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Essay on Starvation in India

Essay on Starvation in India! Find high quality essays on ‘Starvation in India’ especially written for school, college and university students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the definition, causes, impact, phases of starvation in India.

India is a developing country. Therefore, there is a subsequent size of India’s population which is reeling under poverty which is a major cause of starvation in India. Although India has seen a steady growth over the last few years, the statistics of starvation in India cannot be ignored.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC can also increase their knowledge by studying these essays.

List of Essays on Starvation in India

Essay on Starvation in India – Short Essay for Children (Essay 1 – 150 Words)


In a land of plenty and adjudged fastest growing economy in the world, starvation in India is an unheard truth that requires attention. The Global Hunger Index positioned India on 97th place worldwide.

Causes and Effects of Starvation:

Starvation in India is mostly seen in the rural areas. Starvation in India is mainly caused due to poverty, ever-increasing population, natural calamities, low food productions, lack of access to minimal food requirements and other vitamins and minerals, etc.

Starvation in India results in malnutrition, stunted growth among children and even results in death in some cases.

Fighting Starvation:

Realisation of the situation is the key to address starvation in India. Food security is the basic right of every human being. Media has continuously reported the situation in the recent times. The Government should ensure to provide nutritious food as top priority above any other agenda.


Many poor countries have progressed in the last few decades and outranked India in the Global Hunger Index. Awareness among the general public, acceptance of the reality and dedicated steps from Government are urgently required to fight against starvation in India.

Essay on Starvation in India – 10 Lines on Starvation in India Written in English (Essay 2 – 250 Words)

Most recently, a 58-year-old woman died in Jharkhand due to starvation. Most people in media and politics assume that it is not possible that a person can die of starvation in India. They believe that the government ensures that all the people in the country have food in their belly. Those in leadership always try to prove that the person died from natural causes and not starvation. Starvation is a condition in which there is a deficiency in the calorie energy intake. It is a more serious form of malnutrition which leads to death if it is not taken care of.

Even though India is a progressive nation, but the fact still remains that India is home to the highest number of malnourished population in the world. Even though we are self-reliant in terms of food production, the condition of starvation is very persistent in the nation. At present, the regions of North Bengal, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh are the most affected regions.

About one third of our children are stunted, their bodies and brains are not properly developed. According to a recently published report by UNICEF, malnutrition is a direct contributor of almost half of all deaths under five years of age. Ultimately the cause of deaths is starvation, but the child dies because of weakness due to hunger and the body is unable to defend against diseases like diarrhoea or pneumonia.

The main reason behind this is the absence of proper implementation of government schemes that target the supply of food to all. There is rampant corruption at every stage or in some cases, even the government officials are not interested in implementing the schemes.

Essay on Starvation in India – Causes and Conclusion (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

Starvation in India has become a scar on the progressive path of the country. As per one of the current news bulletin report, an 18-year-old youngster supposedly passes away due to starvation in India. Moreover, the parents of the deceased too encountered with the same destiny earlier in the year 2004. It is such a sad incident due to the starvation in India that has shocked everyone.

Even after so many years of independence, it is disastrous that starvation in India is still taking the lives of people where there is ample production of food for the citizen’s self-sufficiency. It is deceptive to say that the nation is incapable of combating the needs of food for some people for life sustenance.

Causes of starvation in India:

The following are a few main causes of starvation in India:

1. One of the main obstacles in combating the problem of starvation in India is the absence of correct execution of government schemes that focus on providing food for everybody. Sometimes such schemes cannot reach the right people due to corruption at various administrative levels.

2. It is pointless to tell that the food supply system in India is faulty. In fact, some orders have been issued by the Supreme Court recently that directs the government for executing schemes like health care schemes for expecting and lactating females and mid-day meal schemes for kids.

3. Around 50% of the food supplied under the system of public distribution is lost owing to the mismanagement or leakages and such food is vented in the open market at high cost.


The deaths due to Starvation in India are more than the scarcity of food. It is also an outcome of the failure of administration organizations which are destined to aid the deprived and the underprivileged people. The government should implement the current as well as upcoming schemes with a motive to eliminate the starvation in India.

Essay on Starvation in India – For School Students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) (Essay 4 – 400 Words)


According to the Cambridge Dictionary,” Starvation means the state of having no food for a long period, often causing death”. Hunger is one of the cruellest phenomenon in this modern world. A world which advances technologically and landing themselves in other planets still doesn’t work towards abolishing hunger. Although India can produce sufficient food to feed its population, it is unable to address poverty and death due to hunger.

