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Essay on Benefits of Planting Trees

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees! Find high quality essays on the ‘Benefits of Planting Trees’ especially written for school and college students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the social, economical and environmental benefits of planting trees.

Benefits of planting trees is massive. As the world advances and pollutes the environment, the only possible way to make men realize the basics and to make him reunite with nature is to bring awareness on the planting of trees.

Trees are one of the important sources of life on earth. Had the trees not been there, we would have not had such a beautiful environment to live in. However, with the increase in urbanisation, there has been large-scale deforestation which has affected all of us. Thus, it is important to understand the benefits of planting trees.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Standard) and college students.

List of Essays on the Benefits of Planting Trees

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees – 10 Lines on the Benefits of Planting Trees for Kids (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

Benefits of planting trees have long been emphasized by our ancestors. Worshipping of trees is just another way to acknowledge the benefits of planting trees. Trees provide us with shade, fruits, flowers, and bark. But the most important benefits of planting trees include fresh air (oxygen) and their role in the food chain.

Trees are natural ventilators. Apart from that, many valuable medicines are extracted from various parts of the plants. One of the several other benefits of planting trees is that roots of trees hold the soil tightly. As a result, the chances of flood diminish sharply. The roots also conserve the groundwater and support the water cycle.

Environment day and Earth day, etc., are celebrated to throw light on the benefits of planting trees. Trees are our best friends. No amount of words would be enough to list all the benefits of planting trees.

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees – Short Essay for Children (Essay 2 – 250 Words)

Planting trees is one of the main reason that makes this planet habitable. They are the source of oxygen which is essential for survival of all living beings on the Earth. Without this, there is no possibility of life. There are many other benefits of planting trees which include environmental, social and economic benefits.

Environmental Benefits of Planting Trees:

As referred above, they are the only source of oxygen. They take up the carbon dioxide from atmosphere and release oxygen. Planting more trees can help in reducing the levels of air pollution as they absorb pollutant gases and filter out the particulates. It also maintains the temperature of an area at a lower level than an area that does not have trees. They are also the habitat for birds and many other animals. Trees are also a source of fruits and flowers. Benefits of planting trees also include reducing soil erosion and slow the run off.

Social Benefits of Planting Trees:

Trees planted in an area around a society can be used as a park for children and adults. They provide space for recreational activities like picnics and morning walks. Presence of trees and forests also make activities like hiking and trekking more fun for people who are interested in adventure.

Economic Benefits of Planting Trees:

Trees are not only a source of oxygen, they are also a source of biotic materials like wood, resin, fiber, honey, rubber and many others. These are the raw materials for many industries.

There are many benefits of planting trees but people still do not realize their importance. To keep the Earth as a habitable living planet, we need to take responsibility.

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees (Essay 3 – 300 Words)

There are several benefits of planting trees and it is important to be aware of it as it will give you even more incentive to plant trees and thereby contribute to a better and greener environment.

The Green Environment:

Our environment is suffering a great deal and owing to the extensive exploitation of earth because of human activities it seems like the carrying capacity of earth has been impacted. This is why by choosing to plant trees, you can make the right difference in your environment.

The Oxygen Effect:

When we are talking of the benefits of planting trees, one of the important things which we need to add is that it surely assists in making the environment safer and can help in sustaining life for a longer period. It is owing to the presence of trees that there is sufficient oxygen level and it also traps the carbon dioxide too.

So, those who want to make sure that you are improving the oxygen content in the atmosphere; you should plant trees and even let others know the benefits of planting trees as this will lead to a cumulative effect.

Understanding the Benefits of Planting Trees:

You need to educate people about why planting tress has become one of the important activities. Until and unless people grasp this knowledge, they won’t do their bit. If you want life to thrive on the planet, it is really important to ensure that we do not deplete the plant cover.

By understanding the benefits of planting trees and doing your bit, you might start the best of mitigation strategies and this could lead to the chain effect which is truly desired at the moment.

We have done a lot of ruthless exploitation of mother earth and it is about time that we pay back to the mother earth. So, understand the endless benefits of planting trees and start planting a few right in your backyard.

