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Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change

Essay on global warming and climate change! Find high quality essays on ‘Global Warming and Climate Change’ especially written for school, college and university students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the causes, reasons, impact, relationship, similarities and future of climate change and global warming.

Global warming and climate change are two terms that have been used interchangeably in recent times. While they are related, two concepts are not exactly the same thing. Global warming can be seen as a subset of climate change.

Global warming is the general increase in the temperature of the world. Climate change, on the other hand, includes variation in world temperature. However, it goes beyond just that. It is the general change in the climatic conditions of the world which includes wind patterns and precipitation.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC can also increase their knowledge by studying these essays.

List of Essays on Global Warming and Climate Change

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change – Short Essay (Essay 1 – 150 Words)


“Global Warming” and “Climate Change” are the hot topics of today and they threaten the very existence of our planet. Global Warming refers to the increase in the overall temperature of the Earth and this causes Climate change.

Global Warming – Main Factor for Climate Change:

The climate of Earth has become warmer over the last two million years and the most important reason for it is identified to be Global Warming. The unusual increase in the atmospheric temperature leads to various repercussions which even causes a shift in seasons.

Causes of Global Warming and Climate Change:

Burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and other human activities are cited to be the most important reasons for global warming which causes a variation in Climate.

Impact of Global Warming and Climate Change:

Melting of ice, floods, forest fire, intense rain are all impacts of global warming and all these causes change in weather conditions. Unusual Climate changes brings several health-related problems and unavailability of natural resources.

How Can We Stop Global Warming?

Global Warming can be prevented if we lead a simple and environment friendly life. Planting of trees and avoiding excess use of fossil fuels are better solutions.


Global Warming and Climate Change must be taken very seriously as both leads to destruction of entire ecosystem.

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change (Essay 2 – 250 Words)

The world is leaping towards inclusive development. Our life becomes easy due to many scientific innovations. The vehicles for transportations, refrigerators for preserving food, plastic materials for better packaging, chemical fertilizers to catalyze agricultural growth are examples of how science has made our lives easy.

But the demerits of these innovations are to be paid highly. The lethal disadvantage of motor vehicles is the air pollution caused by the emission of harmful gases like CO, CO2, particulate matter and hydrocarbons. CFCs emitted from refrigerators, toxic gases released during the burning of plastics like Nitrogen oxides are the highest contributors to global warming.

What is Global Warming and Climate Change?

Global warming is defined as a long-term rise in the average temperature of the earth’s climate system. The average temperature which is sustained within the earth by the greenhouse gases plays a vital role to keep the earth warm. But when the amount of these gases become high, the amount of heat generated within the planet will get increased with the increase of these gases leading to significant climate change.

Global warming and climate change will result in many disasters on the earth. Climate change is the primary and explicit effect to be experienced in the earth. The uncontrolled rise of temperature will result in the melting of ice glaciers which consequently leads to the floods coupled with drought, forest fire, end of natural resources and animals, etc. These effects are deadly and can even wipe out the existence of life on our planet.

So, we must take significant measures to control global warming through changing our lifestyle and resorting to eco-friendly development processes.

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change – Written in English (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

Global warming and climate change is the major threat our world has faced throughout recent times. The considerable increase in the surface temperature had a massive effect on the natural climatic variation and thus completely changed the standard conditions of the world.

The climate change due to global warming is being studied and discovered for over a couple of centuries and the scientists are vigorously trying to find the best way to control the crisis. The mutual linking of global warming and climate change has created a tone of concern among the intellectuals that these may cause a big change in the world’s day to day affairs. This has been proved from the climate variations and the untimely season changes that have been occurring very recently in different parts of the Mother Earth.

Global warming is majorly due to the disruption of the natural balance of energy that comes and goes out of the Earth’s surface. This is well maintained with the incoming solar energy that is divided into visible light and non-visible infrared and ultraviolet radiations.

Due to many human activities like deforestation, it has resulted in several changes in the atmospheric temperature wherein the major part of the heat and invisible radiation reach the Earth and stay on it thus, increasing the heat energy on the Earth’s surface. Thus global warming directly results in the climatic change of our Earth.

There has been campaigns and other efforts taken by many people across the globe to bring awareness to the communities about the growing crisis of our world. Emission of Greenhouse gases including nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide has played a vital role in making the situation worse.

Some of the very common impacts of Global Warming and Climate Change are wildfires, droughts, heavy snowfall, frequent hurricanes, heavy rainfall leading to floods, heat waves, retreating of glaciers, ocean acidification and lot more as the list keeps on increasing with every passing day. It is also one of the major reason for the extinction of some species due to an unexpected change of temperature in their habitats.

