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Essay on Life on Mars

What if one day you come to know that there is life on Mars? Exciting, isn’t it? For years together we have been trying to trace evidence of life on other planets in our solar system and beyond. There have been numerous space expeditions as well. The students of today should definitely be informed about the expectancy of life on other planets. This will help them in understanding or space in a better manner. We have thus prepared some short essays for students which shall guide them towards their acquiring of knowledge of Mars. The essays have been written in a simple yet crisp language and are suitable for students for all classes and age groups.

List of Essays on Life on Mars in English

Essay on Life on Mars – Essay 1 (150 Words)

Life on Mars is yet a matter of research for scientists. Mars is also known as the Red Planet and is right next to earth in the solar system. Surprisingly, images and evidence gathered in the past few years, confirm the existence of oxygen and water on the planet.

Even if, there is no life on Mars until now, scientists strongly hope for the possibility of it. The reason is the presence of oxygen and water in the form of snow. Both of these factors could play an essential role in the likelihood of life on Mars.

Over the decades, all kinds of spacecraft and satellites have been put to work for collecting as much information about life on Mars as possible. So far, whatever has been known to us, is not enough to give any solid conclusion about whether life on Mars has ever existed or not.

Essay on Life on Mars: With Conclusion – Essay 2 (250 Words)


How will life on Mars be? If there was life on Mars, would it be possible for humans to live on it? These questions have aroused the curiosity of many. Therefore, it would only be proper to understand what Mars is all about.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and the second smallest after Mercury in the solar system. It is popularly referred to as the red planet. Let us now consider the intricate details of this planet.

Proof of Life on Mars:

There have been confirmations of water and magnetic fields previously protecting the planet. Other scientists believe that water stills exist on Mars but because of its topography and atmosphere it would be salty. As a result, it is believed that the planet Mars has the environmental conditions necessary to support life.

The atmosphere of air on Mars is mostly carbon dioxide. Also, air on the planet is a hundred times thinner than that on planet earth. Hence, it would be difficult for humans to breathe on Mars without a spacesuit filled with oxygen. Plants and animals can’t seem to survive on Mars due to the planet’s gravity which is 38% of Earth.

Exploration of Mars:

In spite of all our curiosities, no one has actually been able to venture into the planet. In the early ’70s, for the first time, mechanical objects were sent on an explorative mission to check for life on Mars. Two robots, known as Viking 1 and Viking 2 were sent to the planet to observe and gather intelligence. They lasted for 6 and 4 years respectively. Robots expeditions have continued till recent times and have grown to include orbiters, landers, and rovers.


The possibility of life on Mars, till date, has continually captured the attention and interests of both scientists and non-scientists. Whether fantasy or not, it is the wish of many that one day man will be able to step on Mars comfortably.

Essay on Life on Mars: Future and Past Instances – Essay 3 (300 Words)

Life on Mars is one of the debatable subjects that come up every now and then. Scientists are working day in and day out to confirm the presence of life on Mars; however, there is no concrete proof as of now. There are a lot of people who believe that there is a presence of intelligent life on Mars but all we can do is waiting till the rumours are turned true.

The Future:

If we happen to detect life on Mars, it will open up a world of new possibilities. Along with finding out what kind of life exists in Mars and the kind of atmosphere which is present, there are plenty of other things which will have to be examined as well.

The space is full of so many puzzling stories and it is imperative to pay heed to the specifics. Until and unless, the scientists manage to find concrete proof that life on Mars is not just an imaginary concept but a reality, things really can’t materialize a great deal.

The Past Instances:

There have been a few instances wherein some scientists have claimed that they spotted life on Mars. Of course, the precise signs can vary and when asked, they couldn’t come up with a concrete proof. It very much boils down to your belief and imagination. But given the massive size of the space and how endless it truly is, it surely is likely that there is intelligent life out there.

Whether we find life on Mars or on some other planet inside our galaxy or outside is a question which is put to debate. We truly need to wait for the scientists to come up with the best results.

The bottom-line remains the fact that if aliens exist they might also be in the quest to find someone like them. Life on Mars definitely sounds a very interesting topic to dig further on.

Essay on Life on Mars – Essay 4 (400 Words)

Life on Mars is one of the mysteries that all the scientists in our world have been researching for over decades. The existence of life on Mars or probably its possibility is being discussed and the studies are yet to go through a long way before a conclusion.

Why Mars?

Mars is the red planet, closest to earth and the fourth among our planets in the solar system. Many types of research and studies have proved that Mars has a similar atmosphere to that of Earth. This triggered the concept of life on Mars in the minds of our genius scientists.

