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Essay on Narendra Modi

Essay on Narendra Modi! Find high quality essays on ‘Narendra Modi’ especially written for school, college and university students. These essays will also guide you to learn about his life as a son, chief minister, prime minister and a world leader.

Shri Narendra Modi is the 14th Prime Minister of India. Popular actions such as Demonetisation and Make in India Campaign have been enacted during the tenure of Shri Narendra Modi which has made him all the more popular.

Considered as one the fiercest leaders of India, every student should definitely read about the life of Shri Narendra Modi, his growth story as it is an inspiration in itself. We have prepared long essays for students so that they can know more about their Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and get inspired from his achievements and teachings.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Standard) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC can also increase their knowledge by studying these essays.

List of Essays on Narendra Modi

Essay on Narendra Modi – Short Essay for Kids and Children (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

Narendra Modi is the 14th prime minister of India, since 2014. Modi was born on September 17, 1950 in Vadnagar to Damodardas Mulchand Modi and Hiraben Modi. He is the 3rd member of the 6 member sibling family. His father was a tea vendor at Vadnagar Railway Station and he helped his father in the tea stall during early stage of life to support his family. Drawn from an economically weak family his early life was challenging. Later he started his own tea stall.

He has profoundly traveled across the globe promoting India’s status as a ‘young country’ and thereby mobilizing business and investment options from the developed countries. Narendra Modi is an excellent orator, who knows the pulse of the ordinary people.

Narendra Modi completed his higher secondary education in 1967 and during his studies, he was very active in school debates, and his oratory skills was very much impressive and drawn appreciation from teachers and fellow students. At the age of eight, he got attached to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) which paved his affiliation with BJP and later become Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002 to 2014.

An able leader and spokesperson, Shri Narendra Modi reached to millions of hearts through a program hosted on All India Radio called ‘Man Ki Baat’ where he communicates with the common men on the contemporary socio-economic situations. Like any true leader, he has miles to go and his dreams about ‘Make in India,’ ‘Digital India’ and ‘Swachch Bharat’ should come to a reality.

Essay on Narendra Modi – 10 Lines on Narendra Modi Written in English (Essay 2 – 250 Words)

Narendra Modi’s full name is Narendra Damodardas Modi. He was born on September 17, 1950 in a middle-class family in Vadnagar, Gujarat. His father’s name was Damodardas Mulchand Modi and mother’s name was Heeraben Modi. As a child, he used to help his father with his tea stall at a railway station.

He was associated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) since the age of eight and served the mission. In 1987, Narendra Modi joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) where he officially entered politics. He was appointed as General Secretary of BJP in Gujarat. In October 2001, BJP won elections and appointed Narendra Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat, where he served for 14 years. In 2014 elections, he was announced as one of prime ministerial candidates by BJP. Narendra Modi was announced as India’s 14th Prime Minister on May 26, 2014.

As a Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi managed a steady growth of Indian economy by increasing foreign investment from many countries. He emerged as a confident leader and a bold administrator as evident from his speeches, policies and schemes. He also reduced corporate taxes and custom duties on many goods. His successful campaigns included Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Digital India campaign, ‘Housing for all by 2022’ campaign, and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

In September 2014, he initiated ‘Make in India’ campaign to promote growth manufacturing of products in India. To eradicate black money and use of fake currency, demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee currency was undertaken under his leadership with an aim to stop corruption and terrorism in India in November 2017. Narendra Modi is also credited with the introduction of Goods and Service Tex (GST) in July 2017.

Essay on Narendra Modi (Essay 3 – 300 Words)


Narendra Modi is the14th and present Prime Minister (PM) of India. He was chosen as the Indian Prime Minister when BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) won the election of Lok Sabha with the 31% of the entire votes. Some of the successful campaigns by Narendra Modi as PM are Digital India Movement, Demonetization of notes of 500 rupees and 1000 rupees and Make in India.

Personal Life of Mr. Narendra Modi:

The full name of Narendra Modi is Narendra Damodardas Modi who took birth in a conventional Gujarati family in Gujarat on 17.09.1950. The name of his father is Damodardas Mulchand Modi and name of his mother is Heeraben Modi. At the age of 17, he got engaged to Ms. Jashodaben Chimanlal, however, he walked away from the wedding and continue his life as a single. He had also sold tea in the tea-stall run by his father.