Starvation in India:

In a 2018 report published by “The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations” it has been mentioned that there are about 195.9 million undernourished people in India. The report went on to mention that 38.4% of the children aged under five in India are underdeveloped for their age and 21% suffer from wasting. Children without proper balances diet may be prone to communicable diseases such as diarrhoea, pneumonia, and malaria. One of the latest reports was in the capital city Delhi where two children under the age of ten died due to starvation.

Factors Inducing Starvation in India:

Starvation in India usually occurs due to famine and drought, disparities between the rich and the poor, poverty, powerlessness to empower their own lives and gender inequality.

Phases of Starvation:

At the first phase of starvation the body tries to utilize and maintain the blood glucose levels by breaking down the glucose, glycogen and fat in the body. In the second phase the body since not receiving the adequate nutrition goes on to break the fat. Final phase is when the body which has depleted all the fats in the second phase goes on to break down the proteins and fat from the muscles. The utmost outcome of starvation is being infected by diseases which are fatal at times.

Flawed Food Distribution Systems in India:

India is no way in short of food production to cater to its citizen. Only the food distribution system is not robust enough to take the food across to its consumers. Most of the food gets spoiled at warehouses, during transit and is not put to good use. A study conducted by the United Nations Development Program has revealed that, up to 40% of the food produced in India is wasted.


Starvation in India and the corresponding deaths shows the absolute failure of government institutions. All the existing schemes should be well administered and monitored to control leakage of food products in the black market and reach the targeted groups. All citizens of India should hold hands together and ensure their fellow brethren do no go to bed without food and contribute their support through NGO’s and other administrative efforts of the government.

Essay on Starvation in India – For College and University Students (Essay 5 – 500 Words)

India is effectively the most predominant nation in South Asia. While this converts into impact and power for the Union government, Indians themselves appear to have not profited much from this. India’s probably weaker neighbours in terms of hunger deaths have in fact better placed themselves. The main nation India manages to beat out is Pakistan.

India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, has seen gigantic development in the previous two decades. Total national output has expanded 4.5 occasions and per capita, utilization has expanded multiple times. Additionally, sustenance grain creation has expanded very nearly multiple times. In spite of the marvellous mechanical and monetary developments, India is not able to give access to nourishment to the countless particularly ladies and youngsters.

Starvation in India Statistics:

As indicated by FAO assesses in The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2018 report, 195.9 million individuals are affected by starvation in India. By this measure, 14.8% of the population is suffering from starvation in India. Kids suffering from starvation in India have a higher danger of death even due to basic diseases, for example, looseness of the bowels, pneumonia, and other diseases which should be easily curable. The Global Hunger Index 2017 positions India at 100 out of 119 nations based on three driving pointers, commonness of squandering and hindering in youngsters under 5 years, under 5 tyke death rate, and the extent of undernourished in the population.

Causes of Starvation in India:

Poverty is the major reason attributed to the starvation in India. However, there are other reasons as well which contribute significantly to the cause of starvation in India. Lack of safe drinking water is another such cause which should not be ignored. Other factors which contribute significantly are diseases and the lack of facilities available in rural areas to fight them along with lack of access to food.

Initiatives by the Government:

A number of initiatives have been in place by the Government over the last few years to minimise the deaths related to starvation in India. For instance –

The Food Security Bill 2013 was enacted on 12 September 2013 as a food security scheme. Under this scheme, the beneficiaries were to be provided 5 kgs of grains every month which included rice, wheat and grains at nominal rates ranging from Rs 1/Kg to Rs 3/Kg.

Public Distribution System (PDS) has been in place since the year 1997. The objective of this scheme was to provide food to the poor at subsidised rates.

A number of other schemes have been launched by the Government from time to time. However, a lot still needs to be done in order to uplift the poor of our country. We all must support the Government in its initiatives in order to help our fellow citizens to uplift themselves and live a respectful life, at least, no one should die of starvation in India when we have an abundance of resources with us.

Essay on Starvation in India – Possible Causes and Solutions (Essay 6 – 600 Words)

Starvation in India is one of the most common of all problems. There are a lot of children who go to bed hungry and can barely afford two square meals a day. There are a lot of social activists who have been exasperated at the status of starvation in India and are of the opinion that something must be done at the earliest to remedy the problem at hand.

What are the possible causes for starvation in India?

It is hard to pinpoint the exact reason which is responsible for the massive starvation in India. Ideally, we are going to list some of the key reasons which can be the potential causes behind this problem.

1. Lack of Education:

A lot of problem boils down to the lack of education. It is important for people to be educated to know about their rights and to fetch jobs which, in turn, could help them afford the meals. Until and unless, people are educated how they would end up working, starvation in India cannot be eradicated.

So, the right campaigns should be kick-started to ensure that the basic education is available for one and all and it is actually availed as well.

