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Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity

Essay on the Conservation of Biodiversity! Find high quality essays on the ‘Conservation of Biodiversity’ especially written for school, college and university students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the need, importance, methods and ways of conservation of biodiversity.

Conservation of biodiversity is a key factor for the better survival of different species including the human being, in this world. Due to change in climate and surroundings over the last thousands of years, the species which once existed on the earth have now gone extinct.

Hence there has arisen the need for the conservation of biodiversity so that we can prevent the remaining species on the earth from being extinct. In order to provide more information on this, we have prepared long essays for students in order to educate them that why it is important for us to go for the conservation of biodiversity.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for  school students (Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Standard) and college students. Furthermore, those students preparing for competitive exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC can increase their knowledge by reading these essays.

List of Essays on Conservation of Biodiversity

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity – Short Essay for Kids (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

Conservation of biodiversity means protection and preservation of the flora and fauna on the earth. Conservation of biodiversity is essential for the survival of all the species. Optimum conservation of biodiversity means richness of ecosystem and improved quality of life. It also results in well-established food chains in different habitats.

Disastrous growth in the industrial sectors has severely impacted the conservation of biodiversity. The species of both plants and animals are becoming scarce. Clearing land for setting up houses and industries results in deforestation, thus, disturbing the whole ecological balance. The intense level of air, water, and soil pollution have also made things worse.

Serious steps need to be taken in order to support the conservation of biodiversity. Without trees and animals, the biological chain would collapse and cause the extinction of many species. Needless to say, it would endanger the survival of the human race too.

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity – For Children (Essay 2 – 250 Words)


Biodiversity is essential for ecological harmony. There are many types of wildlife that are created by God and there is a purpose behind these varied formations. However, it looks like that human beings own a blind eye that cannot see the necessity of conservation of biodiversity. They are indulging in numerous activities which are resulting in the deterioration of the biodiversity.

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is also recognized as ecological diversity or biological diversity which is the range of different classes of animals, plants, and other living creatures in a specific habitat or inside the world. We should do the conservation of biodiversity because it benefits in preserving the environmental equilibrium on Earth planet. Every single class of flora and creatures possess its individual part in the environmental structure for completing it.

Why there is a necessity for the conservation of Biodiversity?

The necessity for the conservation of biodiversity is usually ignored by the people. The main reason behind this thing is that we think about ourselves only and not about our surroundings and environment. In fact, several species have become vanished up till now and if we did not take any essential step to save them then, more of them will soon become extinct. Fertility of biodiversity is vital for the correct functioning of the earth’s environment.


It will not be possible for us to survive for a longer time on earth if we do not become serious about the conservation of biodiversity and see it declining day by day. We should stop misusing our environment for our personal selfish motives. In fact, we must think about contributing in the direction of conservation of biodiversity.

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

Conservation of biodiversity has been an issue that should be discussed among every human being living in this world along with the widely gifted species around. The richer the biodiversity in an environment, the healthier will be the species living in them.

Conservation of biodiversity is a key factor for the better survival of different species including the human being, in this world. The now growing technological development has made us ignore the importance of conservation of biodiversity massively. This careless approach towards the issue will cost us our life cycle too.

Biodiversity refers to the whole species of the flora and fauna category that depends on each other for maintaining life. Many animals depend on the other species to balance its diet and to maintain a healthier life. Including human being, every species depend on each other to survive their life cycle, even the plants.

Need for Conservation of Biodiversity:

If conservation of biodiversity is not done effectively then each species will be extinct eventually due to lack of appetite and through hunger. Over the last few decades, this scenario is been a major problem and many unique species have already been extinct. There are species that are still at the verge of extinction as a result of lack of conservation of biodiversity.

If a single species get extinct from the food chain it will affect the species who survive on the former and eventually get on the queue of destruction. The technical development of our world has a major part to play in this lack of conservation of biodiversity.

We, humans, have developed many ways to ease up our lifestyle, but we forget about our co-species and we indirectly destroy their life. Conservation of biodiversity should be taken into account for the smoother food chain balance and thus maintain the whole flora and fauna species. Being selfish, humans forget to restore the ways to enhance the conservation of biodiversity and this view to nature’s gift should be changed.