Political Career of Mr. Narendra Modi:

At the age of 8, Narendra Modi was introduced to RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and afterward he turns into a permanent member for them. He became the CM (Chief Minister) of Gujarat from the year 2001 to 2014. Now, he is also the MP (Member of Parliament) from the seat of Varanasi. In 2014, he was chosen as the 14th Indian Prime Minister.

Schemes Announced by Mr. Narendra Modi:

When Narendra Modi was the CM of Gujarat, he thrived to boost the economic development of the state related to the industrialism and trade. After becoming the PM of India he has well accomplished to invite straight foreign investments from numerous nations that can help in the growth of Indian economy. There are various campaigns that are run by him like Digital India campaign, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and many more.


The prime minister of any nation has the obligation for authority and capability to lead the country towards the growth and Mr. Narendra Modi as the PM of India has shown it.

Essay on Narendra Modi – His Life As a Son, Chief Minister, Prime Minister and a World Leader (Essay 4 – 400 Words)


Narendra Modi, the Prime of India is a man of courage, determined to take India to new heights. Highly talented and trained, he enjoys doing whatever he does. His multi-tasking ability to travel the world over for tie-ups, administering the country through welfare schemes, keeping in touch with the common man through social media etc., makes even his political rivals to admire him.

Son of Vadnagar:

Narendra Modi was born on 17th September, 1950 in Vadnagar, Mehsana District, Gujarat. His childhood dream was to become a Soldier and serve the nation. Since his parents did not support, he gave up his dream. He studied M.A. Political Science in Gujarat University. With firm interests to serve the nation, Narendra Modi started his career at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), cleaning up its premises and running errands. He later became a political worker with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and worked for its growth at grass-root level. Narendra Modi is a poet, author and fitness enthusiast as well.

Chief Minister of Gujarat:

After organising several campaigns for the Party, Narendra Modi won the favour of its leaders. He was given the opportunity to contest from Gujarat. He won the elections and became its Chief Minister on 7th October, 2001. Making Gujarat vibrant through good administration, he won the subsequent three terms also. Through Jyotigram Yojana, Narendra Modi reformed the power sector of the State and in turn established strong governance. He contributed to the growth of Agriculture, Industry and Services.

Prime Minister of India:

At a time when BJP almost lost favour with the people, Narendra Modi was projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate on behalf of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). His good works in Gujarat reverberated through the entire nation. People were convinced to ordain him as the Prime Minister of India on 26th May, 2014.

As one of the first tasks, Narendra Modi launched the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana and made financial services available to all the citizens. His “Make in India” and “Shrameva Jayate” initiatives were directed to boost the morale of Investors and Entrepreneurs. In order to address the pollution issues, Narendra Modi launched the “Swachh Bharat Mission” at the National level. Every day, he has touched the lives of several millions through his welfare measures.

A World Leader:

Narendra Modi travelled widely all over the world and made business tie-ups with several countries. He also invited and hosted many renowned world leaders. He joined the COP21 Summit in Paris along with other world leaders to address climate change at the International level. His message at the Nuclear Security Summit was powerful and had an impact on the global society. His call to make 21st June as “International Day of Yoga” has been approved by 177 nations of the UN.


Narendra Modi is a charismatic leader, who is primarily concerned with the development of the country. His solutions bear a scientific approach to any problem. He promotes unity of India above religion or politics. Poised to transform India into a superpower, Narendra Modi continues to work tirelessly for the welfare of the nation.

Essay on Narendra Modi – For School Students (Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Standard) (Essay 5 – 500 Words)

The charismatic personality of the Prime Minister of India, Shri. “Narendra Modi” has enticed people in India and around the world. “Narendra Modi” or NAMO effect in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was phenomenal as the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) emerged as the single largest party to come into power.

Who is Narendra Modi?

Narendra Damodardas Modi was born on 7 September 1950 in a town called Vadnagar in Mehsana district of the Indian State of Gujarat. In his childhood days he used to sell tea with his father at the Vadnagar Railway Station. Later he ran his own stall with his brother. This is the reason why “Narendra Modi” is also famously quoted as the “Chai wala”, a tea seller who became the Prime Minister of India.