Many astronautic devices, space crafts, rovers, etc., are used to check whether any evidence or sign of life on Mars can be found to prove the theory. But every attempts to find the possibility has found negative results till date. But frequent efforts are being taken from the scientific side of our world to find life on Mars a possibility.


Studies and constant research have found oxygen content to be present on the surface of the red planet. However, it is not as habitat-able as on Earth for humans to survive or breathe. But this miraculous discovery has seeded the life on Mars theory further on.

Later on, water presence on the planet was also found, but in its solid form, ice. The latest update was given by the rover that three kinds of microbial organisms were found when the land sample was being examined by them. This has created a major spark in the research of life on Mars theory.

All these studies prove that there may be some kind of life on Mars but however, that may not be very similar to that of life on Earth. The living creature may be different form every species of flora and fauna living in our world.


Even if life on Mars is found and the possibility is being proven, there are some ethics and responsibilities we should be following. We, humans, have almost destroyed the beauty and diversity of our mother Earth. The same mistake should not be done in case of life on Mars.

Instead of finding more technological advancements that eventually destroys the life on Mars, we should focus on more sustainable ways to exist in the new environment. Exploring new ways of life is not a bad thing, but instead of destructing the life on Mars we should find a mutual way to exist on the planet along with maintaining its natural beauty.

Essay on Life on Mars: Popular Expeditions – Essay 5 (500 Words)

Mars is a planet which has the closest of similarities with the planet earth. Hence there has been most research on the chances of discovery of life on this planet. Mars, also known as the red planet remains a mystery for us for many reasons although as on today we know a lot of about than we did some fifty years ago.

Early Expeditions:

While space crafts equipped with robotics have given us magnificent perspectives, no people have ever endeavoured to adventure to Mars, and no such missions will endeavour for a long time. Meanwhile, NASA is buckling down now to find whether there is life on Mars. Different nations have been sending space crafts to orbit or land there since the 1960s, and every mission encourages us more about this entrancing planet. We have discovered that despite the fact that Mars is more like Earth than anyplace else in the close planetary system, and subsequently is the best place to search for life, it is as yet unique in relation to Earth from numerous points of view.

Why Mars may not be another Earth?

The earth and Mars have a lot of similarities between them. However, there are some critical differences which make them look so different. A compass focuses toward the north post on Earth in light of the fact that our entire planet acts like a giant magnet; however, Mars does not act along these lines. Other than turning a compass needle, Earth’s attractive field dismisses hazardous radiations coming from the space. Without an attractive field on Mars and with a whole lot less air than on Earth, more unsafe space radiation reaches its surface, making the possibility of life thin. However, there have been instances of polar ice found of Mars suggesting that water and even early forms of, life could have existed on this red planet.

Some Popular Expeditions:

In 1976, NASA landed spacecraft named Viking 1 and Viking 2 on Mars. One of these landers worked there for almost 4 years and the other kept orbiting it for over 6 years. Among their logical tests were the main ones so far explicitly intended to find whether there was something little for instance small microscopic organisms living on Mars? Most researchers are of the view that the outcomes don’t lead to any indications of life. The shuttle had cameras that returned a large number of pictures of the surface, demonstrating the changing seasons and delicacies of the stones and earth close to the stationary landers. However, the cameras did not show any signs of life on the planet.

Did Life ever exist on Mars?

Regardless of whether there was no life on Mars, it is energizing to realize whether there used to be lives there. So notwithstanding searching for living microscopic organisms, space agencies will look for small fossils that may show life did begin on Mars at some of the time may be hundreds or thousands of years ago. Maybe sometime in future we may have expeditions where man lands on Mars just as we landed on the Moon one day. But for now, there remains no evidence to support that life does exist on Mars today.

Essay on Life on Mars: Finding, Future and Conclusion – Essay 6 (600 Words)

Life on Mars has been an idea in people’s minds since we discovered how the planet looks. Compared to the other ones in our solar system Mars is a planet that is most similar to our homeland. One can argue that life on Mars is just a part of our imagination and something that will never be achieved, a hypothetical idea far from realization. But there are others who wholeheartedly believe that life on Mars is possible and, some argue, there was life on this planet before.

Is life on Mars possible?

To answer the question of whether or not life on Mars is possible we first need to look at all the prerequisites for life to exist. Some scientists have made a list of nineteen factors that need to be present on a planet for it to sustain life as it is encountered on planet Earth.

Even though Mars is bigger as a planet the Earth and it has soil on it unlike some of the other planets that are orbiting the Sun, many of the key factors for life are missing. Life on Mars is impossible without water to sustain the growth of plant life that we need to feed ourselves. The other big problem with life on Mars is the lack of an ozone layer and therefore of air.