2. Economic Distribution of Wealth:

Even in a country like India, the distribution of wealth is non-uniform. There are a few sections of people who are very wealthy and they can afford all the top luxuries. However, a larger segment of the population lives in shambles and they are below the poverty line. This infers that they are unable to afford even the basic necessities like meals. This, in turn, leads to the problems of starvation in India.

So, measures should be taken to assist the lower strata income of the society too because in the end, a nation can only make progress when the whole unit prospers rather than only a small niche of population.

The Solution for Starvation in India:

While it is hard to eradicate the problem completely in a very short span of time, if we want to do something for starvation in India, the action need to be taken without any further delay. So many children are dying every year because of starvation in India and if we do not take the right remedial ensures, the future of the country seems too bleak.

1. Creating Food Campaigns:

There are a lot of NGOs that have been doing their bit for the sake of remedying the trouble of starvation in India, but a lot more has to be done. Both the government and even private bodies should host several food campaigns from time to time. These should cater at offering free meals or even sponsoring a family for basic meals for a year. It might seem like little measures but when you take in the collective effort, it has the potential to create a difference.

2. Create Job Opportunities:

The government needs to come up with different job opportunities which can be created for the poor people. When you manage to do so, it is bound to generate some form of income for the people who are below the poverty line. Often, it is the little income which can make a difference and help them fetch meals and feed their family as well.

So, if we want to handle the problem of starvation in India, it is about time to come up with well-planned strategies to make a befitting difference for this problem. If we continue to sit and watch, too many children will continue to die leaving the future of the country in grave danger.

Essay on Starvation in India (Essay 7 – 750 Words)

Definition and Concept:

Starvation in India has been prevalent for much longer. In simple terms, starvation in India or anywhere else for that matter is the extended or more severe form of malnutrition in the population. Starvation in India is not only paralyzing but also a blot on the reputation of the country. This is so because, over the years, India has been boasting about its economic growth on the global level.

And yet, starvation in India has not been curbed on the root level. In fact, the worldwide statistics are enough to prove the desperate issue of starvation in India. However, the poor media coverage and denial of the problem by the government officials have only made starvation in India worse.

It is important to understand the causes and impacts of the hunger problem in the country. Only then, we can arrive at the right measures and solutions to end the curse of starvation in India.


Starvation in India is more common in rural areas. Its biggest cause being the malnutrition of the people living in those areas. Starvation in India mainly affects a specific group of people who fall under the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe.

But what causes the malnutrition responsible for the starvation in India? Well, the trouble is the accumulation of several serious issues. First of all, the poor diet is the greatest culprit behind the starvation in India.

A large percentage of the Indian population remains deprived of the basic nutrients essential for healthy functioning. That means, their diet is not balanced and lacks the minerals, vitamins, fats, carbs, and proteins.

The second major factor causing starvation in India is its expanding population. However, the Indian government has been confident in flaunting its improving statistics, the ground level reality is somewhat different. It seems that the system is unable to manage and deal with the hunger problem in the country.

Starvation in India is also a result of natural calamities. Most of the north-eastern states suffer from natural calamities on a frequent basis. Floods, famines, and earthquakes not only disrupt food production but also impact the distribution of foods.

That being said, the lack of management, visible loopholes in the government system, and its incapacity to the proper allocation of food, even in the stable environment, must also be held equally responsible. Starvation in India takes our attention to the parasitic gap between rich and poor.

More often than not, the disparity in the income levels of various groups and castes is so high that it is bound to result in the starvation in India. What follows next is unavoidable! The poor supply of food leads to a random price rise in the market. It also boosts the black market which the poor just can’t afford to go for.


Starvation in India has heart-wrenching consequences. It drastically raises the mortality rate in children born in rural areas. Starvation in India is responsible for stunted physical growth and poor mental abilities in the young ones. So, kids suffer from a low height and low weight problems.

Starvation in India is the leading cause of anaemia and other malnutrition in both pregnant and lactating women in the villages. Whereas in the children, the malnutrition makes the children more vulnerable to death by increasing their chances of suffering from other life-threatening diseases and infections.

In a way, a major portion of the youths in India is going to be stunted and malnourished. Just take a moment and think, if the problem of starvation in India remains at this level, then, what kind of country should we strive and expect to be in the forthcoming years!


Starvation in India can be controlled in many effective ways. More transparency is needed in the official system of food allocation and people should be made aware of every progress in the supply chain. Looking on the brighter side, the schemes of compulsory mid-day meals in the government schools have done a lot to lower the risk of malnutrition in the younger kids.

Depending solely on the government is neither right nor going to resolve the issue. It is high time for the common people and the non-governmental organizations to take responsibility and fight with the starvation in India. Other essential steps include preventing the wastage of foods in our daily lives and special social occasions such as weddings.

