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Essay on Road Safety

Essay on Road Safety! Find high quality essays on ‘Road Safety’ especially written for school, college and university students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the importance, basic rules and awareness on road safety.

Road safety is a serious issue and it should be considered with strong efforts to curb road accidents and save lives.

The measures undertaken in order to prevent road accidents and ensure safety for all on roads is what road safety is all about. But should it not be that everyone on road should be mindful of his /her safety. Ironically, it is not the case and hence the need has come to discuss about road safety.

Keeping in view the importance of this common yet sensitive topic we have come up with short essays for students which are crisp in their information and are suited to students of all classes. The students shall not only learn about road safety through these essays but also be able to get information on road-related statistics in India.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC  can also increase their knowledge by studying these essays.

List of Essays on Road Safety

Essay on Road Safety – Short Essay for Kids (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

Road safety is important to all of us. It has become a necessary practice to safeguard our lives. Road safety has gained more significance due to the increasing number of vehicles on roads. If we follow the road safety rules properly, many accidents can be prevented.

Wearing helmets, riding vehicles within the appropriate speed limits, and using seat belts are some essential things that everyone should remember. Even the kids in schools are taught the basic rules of road safety, such as understanding the traffic lights and walking on the zebra lines or on the left side of the road.

We should never use cell phones while crossing the road. Practicing the road safety rules is for our own benefit. After all, God has given us this precious gift of life. We must protect it by all means and not make any reckless decision to ruin it.

Essay on Road Safety – For Children (Essay 2 – 250 Words)


Road safety refers to the procedures for ensuring safety on our roads. Road users refer to vehicle owners, motorcyclists, commercial vehicles and pedestrians. Lots of lives have been lost and families have been destroyed because of road mishaps. Some of these unfortunate incidents could have been prevented or stopped with proper safety precautions. This article explains how we can stop this menace.

Road Safety Measures:

To minimize common road accidents like car crashes, there are several precautionary road safety steps that can be taken. Make sure that you always wear seat belts when children are in car seats. Also, more importantly, do not get behind any wheel unless you are licensed by your country as fit enough to drive.

Distractions are dangerous while driving and have led to the loss of lives. Hence, speaking on the phone while driving should be prohibited. Health care facilities should be close to roads at different sections and should be sufficiently equipped. These are to aid in providing excellent medical care to road victims.

General Rules Guiding Road Safety:

While the above-mentioned rules are specific, there are some general rules to keep in mind when driving or using public roads in general.

They are as follows:

1. Knowing your signals and paying attention to them whether you are a pedestrian or driver.

2. Using sidewalks and pedestrians crossings.

3. Ensure that you know the rules and laws abiding in the state you drive.

4. Ensure that you have an approved driving license.

Road Safety Sensitization:

It is important to sensitize the general public about the importance of road safety. This will further help create awareness and reduce accident rates and road mishaps. This can be done through seminars and education of children about the rules guiding road safety and consequences of flouting it.


With strict adherence to road safety rules, it is certain that road casualties can be minimized.

Essay on Road Safety (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

Road safety is a serious issue and it should be considered with strong efforts to curb road accidents and save lives. With the increasing road network, increasing number of vehicles, increasing traffic mess and increasing vehicle speeds, it is very important.

Road Accidents:

Road accidents have become common — everyday media is filled with new road accidents — and fatalities are very high. It is estimated that around 1 million people die each year in road accidents. Pedestrians, cycle riders, bike riders, car and other vehicle users throng the roads daily for everyday chores that puts their lives to risk.

What is Road Safety?

Road safety refers to all efforts to prevent the road accidents and protect the road users from getting injured or killed. The key goal of road safety measures is to minimize the accidents of all kinds.

Traffic Signs and Signals:

Traffic signs are the signs put up to give information and instructions to all road users for their and other’s safety. There are many types of signs for road safety on the roads such as prohibitory, warning, service, information, direction, electric lines, repair work, hospital, school, and so on. Signage also include welcome, express way, freeway, route, street name, toll, road condition, speed limits and cultural signs.