Political Career:

“Narendra Modi” took keen interest in the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangha (RSS) activities and started attending the training sessions at a very early age. He was introduced to the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) through RSS. In 2001 “Narendra Modi” was given the reins of Gujarat State after the falling popularity of then Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel during the crisis of Bhuj earthquake. As the Chief Minister of Gujarat “Narendra Modi” ruled from 2001 to May 2014. He resigned as an MLA from Maninagar and also as the Chief Minister to take oath as the Prime Minister of India on 26th May 2014.

Policies Credited to the Narendra Modi Government:

The “Narendra Modi” Government came to power at the premise of a hoard of promises done during the massive campaigns of 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. The Modi government is appreciated for new initiatives like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which aims for clean India. Mann ki Baat is a program aired by All India Radio where Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” addresses the country men on various issues in the country. Targeting youth empowerment the Make in India, Skill India, Digital India and other such programs are launched and run by the government. The Defence sector in India is also at the prime most position in the policies of the Modi government. “Narendra Modi” has projected a strong and independent image of India on the world platform.

Challenges and Criticism:

At the time he was Chief Minister of Gujarat “Narendra Modi” was heavily criticized and even accused of being complicit in the dreadful Gujarat riots in 2002. Based on the Special Investigation Team (SIT) report the Supreme Court acquitted “Narendra Modi” as no evidence was found against him. But still his positions during Gujarat Riots remain questionable in the eyes of scholars as well as common people.

The opposition parties claim that all the promises made by “Narendra Modi” during election campaigns are nothing but a hoax. Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” is also highly criticized by the opposition parties on several policies like demonetization, GST, exponentially increasing fuel prices, where by and large common people have suffered. In the recent 2018 state elections of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, BJP lost its stronghold to Congress even though “Narendra Modi” worked as a star campaigner. This loss has definitely hampered his image as a crusader.


With his impeccable oratory and colossal charm “Narendra Modi” has enticed the entire nation and people around the world. In 2014 Lok Sabha elections the Modi wave swept all its opponents and the whole country was mesmerized and in complete awe by his sheer presence. Now all eyes are on the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, which is seen as the ultimate test for the brand “Narendra Modi” in India.

Essay on Narendra Modi – Long Essay on Narendra Modi (Essay 6 – 600 Words)

If there is one person who needs no introduction, it has to be Narendra Modi. Currently serving as the 14th prime minister of India, he had also served as the chief minister of Gujarat.

His Early Life:

Narendra Modi had a very humble upbringing as he was born in a poor household. As a child, he helped his father sell tea and later on started running his own stall. The fact that he is now leading a huge country like India is a testament to the fact that no dream is too big for anyone to conquer if you are willing to put in the right kind of hard work and efforts.

It was at the tender age of eight that he was introduced to RSS and thus started a long term association with them which never quite stopped. His rise to power has been quite phenomenal and one can easily understand the kind of effort he put in to climb through the ranks. From being an active member of RSS to becoming a part of BJP and then slowly climbing up the hierarchy, he surely had a massive chart to follow.

Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister:

There is no denying the fact that Narendra Modi has set a befitting example for the rest of the nation to follow. Granted, there are a lot of people who do not have a lot of liking for Narendra Modi, but one cannot deny the fact that Narendra Modi has managed to pin India to a respectable position in the world map.

Let us take a look at some of the monumental standpoints as far as Narendra Modi, the prime minster is concerned.

The Oratory Skills:

When it comes to the power of oratory skills, Narendra Modi surely is the one we need to bow down with respect. His oratory skills are hailed to be one of the very best in the country and when he gives a speech, even in different parts of the world, people at large listen with great attention.

The way he packs his speech with veracity, facts and of course, the right verbiage is something which surely leaves an everlasting impression.

The Demonetization Episode:

Narendra Modi ended up creating one of the biggest history in Indian politics when he announced his demonetisation rule all of a sudden. The whole country managed to go into panic mode because no one was sure if they had heard it right. The fact that he stripped denomination of 500 and 1000 INR with immediate effect put the whole nation into frenzy.

Narendra Modi cited reasons that he wanted to curb the presence of black money. However, this decision remains one of the most debatable one as a lot of black money has managed to be circulated back into the system. Further, the decision had created too much chaos and ruckus at that time.

