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Essay on Global Warming Solutions

Essay on Global Warming Solutions! Find high quality essays on ‘Global Warming Solutions’ especially written for school, college and university students.

Global warming solutions are measures that countries and cities are to put in place to curb the effect of climate change. There has been increased awareness about the rapid changes in weather conditions experienced around the world. These changes have been majorly caused by greenhouse emissions all over the world.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS, Civil Services and UPSC can also increase their knowledge by reading these essays.

List of Essays on Global Warming Solutions

Essay on Global Warming Solutions – Short Essay (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

Global warming solutions need to be implemented with no second thought as the condition has already started wiping out lives on earth. The government and human welfare teams have released number of global warming solutions on which we should be aware of and make in practice.

Global warming is mainly due to the retaining of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane etc. which steadily increases the earth’s temperature and adversely affect the existence of living beings. Global warming solutions should be those ways that cut down the root causes of this climate change.

Major global warming solutions include reducing usage of private vehicles, planting more trees, avoiding open waste burning, etc., that minimizes carbon dioxide emission. Practice of reusing plastics, glass, papers etc. or replacing them with degradable materials can lessen garbage. Moreover as a support to global warming solutions, minimizing energy consumption and promoting renewable energy sources like solar power, wind, tidal, etc., saves nature and energy as well for the upcoming generations.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions (Essay 2 – 250 Words)


Global warming solutions are important to talk about because environmental degradation is on a high scale than expected and it has caused various effects across the globe. Climatic change and global warming are few areas of concern to be seriously looked into.

Global warming is the phenomenon where the greenhouse gases are released high in the environment and as a result, the temperature increase leads to melting of icebergs, extinction of various species, increase in sea level, etc. It’s high time that we look for some global warming solutions to be applied at our level on a daily basis.

The Solution to Global Warming:

Global warming can be contained and minimized by following the below-listed global warming solutions.

1. Instead of using non-renewable sources of energy available, we can slowly switch to the renewable source of energy.

2. By using environmentally-degradable products rather than using non-degradable, we can maintain a cleaner environment.

3. We should minimize the use of power and fuel.

4. We must opt for energy efficient products that consume less energy.

5. We must make the environment greener by planting more trees.

6. We should use lukewarm or cold water for your daily usage.

7. We should take steps to prevent deforestation. Trees in the forest are the sinks of carbon-dioxide. By avoiding deforestation, more oxygen, in turn, less carbon dioxide can be found in the atmosphere.

8. We must use public transport whenever possible. This can reduce fuel usage and toxic compounds let out in the environment.

9. We should talk to people about the global warming phenomenon and propagate the solutions to prevent global warming.


Thus, by strictly following the global warming solutions, it is easier to control global warming gradually. Let’s gift a cleaner, greener, and safer environment for our next generation.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions – 10 Lines on Global Warming Solutions Written in English (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

Global warming solutions are necessary to protect our earth from burning out. The rising atmospheric temperature, pollution, and melting icebergs in the Polar Regions can all be prevented with the help of global warming solutions.

Global warming solutions consist of many little steps that we need to take together. The first and foremost of the best global warming solutions would be to replace the non-renewable sources of energy with the renewable sources. Global warming solutions are going to work only when we switch to the natural ways of living.

Global warming solutions include using solar, wind, and hydro powers to suffice for all our electricity needs. That means, saying no to burning coals, fossil fuels, oil, and other non-replenishing sources of energy.

Global warming solutions are mainly about reducing carbon emissions. This is where the role of recycling comes in. It reduces wastage and helps curb pollution. In other words, in place of using plastic that doesn’t degrade, we should use more things made of cloth, wood, or paper, that are biodegradable.

Global warming solutions are not just the responsibility of the government. We as citizens, share an equal duty to save our environment and doing so is quite easy. Close the tap when the water is not in use. Wasting water is the biggest damage to the earth. When no one is in the room, turn off the lights and fans. Saving electricity saves our earth too.

Global warming solutions can be put into effect by other smart ways too. For instance, opting for carpooling on your way to the office, using stairs in place of elevators, using solar panels at home, preferring eco-friendly appliances, planting more trees, and reusing the old containers would have a great impact on the health of our planet.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions – For School Students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) (Essay 4 – 400 Words)


Global warming solutions are measures that countries and cities are to put in place to curb the effect of climate change. There has been increased awareness about the rapid changes in weather conditions experienced around the world. These changes have been majorly caused by greenhouse emissions all over the world.

Since the causes of global warming are manmade, global warming solution can also be reversed by the actions of men and women residing in our planet.

Global Warming Solution Approaches:

To provide global warming solutions, governments, cities, and individual person must take conscious steps in their everyday life. Below is the list of some of those steps.

