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Essay on Solar Energy

The heat and light we receive from the Sun are what constitutes the solar energy. Sun is the ultimate source of life on the earth. Had it not been for Sun, there would not have been any life on Earth and the Earth would have been like any other planet in the solar system. Solar energy is a renewable form of energy as we have the privilege to use this energy as long as we have the Sun with us. The students should understand the benefits of this solar energy and how it can be put to best use. Therefore we have short essays for students which shall educate them on this topic.

List of Essays on Solar Energy in English

Essay on Solar Energy – Essay 1 (250 Words)

Solar energy is a form of renewable energy that is available without any limit and can be used for our need. Over decades and centuries, this type of energy is being used by living beings in one way or another to lead a smooth life.

Sun is the source of solar energy and this energy cannot be destroyed. This non-conventional form of energy does not pollute or affect any other things, which is also the reason to promote the use of solar energy in every field.

Uses of Solar Energy:

Solar energy is being used by the plants to make food through the process photosynthesis. This a natural process where plants along with carbon dioxide, water etc., prepare food using solar energy. This, in turn, will help us in getting healthier and tastier food for consumption. This is the natural way in which solar energy is utilized.

This growing world of technology and development has made the possibility of using this abundant form of energy in different technologically benefitting ways. Initially, the energy from the sun is trapped inside a cell called solar cell and is stored in them for using it as a replacement for electricity and other purposes.

This solar energy in the cell can be used to heat water, as a mode of energy to power up different equipment, etc., which are readily accessible in the market.

An advantage of this form of energy is that it is cost effective to use such products. Even though the initial installation costs are comparably higher, their maintenance and other expenses are very low.

Promoting the use of solar energy in replacement with many other technologies will help in the reduction of pollution as well as the destruction of many other non-renewable energies.

Essay on Solar Energy – Essay 2 (300 Words)

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy gotten from the sun that can be utilized for numerous purposes by humans. We can use solar energy in many different ways in our daily life, like for producing electricity, cooking food, as well as heating water.

Solar energy involves a very simple technique that reduces the expenses of energy consumption in comparison to the other sources of energy. It is available free of cost for all the people on earth.

Benefits of using Solar Energy:

The following are the benefits of using solar energy:

i. Solar energy is obtainable to use without any cost. Although you can buy devices and equipment for producing solar energy through sunrays, still its cost is quite less in comparison to our cost of energy requirements.

ii. Solar energy can be utilized in the remote and rural regions also where it is generally quite costly to set up an electric power grid.

iii. Solar energy might be widely utilized for charging equipment like solar cell batteries and calculators that need very less amount of energy.

iv. Solar energy does not create any type of pollution.

v. It is an unlimited renewable energy’s source that will never end.

Drawbacks of using Solar Energy

The following are the drawbacks of using solar energy:

i. You can use it during the daytime when there is abundant sunlight obtainable.

ii. The expenses of setting up panels and solar cells for producing solar energy are quite high.

iii. The quantity of energy produced in the solar power grid is quite less in comparison to the current power grids.

iv. You need big size land for setting the plants of solar energy for seizing the energy arriving through the sun.


The utilization of solar energy can become a boon to lots of people. However, the high cost of its equipment and devices stop people from using it. The government should take some steps to reduce the cost of solar energy’s equipment so that people can make the best use of it for their benefits.

Essay on Solar Energy – Essay 3 (400 Words)

The Sun is an almost endless source of energy that radiates over the Earth every day. This great heat lamp in the sky can help us gather the solar energy we need to further humanity towards their new goals. The frontier for our use of solar energy has opened up and every day brings a new idea or invention.

Being a student, I get my fair share of information from the faculty professors about the current state of our solar energy consumption and it brings me comfort to know that people have created several new inventions and concepts for the gathering of this endless source of heat and light. Since I am all for the “green revolution” in technology and architecture I will promote some of those concepts in this essay.

Photovoltaic Systems:

The photovoltaic systems for gathering solar energy uses several components in its arrangement. The most notable feature of this system is the solar panel. The panel collects the solar energy and turns it into DC current and then the solar energy converter transforms this into usable AC current. The system is practical and it has appeared on many households and businesses all over the world.

Concentrated Solar Power:

This system is for transforming solar energy into electricity utilizes the heath in sunlight. The system is based around the use of many reflective mirrors that concentrate the solar energy into one beam of light that is then used to power a classical power plant with turbines. This system is implemented in large-scale operations and it is effective in producing vast amounts of electricity like conventional power plants.

