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Essay on Life after School

Essay on Life after School! Find high quality essays on ‘Life after School’ especially written for school and college students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the reality, career foundation, challenges and hardship of life after school.

Life after school isn’t always easy and without stress. Once we leave school, things and situations around us begin to change in a very drastic way; life itself changes drastically for us. After leaving school we have a lot of new experiences and challenges.

School life is considered as the golden period of one’s life. However, as soon as one finishes the school and moves to college, there comes a sense of freedom as if one is a free bird now.

No matter what, life after school is entirely contrasted from what it used to be in school. It is important, however, to make the students aware of the challenges that lie ahead when they venture into life after school.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 11 and 12 Standard) and college students.

List of Essays on Life after School

Essay on Life after School – Short Essay (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

Life after school can cause great anxiety in many young people. After the years we spend in education, one can be overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that await us and most of them are concerned with earning money.

Life after school can strike us suddenly and without warning so it is better to think about the future before it strikes us on the face. In the life after school, you need to take decisions regarding career choice and ultimately the job you want to do in future. Life after school comes as a natural transition from one period to another without too much stress.

Learning to lead a life after school is an important and the last step in our process of growing up and maturing as individuals. Making the necessary preparations is the best thing we can do to help us in this transition.

Essay on Life after School – 10 Lines Written in English (Essay 2 – 250 Words)


As a student, the focus is always on life after school. The ambitious minds of young students wander into every possibility in life. There is always the desire of a good life for everyone, which is the assumption of life after school. To some of the students, it is a motivating factor while to some it does not make an impact whatsoever. It is important to have a vision and a desire in life. Life after school is basically adulthood and there is a lot about adulthood that students do not yet understand. Most of us hate school because we believe that life out there is nice and warm.

Reality of Life After School:

The future is what begins in life after school. This is when important life decisions have to be made. It is evident that people end up in different paths from what they had anticipated but it is still important to have an idea of the path to take. Parents usually put pressure on their children and force them to make life choices that they are not comfortable with.

It is important that students seek advice from counsellors or any other role model to get guidance. When diving into life after school, it is not strange to change your mind on the career path you had earlier decided on because as people grow older, there is change in perspective which influence a change in decision-making. Dedication and determination are the important moral values that help to build better life after school.

Essay on Life after School (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

I remember being both sad and happy when my school was about to end. Of course, I had my college to ponder about and at the same time, there was a sense of freedom and responsibilities as well.

A lot of people believe that life after school takes a U-turn as you realize how big the world truly is and how minuscule we may be. The truth really is that you need to keep an eye out on your career and understand well what you want to do and how you desire to live life after school.

The Career Foundation:

When I think about my life after school, I often wonder about the hours and hours I had put in to ensure that I got into the best college. I always believe that choosing a good college is essential because it kind of prepares you for your career and the rest of the life.

At the same time, my life after school was also devoted a great deal to understanding the different career streams and wondering what the right choice was for me. I was the kind of student who wanted to plan things well in advance and duly.

The Social Butterfly:

Also, when I look back at life after school, I realize that it was then that I really grew into being a social butterfly. I had always been an introvert in school but I knew I wanted to shirk that image more than ever. I started mixing with people, heading to parties and even tried and put in an effort to stay in touch with my friends as well. This helped me become a social butterfly and I believe that it also influenced the way I planned my career ahead.

So, life after school can vary a great deal based on who you are as a person!

Essay on Life after School – Facts (Essay 4 – 400 Words)

Life after school is very different from life in the school. Life after school is very different and changes drastically once we are out of school. Schooling normally ends after class 12 or equivalent or sometimes after class 10.

School Life:

While in school, we are considered as children and our parents and teachers take all the decisions for us. We have strict rules that needs to be obeyed. The school timings, teaching-study pattern, activities and playtime – everything is fixed as decided by teachers and by parents at home. We do not take decision and the strict routine and rigid rules are quite exhausting. The advantage in school life is that we live a carefree life and we do not have to worry about the consequences.

Take Decisions:

All above changes after school and we face new experiences every day. As we step out of the school, we get flexibility and choices but we need to take decisions and be responsible for the consequences. Therefore, we have to be very careful about every decision we take in the life after school.