Starvation in India is difficult to curb but not impossible. Let’s join our hands and end the starvation in India for once and for all.

Essay on Starvation in India – Long Essay for Competitive Exams like IAS, IPS, UPSC and Civil Services Exams (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)

Starvation in India is an issue that defines the difference between the areas where actual betterment and development have reached and the completely ignored areas or maybe more specifically society of people. The phrase rich become richer and the poor become poorer can be made specific in this issue of starvation in India.

What is Starvation?

The condition of starvation can be categorized as the deficiency of calories and nutrition that makes a human body dysfunctional and unhealthy. This deficiency is completely different from malnutrition and in fact more dangerous as well. This condition will even result in the death of the affected life.

Food and nutrition are one of the three basic needs a human should have. In this case, the basic need does not reach the needy hands and the starvation in India has already become a big dark spot in its development and self-sufficient declarations.

Starvation in India is the outcome of many situations like increasing poverty, ignorance, lack of social betterment in a certain class of society and so on. Our country has already proved to be filled with discrimination and disparities in many cases including starvation in India. This disparity in the different classes of society, broadly divided into rich and poor, is the most inhumane part.

Many kinds of research done across the world shows that the most starving people are to be found in the developing and underdeveloped countries in which India has a considerable ranking. This is not a number to be proud of and starvation in India is a serious issue to be discussed and resolved effectively.

India being an economically developing country in the category of quality food production has shown its disparity with spotlight through these ranking and numbers. Starvation in India is being ignored and suppressed by appreciating only the nation’s achievements.

Causes and Effects of Starvation in India:

Starvation in India has mainly occurred in the poorest part of the nation like in rural areas, slums, etc. Many years back there had been a massive death caused in Bengal before the independence, which is a major spot in the history of starvation in India. India then was not at all minimal in the production of food products but the goods were only used for exporting and not to feed the starving people in India. There were approximately 4 million people who died due to the starvation in India.

From the above example, we can conclude that the main reason behind starvation in India is not poverty or lack of production. The massive ignorance among the people in power, who were the British people in the above example and government in the present case, towards starvation in India and its citizen is the sole reason.

As a basic right to acquire basic needs in life it is the responsibility of the higher officials to take care of the citizen of our nation and they failed to do their duty when the case starvation in India is considered. Still, there are many states with villages in which people starve to death and no betterment in their life is made to date.

When we blame the government for the increasing starvation in India, it is not their only responsibility. The whole system is responsible for the lack of essentials from reaching the needy. The corruption in the local offices to the higher ones has a major role to play in this increasing starvation in India.

There are cases in which the local stores responsible for distributing the basic products like grains to the people, which are provided to them through various schemes, have stopped doing their duty and thus starvation in India continued as a result. The poorest of the poor are at the greatest risk scale suffering in the pool of starvation in India, as they are the most unaware of the right they should raise voice for.

The more natural cause to starvation in India is the poverty and the lack of other opportunities. Only through the betterment of lifestyle can the awareness be created on starvation in India and thus will all the people be aware of their rights. The lack of knowledge on the schemes belongs to the same category regarding starvation in India.

Illiteracy in society, family or in a single person affect them and most of the time they don’t even know when their rights are being denied or even if there is any right for them. Starvation in India results in death when there is a lack of medical availability too.

The scarcity in medical treatments or lower quality medical facility, doctors, medicine, etc., results in the unattended death of the starving people. There is no one to advise the unaware society of their situation and to seed the knowledge about the schemes they may get to reduce the starvation in India.

Remedies to Starvation in India:

Many schemes were actually introduced by the government to reduce and destroy the starvation in India. For example, mid-day meal providing in the government schools, free health care for pregnant women and lactating ones, etc., are the noticeable ones introduced to reduce the death due to starvation in India. But all these schemes has its own loopholes in them when the time comes to reach the poor and needy.

All these schemes introduced regarding starvation in India should be made effective and efficient through addressing specific nature of people to whom it should be provided. The officials themselves should make sure that all these provisions are distributed among those people in need and whether everyone is included in this scheme or not so that starvation in India can be completely wiped out.

Most of the time the products are seen to be of lower quality, a major part of them leak while the travel from the source to destination or they are sold out in the market at a high price for the responsible ones to enjoy the profit. These are the major loopholes why starvation in India is still a common tragedy.

A more transparent and aware system is the only way in which the needy and starving people can be helped to get out of their miseries. Starvation in India and the corruption in this issue can be completely destroyed by making it more public and spread the ideas in such a way that every citizen will know about the on-going schemes.

Starvation in India and the resulting deaths are full and fully the mistake and ignorance of the whole nation towards the needy and poor. More citizen should take the initiative to reduce starvation in India and help the needy to know more about the advantages they could get to get out of their hardships.

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