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How to Pray to God – 5 Tips For Powerful Prayers

Do you struggle with prayer? Do you wonder how exactly to pray? What the formula is, what to say once you are ready to express your thoughts and feelings in a prayer? You are not alone. Many people all over the world find it difficult to pray.

Sometimes you may feel that you are doing it wrong or why else are your prayers not being answered? Prayer is a very simple, yet powerful tool for your life.

So let’s see how you can improve your prayer practice and have powerful prayers.

1. Constant Prayer

Praying doesn’t always have to be a particular time. Try to pray throughout the day. When you wake up, as you go through the day, and when you sleep. Prayer isn’t always a long stream of words.

Asking God to bless someone you meet is a prayer that you can say in your mind. This habit keeps you “in prayer” all day. Here’s a beautiful quote from the bible that expresses just that.

“Rejoice always, Pray without ceasing, Give thanks in all circumstances.” — The Bible, Thessalonians 5:16-17

So do pray without ceasing.

2. Meditate On God’s Word

Make it a habit to read the bible. Set aside a time for the purpose of studying your bible. Reading the bible is a way to communicate with God. It feeds your faith and allows you to get more content for prayer.

Reading the bible shows you what to pray for, as you can borrow from the narrations on there, or even prayers made by the characters in the bible, and make the prayers your own.

3. Keep It Simple

Praying using big words and phrases may sound very impressive, but God isn’t after your vocabulary. He is after your heart. So keep your prayers simple. Talk to God as your father, be real with him.

For instance, it can be as simple as “God, it’s been a long day today, thank you for seeing me through”. That is enough. No need to speak in tongues when you’re just beginning to get into prayer. God listens to all prayers from an honest heart.

4. Pray For Others

Pray for your neighbours, the less fortunate, and family. These prayers will be remembered later when you are in need. So when you are praying, remember to mention others in your prayer, ask for God to bless them.

5. Selflessness

This is a major trait for a powerful prayer. You might be wondering why your prayers are not being answered. Well, a look at your motive may give you an answer. For instance, you may be praying for a car so you can look affluent in front of your friends. Try praying with the aim of helping others, and you might just be surprised.

Finally, as you pray, be patient and await results if you are praying for a particular thing. You may keep a prayer journal to keep track of your prayers, and if you are the kind to get distracted easily, pray aloud. Praying is a calming activity, so keep these five tips in mind and watch your prayer practice evolve.

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