The signals, manual or automated, are also used on the roads to control traffic and pedestrians movement for the safety of all.

All the road users’ need to be educated to follow all the safety rules, traffic signs and signals for their own safety and safety of other road users.

Other Considerations:

For our own safety and other’s safety, all road users need to be sensitized for following the road safety rules. In addition, efforts shall be made for safe road designs, road condition maintenance, safe driving skills, safe vehicle designs and safety gadgets in vehicles to prevent accidents.

Essay on Road Safety – In India (Essay 4 – 400 Words)

The safety of people and resources while on road is what road safety is all about. This may sound like a small subject but it is surprising that we see so many road-related deaths every day in different parts of our country. There are many factors which attribute to this high rate of deaths from not following the rules to ignorance about the importance of road safety. While travelling on roads whether on foot or by using vehicles of our choice we often tend to be very casual in obeying the laws of the land. That is why perhaps so many lives are lost just because of our casual attitude towards road safety.

Road Accident Statistics in India:

On an average, more than 137000 people die of road related accidents in India every year. In fact on a daily basis around 16 children lose their lives on roads in our country. Astonishing, isn’t it? The figures are so high that even the World Health Organisation (WHO) has often shown concerns about it. The top states who witness the most road accident-related deaths are Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.

Road Safety Rules in India:

India has the second biggest road network street in the world and records for 10% of overall road-related deaths. Laws controlling the movement out and about are given under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 which is an Act passed by the Parliament of India which came into power from July 1, 1989, and is applicable to all states of India. Even in the year 1914, India has such enactments in place, however, the casual behaviour of the people has always led to the ignorance of these laws leading to frequent violations and casualties.

It is not essential that only the people who have obtained a driving license should be aware of the traffic rules. This is applicable to all the citizens of the country who travel on roads by any means. For instance, we should all know the major road signs and what they mean. It is important to understand the signals at crossings so that we don’t land up between the traffic and injure ourselves and the person driving the vehicle.

Similarly, people walking on foot should always walk on the left side of the road. Moreover, you should be attentive when walking on the road or driving a vehicle. That is why it is always advised that while on road we should keep our mobile phones as well as headphones away and pay attention to the horns of the vehicles instead.

However, people walking on the road with their headphones, at times injure themselves due to their ignorance of what’s happening around. Similarly, talking over phone while driving is a common sign on the roads in India despite the fact that it is a punishable offence.

Farming of laws is not sufficient enough to ensure road safety. We must follow them judiciously as well in order to ensure safety for us as well as others.

Essay on Road Safety – For School Students (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) (Essay 5 – 500 Words)

Road safety is the measure taken by the government to reduce the accidents and deaths caused by road negligence. Nowadays, harsh driving and careless walking on roads have caused many life-threatening accidents to take place. To avoid such fates it is important to follow certain rules while you step out on a public road.

Basic Rules for Road Safety:

1. The vehicles should travel on the left side of the road giving way to the vehicles coming from the opposite side.

2. While in a turn or bend of the road the drivers should slow down the vehicle for smooth travel and avoid harsh turns.

3. Speed limits assorted to every region and road type should be maintained.

4. Areas like schools and other crowded places are to be passed carefully to avoid crashing on any pedestrians.

5. Drivers of two-wheelers should wear high-quality helmets so that even when an accident takes place they can be protected from serious injuries.

6. Those traveling on four-wheelers should wear seat belts without any fail so that they can be saved from harsh crashes even if an accident occurs.

7. A fixed and considerable distance should be maintained between each vehicle traveling on the road to avoid crashing on the other in case of a sudden breakdown.

8. Study the road safety rules carefully and see for instructions and signs on the road for smooth driving.

9. Pedestrians should follow all the road crossing rules like using the zebra line, following the signals, etc., while crossing a road.