The Findings:

Over the past decades, human explorations of space has made us question the possibility of life on Mars. Such questioning naturally led to missions of exploration and different national space agencies investigated the planet the best they could.

One such exploration of life on Mars sent a probe to the planet to collect a soil sample, this happened in 1976. The scientists were searching for any evidence of life like bacteria but they found nothing that would indicate the existence of a life form on this planet

Then in 1996, the question of the prior existence of life on Mars was asked once more when a meteorite from the planet fell to Earth. The sample collected showed fossilized bacteria and other simple life forms that existed on the planet. After several years of research, the majority of scientist found that the meteorite actually had no evidence in support of life on Mars, the claim was disputed but some researchers still maintain that the evidence is present in the findings.

The Future:

The future of life on Mars is not as bleak as the idea that there was life on the planet earlier. Many people are creating hypothetical programs that would support life on Mars and there is a general idea present that humanity could colonize the planet successfully and turn it into their new home. What remains is a real investment in the projects that would experiment with life on Mars and this can only be achieved with state funding. In the end, the future of life on Mars depends on our attempt to settle on the planet and on the individuals willing to fulfill such a goal.


Life on Mars is not just a childish dream but a real project that has many people excited. The great thing about this idea is that it opens up a whole new field of inquiry and a search for solutions to very specific and one could say planetary problems. Such problems offer a wide range of opportunities for us to imagine new technologies and to invent new machines to use for space exploration. People are doing the best they can to explore the possibility of life on Mars and once more resources get pushed towards this exploration of the planet, we will see incredible results.

Essay on Life on Mars: Studies, Experiments and Missions – Essay 7 (750 Words)


Mars is a planet just like earth due to its similarity in life sustaining properties. Although there has been no evidence of life on mars previously and so there is no cumulative evidence of life in Mars. Mars is adjacent to earth and has environmental components that are similar to those on earth. Scientists have speculated that Mars has a possibility of sustaining life just like earth and the components of life sustainability have been analyzed.

Is Mars habitable?

According to scientists, there is possibility of habitation in Mars. However, the environmental parameters could be insufficient but scientists have not made a conclusive report on them. The availability of water on Mars has been confirmed because liquid water was found on the surface. The environmental chemicals that have been established to be present are essential metals and nutrients. The source of energy would be solar energy and geochemical energy. Physical conditions like temperature, atmospheric pressure and climate changes were also determined to be able to sustain life. In the past, microbes were suspected to have existed on Mars. Up to date, evidence of life on Mars has not been established. Ionizing radiations are present and coexist with cosmic radiation in Mars. There is no magnetic shields on Mars due to the loss of the protective magnetosphere and atmosphere. This results in deleterious effects of radiations to living things.

Conditions that enable survival of living things range from the temperatures, radiations, humidity, atmospheric components and pressure. Life on mars has been made to appear impossible but there are some survival strategies with limited functions of reproduction, ability to thrive and evolution of living organisms.

Studies, experiments and missions to Mars:

There have been studies, missions and experiments that have been done to determine life on Mars. The first journey to Mars began in 1962with the launching of a spacecraft. The mission was called Mars 1. This space craft lost communication on the way to mars. Although communication was lost, there were few findings that were recorded. There were temperature abnormalities on the surface of Mars. And no signs of life on Mars were detected.

Mars 4 was another mission that was successful in 1965, results showed that there was no evidence of water in Mars through photographs which showed lack of water bodies like rivers and oceans. Findings showed that there was no magnetic field in the globe. The atmospheric pressure was also established to be too low compared to that of earth. After determination of these harsh conditions that are threatening to life of multicellular organisms, scientists started speculating for microbial life. Thereafter, Viking orbiters continued to look for evidence of life. The experiment were focused on soil to determine life on Mars for microbes but the results were inconclusive for existence of life.

Perchlorates have been determined to be present on Mars. It is very destructive compound that cannot sustain living things.

Reasons for human colonization of Mars:

All the studies, experiments and missions to Mars have been termed human colonization of the planet. The main reason for this colonization is economical interest. People want to be established economically hence the quest to find evidence of life on mars. Also, there is curiosity that drives scientists into finding more about evidence of life on Mars. The colonization process requires a lot of resources e.g., robots and technologies that are advanced and therefore there are attempts to develop these resources to enable research to be continued. Astronomic adventures and scientists are ambitious in the colonization of Mars.