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity – For School Students (Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) (Essay 4 – 400 Words)

“Conservation of Biodiversity” refers to safeguarding the variety of flora and fauna living together on Earth. The life cycle of plants and animals living on our planet depends on each other for food and shelter. Unfortunately, in recent times “biodiversity” on Earth and especially in India is declining rapidly. Heavy industrialization and rapid urbanization are the major reasons for the degradation of the ecological system in India. “Conservation of biodiversity” must be our prime concern as it is the need of the hour.

Importance of Conservation of Biodiversity:

India is an ancient civilization where the Vedas and primeval manuscripts define our deep connect to nature. Rapidly increasing industrialization and the urban jungle has threatened the efforts of “conservation of biodiversity”.

The importance of conservation of biodiversity can be seen in the following areas:

The Food Chain:

Varied species of animals and plants serve as a source of food to another animal or living organism hence it is called as a food chain. Deforestation has resulted in scares amount of prey in the jungle because of which carnivorous animals like tigers and leopards attack villages. As one species becomes extinct or immigrates its habitat, the other dependent species experience deficiency in food. So efforts are to be made for the conservation of biodiversity in order to maintain the balance of the food chain.

Daily Needs of Nourishment:

For survival we need healthy food, fresh water to satisfy our nutritional needs. The decline in varieties of plants and animals has resulted in nutritional deficiencies. Rapidly diminishing ground water level in Marathwada region of Maharashtra has generated a grave crisis of drinkable water. Lack of “conservation of biodiversity” has resulted in extinction of natural resources which are the cornerstone of our ecological system. Hence, conservation of biodiversity must be promoted to ensure survival of living beings.

Clean Air:

Trees and plants are the source of life on Earth as they inhale carbon dioxide and harmful gases from the air and exhale the life giving oxygen. Deforestation and urbanization have resulted in proliferation of air pollution in India. Atmosphere of New Delhi the capital of our country has become equivalent to a gas chamber of toxic gases. Efforts for planting trees and constructing vertical gardens in cities will empower “Conservation of biodiversity” and help to improve the quality of air in our metro cities.

Farming and Cultivation of Crops:

Cultivation of crops and farming is supported by many insects, earthworms, fungi and bacteria which make the soil fertile and also provide manure. Extinction of these species will surely hamper quality of crop cultivation. National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) of India has provided guidelines which promotes organic and traditional farming techniques to amalgamate “conservation of biodiversity” with the challenges in Agriculture sector in India.


The Constitution of India provides Right to clean air and environment as our fundamental right. “Conservation of Biodiversity” must be our prime motive and concrete steps must be taken in this direction so that we can exercise our fundamental right. We must practise eco-friendly lifestyle to conserve our nature.

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity – Written in English (Essay 5 – 500 Words)


Conservation of biodiversity is important in keeping the balance of our environment. There has been a continuous hammering on the ever present need for the conservation of biodiversity due to its extreme importance to the continual survival and existence of mankind, animals, plants and every other living organism on our planet. We need to do more than just emphasising the need to converse and protect biodiversity and the importance of biodiversity, we have to start looking at the various methods we can employ in conserving our biodiversity and start putting the methods into good use.

Methods of Conservation of Biodiversity:

There are many methods we can use in conversing biodiversity; some of these methods are discussed below:

1. Population Control:

A major factor contributing to the rapid decline in biodiversity is the ever increasing population of humans. To meet the many needs of the large human population, a lot of harm is done to nature and this brings imbalance to nature. A few example of activities that bring harm include the cutting down of trees for the construction of new shelters and to create space for settlements, the killing of animals to meet the food requirement of the large population. When the population is greater than usual, the increasing needs of the population leads to a depletion of fauna and flora which ensures a biodiversity decline. If we control the population of humans first and then allow all other animals and plants species to thrive and grow, we are on the path to conserving biodiversity.

2. Pollution Control:

Our planet is under serious attack from pollution and it is causing great harm to it. Global warming as a result of increasing temperature has now become a thing. Climate change, drop in the quality of air and the increase in the quantity of pollution that are on the land and also in the various water bodies are causing a lot of various types and forms of diseases in different plants and animals.