These are some of the basic rules to be followed while traveling. Following these safety rules will help to prevent and protect you from most of the accidents caused due to carelessness and hence ensures road safety.

Spread Awareness:

Proper awareness and education about road safety and rules will help a lot in this case. People who cross the roads in most of the odd times and those who exceed the speed limits or overtake in busy areas should be made aware of the situation where all their lives are at serious threat hurrying to reach the destiny.

This awareness can be spread through seminars, workshops, awareness programs, etc. In most cases, students and teenagers are those who tend to break the rules and risk their lives. It is important to educate them about road safety and the precautions to be taken. The best way to make this happen is by adding a road safety topic in their study syllabus and starting from the basics.

Defensive driving techniques should be compulsorily taught to all those who get their driving license so that they can be aware and handle difficult situations. Understanding road signs are the basics everyone should be known, whether the driver or a person walking on the road. Following the road safety measures will not only benefit your life but also the life of others who walk or travel with you.

Slow and steady wins the race. The same can be told in case of road travels. Slow and controlled traveling will help you to reach your place more safely than speeding and risking your life. Get proper knowledge on road safety before starting your outdoor travel or even a walk.

Essay on Road Safety – For College and University Students (Essay 6 – 600 Words)

Road safety is one of the issues that is never stressed enough and this is the main cause why lives of people get endangered on the road really fast. Being cautious on the road is a trait that every driver has to learn before they step behind the wheel of the car. Most of us know the road safety procedures and rules and when we drive, we respect the lives of others as we do for our own but sometimes there are reckless drivers that we can do little against.

Some findings and figures about road safety can help us understand what exactly makes this issue so important for public safety.

Facts about Road Safety:

Every year more than one million people die because of lack of the knowledge about road safety which causes car accidents and up to fifty million people that are involved end up injured or disabled. One of the major road safety issues are the lives of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclist that get endangered in half of the car crashes.

Besides the human cost of car crashes, there is an economic dimension and research shows that up to 4% of the Gross National Product is spent on road safety issues. One of the best road safety tips is to put on a seat belt and the statistics show that you reduce your chance of dying in a car crash by 61% if you do so. We often drive with our children in the car and road safety is equally important for them too that includes the mandatory use of child restraints, this method has reduced the number of child deaths by 35%.

Even though wearing a helmet is not intended for car drivers it is still an important road safety rule, that is this rule is meant for the other drivers on the road like cyclists and bike drivers. And we should not forget that alcohol is the biggest enemy of road safety, there is even an estimate that a world-wide ban on drunk driving could reduce the number of crashes by 20%.

The Importance of Road Safety:

The facts about road safety tells it all and we can do a lot to make driving a much safer occupation. The reasons why road safety is so important are multiple, first of all, it will save human lives. Secondly, it can reduce the amount of public spending related to road safety issues.

What Can We do to ensure Road Safety?

One great comparison shows that for every kilometer per hour decrease in the driving speed, there is a reduction of 2% in the chance of occurrence of a car accident. The other thing that we can do to improve road safety is to use simple engineering methods in the design of the roads, that will make people more aware when they drive and more conscious of their mistakes. Such solutions are low in cost and very efficient and many countries have invested in their implementation.

Basically, the best thing we can do is to be informed about driving rules and to follow them throughout, no matter what the situation is. Learning to drive is an important part of every young person’s life and sooner or later we all have to do it. Once we do get on the road, we have to be responsible and through that, we can ensure the safety of others.


Road safety is important for all drivers and the evidence that we should make a bigger effort to make traffic safe for all is compelling. The answer to this problem is in all our hands, every time we sit behind the wheel and start driving.

Essay on Road Safety – In India (Essay 7 – 750 Words)


Road accidents happen every day. The emphasis on road safety has been made to ensure that the number of road accidents reduce. Road accidents are fatal and have far much more consequences. Road safety involves methods of preventing injuries for pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and everyone else that uses the road. The global statistics on road safety reveals that approximately 231000 people die from road traffic accidents in India annually.

