prayers should change things and be answered as well.

So, how exactly do you achieve this?

You may be expecting a formula or method; a step by step process of how to achieve an effective prayer. There is no set method for praying effectively; different ways work for different people just like different beliefs appeal to them.

To pray effectively (at least in a traditional manner), you need to know the parts of a prayer fully and understand what each part means and what it is meant to achieve. First, prayers should involve four important parts, which are: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

The Parts Of A Prayer


We need to offer to God praise and worship in our prayers. Show our adoration to him by focusing on his attributes, his greatness, his mercy, his glory, and his grace.


Confessing one’s sins is important while saying a prayer. It gives you a clean slate and reminds you of your belief that your sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus. Confession allows you to acknowledge that all your sins have been forgiven.


In all things give thanks, the Bible says. In your prayer, always remember to give thanks to God, show your appreciation for all He does and all that He is.


Here we ask for what we require in a humble manner. In your prayer, you may include requests for yourself and for others.

As you say your prayers, one of the things to remember is that it is not a show that you put up for others. So, do your prayers in private, find some time alone and then go ahead and communicate with God through a prayer.

As you pray, be humble in your requests. Instead of demanding, ask humbly for what you need and believe that what you ask for will be answered according to God’s own will.

Whenever you pray, such as to receive healing, you need to have faith that what you pray for will indeed come to pass. Refer to the story in St. Luke from the Bible about the faith of a mustard seed that can move mountains. The smallest doubt may lead to you not receiving what you asked for.

However, even as we consider all these, we need to remember that prayer is not focused on us, but on God. We are human beings, and there is a higher power in God’s hands. Our words would be mere words without a greater being. This doesn’t mean that whatever we say matters little, but that it is God’s listening ear that changes everything.

So, even as we mention all that is said above, if we come before God in earnest, then He will make our prayers effective.

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