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Habits of the Wealthy VS Habits of the Poor

A billionaire and a beggar both have 24 hours in a day. But it is the application and management of these hours that makes you rich or leaves you living below the poverty line. Well, even if you are capable of handling your working hours well, it doesn’t mean that you will save more and become rich one day.

It is the inner urge and your efforts that can help you achieve success in life.

In this article, you can see the comparison between some of the habits of the rich and the poor. Take a look, adopt them, and you will surely achieve success in life.

1. The Rich Plays To Win, The Poor Plays Not To Lose

These two lines might sound the same to you at first but they contain a big difference. A rich person is always committed to winning whereas a poor one tries to shy away from loosing.

As the “Law of Attraction” says, the more you think about a particular thing, the more you attract the same kind. What you focus on will grow so your goals should be for something not away from one. That is why you see that a rich person is more successful in exploring new things than a poor one because he aims to conquer instead of avoiding the defeat.

2. The Poor Plans, The Rich Executes

Planning and execution are both mandatory for accomplishing goals. Poor people make many plans but fail to execute them. On the contrary, a rich person never gives up until he succeeds in meeting his targets. They are always busy in finding new ways to convert their plans into success.

3. Regular Exercise

As they say: “a sound mind resides in a sound body”.

The rich has the habit of regular exercising that helps them in having a fresh mind with lots of creative thoughts. Exercise also creates a positive attitude towards life with a body full of zeal and enthusiasm.

Wealthy people know that this reduces their stress level and makes them think more clearly about their endeavours. On the other hand, a poor person that doesn’t exercise regularly might have sluggishness in him.

4. Reading For Learning

Reading is one of the best hobbies that you can take up to become successful. The rich reads because they always strive to improve themselves. Unlike the Poor, rich people are not fond of fictional books; instead, they read books which help them develop as a person.

In a research by Tom Corley, it was found that 88 percent of the rich people read non-fictional books like how to become a better programmer or how to be a business leader etc. whereas only 2 percent of poor people like reading the non-fictional stuff. This shows the attitude of the rich who strive to become better and better.

5. Early Birds

When you get up early in the morning, you get extra hours to fulfil your dreams and focus on your priorities. Morning is also the best time of the day for doing things in a productive way.

Almost all rich people believe in early rising. They use this extra time for their self-improvement. Poor people tend to sleep more as nothing inspires them to get up early.

6. Habitual Of Finding Solutions

This is one of the most important habits that you need to cultivate if you want to be rich and successful. Rich people never cry over spilt milk. Instead, they are solution seekers. This is the major reason we see rich people coming up with new ideas and solutions for problems all the time which poor find as a hard nut to break.

They take responsibility for the results in their lives and act upon the mindset that “It will work because I’ll make it work”. They are always committed to finding the solutions because for them, it comes to “if not me then who?” Unlike poor people who have a penchant for discussing problems, rich people try to see the opportunities to find solutions to them.

7. Setting Goals

Many of the wealthy write targets and goals down for the next day so when they wake up, the first thing they see is their goal to act on. Visualization takes it even further: Many successful entrepreneurs write fake cheques for themselves with the desired amount that they want to earn and finally, they end up receiving that.

This shows that rich people have crystal clear goals. And they don’t just write to-do lists, but structure their goals in a manner where they know which ones come first, which ones they outsource, and which ones they erase.

8. Positive Thinkers VS Negative Thinkers

Your way of thinking decides whether you will find more challenges or more opportunities. For a positive thinker, only opportunities exist not challenges. Rich people have the habit of thinking positively even in difficult times. Therefore they are always ready to try new things as they are optimistic about the results and they finally get the same as well.

But the poor may never take the initiative of doing anything new as they tend to think negatively. Therefore, if anyone of you wants to come out of the vicious cycle of poverty, first you should change the way you look at the things. Always try to focus on the brighter side of the picture.

9. Networking With People

Rich people have the habit of being around the people they can learn from — people with more experience. They also have the habit of connecting with more and more people because they know it will bring them a booming business. On the contrary, poor people do not want to explore more. They are happy to be around a particular group that satisfies them.

10. Watching Less TV

The rich people are familiar with the fact that time is money. They never waste time on the unnecessary things that do not pay off. Therefore they rarely watch TV and if they do, they watch intellectual content. On the other side, poor people tend to waste more time watching reality shows or doing things that do not make them better or happier.

Adopting these qualities don’t guarantee that you become a billionaire but they can definitely help you live a life full of possibilities. Growing your wealth starts with growing yourself, and taking up good habits is the perfect way to start.

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