The extinction of several animal and plant species has also been caused by pollution. The changes in climate have become extremely hard for a number of plants and animals to withstand and it makes their survival very difficult. We need to do our best in cutting down and reducing (if possible eliminate) all of the different activities that cause pollution.

3. Wastage Avoidance:

Since most of the products, things or items we use are gotten as raw materials from natural resources, we should do our very best not to waste them. The fuel that our vehicles use, the electricity that we consume, the paper and books we write things on, the clothes and accessories we wear and a whole lot of other things we use are all produced indirectly or directly from natural resources.

We should understand that we aren’t the only ones using these natural resources as they are also important to other species of animals and even plants for their survival. We must try to make use of only what we need and encourage the reuse and recycling of products.

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity – Introduction, Need, Ways and Conclusion (Essay 6 – 600 Words)


‘Conservation of Biodiversity’ is very much needed in today’s world. The world will function properly only if our ecosystem is well-balanced. Conservation of Biodiversity means healthy environment. With so many new inventions and technologies, humans are creating more harm to themselves by spoiling the environment and causing imbalance in the ecosystem. The impact of doing so cannot be understood unless they face the consequences of it. Our planet Earth can survive only if conservation of biodiversity is given adequate importance that it deserves.

What does Biodiversity Mean?

Biodiversity is what makes the environment. Biodiversity means the diversity in biological system. The Earth has different species of plants, animals, and other living organisms and these together constitute biodiversity. Each species of plants and animals is important and they have been created for a reason. Hence, it is very important that this diversity is maintained as it is. The society that preserves the richness of biodiversity will lead a healthy and happy life and the society that turns blind eye to the damages caused to biodiversity will suffer.

Need for Conservation of Biodiversity:

In order to maintain the ecological system, conservation of biodiversity is a must. Everything that man requires is very much available in the outer world but we have no time to see those. Humans compete to prove their intelligence and have ended up in spoiling the naturally available resources. Nature has given everything in abundance but we have exploited most of the things and are trying to recreate everything. If we would have given importance to conserve biodiversity, we could have avoided this tough situation.

Conservation of biodiversity must be given importance for various reasons.

Let us understand some of the essential reasons:

i. Different kinds of fruits, vegetables, leaves, fishes, meats and many other edible things available in the nature is stuffed with different types of nutrients that are very much needed for proper functioning of the human body. When there is a decline in certain types of vegetables or fruits, it means that we are losing those nutrients which is not a good sign and this means we make ourselves nutrient deficient.

ii. Conservation of biodiversity is so stressed upon because it helps in the purification of air. Plants and trees inhale Carbon dioxide and exhale Oxygen. Without Oxygen, human kind cannot survive. By cutting down trees, we are digging a graveyard for ourselves. Plants and trees helps in the purification of air and keeps the atmosphere clean.

iii. During ancient times, there were no medicines for any ailment. Our ancestors purely relied upon the leaves and roots of some plants to cure diseases. There are hundreds of herbs in the universe that has medicinal value and most importantly with no side effects. By not lending ears to the conservation of biodiversity propaganda, we are inviting many new diseases.

Ways to Conserve Biodiversity:

The previous section made it clear that decline in the biodiversity is not a thing to be overlooked at.

To bring back what we lost, conservation of biodiversity is a must and there are many methods to do it:

i. Deforestation is the main reason for the vast decline in the number of plant and animal species. Putting an end to deforestation is the first method for conservation of biodiversity.

ii. Human activities leading to pollution and changes in atmospheric temperature needs to be controlled.

iii. Instead of exploiting the available natural resources, we have to learn to reuse whatever is possible and avoid wasting things.

iv. Spreading awareness is one of the best method that everyone should follow for conservation of biodiversity.


Everything in nature is abundant but that doesn’t mean that we can exploit it or spoil them. The fact that ‘Conservation of biodiversity’ is stressed upon in all important forums will denote the significance and seriousness of it. As the prime users of nature, we all have to contribute for the conservation of biodiversity.

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity – For College and University Students (Essay 7 – 750 Words)

Biodiversity is the natural occurrence of a variety of species which co-exist on our planet earth. It includes distinctive creatures, plants, smaller scale living beings and their qualities, water environments, earthbound, and marine biological communities in which they all are available. Biodiversity is fundamental for our reality and additionally important in its very own right. Biodiversity additionally includes different other vital things and administrations, for example, social, recreational, and things that play an important role in our lives. So why is there a need for the conservation of biodiversity? It is probably because around 95% of the species that once existed on the earth have now gone extinct.