Digital India:

Narendra Modi spearheaded the digital India campaign as he believes that this is the future of our nation. He has been a part of several campaigns and he wants to pioneer the nation and model it on the lines of technology. Of course, this looks like a step in the right direction because automation and digitization surely seems like the future of tomorrow.

So, whether you like him or not, Narendra Modi has definitely changed the face of the nation and he has brought a lot of limelight to our country. From his inspiring speeches at Madison square to his epic stance; Narendra Modi has managed to become one of the most influential prime ministers of our nation.

Essay on Narendra Modi – For College and University Students (Essay 7 – 750 Words)

Who in India has not heard about Shri Narendra Modi? In fact, most of the world knows him and recognises him as one of the finest leaders of all times. He has contributed immensely at both domestic and international level which has made him so popular and respected. His life journey is an inspiration for all.

Early Days:

Narendra Damodardas Modi happens to be the full name of Shri Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi was born in Vadnagar, Gujarat to a middle-class Gujarati family, on 17 September 1950. As being born in a working-class Indian family, Narendra Modi’s youth was as same as any normal middle-class kid. Narendra Modi’s father’s name was Damodardas Mulchand Modi and mother’s name was Heeraben Modi. He was married to Jashodaben Chimanlal when he was only 17 years of age, however, Narendra Modi left the marriage and has remained a lone ranger. He used to help his dad on a tea stall at the Vadnagar railway station and later on along with his brother Narendra Modi opened a tea stall at the bus terminal as well.

Tenure as the Chief Minister:

The leadership abilities were dependably there in him from an early age. He was attached to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh when he was just 8 years old. Furthermore, Narendra Modi later joined as a full-time member of the RSS. He left his home in 1967 and utilised the energy making trips to Northern and North Eastern India visiting different Hindu Ashrams.

Narendra Modi has had an extraordinary effect on his life. With whatever guidance he got from the groups’ members, Narendra Modi surged ahead of his counterparts and sufficiently demonstrated the ability to be given the charge of the ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad). He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014 and is considered as instrumental for the development of Gujarat during this period.

His Stint as the Prime Minister of India:

In September 2013, Narendra Modi was named the BJP’s contender for Prime Minister in the 2014 Lok Sabha election. Several BJP pioneers were not happy with this announcement including BJP founder member Shri L. K. Advani. However, several individuals who voted in favour of the BJP expressed that if Narendra Modi had not been the prime-clerical applicant, they would have voted in favour of another party. The BJP won 31% of the vote, and dramatically increased its count in the Lok Sabha to 282, turning into the main party to win a greater part of seats without anyone else since 1984.

Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister of India on 26 May 2014 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. During his tenure, India rose to the 77th position from 142th in the 2018 Ease of Doing Business positioning by World Bank.

Popular Schemes:

Amid his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat and now as a Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has propelled numerous schemes which have been immensely popular. During his stint as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi supported the financial development of Gujarat regarding industrialism and business. Being India’s Prime Minister he has effectively figured out how to pull in direct outside ventures from different nations which will help the bloom of the Indian economy.

In his stint as the Prime Minister of India, he has effectively run numerous schemes, for example, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Digital India Campaign, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and some more. In September 2014 he started “Make in India” campaign to urge foreign organizations to produce their items in India making India a worldwide manufacturing hub.

On 25 June 2015 Narendra Modi propelled a program to create 100 smart cities which are relied upon to bring IT organizations an additional advantage of $20 billion. In June 2015 Narendra Modi propelled a “Housing for all by 2022” programme by building 20 million moderate homes for India’s urban needy individuals. Narendra Modi has likewise completed a colossal work to crush black money from India. The demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees notes is the initial phase toward that path, which will at last stop the corruption in India, the utilization of black money by the people.

It is the immense work done by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi which earned him so much respect as well as love from people all over the world. His Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign has helped the girls getting their rights of being educated and standing equal to the men. All this has eventually led India being one of the fastest growing countries on all counts.

Essay on Narendra Modi – For Competitive Exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)

Introduction (Who is Narendra Modi, Family Background):

Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime Minister of India. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and also has an association with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India in the year 2014.