Solar Water Heating:

Solar water heating is one of those systems for solar energy collection that has been around for ages. Well, at least as long as we have been using different types of vessel, like black barrels, to heat up the water for every- day use. The new systems have gone through a technological remake and they are successfully utilized in many homes to heat all the water for the household. The solar energy is collected through solar heat transformers that then heat up water in the system.


Solar energy is a blessing from the sky that can help us transform urban life and make more sustainable houses and families. The systems mentioned here are the main principles behind our use of solar energy and they are being worked on and transformed every day so we can use the power of the sun to its full potential.

Essay on Solar Energy – Essay 4 (500 Words)

The energy which we receive from the Sun in the form of heat and light is called solar energy. It is the driver of everything from the Earth’s climate to all forms of life on the Earth. Since the ancient times, we have been using solar energy for our own use. However, the researchers feel that we are yet to optimally use the solar energy.

Use of Solar Energy in Ancient Era:

The ancient people known to have executed the utilization of solar energy on a substantial scale were the Ancient Egyptians, who utilized it to warm their homes. They structured and assembled their homes with the goal that the structures hid away the sun’s warmth amid the day and afterwards discharged it around evening time. Their building procedures kept their homes hotter during the evening, as well as controlled a cooler temperature inside on hot days. Romans and Native Americans both utilized comparable innovations to warm their homes using solar energy, and additionally different sorts of structures like Roman bathhouses.

In the third century B.C., the Greeks left a mark on the world not for utilizing solar energy for local solace, but rather, supposedly, as a weapon of mass destruction. As per the researchers, a Roman maritime power was cruising to remove the Greek bastion of Syracuse. With the assistance of the Archimedes, the inventor, the Greeks are accounted for to have utilized exceptionally cleaned metal shields as mirrors to enhance and centre the beams of the sun and set fire to the propelling boats.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

The major advantage of solar energy is that it is a renewable source. It is available to us as long as the Sun is present which is expected to be for another 5 billion years. Hence it can be used abundantly for the benefit of everyone.

Secondly, the use of solar energy can also help us reduce our electricity bills. Moreover, the use of solar energy can help us reduce our dependency on non-renewable sources of energy such as coal and petroleum. Also, solar energy can be utilized for different purposes. You can produce electricity as well as heat. Solar energy can be utilized to create power in regions without the requirement of an electricity grid. Solar energy can likewise be coordinated into the materials utilized for structures.

Another advantage of solar energy is that it is a clean fuel. Use of solar energy does not cause any pollution and hence it is not harmful to the environment. Use of solar energy can help us reduce air pollution which for India, is a primary concern as on date. Also, India is a country having abundant sunlight all-round the year, hence, tapping of sunlight is not an issue. Of late, there has been an increase in the use of solar energy by the government as well as individuals. Efforts are on to reduce the setup costs of solar plants so as to help people move towards this clean and efficient fuel. Solar energy is the future of the country as it is the only energy which can help us overcome the environmental and energy-related issues our country has been facing since the last few years.

Essay on Solar Energy – Uses and Methods – Essay 5 (750 Words)

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the energy contained in the sunlight in the form of photons. Life on earth is not possible without solar energy. All the microorganisms and single-celled organisms came into existence with the help of solar energy.

Plants have been using solar energy since the beginning. The leaves trap the solar energy and use it in the process of photosynthesis to prepare food. In this way, solar energy plays an essential role in the functioning of the food pyramid.

Uses of Solar Energy:

Solar energy is used by all the organisms, including both plants and animals. And human beings are no exceptions. First of all, the daylight brought in by the solar energy drives away the darkness and helps us finish all the chores easily.

Solar energy produces enough heat to dry out the washed clothes. It keeps us warm in the winters. Solar energy also plays an important role in diminishing the humidity and killing the harmful germs. Morning sunlight is known to strengthen our bones, improve our immunity, and help control many skin ailments.

On a larger level, solar energy has multiple other uses. For instance, concentrated solar power allows us to cook food. By converting the sunlight into accumulated solar energy, we can also produce electricity and charge our electrical devices.

Plus Points of Using Solar Energy:

But why prefer solar power when we have other sources of energy? The reasons are quite convincing actually. To begin with, the sun is a ball of fire. This fire is a result of the fusion reaction. That means, it is not going to burn out for millions of years to come.

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy which keeps getting replenished. So, it is safe to say that, depending on solar power would not deplete the earth of its natural resources. Moreover, using solar energy is an eco-friendly option for all of us, as it doesn’t cause any kind of pollution.

Solar energy offers as a great substitute to the other non-renewable resources, such as coal, wood, mineral oils, fossil fuels, etc. This puts a lesser load on the planet earth in various ways. Non-renewable sources are already getting exhausted at a rapid rate. They also cause pollution and hamper the life of all the living beings.