Use Renewable Sources of Energy:

This is probably the biggest step in providing solutions to the global warming problem. Due to our consumption coal, oil and natural gas, we emit a gas that destroys our ozone layer and makes the earth warmer by the second. These materials are consumed by the larger percentage of the world making its reduction a daunting challenge.

To provide global warming solutions, the world must switch to renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and air. These sources produce little or no by-products thereby leaving our climate the better for it. The challenge in making this switch, however, is the fact that most of our technology runs on the old system. Hence, it might take a while to build the infrastructure that can accommodate renewable sources of energy.

Improve Fuel Efficiency:

While the best global warming solution would be to totally remove the consumption of fossil fuel from our daily lives. Achieving that would take a long time. Alternatively, we can simply improve fuel consumption technology in vehicles and mechanical apparatus.

Since must of our gas emit on comes burning fuel in vehicles, consuming less fuel would invariably lead to fewer gas emissions. Also, this would reduce the demand for crude oil which is the source of the emission. Consequently, creating fuel-efficient vehicles would have a ripple effect on the greenhouse emission of the world at large.

Invest in Renewable Energy:

Providing a global warming solution is a long-term initiative. Hence, government and private investors must think about the future in their choice of investments. Forward thinking would, therefore, suggest a shift in fossil fuel related investments to invest in renewable energy sources.

Scientist and companies back by financial might can invent breakthrough technology that helps develop or fine-tune renewable energy sources for the future.


The quest to create global warming solutions is a contentious one. First, we must be aware of the effect of our actions on the climate of the world. We must also take coordinated steps to curb this trend.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions – International and Local Global Warming Solutions (Essay 5 – 500 Words)


The world has changed significantly in the past one hundred years and this change can be felt in many aspects of our daily lives, most notably in the climate. That is why scientist and policymakers work tirelessly to promote new global warming solutions.

Once you get into the heart of the matter there are many different aspects to the global warming solutions that are implemented on various levels of society. The positive thing is that there are many institutions and countries that see a need for the implementation of global warming solutions in their surrounding as a mandatory part of their policies and political endeavors.

International Global Warming Solutions:

International organizations and multi-state committees have identified a need for the development of global warming solutions and their implementation on an international level. The fact is that the process of industrialization and rapid urbanization created many ecological changes that we did not expect and over time they created the need to develop global warming solutions among other things.

The international community is developing universal plans that will cut down on carbon emission by making more eco-friendly factories or by planting new forests. The global warming solutions are designed to address many different aspects of how a countries economy and resource management functions with the end goal to create a bigger niche for the development and use of renewable sources of energy.

The directives that regulate such things and the additional funding meant to stimulate the implementation of global warming solutions must be led and controlled by the state because that is the only way we can ensure that the protocols are followed through precisely and we have the wanted effects. Global warming solutions are the only thing that can turn the battle against the global weather catastrophes that have been unraveling due to our bad custodianship of the earth.

Local Global Warming Solutions:

Even though most of the global warming solutions are implemented through government institutions there is still a lot that can be done locally to help with this problem. The thing is there are some things that we do every day that help with the advancement of the global warming issues of today. One of the most predominant contributors is the use of cars in our daily routines and it is no wonder that so many global warming solutions have the reduction of car usage as one of their principal goals.

The other thing we can do to help contain problems of global warming is to be more thoughtful of the energy we use and how we use it, be it in our homes or at work, every atom we can save up means that there is less need to create so much power through the use of fossil fuel and other sources of energy. Terror one of the best global warming solutions is to teach people how to be aware of the things they do daily that contribute to the current state of things and also to give them potential solutions that they can then implement in their routine.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions (Essay 6 – 600 Words)


Global warming solutions can never be understated. It is very important that we try to discuss and also follow them so that our health can remain well and good. It is very important that we think seriously and positively about global warming. Our actions and habits must be oriented in such a way that we are able to eventually solve the menace and make our environment a much better place for all of us. It is important that we do our very best to help curb global warming.

We need to be more practical every day so that we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, especially emissions of carbon and also slow down the rate at which global warming is taking place. The major reason behind global warming that has been on a rise is the emission of greenhouse gases that has unlimited sources, especially the sources that are man-made. If we want to be able to reduce or limit pollution through global warming, there is a need for us to put a limit to technological needs that are unnecessary.

Different Solutions to Global Warming:

It is advisable that we try to do everything possible to reduce the harmful effects of global warming.

1. Using Renewable Sources:

It is important to go with energy that is renewable, like electricity produced from the solar system, wind and various other sources that are clean.