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees – With Conclusion (Essay 4 – 400 Words)


Benefits of planting trees is massive. As the world advances and pollutes the environment, the only possible way to make men realize the basics and to make him reunite with nature is to bring awareness on the planting of trees.

Benefits of Planting Trees:

Benefits of planting trees are numerous and this needs to be enunciated to every citizen to help have a successful outcome. Being the source of oxygen for humans to breathe is one of the primary benefit of planting trees. Trees have the amazing capability of absorbing the Carbon dioxide in air and letting out Oxygen during the process of photosynthesis whereby energy is produced.

Another major benefit of planting trees is that it maintains the temperature of the surroundings as it provides shade, breaks up the heat and releases clean air. Benefit of planting trees is directly proportional to the cost effectiveness in home cooling mechanisms. This also helps in fresher air for the people.

Benefits of planting trees also includes providing shelter to birds and animals. Trees are the source of food, protection for these birds and animals. Other tiny reptiles and hibernating animals make their homes closer to trees so that they have sufficient food.

Another significant benefit of planting trees is the reduction in Soil erosion due to floods. Harvest from Orchards leads to a drastic increase in income which ultimately results in the development of economies and this can be cited as another important benefit of planting trees.

Sensitizing Benefits of Planting Trees:

While the benefits of planting trees are immense, sending across this message to humans is very important. There are several NGO’s who strive to build a cleaner environment by planting trees and emphasizing the benefits of planting trees and discourage deforestation. Sankalp Taru Foundation, Youth Services for Peace, Say Trees, Grow Trees, Green Yatra, Reforest India, Green Life India and Tree Plantation are some of the important NGO’s in India which helps bring out the message to the citizens.


One of the Chinese proverbs says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” Benefits of planting trees is enormous and is imminent need of the hour. Climatic changes can be curbed by planting more trees and amending the temperature of the earth. Benefits of planting trees leads to social and economic wellbeing of the world. Each and every one of us have to make conscious effort to plant trees and enhance the quality of life.

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees – Social, Economic, Environmental Benefits (Essay 5 – 500 Words)

Trees give us oxygen and are an important condition for the sustenance of life on earth. But, do we really give them the respect they deserve? Is it not that for our personal needs we have uprooted numerous trees and paved way for urbanisation? All this has not just affected the environment, but it has affected us the most as we have disturbed the balance of nature which was essential for our own survival. Hence, it is the need of the day is to understand the benefits of planting trees.

The Benefits of Planting Trees:

It is not only the oxygen for which the trees are important to us. There are numerous other things as well. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that it is not possible for us to survive on earth without the trees being around.

Social Benefits of Planting Trees:

One of the benefits of planting trees is that they are visually appealing. Having trees around us is a boost to our eyes. An area full of trees looks so visually appealing that it helps us beat your stress levels and the fresh air around the trees energises us. Other benefits of planting trees are that children love to play around them and it gives a boost to the outdoor activities of children, giving them a healthy life. One of the most talked about the benefits of planting trees is that they protect us from the sun and provide the elders with a sitting ground for them to relax under their shade.

Economic Benefits of Planting Trees:

There are economic benefits of planting trees as well. The foremost is that the produce from trees is used for commercial purposes and even exported to other nations. This helps in the economy of the country. Economic benefits of planting trees include that they give livelihood to the people as cultivating trees and selling their produce helps them earn their living. Moreover, the beautification of the landscape also results in higher property rates, thereby benefitting the economy and the people.

Environmental Benefits of Planting Trees:

Most importantly, there are environmental benefits of planting trees. One of the foremost is that we get plenty of oxygen for our own survival. Moreover, other benefits of planting trees include that trees help in reducing pollution levels and give us a healthy environment to live. Additionally, other benefits of planting trees are that they help in stopping the clouds and cause rainfall. Also, they bind the soil together and prevent soil erosion. Furthermore, there are many species of animals and birds which are dependent on trees for their survival. Trees, in fact, are essential for all living beings.


Trees are important for all of us, be it humans, animals or birds. But, we have somehow not protected them and perhaps that is why as on today we have been affected by global warming, severe pollution levels and other ill effects of deforestation. But it is still not so late. We must all understand the benefits of planting trees and encourage others as well to plant more and more trees. It is for the own betterment and the sooner we understand this the better it is for us.