Most of all, meeting the needs with solar power also costs less. It is a cheaper and economical source of energy when compared to other conventional forms of energy. This is the reason why many developed countries are finally adopting a lifestyle based on solar power.

Methods to Use Solar Energy:

Solar energy can be trapped in several ways. One of the most effective technology is the use of solar power plants. These power plants are specifically designed for the purpose of electricity production on a larger level. Other appliances and technologies that work on solar energy are solar cookers, solar heaters, and solar cells. All these three types of solar appliances would be discussed one by one.

Starting with the solar cookers, these are the most revolutionary methods of cooking nowadays. Instead of using conventional fuels, such as gas, kerosene, or wood, solar cookers plainly work with the help of sunlight. These cookers have a glass lid which captures and concentrates all the sun rays to produce heat and cook food. Solar cookers are eco-friendly and economical means of cooking.

Solar heaters are the appliances that help in heating the water with solar energy. These devices work on the fluid-based technology. That means, either air or an anti-freezing fluid is put into the collector so that the water can be heated without any electricity.

The last and the third form is solar cells. These solar cells directly convert the solar light into electricity. Solar cells are especially popular in the areas where the supply from the power grid is less available. Many calculators, wrist watches, and similar systems work with this technology. Not only that, but the electricity produced by solar panels can also be stored in rechargeable solar batteries.


Solar energy is the future of the next generation. It is a safer, greener, and economical way of living life. It can be replenished and is a renewable source of energy which causes no pollution in the atmosphere. Solar energy also puts less burden on the other forms of non-renewable resources and protects the earth from various types of pollutions. As much as possible, we should all switch to using appliances based on solar power and save our planet earth.

Essay on Solar Energy – Essay 6 (750 Words)


Solar energy can simply be said to be the radiant heat and light that the sun produces and is harnessed through the use of a variety of technologies that are ever-evolving like photovoltaic, solar heating, solar architecture, thermal energy, artificial photosynthesis and power plants of molten salt. Solar energy is one very vital renewable energy source and the technologies of solar energy are widely categorized as either active solar or passive solar based on the manner of capture and distribution of the solar energy and how the solar energy is converted to solar power.

The techniques of active solar include using water heating that is solar, solar power that is concentrated and photovoltaic systems to harness solar energy. The techniques of passive solar include the design of space that will circulate air naturally, selection of materials that have light dispersing or thermal mass properties that are favourable and the orientation of a building towards the sun. Solar energy is a very appealing electricity source because solar energy is readily available in large magnitude. Research has shown that while the total consumption of energy all over the world annually is 559.8 EJ, the potential energy generation of solar energy is 1.575 EJ to 49,837 EJ which is a lot more than what is needed.

Potential of Solar Energy:

The potential of solar energy which can be used is quite different from the quantity of solar energy that is present close to the planet earth’s surface as a result of different factors like time variation, geography, available land and cloud cover, all limit the quantity of energy that can be acquired through solar sources.

The potential of solar energy is affected by geography because all the areas very close to equator get a greater quantity of radiation from the sun. The potential of solar energy can be greatly improved following the sun’s position through using photovoltaic in the areas that are not close to equator.

The potential of solar energy is affected by time variation because there is usually little or no solar radiation during the night on the earth’s surface that the solar panels can absorb. The potential of solar energy is also affected by cloud cover because incoming light can be blocked by clouds preventing it from reaching the earth’s surface from sun and this goes a long way in the reduction of the available light that solar cells can use.

The potential of solar energy is also affected by land availability because we can only set solar panels up for use on the land usually not in use and very suitable for the foxing of solar panels. It has been discovered that very suitable place to fix solar cells are roofs, since a lot of people have come to the realization that they also can directly collect energy from their houses through this means. We can also establish solar plants on areas of land which are not in use for business or other things.

Urban Planning and Architecture:

The design of buildings has been greatly influenced by sunlight ever since architectural history began. Methods of urban planning and solar architecture that is advanced were first used by the Chinese and Greeks; they made the orientation of the buildings they constructed to the south so that warmth and light can be provided.

Features of solar architecture like compact proportion ( ratio of surface area and volume), orientation, thermal mass and selective shading are all tailored to that particular environment and local climate so that spaces that are well can be produced and the building remains in a temperature range that is very comfortable. Ventilation systems, heating and solar lighting are all tied together in the solar design.


In the times of global warming and climate change as a result of the pollution of the atmosphere through the emission of smoke from the burning of fossil fuels, it is very important that alternative sources of energy that are renewable are gotten. Solar energy is one energy source that does not negatively affect the environment and cannot be exhausted.