It is high time that the world unite together to curb the rising hazards of Global Warming and Climate Change. Every single step taken by each individual counts for creating a world that stays for the generations to come!

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change – For School Students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) (Essay 4 – 400 Words)


Global warming and climate change are two terms that have been used interchangeably in recent times. While they are related, two concepts are not exactly the same thing. Global warming can be seen as a subset of climate change.

Global warming is the general increase in the temperature of the world. Climate change, on the other hand, includes variation in world temperature. However, it goes beyond just that. It is the general change in the climatic conditions of the world which includes wind patterns and precipitation.

The above is not to say that global warming and climate change are not related. A variation in the temperature invariably affects the climate. This article would discuss the depth of their relationship.

The Relationship between Global Warming and Climate Change:

To understand the relationship between these two concepts we must start from how global warming occurs. Mainly due to our consumption of fossil fuel and deforestation, we release too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This act slowly and surely increases the general temperature of the environment. That is where global warming starts.

Climate change continues from where global warming takes off. The effect of the increase in the general world temperature leads to a change in the total climate conditions. First, there is the variation in weather conditions and change in season. There are also other phenomena such as rising sea levels and melting ice cap. The relationship explained above is the reason why the terms have been used interchangeably.

Similarities between Global Warming and Climate Change:

Solving Reducing Global Warming Also Keeps Our Climate Safe:

As we have pointed out earlier, global warming leads to larger changes in climate conditions. Thus, when we try to curb global warming, it would be like killing two birds with a single stone.

They Both Concern the Environment:

It doesn’t matter what term immediately comes to mind. When you mention global warming or climate change, you would obviously be talking about the environment and its problems. While climate change affects our world on a much larger scale, global warming is just as important and cannot be neglected.


We can distinguish these two concepts from now till eternity but the important issues still remain. Our planet is getting warmer by the day and it won’t stop until we take conscious steps to bring the temperature down. Through coordinated efforts from organizations and individuals we can keep our climate steady.

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change – With Reasons (Essay 5 – 500 Words)

Global warming and climate change are things we should be worried about today as impacts of these are being felt by all of us. Scientists are still not clear whether it is the climate change that is causing global warming or the global warming is causing the climate change. In fact it is difficult to separate them as both are happening simultaneously today and are effecting the environment and life on earth.


Climate is the long term periodic variations in the weather patterns observed over centuries. Climate change is a natural and continuous phenomenon which has been happening ever since the earth was formed millions of years ago. Climate has changed from cooler ice age to warmer over the last two million years in the cyclical manner. Sun is the ultimate source of heat energy for earth which is fuelling the weather system and millions of life forms as we see today. All these climate changes have taken place at a very slow pace.

Climate Change:

The random and abrupt climate changes in the current time is attracting the attention of common men. We are experiencing unexpected weather pattern; arbitrary drought, rain and snow fall; very high or very low local temperatures, forest fires etc. all without season and reason. These random changes are happening at an ever increasing pace. These short and random climate changes are affecting human and other lives positively or negatively on the entire earth. There are many other reasons behind climate change, some are natural like solar activity and some are human created. Climate change is a global phenomenon but impacts different regions differently.

Reasons for Climate Change:

In the past few centuries, human activities are impacting the environment adversely and these have been increasing at an ever growing rate. Some of these are – release of large amounts of carbon dioxide and other harmful materials in the atmosphere and water, excavation of fossil fuels and other materials from earth, cutting of trees and forests, urbanization and industrialization.

Greenhouse Effect:

Burning of fossil fuels and release of harmful gases has formed a blanket around the earth which traps all the heat in the atmosphere. This is called as the greenhouse effect. Increased temperature causes wild forest fires, haphazard rains & snowfall, melting of glaciers, failed agriculture, abrupt floods & draught, raising sea levels etc. These changes effect the ecosystems and lives and their impacts are unavoidable and cannot be reversed.

Global Warming:

Unusual increase in the earth’s average temperature has been recorded and predicted to increase more in future. This is because of the increasing amount of greenhouse gases being released in the atmosphere. Thus, more heat is getting collected in the earth’s atmosphere causing global warming and affecting the climate.

It is found that the human activities are playing major roles in shaping earth’s climate today. All these changes may become more frequent in the future decades and may lead to the danger of the human lives.

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change – Facts (Essay 6 – 600 Words)


Global warming and climate change are quite inter-related with each other. In fact, the rise in the global warming of the Earth has been attributed to the change in climate conditions since ancient times.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming refers to the regular warming of the planet since the mid-twentieth century, and most strikingly since the late 1970s, because of the extensive use of fossil fuels and emission of greenhouse gases due to human activities since the Industrial Revolution. Worldwide since 1880, the normal surface temperature has gone up by around 1 °C (around 2 °F), with respect to the mid-twentieth century benchmark (of 1951-1980).