Talking about his personal life, Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950 in the town of Vadnagar, Gujarat. Narendra Modi’s father was Damodardas Mulchand Modi. His mother’s name is Heeraben Modi.

Narendra Modi’s family belonged to a moderate financial background. His father managed a small tea stall and took care of the family. During his childhood phase, Narendra Modi also helped his father in running the tea shop. Later, he opened a separate shop with the help of his brother.

In his growing years that is at the age of 13 Narendra Modi got engaged with Jashodaben Chimanlal and was married at 17 years of age. But the marriage didn’t last long as Narendra Modi chose to walk away from his marital life at the beginning of his political career.

The Beginning of Political Career:

It was in the early years of the 1970s when young Narendra Modi joined the RSS organization. RSS is a Hindu Nationalist organization and stands for Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Narendra Modi was an active member of RSS. He created the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad for the students in the Vadnagar region.

Due to his vigorous involvement with the RSS, Narendra Modi soon found out his way into one of the biggest Hindu Nationalist political parties of India. Narendra Modi joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in the year 1987. His career took a long jump and within just one year, he became the general secretary of the party in the Gujarat state.

But his Political career was just at the budding stage and it was going to blossom very soon. With the passing years, Narendra Modi directed his career toward the capital of the country. He became the BJP secretary in New Delhi in the year 1995. His career took a bigger turn when Narendra Modi was made the general secretary of the BJP organization in Delhi in the year 1998.

He remained active in Delhi for almost 3 years. After that, the tragic incident of the Bhuj earthquake happened in Gujarat which devastated the lives of many people. The relief work was so poorly managed by the government that the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Keshubhai Patel had to give up his post.

It so happened that Narendra Modi had earned a considerable reputation by then. After the political mess in Gujarat, the party saw Narendra Modi as the best substitute for the Gujarat Chief Minister post. Thus, in the month of October 2001, he was made the chief minister of the state.

During that period, he got everybody’s attention so much that Narendra Modi took part in his first election the next year. As a result, in 2002 February, the election results came out and Narendra Modi grabbed a seat in the Gujarat state assembly.

All in all, Narendra Modi had been appointed as the Gujarat CM for the years 2001 to 2014. He then became the Prime Minister of India in 2014. Currently, he is serving as the 14th prime minister of the country.

Leadership Skills and Personal Qualities:

In his Political career, Narendra Modi has shown the qualities of a leader who is capable of running the administration with authority. Talking about his personal beliefs, he is a Hindu nationalist and a promoter of Hindu religion and its culture.

His Achievements and Milestones:

Narendra Modi has been more interested in the privatization of the economic sectors of India. During his tenure, he started a number of policies and schemes on both social and economic fronts. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Jan Dhan Yojana are to name some. Narendra Modi also started the make in India initiative in the year 2014 to promote foreign companies to invest in India and create more business opportunities.

On the social level, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which is also known as the clean India program. Its main objective was to end the evil practice of manual scavenging and creating awareness among the common public about the value of hygiene and sanitation.

Narendra Modi government also passed the goods and services tax 2017 which was preceded by the gigantic and sudden step of demonetization in which all the old five hundred and thousand rupee notes were banned and discarded.

Major Controversies Related to Him:

The political journey of Narendra Modi has not been devoid of ups and downs. The Prime Minister and his political party BJP have been accused of several fake encounters for which the cases are still pending in the court.

Long before that when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the nation stained its reputation around the world after the Godhra tragedy. It is said that Narendra Modi and his party workers had been involved in plotting the whole thing and giving it a color of religious conflicts.

When BJP came into power and Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, they promised to erase the problem of unemployment and create an ample number of jobs for the younger generation. However, even at the end of their tenure, the employment rate has only gone down and the current government is being criticized for its unfulfilled promises.

Experts within and outside the country have also called the process of demonetization an irresponsible step. Although it was taken to curb the black money, the demonetization created much havoc without producing any effective results.


Now that the Narendra Modi government is nearing the end of its ruling period, the country does not see it as a very successful journey. The increasing number of lynching, communal riots, and a threat to the freedom of speech of the general public and press cannot be considered healthy.

Although many steps and policies have been taken by Narendra Modi, they seem to benefit only a very specific section of the society rather than the whole population.

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