Challenges of Life After School:

Life after school is full of challenges. One of the biggest challenge is to decide the career and build it – to go for higher studies or to do job or to be an entrepreneur – all are to make a good living. This is most critical issue in life after school. For higher studies, we need to decide career path – engineering, science, medical, humanities, law – research or service – public or private sector, etc., and to pursue the path, choose a good course-university-college and attain required qualifications. A search needs to be done and several factors be considered before finalizing. If the decision is job, we need to hunt for job opportunities. To be an entrepreneur, we need to be innovative. We need to face the real world, meet, deal and build contacts with all kinds of people in the life after school.

Life After School is Full of Challenges:

The freedom to choose – career, course, job, life partner, recognition, decent living etc., pose continuous challenges at every step after we move out of school and get into life after school. However, freedom comes with responsibilities. We are accountable for our decisions and actions. Maintaining balance between personal and professional life is yet another challenge in life after school. Life can be handled smartly if we plan things properly and work diligently.

Essay on Life after School (Essay 5 – 500 Words)


Life after school isn’t always easy and without stress. Once we leave school, things and situations around us begin to change in a very drastic way; life itself changes drastically for us. After leaving school we have a lot of new experiences and challenges. We begin to realise that the world is a lot different than we thought. As we leave school, we discover that every step and decision we take matters a lot and we need to start paying full attention to them. This period is a very important phase in our lives.

It is particularly during this period that we learn a lot of things that can help us advance in life. Once we are out of school and without the guidance and check up of teachers and professionals we begin to see who we truly are and our personality comes out. It is during this period that our parents grant us the opportunity to take independent decisions on our own.

What we can make out of life after school:

There are a lot of things we should try to do in life after school to help develop ourselves.

We will be looking at some of the things we can do below:

1. Pursue Hobbies:

With all of the stress of school including the bulky syllabus, assignments and other challenges we face in school, it is almost impossible for us to create time to go after all of our habits. When we leave school, before taking any further decisions or steps in our lives, we should take time to pursue all of our hobbies and develop skills that might be useful for us in the future. The truth is that the little period after school might be the only time we will ever have to ourselves. Therefore, it is best to use the time to do the things we love and enjoy and also try to learn new skills that might come in handy in the future.

2. Make Time for Personal Relationships:

Because of the constant pressure to study and the very strict schedule. Students don’t usually have the time to spend time with their relatives and loved ones, attend family functions and even go on trips and vacations with their friends. All of the above listed things can be done after school. It is important to note that taking time out to be with friends and family is essential for our development. We are able to fully understand all of these relationships and value them a lot more. It is very important that we make time for personal relationships in life after school.

3. Take Personal Decisions:

While we were in school, we didn’t take decisions of our own. Most of our decisions as students are largely influenced by our parents and teachers in school. Our teachers have a lot of say on our lives as students, most parents entrust the education of their children into the hands of the teachers. Once we live school and don’t have teachers again, we should start taking decisions of our own.

Essay on Life after School – For School Students (Class 11 and 12 Standard) (Essay 6 – 600 Words)


Life after school can be tough exciting and frustrating. As young people, schools have always provided a comfort zone. There is no obligation to work or provide for anyone since your needs are met by family. Also, aside from passing your exams, there is no intense pressure to succeed.

However, as soon as you leave school, you are faced with a hostile environment. Everyone is out for himself and you quickly realize that for the first time you are alone. Also, you suddenly have bills to pay and responsibilities to bear.

Life after school can also be rewarding. You no longer have to listen to anyone about your personal decisions. You are free to think about the future direction of your life. In other words, your destiny is finally in your hands.

Taking Your Fears for Life after School:

Taking on this phase of your life can be daunting challenging. The thought of fending for yourself alone can give you Goosebumps. The safety net of having less responsibility and being concerned about yourself alone is about to be taken off. So it’s only natural that you’re scared of what’s coming next.

However, to properly navigate this transition in your life, you must rid yourself of fear. Fear paralyzes the mind and rids it of its ability to respond to challenging situations. Thus, you would not get too far in life after school if you maintain this state of mind.

The better approach is to use your fears as a fuel for your drive to succeed. See life after school as an opportunity to surprise yourself and prove your critics wrong. This way you’ll increase your chances of success.