The Climate Change:

The change of climatic conditions refers to the gradual shift in the natural climatic conditions of a region over a period of time. For instance, the onset of winters in Delhi used to be during the month of October till the last decade and remained so till the month of March. However, due to change in the weather patterns and increased urbanisation, there has been a shift from this schedule and now Delhi witnesses winters primarily in the months of December and January only.

Similarly, there are other regions which were not used to extreme weather conditions earlier. But with the change in the overall climatic patterns, they are now subjected to harsh weather conditions making it difficult for the human as well as other life in those regions.

The Relation:

There is a strong relationship between global warming and climate change. First and foremost, global warming has resulted in the overall increase in the average temperatures of the Earth. This has led to the disturbance in the natural process of the water cycle as the glaciers have started to melt and the precipitation in the atmosphere has been affected. This, in turn, affects the instances of rainfall in different regions such as monsoon rainfall in India. Thus it alters the climatic conditions of different regions.

Another reason which establishes the relationship between global warming and climate change is the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases are responsible for trapping the heat in the atmosphere and keeping the surface of the Earth warm. This is essential for the survival of life on the Earth. However, due to the increase in greenhouse gases, there has been an increase in the trapping of heat as well. This has led to an overall increase in the temperature which has further affected various species on the Earth.

Another factor which relates to global warming and climate change is the El Nino effect. The instance, El Niño, happens at interims of three to seven years. At the point when the exchange winds facilitate, the warm water from the Western Pacific namely the Indonesia and Philippines regions moves east and causes an ascent in ocean temperature in a region west of Peru. This event makes overall deviations in cloud examples, precipitation and temperature contributing significantly to climate change.


There is no doubt that global warming and climate change are interrelated. Moreover, the cause of both is the human activities and a decrease in the forest cover on the Earth. Humans, being superior to other animals have the duty to preserve the natural substances of the environment in order to make it easier for other species to survive on this planet. The world needs to step up its efforts in order to stop global warming and climate change at drastic levels or else more and more species will become extinct in days to come. We must also support the government in its initiatives towards ensuring a better climate for the generations to come.

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change – For College and University Students (Essay 7 – 750 Words)


Global warming and climate change are terrible things that are happening to our planet earth today. The climate of the whole world is constantly changing as a result of global warming increasing through means that are natural and also through human activities. The different changes taking place has an impact that is enormous on the ecosystem and on the lives of people. In the past 30 years or thereabout, the average temperature globally has increased by about one degree.

The climate change panel of intergovernmental has reported that the average temperature globally has increased by two to about 8.6 degrees come 2100. The increasing rate of global temperature can be said to be a result of the increase in emission of gases that are heat trapping called gases of the green house. When climate change level is huge, the global balance of ecosystem is disturbed which also goes a long way in increasing health risks with more deaths and injuries that are related to heat. A good example of change in climate that is as a result of global warming is sea levels rising; this causes drought, flood, increases malaria and parasites danger.

On earth, climate change takes place partially by natural cycles on earth even though the major source and cause of change in climate is still the activities of humans. Increase in the level of gases that are greenhouse like carbon dioxide are causes of heat here on earth since they have the ability to emit and absorb heat from the atmosphere which keeps our earth warm. Dangerous activities of humans like technological inventions, deforestation and fossil fuels burning are all adding gases of greenhouse that are toxic to our atmosphere. Gases of greenhouse make the earth’s temperature to rise at a rate that is very high and does not favour the lives of plants, animals and human beings.

Relationship between Global Warming and Climate Change:

Climate change has now become a very prominent issue because of the occurrence of global warming that is now a worldwide concern. Global warming and Climate change are two issues that are quite important in the world we live today. If we want the continued survival of our planet earth, we need to address global warming and climate change and find the root cause and the different measures that are available to prevent and curb global warming on our planet.

When the climate change level is very huge, the ecosystem on a global scale has its balance disturbed which is a very huge health risk. When temperatures are higher, the existence of this life faces problem and this brings danger to all the different species of animals and plants. When there are severe and long heat waves in our environment, we encounter more injuries that are related to heat and water bodies that are smaller also witness and increase in the rate of water from the evaporation as a result of the temperature of the atmosphere becoming higher.

There are different effects of the temperature that is ever rising in all the various regions like the raise in water levels in a few areas and the decrease in water levels in some other areas. There is an increasing decline in the amount of freshwater that is available in the world and fresh water is a very major and necessary resource to the continued existence of life in our planet. It is always very hard for some plants to grow in environments that are hot. For example, there is usually a reduction in the production of corn by about 10% to about 30% if there is a rise in temperature by about 3.6 Fahrenheit degrees.