2. Using Alternatives to Transportation:

It is also advisable that anytime we drive, driving should be done smartly. It is best if we share our means of travelling through taking public transportation means instead of using personal vehicles, releasing harmful gases that can lead to global warming. Alternative transportation means like carpooling, biking, walking and public transit should be encouraged. It is also advisable to choose a vehicle that is efficient which means we should use vehicles that have a mileage that is high with a level of energy consumption that is less.

3. Using Energy-Efficient Lights:

We should also endeavour to become more efficient in energy use in our day to day life by using appliances that are energy efficient. Energy can be saved in the simplest way by choosing to replace light bulbs that are simple with fluorescent bulbs that are compact also known as CFLs. These CFLs usually last about ten times longer than light bulbs and they also consume less energy when compared with the light bulb. The habit of switching of lights and the other electric appliances and devices in the house so as to avoid the unnecessary consumption of energy should be encouraged. This can also help in reducing the heat level in the house.

4. Other Solutions:

Another solution to global warming is to plant more and more trees to make our planet cooler. Recycling of wastes is another global warming solution. Creating awareness and promoting the use of the above methods is another solution to global warming.


There is a need for us to try and control the various effects and impacts of global warming. Any solution for global warming requires a positive action and also meaningful discussion that will lead to habits that are bound to help ease global warming. The temperature of the earth continues to rise every day and we are beginning to really feel the impact of global warming. Reducing the many effects and impacts of global warming is a task that is very difficult and daunting but it is still possible.

A lot of effort is required for us as individuals and also as a society to help get a little bit of control over the menace that is global warming. It is important that we try to totally eliminate all of the activities that might in one way or another inadvertently contribute to global warming.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions – Long Essay for College and University Students (Essay 7 – 750 Words)

The overall increase in the temperature of the Earth is what global warming is all about. Over the years, there has been a slow yet steady increase in the overall temperature. There are many reasons for the increase, many of which can be attributed to human activities. Hence the role of humans in containing this problem becomes all the more important.

For many years, the world’s atmosphere has normally fluctuated, switching up from hotter periods to ice ages. Be that as it may, since the last century, the world’s temperature has expanded curiously in a fast manner of around 1.2 to 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. As per various studies, human exercises are colossally adding to this not-ordinary spike in temperatures.

Causes of Global Warming:

The extensive use of petroleum derivatives, for example, coal, oil and flammable gas activated by the beginning of modern era are the principal supporters of a dangerous atmospheric deviation. Power plants, processing plants, and vehicles have been consuming these fossils fuels since the modern age, discharging gigantic measures of primary gasses, especially causing the greenhouse effect. This greenhouse effect leads to the trapping of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere which is further responsible for the increase in the temperature of the earth.

However, we have solutions available to overcome this problem of global warming.

Global Warming Solutions:

There are many global warming solutions available on the date which if adopted by various countries can help control this problem. One of the most fruitful solutions is the use of cleaner fuels such as solar energy and wind energy. We have been using fossil fuels very extensively which has not only led to the increase in temperature but has increased the pollution levels as well. We are yet to tap on the use of cleaner fuels such as solar energy which is abundantly available to us. Similarly, wind energy is clean as well as a renewable form of energy which if tapped to its optimum can do wonders and help us solve our energy-related issues.

Another global warming solution is the use of recycled products. You can help limit chopping down of trees in your neighbourhood to adjust the measure of greenhouse gases in the environment by purchasing reused paper items. Additionally, request or purchase items that require less bundling to eliminate the measure of waste that would end up at landfills and thus cause huge natural contamination. In the event that there is no reusing plant in your general vicinity, make a point to begin one. There is an extensive variety of materials in your neighbourhood that require reusing, for example, paper, plastic, steel, aluminium just to give some examples.

Similarly, less driving is another of the global warming solutions. Insignificant driving is commensurate to fewer outflows. Less driving additionally implies less out-of-take costs. Picking sound exercises, for example, strolling and riding a bike is an incredible method to decrease climatic emanations. When going to work, choose public transportation like rails or network mass transport framework. Carbon impressions can likewise be brought under control by these measures.

When you drive, ensure that the vehicle is working productively. For example, ensuring that your vehicle tire is at in every case is properly inflated can upgrade your gas mileage by over 3%. Every gallon of gas you spare moves you towards achieving your goal of executing global warming solutions.

Another of the important global warming solutions is planting more trees. Trees assume a basic job in keeping up ozone-harming substance balance. In the event that you have the assets to plant a tree, you better get down and begin burrowing to spare the planet. A wealth of trees would viably balance the releases caused by processing plants, vehicles, and other human exercises. As per researchers, one tree can absorb more than one ton of carbon dioxide inside its lifetime.