Preparing for Life after School:

The skills required to succeed when you were in school are not the same skills needed on the outside. For instance, to pass an exam all you have to do is study and have a decent ability to remember facts. However, life after schools dictates that you are able to solve daily challenges by rational thinking.

Thus, while you are in school, there are certain skills that you must learn to succeed on the outside.

Some of them are highlighted below:

i. Logical thinking:

Life after school would bombard you with complex problems that requires depth to solve. In school, you were probably given parameters that would help you solve your problems. However, life after school is complex and lawless. What matters, in this case, is the result. You would also get little or no help in solving your problems.

Thus, to survive in this setting you need to learn how to think logically. This form of thinking involves making sound deductions from a given set of facts. This skill would be important in several parts of your life after school.

ii. Taking responsibility:

You probably refused to be the group leader in school or failed to do your assignments a few times with little or no repercussions. Life after school isn’t so forgiving in similar circumstances. When you refuse to take responsibility, the consequences can be immediate and damning.

iii. Perseverance:

Once you step out of the comfort zone of your various campuses, things would not always go your way. Life after school demands that you maintain a tough skin when faced with challenges. The ability to persevere in the face of a daunting task is the difference between champions and losers.

iv. Management:

The ability to manage a situation cannot be overemphasized. If you cannot control how you spend your time, money and your relationship with people, life after school might be rocky for you. Consequently, you must learn to manage all the resources at your disposal.


Growth can be painful because of the changes it brings along with it. Life after school is not an exception to this rule. See this process as an avenue to grow and you’ll be fine.

Essay on Life after School – Challenges and Hardships (Essay 7 – 750 Words)

School life is always memorable and carefree time the students have as they are free of any responsibilities and seriousness rather than studies. Once this is finished, then your life will take a sharp turn to a completely different atmosphere.

The change in the life of a student from the secured and guided school to a rather responsible and independent life after school is going to be challenging. Teachers and parents try their best to mold the students to be able to face these challenges, however, it is not that easy to pass this phase of life after school.

Comparison of both Life Phases:

The comparatively carefree life they lived as a school student is not going to continue in life after school. During school, in your home, everything was decided and spoon fed to you by your parents. From the time you wake up to the food you eat to the school you study, everything was decided by them.

There were fixed decisions taken by your parents about your mode of studies and the free time activities you do. Your study time was set by them and play times too. All these decisions made will help the students to live a free-minded and happy life, which was controlled and well balanced by the parents. They won’t be asked to choose or take any options of their actual interest, which in turn may affect the person badly. But the good part was that life was easier and stress-free.

At school, all the activities and studies were under the strict supervision of your teachers. They constantly guided you to the correct path and according to the school rules, they led you to the disciplined school life. They were there to continuously observe your actions and punish you when you are wrong. Your life was moving according to the school time and timetables, which were set by the elders. The students didn’t get to make any decisions of their interest.

But thing are completely in life after school. The best part in life after school is that the students get more free decision making authorities. You can decide your stream of interest and further proceed with your career. The old school pattern will be totally deleted and in this phase, once your study time is over you can do any activity of your interest. Colleges won’t be as strict as schools and most probably there won’t be anyone to control your wishes. You can pursue your dreams and spend the extra time as you wish.

Even though this freedom is a gift, it also means an extra effort should be put from your part.

Challenges and Hardships:

Once you are out of school life, the actually responsible section of your life has started, where you will be considered responsible for every action you take and the consequences. Each and every option you choose will lead you to some part of your future career, whether success or failure. The freedom of decision making should not be taken lightly and proper researches should be done before fixing on any decision.

Life after school is full of responsibilities and expectations. We should take the responsibility of parents, who took care of you from your childhood and look after them from then on. Another responsibility and challenge are to build a good career. This can be done by deciding the right stream that compliments your interest and further work harder for achieving an admission in a reputed college through selection exams.

Once you start your college life, your challenges increases trying to complete the course with good marks and the list will go on till you think your goal is attained. When you complete your whole study procedure, you will be facing the real world trying to get a good job and a living. In this stage, it will be challenging and stressful to maintain calm and composed life.

Unlike the school atmosphere, in life after school, you will be made to mingle with more diverse types of people and environments, whether at your college or at your workplace. There will be a need to choose your contacts and friends wisely, which is also a challenge as they will be playing a major role in your further growth.

