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5 Ways To Pray Powerfully For A Miracle To Happen

The power of prayers goes hand in hand with the power of belief. In order to pray for something, you have to believe in the thing that you are praying for, and in the act of prayer. So if you do believe in praying, you might wonder what separates an everyday prayer from a powerful one. And how can adjusting the way you pray become a more powerful vehicle for a miracle to happen?

Well here are five ways that could help you pray powerfully and shine a spotlight on your desired miracle.

1. Develop A Prayer Routine

Whether you pray to God, to the universe, or simply to a higher power, developing a prayer routine has been recommended when praying for a miracle. TheWikihow community suggests developing:

“a prayer routine that aligns with your understanding of what it means to pray passionately, persistently, precisely, positively, and with praise.”

By being consistent and focused, you can continue to feel connected to your higher power and feel more confident in your prayers.

2. Don’t Focus On Saying The Perfect Prayer

There is never just one way to do things, and prayer is no exception. There is no hard and fast rule about how you should pray and for how long. Instead, it should be about saying what it is you want to say, even if you stumble over your words and want to say more or less than you planned. There is no such thing as a perfect prayer; just one that you believe in.

3. Pray For What You Cannot Do Yourself

If you’re praying for something impossible, then you’re probably praying for a miracle. The point of a miracle is that it is outside of your control and beyond the comprehension of science and probability as we know it. So in order for a prayer to be powerful, it might need to be a prayer for the impossible.

4. Keep The Faith And Help Yourself

Keep believing in whatever higher power you believe in, and try to keep your patience when you pray for a miracle. It can be difficult not to fall into doubt and misery when things are not going your way.

However, no matter how strange it might sound: staying grounded in the knowledge that you are praying for the impossible, can help keep you sane. Many things that were once thought to be impossible have been proven otherwise.

5. Invite Other People To Pray With You

Sometimes there is power in numbers. Perhaps you have close friends or loved ones who are just as invested in praying for the same miracle as you are. Perhaps they are praying for a different one. There is nothing that says that you cannot pray together, be a support for each other and a shoulder to lean on. Five voices will always be louder than one by itself, so you can find hope even in numbers.

As long as you believe in the cause, situation or person you are praying for, and continue to pray for them, your prayers will be more powerful because they come from the heart.

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