Importance of Conservation of Biodiversity:

Throughout the years, the exhaustion of biodiversity has been very dynamic. This is occurring because of loss of habitat, over the top abuse of assets, climatic changes, ailments, contamination, poaching of creatures and so on. So as to address this situation, conservation of biodiversity has been a significant cause of concern for the government as well as social organisations.

It must be understood that individuals treasure all advantages from the biodiversity. Thus, they should concentrate on taking appropriate consideration related to the conservation of biodiversity in various structures. It is critical on the grounds that there must be something left for the future age to take a look at. We as people should check the degradation and the annihilation of the natural surroundings, maintaining the biodiversity at its prime dimension.

Goals of Conservation of Biodiversity:

No objective can be achieved if one does not have a proper goal in place. Conservation of Biodiversity has also its own set of goals to be achieved by the government as well as all of us.

The three goals are:

i. Maintenance of life support systems as well as ecological processes

ii. To ensure that the remaining variety of species are preserved.

iii. To ensure that the exploitation of biological systems and species is within the permissible levels.

Measures Undertaken for Conservation of Biodiversity:

The government has on its part undertaken numerous projects in order to save the species which are on the brink of extinction from the earth.

Some of the projects are:

Project Tiger, under the aim of conservation of biodiversity was started as a Central Sector Scheme in 1973 with 9 tiger reserves situated in various natural surroundings in 9 unique states. There are at present 18 Reserves in 13 states. At present tiger, Conservation has been seen in India not just as a push to spare a jeopardized species in any case, with equivalent significance, additionally as a method for conservation of biodiversity to a sizeable extent.

Another popular project for the conservation of biodiversity was the Crocodile Breeding Project which was started in Orissa and afterwards stretched out to a few different states in April 1975 with UNDP help. The primary target was to ensure the three jeopardized types of crocodiles, in particular, Gavialis gangeticus, Crocodylus palustris and the saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus.

Lesser Cats Project was one such conservation of biodiversity project which was started in the year 1976 with the help of WWF in India for the preservation of four types of lesser cats, namely, Felis marmorta Martin, Felis bengalensis Kerr, Felis viverrina Bennet and Felis lemruinki Vigors Horsfield found in Sikkim and Northern parts of West Bengal.

The Manipur Brow-antlered Deer Project was launched in the year 1981 in Manipur to protect the forehead antlered deer (Cerevus eldi) which is very nearly extinct. The natural habitat incorporates 35 sq.km., of sanctuary and park. The number of inhabitants in the deer has expanded from 18 to 27 through this project.

Project Elephant, as a part of conservation of biodiversity was started in the year 1991 to ensure the Asiatic elephant which is likewise a profoundly endangered animal species in view of vast scale poaching.

Project Rhino was started in the year 1987 in Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam to protect the lesser one-horned rhinoceros from extinction. It covers a zone of 430 sq.km.

Himalayan musk deer Project was started in the year 1981 to protect the jeopardized musk deer which is nearing extinction. The project has also yielded good results.

Project Hangul was started in the year 1970 in Kashmir valley to protect the exceptionally jeopardized Kashmir stag (Cerevus elaphus hangul) which is nearing extinction. This project has been successful in increasing the population of this endangered species.

The Way Ahead:

There have been so many initiatives by the government as well as several agencies to save the species which are on the brink of extinction. But, as the citizens of India, it is our utmost duty to follow the laws and regulations related to the natural parks and sanctuaries and help the government achieve its goals. Then only, perhaps we shall be able to achieve better results in the projects for conservation of biodiversity.

Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity – For Competitive Exams like IAS, IPS and UPSC (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)


Conservation of biodiversity is necessary to maintain Mother Nature. The earth is a beautiful place because of the variety of natural combinations for both living and nonliving elements on the surface of the earth. The aspect of biodiversity makes it even more beautiful because of the existence of different species in the ecosystem. Conservation of biodiversity is one of the goals of saving Mother Earth.