All these processes will completely be weighing a lot on your shoulders, once you step out of your school life. But when you start the journey, you will remember that many lessons taught by your teachers and parents will help you to take many valuable decisions. All the strict rules and discipline you learned from school will help you to lead a smooth life in the life after school.

Essay on Life after School – Long Essay for College and University Students (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)

In India, a child on attaining the age of three is required to be admitted to a school for formal schooling. The child remains in school for fourteen years and passes out only after completing class twelfth. At this time around, the child is in his / her teens at around 17 years of age. The remaining part of life is considered as life after school. But, the question is what life is after school? Is it the same what you had in school or is it totally in contrast to the school life?

The College Life:

First and foremost challenge a student faces in his /her life after school is choosing the right college. At times, you may not have the desired marks required to get admission in the college of your choice. This is perhaps the first learning of life after school. It is that you don’t get things on a platter and you have to earn them. So, you get to choose a college as per your efforts done during your school time.

Having said that another important lesson of life learnt here is that it not the end of the road. What if the college is not the one you dreamt, try and choose the course of your choice as your career is dependent on the course you choose, be it a science stream, some field of accounts or a graduation in subjects related to humanities. Every subject has its own future.

New Friends Vs. the Older Ones:

Regardless of whether it sounds unfathomable at the present time, your whole lot of friends may not stay together with you for your lifetime. The vast majority of friends keep in contact with a bunch of their absolute best companions from secondary school and that is it. With time, fiends tend to keep busy and you may not able to enjoy those times of enjoyment with your friends like the one you used to have in your school life. In the event that that idea makes you pitiful, don’t stress, the general group who are extremely worth keeping around in your life will dependably be there for you. Moreover, you are bound to make new friends as you grow up and meet new people.

The Process of Growing Up:

In life after school, Graduation is a mammoth achievement; however, it is not everything in the world. There are still more milestones to come and graduation is just the beginning. You’re still going to feel like a lost little child some of the time, particularly when it comes to documentation for that new occupation or settle on a significant choice about your master’s degree. The mystery is realizing that each and every other individual your age feels the very same way.

Becoming Fearless:

Life after school makes you fearless. Since you have a confirmation added to your collection, the result of long periods of diligent work and commitment, you realize you can go up against any test and finish it with energy. It means that you become more fearless with age. And to top it, mostly it is for your own betterment and you learn to take risks in life. Nothing seems harder to achieve and there is this strong desire to show the world what you are capable of.

Changing Expectations of Parents:

But, there is another side of the coins as well. Growing up and living a life after school comes with responsibilities also. Especially at home, your parents expect much more from you than when you were at school. First of all, they probably won’t have disapproved of when you skipped keeping your utensils in the kitchen once you are done with your lunch or dinner. In any case, now that you’re out of school, they will begin treating you like a genuine grown-up, which implies more obligations. Here’s the peculiar thing of managing yourself is something you may hate to do. It may make you think that your parents have changed. However, it is just that you have grown up.

The First Thought of Money:

You know growing up is quite an expensive affair and you must have often seen your parents struggling with money matters in trying to provide you with all that you dream of. In any case, now that you’re a secondary school graduate, you’ll be paying for your own gas, titbits, and garments soon, and perhaps more. So, it is time for a payback now. The drive to make and spare the money you earn is quite natural. Remember, the first occasion when you see a noteworthy number in your financial balance is the most fulfilling inclination on earth. It gives you that immense peace of mind for which you would have probably been dreaming since your school days.

All is not over yet. There are many other things which are bound to happen to you when you live your life after school. For instance, you grow up and do not look the same cute baby you were in school. You need to accept the changes in your body as well. Additionally, you have longer schedules to adjust to and remember, managing personal and professional life in today’s competitive times is not an easy task.


Growing up is a natural part of our life cycle. So is life after school. It happens to everyone. So there is nothing that you are the first one of the planet to have to go through it.

However, one thing you must not forget is that you must accept the changes in your life in a positive manner and just don’t succumb to the pressures of the real world.

The world is a beautiful place to live in and there is life beyond school. And trust your elders, the life after school is much enjoyable, have a lot of stress as well as emotions but in the end, it gives you the freedom to live a life of your choice. It is up to you what you want to make of it. So, dream big today and strive to achieve your goals once you step out for life after school.


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