It is the need of the day to go for global warming solutions. This is probably because if the change of temperature of the Earth is not contained, it would not be far when life would cease to exist of the earth. In order to ensure a sustainable environment for our future generations it is our duty to enact such practices today and have some global warming solutions in place.

We must not forget that already many species have been lost as they could not adapt themselves to the changing environment. Man has his limitation too. Therefore, we must ensure that we are able to contain the environment so as to ensure the survival of mankind as well as other species on the Earth.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions – For IAS, IPS, UPSC and Other Competitive Exams (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)


Global warming is an environmental concern to every country across the globe mainly due to its adverse consequences. The consequences are severe and threaten the lives of all living things on the surface of the earth and there is need to find the possible solutions and implement them soon so that the ecosystem is preserved. It is important to identify each influence of global warming and then find solutions for each of them so that the problem can be fully handled. Given the fact that global warming is an environmental issue that affects the whole world, it is important that the problem is examined and solved globally and so all governments should come together in the efforts to finding and implementing solutions.

Causes of Global Warming:

Global warming is as a result of several factors some of which are natural while some are human influences. Natural causes of global warming include the position of the sun. Scientists report that the sun revolves around the earth and it has been noted that the intensity of the sunlight has increased due to the fact that the sun is moving closer to the earth.

The closer the sun is to the earth, the higher the temperatures on the earth’s surface and therefore global warming occurs. Another natural cause of global warming is volcanic eruptions because of the gases e.g. carbon dioxide that is released to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas whose increased concentration in the atmosphere causes an increased temperature on earth.

Onto the human influences of global warming, they are due to industrialization and modernization. Human activities have destroyed the ecosystem and have transformed the nature of earth negatively. One of the human influences of global warming is industrialization.

Through industries, there is release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which cause a rise in earth’s temperatures when they accumulate. In the industrial revolution, there is the use of fossil fuels. The use of fuel by vehicles and machines cause the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through combustion of those fossil fuels to produce energy. Carbon dioxide is a major contributor of global warming.

Deforestation is another human activity that influences global warming. Deforestation is the cutting down of trees by humans for use in making paper, for wood and house constructions. Trees are of great importance in the environment because they replenish air by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen but upon deforestation, there will be an increased accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which cause global warming.

Solutions to Global Warming:

Consequences of global warming are adverse and solutions have been sought to curb the problem. When finding solutions to global warming, it is important that governments of all countries and citizens take the responsibility of ensuring that there is decreased human influences that cause global warming. Human influences contribute to accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and they should be reduced if global warming is to be reduced. Starting with industrial emission of gases, the government has to employ strict policies on releasing untreated gases to the atmosphere.

The use of fossil fuels can be replaced with the use of biofuels. Fossil fuels emit a lot of greenhouses when used in machines and vehicles and re even more expensive compared to biofuels. Biofuels are less costly and they reduce greenhouse gases in the environment therefore help in reducing global warming. There are other forms of energy that do not contribute to greenhouse gases emissions e.g., electricity using electric machines and vehicles will greatly help in reducing global warming.

Due to the effects of deforestation on the environment and global warming, afforestation has been made a policy in most countries. Planting of more trees in the environment reduces global warming and adverse climatic changes. Also, tree prevent erosion of soil and preserve the ecosystem as required. It is important that humans are educated on the importance of trees to the environment so that they can reduce cutting them down and whenever they cut down a tree, they should take the responsibility of planting others.

Recycling policy is another global warming solution. Environmental pollution occurs due to deposition of plastic bags, paper and bottles. The main cause of deforestation is to manufacture paper, which if recycled, there will be less need for people to cut trees and therefore the environment will be conserved and global warming will be reduced. Also, recycling will reduce the gases emitted when people are burning wastes thus reducing global warming because carbon dioxide is usually the product of combustion and a major cause of global warming.

How to Implement the Solutions of Global Warming:

Finding global warming solutions is one thing but implementing them is another. The effective way to implement most of the solutions to global warming is through policies. Policies are made and the government is involved in implementing those policies. Also, the policies should be accompanied by consequences in order to maximize adherence. The consequences should be severe so that people can follow the policies strictly.

Through the government, the authorities will determine the effectiveness of the policies depending on how they are implemented. Strict policies on human influences like industrialization are made then they are circulated for all the involved parties to read and understand. The policies are the given time so that people make adjustments to suit the policies. After that period, the government then follows up to check if the policies are being followed and if not, consequences are implemented on the non-adherent parties.

Implementation of global warming solutions can be done through public awareness. On World Environment Day, there are protest that are done to demonstrate public awareness on environmental issues and global warming is one of them. If the public is aware, they will participate in control and prevention.


In conclusion, global warming is a major environmental concern that results in severe consequences. Efforts toward reduction of global warming should be everyone’s responsibility because it affects us all.


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