On road, the people mostly affected by traffic accidents are pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. Due to these consequences, road safety measures have been put in place to regulate the road users and reduce the incidences of accidents in Indian roads. WHO has intervened in the road safety measures formulation and implementation.

Road Safety Projects in India:

Road safety in India has become a challenge and that is why projects are ongoing to restore safety in roads for all road users. The projects are supported by different organizations including the WHO (world Health Organization) and the Indian government. The projects are aimed at increasing public awareness about road safety, facilitating law enforcement and implementations regarding road safety, advocating for safety behaviour and addressing road safety issues.

Another project by WHO to enhance road safety in India is to promote motorcycle helmets and reducing drunk driving among citizens. The project was implemented in three cities including Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Visakhapatnam. Legislation through the review of road safety rules and regulation of motorcycles act enabled amendments that ensured road safety in India.

Social marketing was also supported by WHO. The social marketing involved mass campaigns for road safety on social media and communication with the target audience in large populations. The use of mass media in public awareness is very efficient because the audience is broad and the message is clearly communicated to the public.

Importance of Road Safety:

Road safety is important in mitigating consequences of accidents on roads . Road safety is implemented through road safety rules. There are rules for every road user. Rules on over speeding, keeping to the left or right, caution on the surrounding environment and traffic lights cut across for all countries in road safety regulation. Adherence to these rules is important so as to minimize road accidents.

It is important to enhance road safety so as to preserve life for citizens through reduction of road related deaths. Road accidents are fatal and should be prevented by following rules when using the roads. Road safety is also important for the maintenance of infrastructure. Accidents on roads cause destruction of the roads, road signs and property that crashes. The rehabilitation of infrastructure is costly and brings about unnecessary spending.

The use of road safety measures ensures economic growth and stability. Most deaths in India are caused by road accidents kill the youth. The youth form the majority of the working nation and continuous deaths affects the performance of a nation. Also, due to the expenses incurred during treatment of injuries and rehabilitation resulting from road accidents, the economy is negatively affected.

Challenges in Maintaining Road Safety in India:

Maintaining road safety is a governmental task that faces challenges during implementation of strategies. The government of India lacks resources to enact road safety regulations. Putting up road signs that govern safety in roads is costly and the campaigns and projects are also expensive.

Fragmented systems of managing road safety in India cause inefficient road safety regulation. The government formulates different rules that do not relate with each other and this causes collision between the regulation processes. Also, the systems are inadequate and are deprived of resources to support road safety enhancement and sustainability. Addressing traffic issues has not been efficient in India because of violation of traffic rules by road users.

Lack of awareness by the public on road safety is a major challenge. Children have to be taught on road safety rules in order to enhance safety for them on the roads. Also, mass media campaigns on road safety are not as frequent as they should be. People always need a reminder of traffic safety rules so that adherence can be achieved.


In conclusion, road safety is an issue that has impacts on the lives of citizens and the nation as a whole. Road safety measures are put in place so as to ensure that there is safety for all road user. Road accidents cause deaths and injuries to people in India and higher incidences are experienced when traffic rules are violated. The road safety management in India is supported by the government however, there are challenges that compromise road safety.

Essay on Road Safety – Long Essay for Competitive Exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)


Road safety can basically be defined and explained as the safety and guidance of all people from road accidents and road side injuries. Road safety involves a variety of measures and methods that must be and are followed by the users of the road so as to prevent different accidents and serious injury. There is the utmost need for us to pay proper attention to road safety whether it is vehicles we are using or other means of road transportation. Research findings have shown that students and most especially children are the groups that are most vulnerable to accidents on the road leading to major or minor injuries and sometimes even death largely due to the complete absence or inadequacy of supervision by an adult.