In conclusion, no matter how similar mars is to earth, the possibility of human life sustenance is limited. Through experiments, the conditions of life sustenance are adverse and unable to promote survival. In as much as survival is limited, the presence of deleterious components are more pronounced in Mars than on earth. These deleterious components include harmful chemicals like perchlorate, heavy metals like lead, ionizing and cosmic radiations which contribute to impossible habitation of Mars by humans. However, life on Mars has not been determined to be completely impossible because a larger scope of research has not been done. Life on Mars is still inconclusive and research is ongoing. The absence of a protective magnosphere and atmosphere give poor prognosis with matters of life sustenance even with adjustments of other parameters. In as much as we desire life on a different planet, earth is still the best place to be. Earth provides and sustain living things comfortably.

Essay on Life on Mars: Introduction, Facts and Investigations – Essay 8 (1000 Words)


As we all know, Mars is the fourth planet in distance in our solar system from of course the sun. It is the second least planet when the sizes of the planets are considered, only mercury is smaller than mars. Mars has some similarities to the earth where we human beings live. Most especially, there are similarities in our atmospheres. These similarities may be as a result of the proximity of the planet mars to our own earth. The planet mars is popularly called the red planet because of the abundance of iron oxide that is reddish in colour on the surface of the planet and this gives the planet a very reddish and distinctive appearance that separates it from the other planets and can be seen clearly; it is probably the most studied planet in our solar system. The continuous study of the planet mars has indicated that there is the probability that life exists on the planet and it can support life.

The Possibility and Probability of Life on Mars:

The very first evidence indicating life on Mars is dated back to the early 19th century. Astronomers and scientists have since then been interested in mars and have been trying and striving to learn more about the red planet. There have been numerous operations of research over the years that were conducted to discover whether mars support life (if there is currently life on mars, if there ever was life on mars or if it can support life in the future). A lot of these researchers involved have claimed that our planet here is very much similar to mars when we put the atmospheres into consideration. It is important to note that the atmosphere of mars is very much colder than that of earth.

The environment and surroundings of mars is not believed to be fit and safe for human beings to live even though there is oxygen available and present in the atmosphere and all over mars. In the past, there used to signs of the presence of water in its liquid state on Mars, the only form of water we have on mars today are the ice caps that we have on the planet. As a result of this, the land of the planet mars is largely barren. Scientists and researchers recently sent a curiosity rover to the mars that has greatly helped in the exploration of the planet a lot further. The land dug by the rover on mars has led to the discovery that there are three very different types of molecules that are organic on mars and this point to the possibility that there might be the existence of some sort of life or living organism on mars.

Some facts about the planet mars and the earth:

It has been discovered that seasonal cycles and period of rotation of the planet earth is very similar to that of the planet earth. The Olympus Mon which is the volcano that is largest and also the mountain that is second highest in all of the big solar system. There are two moons on the planet mars and they are named: deimos and phobos both of which are irregularly shaped and very small.

Investigations on the habitability of mars:

Investigations are ongoing on the assessment of the habitability of the mars in the past and also the possibility and probability of life on mars. There are plans of missions of future astrobiology like Exomars and Mars 2020 rovers. Because of the extremely low and little atmospheric pressure of mars, the existence of liquid water is impossible on mar’s surface. The atmospheric pressure of the planet mars is almost lower than 1% of the atmospheric pressure of the earth.

The planet mars has two ice caps at the poles that seem to be formed majorly from water. It is believed that the quantity and volume of iced water that is in the ice cap of the south pole is more than enough to immerse the entire surface of the planet mars to about 11 meters in depth if it is melted. Around 2016, it was reported by NASA that they found a large quantity of ice underground in some of the regions on mars including Utopia Planitia. The volume and quantity of water that has been detected on mars is estimated to equal to the quantity and amount of water that we have in the Lake Superior.

It is very possible to see the planet mars from the earth even with naked eyes; it red colouring is very conspicuous from the earth. The apparent magnitude of the planet mars reaches about -2.94 and is only exceeded by the apparent magnitudes of the sun, the moon, Venus and Jupiter. Optical telescopes that are ground based are primarily limited to only resolving features that are about 190 miles or 300 kilometres across when Mars and Earth are very close due to the atmosphere of the earth.

Some physical characteristics of the planet mars:

The planet mars is almost half of the earth’s diameter and the surface area of the mars is only a little bit lesser in size than the earth’s total dry land area. The earth is also denser than the planet mars and the volume of the planet mars is only about 15% of the volume of earth and the mass of the planet mars is only about 11% of the mass of the planet earth. This means that the surface gravity of the planet mars is only about 38% of the surface gravity of the planet earth.


There is still no solid assurance or certainty that the mars will be able to safely and fully support life like the planet earth. It is a serious question that might take several years to answer; we do not know for sure if the planet mars will one day be fit and safe for inhabiting. A lot of various researches are currently ongoing to discover and work on life on mars.

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