When we develop solar energy and its technologies that are clean, inexhaustible and affordable, we are bound to enjoy benefits that are huge and long-term. Solar energy can go a very long way in increasing the energy security of a country as a result of reliance on inexhaustible, indigenous and largely non-import resource, reduce pollution, enhance sustainability, lower the prices of fossil fuels and lower the price and cost of curbing global warming. All of these advantages of solar energy are global.

Essay on Solar Energy – Advantages and Disadvantages – Essay 7 (1000 Words)


Solar energy is basically energy from the sun and is received on earth and can be transformed into other forms of energy. Solar energy is usually used to generate electric or thermal energy. The sun provides energy that influences the climate on earth and enables the sustenance of all forms of life. It is a natural source of energy and is freely available. Research into solar energy has been done in attempts to discover methods of harvesting energy from the sun and utilizing it. Some forms of energy that are already in use are in existence due to the sun. An example is wind energy, which is derived from the wind yet in nature, wind develops due to the highs and lows in temperature. The sun plays a central role in terms of energy that is being used in the world.

Applications of Solar Energy:

In the modern world, there are important applications of solar energy that are being used. Applications of solar energy are both domestic and industrial. Domestic uses of solar energy do not require harvesting large amount of solar energy compared to the industrial uses. Domestic applications include solar cookers, solar hot water systems and air conditioners whereas industrial applications of solar energy include electricity production.

Solar cooking is one of the applications in which solar energy is harvested and redirected to produce heat energy for cooking purposes. Solar water heaters have become common application that is being used everywhere. Water heating systems have been designed such that they harvest heating energy from the sun. The same principles have been applied in air conditioning, space cooling and heating and in solar vehicles. There has been generation of electricity from solar energy that enables lighting and other functions.

With the constantly growing advancements in technology and industrialization, there will be increased discovery in the applications of solar energy. Solar energy can pretty much be important in everything it is just that we do not know how to apply it.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

Solar energy has been used widely across the world and its importance has been realized. Solar energy is inexhaustible and renewable. Solar energy will never get depleted at any point in life and that is why it is an important source of energy in the world. The applications of solar energy continually use energy that is renewable without much struggle.

Solar energy is free of expenses because it is naturally acquired. The only costs incurred are those related to the applications and structuring. However, the cost of these equipment is lower compared to the cost of using other sources of energy.

Solar energy does not cause any form of environmental pollution. The process of generating solar energy does not involve any chemicals or products that may cause the pollution of the environment. It is a clean form of energy and its use promotes environmental cleanliness.

Due to the ease of availability of solar energy, it can be used in both rural and urban areas. In rural areas, people are usually challenged because installation of electricity is a problem but with the use of solar energy, most people have an access to electricity and saves on the cost.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy:

In as much as solar energy is important and advantageous, there are some factors that render it disadvantageous. One of those factors is the limitation to daytime use. Solar energy can only be maximized during the day because the sun shines at daytime. Also, the equipment used to harvest solar energy are expensive and delicate. Thee equipment include panels, solar collectors and solar cells. All these equipment are very delicate and require much care to avoid damaging them because the replacement costs are high.

Solar energy require large spaces to collect enough energy for use in various solar applications. The collection of solar energy has to cover a large area through the use of large solar panels, solar collectors and cells so that more adequate energy can be collected.

Solar energy is dependent on the sun and cannot be deployed where there is minimal sunshine. This means that solar energy is limited to areas with ample amounts of sun energy. During seasons like winter, the use of solar energy is totally impossible and therefore other forms of energy have to be sought.

Solar energy can never be an independent source of energy in the world. It is basically an alternative source of energy upon convenience i.e., during summer, specifically during the day. In your summer house you can opt to use solar energy and then use electricity during the rest of the seasons. For those countries who do not experience seasonal changes in climate, it is very convenient and it can be an independent source of energy for them.

The use of solar energy is specific to devices that do not consume large amounts of current e.g., in calculators.


Solar energy is an important source of energy. Advancements in technology has led to innovations of applications of solar energy that are of great help to human beings. It has been a great era of modern society whereby solar energy has been appreciated through its applications. The uses of solar energy are similar to those of other sources of energy. Everything has its pros and cons and solar energy is no different. The pros of solar energy outweigh the cons and that is why its use has been maintained over the years. However, the limitations of solar energy should not be ignored. These limitations are somehow disrupting the expansion of solar energy use in the world. It is important that solar energy is used widely as a form of energy because of its environmental-friendly characteristic. Other forms of energy especially fuels highly pollute the environment. Not only does saving the environment a priority in using solar energy but also the fact that solar energy is free, renewable and inexhaustible. What a great deal?


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