There are a lot of reasons behind climate change like the earth’s natural cycles, even though it is important to note the global warming is the major factor contributing to climate change. A lot of the technological developments and human activities of this world are forcing gases of greenhouse to continuously increase and be collected into our atmosphere; this makes our planet become surrounded by warm and hot air as a result of the environment’s temperature increases very easy and fast.

Global warming is the major cause of climate change and we must do our very best to ensure that we battle global warming. We can battle global warming by reducing the pollution of the atmosphere by lowering the amount of fossil fuels that we burn and try to engage in practices that helps replenish our environment.

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change – Long Essay for Competitive Exams (IAS, IPS, UPSC and Civil Services Exams) (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)


The world was a better place before global warming and climate changes that we are currently experiencing. Global warming is the rise of the earth’s temperature which impacts the natural climate change and interferes with the weather patterns. The environment is mostly affected by both global warming and climate change. When the environment is modified, the ecosystem balance is also altered, and it results in the loss of biodiversity. Biodiversity is an essential component of nature that enables the survival of living things, and its loss is hazardous to life on earth.

How does global warming cause climate change?

Global warming and climate change are related to cause. The terms global warming and climate change can be described as the same thing, but the difference is in the changes that each of them encompasses. Global warming involved the rise in the general global temperatures whereas climate change includes the changes in temperature, the sea level, the ice mass and the weather conditions that are experienced globally.

Climate change is a normal process that has been taking place since the genesis of the earth. Climate change usually takes long, actually a lot of years. However, due to the global warming effect, climate change is being experienced more frequently. The rapid changes in climate have an impact on the weather patterns exhibited, and that is why global warming effects are severe and unbearable in terms of the extremes they come in.

Global warming can cause climate change because of the dynamics that take place. With the occurrence of global warming, the global temperatures rise above normal let’s say by one degree. The climate will be affected by this one-degree rise. The ice mass will change because the high temperatures will cause the ice to melt.

In the process of ice melting, the water flow to water bodies increases thus causing a rise in sea level. Not only the melting ice causes an increase in sea level but also the extremities in weather patterns such as heavy rainfall among others. The rise in sea level results in flooding along the coastal margins and low land areas. Flooding is an effect of climate change. Then because of all these dynamics, adverse weather conditions such as drought, massive storms, and extreme heat is experienced.

Evidence of Climate Change as a Result of Global Warming:

According to reports by scientists, climate change has taken a significant turn on its patterns as a result of global warming. The evidence that has been presented by scientists make global warming sound so real, and it is a big deal for us to know what is happening around the globe. There is evidence of mass ice reduction in the world. The glaciers have reduced, and there is early breakage of ice in rivers and lakes that how it used to be in the past.

The reduction of ice mass is noticeable, and it is evidence that global warming is indeed affecting climate change. During winter seasons, the heat and cold were never experienced at the same time but recently, towards the end of winter, there have been few incidences of heat, and this is yet to be investigated by scientists. The ice in the sea has been observed to have shifted. There is more loss in the sea ice due to the high temperatures on earth. The loss of ice by melting into water causes a rise in sea water level. The increase in sea level results in floods along the coastal margins.

Another evidence is in the timings of plant growth and maturation. In the past, people would identify seasons depending on the blooming of plants and flower. These patterns in plants have changed due to global warming. Plants and flowers are now having irregular patterns of growth and maturation and can no longer be dependable in determining seasons. The seasons have also changed due to the climate changes that are being experienced as a result of global warming.

The Future of Climate Change and Global Warming:

Acceding to scientists, the climate change that is currently taking place is expected to be continuous throughout the century or even longer. The extent at which these climatic changes go is dependent on the global warming effect. The number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that continues to trap heat from the sun will determine how far the impact of global warming will affect climate change. Climate change and global warming are dependent on each other. The principle is that; the more global warming increases, the more the effects of climate change will be experienced in the world.

Temperatures are expected to continue rising because of the greenhouse effect. Human activities have altered the natural variation of temperature on earth, and therefore stability will not arrive at any time soon.

Global warming and climate change have presented itself with the adversity in weather patterns. The weather patterns and seasons will continue to change in the future. Due to global warming, precipitation patterns have been affected. The snowing and rainfall patterns will vary more in the future. People have to be prepared for heavy storms and snowing seasons. It has also been predicted that there will be prolonged drought and intense heat waves in the future.

As a result of a continuous rise in temperatures of the earth, the heat intensity will cause harm to plants, trees, and vegetation on the earth’s surface and create more episodes of drought. In areas that experience summer, the temperatures will be higher with intense heat waves. As a result of global warming and climate change, the global sea level is expected to rise by about four feet in the next century.


In conclusion, it is evident that global warming is causing irreversible effects on climate change.


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