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How Do You pray For A Miracle?

We all have miracles that we would like to happen, but not all of us believe that they will. For many, the idea of praying for a miracle is the same as hoping for one. For others, it comes down to whether you believe in miracles and whether you believe in prayer, and whether both can coincide.

So how do you pray for a miracle? Well, there are a few things to establish first.

What Exactly Are You Praying For?

Is it something that you feel is outside of your control? Or are you just praying to a higher power for strength to help make the miracle a reality? Perhaps you have a loved one with a life-threatening health condition, or you’re waiting on news of a new opportunity?

Whatever it might be, it’s good to get a strong sense of the exact thing that you are thinking of praying for, so that you can focus on it and hold it in your mind. Then you can move on to the next step.

Is There Anything You Can Do To Make The miracle A Reality?

One possible definition of a miracle is:

“An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.”

It’s useful to ask yourself if the thing that you’re praying for can really be defined as a miracle. For example, if you’re praying for someone to regain the ability to walk after being told by doctors that they never would, that might constitute a miracle. However, if you’re praying for a new job or an influx of money, making these things happen could sit outside of the limitations of a miracle.

Perhaps you could look first at what is within your control: making an active effort to look for a new job, brushing up on your interview skills and looking for higher paid roles. This does not mean you cannot still pray for these things, but it could help to know that you are also doing what you can, to make the thing that you want happen.

So, Do You Believe In Miracles?

Perhaps this seems like a simple question, but for some, it is more complex. If, in the past, you have witnessed something taking place that you recognise as a miracle, believing in miracles could be easy for you. You have seen evidence of one in the past, and so you are more likely to believe that they are possible. However, there are many situations where people are praying for a miracle for the first time. They may not have witnessed anything like it before.

Ultimately, in order to pray for a miracle, you must first believe that one is possible. There is no wrong or right way to pray for one. There are only good intentions, belief in a higher power, and a willingness to put your faith, hope, or belief in something greater than yourself and your circumstances. Nothing is ever lost by praying for a miracle. And whatever you are facing, in one way or another you shall overcome it.

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