Historical Background:

One of the major problems of injury prevention and public health is road crashes. The problem of road crash is a lot more serious because most of the victims of these crashes are always healthy before the crash. The World Health Organisation have put forward that the number of people that are killed every year as a result of road accidents is way above one million.

The World Health Organisation also published a report in 2004 that the estimated number of people that are killed in car crashes each year is 1.2 million and the number of people that were left injured due to traffic collisions every year was about 50 million. Road accidents were also found to be the major cause of the death of people (children) between the ages of 10 and 19 years old. It was also stated in the report that developing countries were the biggest contributors to the large numbers and the amount of deaths can be reduced by more than half if simple preventive measures can be taken.

Vehicle Safety:

There are a lot of ways through which we can improve road safety that depends on the various means of transport taken.

Some of the ways include:

1. Buses and Coaches:

There are a lot of ways we can improve safety which would in turn lower the chances of the occurrence of accidents. If we avoid standing in places that are not safe in the coach or bus and also avoid rushing and we follow all the set rules of the coach or bus, the road safety of the passengers will be greatly increased. There are numerous safety measures and features that can be adopted to improve the safety in coaches and buses including the inclusion of safety bars that people can hold onto.

Some of the road safety measures that can be adopted on coaches and buses include:

i. Endeavour to leave your place early enough so that there is no need to run in order to catch the coach or bus.

ii. Following the queue at the bus station or bus stop is important.

iii. There should not be any situation where you get off a bus while it is still in motion or get on it at an unofficial hour.

iv. A bus or coach should never be boarded or gotten off at an unauthorised station or bus stop or at a crossing of red light.

v. Buses should only be boarded after they have come to a full halt without pushing others or rushing.

vi. The bus’ footboard is not a place to stand or sit.

vii. Any body part should not be put outside the bus whether moving or stationary.

viii. There should not be any form of noise making or shouting that might distract and confuse the driver.

ix. If one is standing in the bus, one should hold the handrail most especially where the bus is turning.

x. All the safety rules of the bus should be adhered to.

2. Cars:

We can improve safety in cars by lowering the odds of an error occurring on the part of the driver, also by the design of vehicles that reduce the extent of damage caused by crashes. Countries that are industrialised have special specifications and requirements for vehicle systems, devices, construction and design that are safety related.

Some of them are:

i. The deployment of passenger restraints like airbags and seat belts that are enforced with laws that require their use.

ii. Equipments that helps in the avoidance of crash like reflectors and lights.

iii. Systems that are driver assistance-enabled must have stability in electronic control.

iv. Some designs  should be there for crash survivability like interior materials that are fire retardant, safety glass use and systems of fuel integrity.

v. Sobriety detectors are really great, they interlock and prevent ignition if the breath of the driver is detected to have a significant amount of alcohol. Companies that are involved in commercial transportation use sobriety detectors for their drivers and sobriety detectors are also suggested to offenders of drunk-driving voluntarily.

3. Motorbikes:

Statistics from the United Kingdom have shown that there is a nine times more likelihood of motorbike riders to be involved in road crashes than the car drivers. Also, motorbike riders have a seventeen times more likelihood to die as a result of road crashes than the car drivers. This high risk is largely due to the absence and sometimes inadequacy of the crash protection available for motorbikes unlike the protection available for enclosed vehicles.

Also, motorbikes usually travel at high speeds and this can be dangerous. US statistics have put forward numbers that show that more intoxicated motorbike riders are involved in crashes that are fatal than all other forms of accident on the road. Helmets are also very important in motorbike safety. It was estimated that helmets only have an efficiency rate of 37 percent in the saving of lives during motorbike crashes.

4. Trucks:

The transport department of the famed European commission put forward a report that has put the estimate of accidents that involves truck as a result of the inadequate securing of cargos at 25 percent. When cargos are not properly secured, there can be loss of human lives, vehicles, cargo and so many more.

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