Due to industrialization and a growing population on earth, there have been massive destructions of the ecosystem, including the natural habitat which is vital for the preservation of biodiversity. The destruction of the ecosystem leads to the extinction of some species and the only way to ensure the conservation of biodiversity is by trying to restore the ecosystem and prevent further destruction.

Forest Conservation and Restoration:

Forests provide habitat to many organisms. In conserving biodiversity, forests conservation and restoration is vital. As a result of the growing population on earth, the ecosystem has been really disrupted because of the human needs for shelter and food. Forests have been destroyed through deforestation and animals are deprived of their natural habitat. Apart from forests being a natural habitat for several species, it is also essential for climate regulation. Mother Nature has suffered climate changes recently due to the effects of global warming.

Adverse climatic conditions are not suitable for the survival of some species. Conservation of biodiversity should focus on maintaining a conducive climate for species to thrive in. Well, it is evident that species differ in their abilities to thrive because some survive both extremes of cold and heat while others cannot. Global warming has caused an increase in temperature thus causing some species to have a small chance of survival on the planet. Extinction is the biggest worry when it comes to conservation of biodiversity because once a species become extinct, there is no going back.

Based on all these facts, we realize that forests hold the ecosystem together in a special way and therefore in the quest towards conservation of biodiversity, restoration of forests should be a priority. Forests are restored through reforestation and prevention of further deforestation. Once the forest coverage is restored, global warming will be a thing of the past because the trees in the forest will absorb carbon dioxide, which has been determined to be the major cause of global warming when it accumulates in the atmosphere.

Control of Human Activities:

Living on the earth’s surface is a blessing that we do not seem to appreciate. Humans should realize that there is only one earth and they should contribute to the conservation of biodiversity rather than adding to the destruction of Mother Nature. Human activities majorly contribute to the destruction of the ecosystem in general. Global warming is a current threat in the world, and its effects have been felt widely.

Global warming is as a result of carbon dioxide accumulation in the atmosphere just because of human activities like the combustion of fossil fuels, deforestation and careless waste disposal. Conservation of biodiversity means that we have to start minimizing the harm caused by human activities. Fossil fuels combustion contribute to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, therefore, causing global warming. Fossil fuels have to be replaced for alternative energy sources like tidal and solar energy, which are not harmful to the ecosystem.

Nuclear energy could be an alternative source of energy, but it is discouraged because of the potential hazards that come along with its use for example bombs and nuclear weapons use. Deforestation results in loss of natural habitat for species and lack of means of survival regarding food. Conservation of biodiversity includes proper management of forests. Waste disposal is vital in both environmental conservation and conservation of biodiversity.

Wastes such as plastic bags and bottles are non-biodegradable, and when disposed of anyhow, they may cause harm to both plants and animals. Sewage treatment that is being directed to water bodies when untreated causes a deleterious effect on aquatic life and can cause the extinction of species in water. We should learn to participate in the conservation of biodiversity by ensuring that we do not interfere with forests, use energy that is environment-friendly and proper disposal of wastes.

Surveys and Mapping in the Ecosystem:

Conservation of biodiversity makes a lot more sense if we actually know what is in the ecosystem. Surveys on the number and types of species on earth is an essential aspect because by having the accurate statistics, it becomes easier to strategize on the conservation of biodiversity. Surveys help us to know the species that are approaching extinction so that we can be able to take care of them well.

Mapping of the forest landmass is part of the survey so that we can know the species together with their natural habitat. It is essential that studies and mapping are accurately done so that the chance of survival of species is not infringed. Through mapping, it is, therefore, possible for the definition of national parks and wildlife forest reserves.

When boundaries are made, and there is minimal interaction between wildlife and humans, poaching and other deleterious human activities will be prevented, and species will remain conserved. It is crucial that we protect all species because the earth is not survivable without plants and animals. The food-chain revolves around species, and it is the hallmark of survival on earth.


In conclusion, conservation of biodiversity is a big deal because survival on earth is determined by biodiversity. It is a collective responsibility, and we as human beings should take charge of protecting Mother Nature because we can do so. It begins with simple things like recycling a plastic bottle to much bigger things like reducing global warming. That is why we should support each other and always work as a team in order to conserve the biodiversity. Life is valuable, and biodiversity is the key to life on earth.

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