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees – For School Students (Class 3, 4 and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard) (Essay 6 – 600 Words)


The benefits of planting trees is multifarious that ranges from having a beautiful environment to preventing the global climate change. They are the primary source of food and they contribute significantly to the environment in many useful aspects. So, trees are the vital resources for the survival of all living beings. Therefore, Governments world over and stakeholders are taking steps to prevent deforestation and propagate the benefits of planting trees.

Air & Atmosphere:

Trees breathe in Carbon dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. This cycle has been provided by nature to sustain other living beings. The primary resource of our survival is the oxygen that we breathe in. The oxygen received in our lungs is transported by red blood cells to the entire body for producing energy.

Further, the Carbon dioxide breathed in by the trees is one of the greenhouse gases. This and other greenhouses, when released into the atmosphere form a layer and trap the heat from the sun. They result in the increase of the atmospheric temperature. This harmful Global Warming and the eventual Climate Change affects the livelihood of all creatures on the earth. So, one of the primary benefits of planting trees is to get clean air for breathing and reduce the Greenhouse Effect.

Water & Soil:

Next to oxygen in the air, water is the next vital element that sustains living beings. Trees receive the rainwater and hold them in the land. This prevents clean water from flowing into storm water drains. Further, they act as watersheds and hold the flood waters for some time before slowly releasing them into the earth and atmosphere. So, they maintain the water table of an area and provides us with potable water.

Moreover, the root system of the trees hold the soil underground. They deter the top soil from being washed away during rains and floods. Thus, benefits of planting trees include prevention of soil erosion, which reduces the dangers of landslides.

Biodiversity & Ecosystem:

Trees contribute to a rich biodiversity and healthy ecosystem. Birds, animals, insects and fungi make their home in the trees and contribute to a diverse ecosystem. This balanced environment in turn contributes to the wellbeing of human beings.

Trees are producers of food and are found at the bottom of the food chain. They produce their own food through photosynthesis and contribute significantly to the entire ecosystem. So, the benefits of planting trees include the fruits and nuts that we obtain from them. They are highly nutritious and good for food. Further, trees are rich source of medicines that could heal our diseases in a natural way.

Health & Wealth:

Apart from providing clean air, water and food, the benefits of planting trees are significant in their contribution to the mental health of human beings. Their greenery and freshness act as stress busters to release the human mind. Thus, the benefits of planting trees finds a place in the creation of positive vibration in the atmosphere.

The trees on the highways provide a soothing effect to the riders. They act as shields for residences and commercial establishments on busy roads.

Children are also found to develop good memory when provided with green spaces in their environment. The benefits of planting trees applies in hospitals too enabling patients to recover quickly from surgeries.

When good health is maintained, it in turn reduces the loss of our wealth. Happiness and prosperity abounds with the absence of disease in the body. Such a freedom from sickness is one of the best benefits of planting trees.

They further add beauty and aesthetic sense to buildings, and enhance their value too.

Economy & Development:

Trees reduce our dependence on cooling systems to a large extent during summer. They also act as windbreakers during winter, reducing our dependence on heating systems. Thus, they cut down our utility bills and contributes to the economy. So, the benefits of planting trees has an impact on the growth and development of a nation itself.


An understanding of the benefits of planting trees releases us from ignorance. It helps us to avoid cutting living trees to replace them with inanimate buildings or for other purposes. It also gives us the responsibility to nurture them for the sake of our future generation. Therefore, we need to do our best to sensitize our fellow beings and propagate the benefits of planting trees.

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees – Long Essay for College Students (Essay 7 – 750 Words)

The benefits of planting trees are immeasurable. Plants and trees are the major reasons why the earth is still in existence and we are still able to dwell on it. Plants and trees provide us with the oxygen we need for survival. Apart from basically keeping us alive, there are many other little and big benefits we get from planting trees.

There are a lot of merits of tree planting; a few of these benefits are the provision of shelter and food for the birds and other animals, the absorption of the harmful gases polluting the environment and also serving as shade from the sun and when it is hot. Trees give economic, social and environmental benefits. This is why environmental specialists and the government always talk about the need to plant more trees. Some of the many benefits of tree planting would be discussed here.

Most of the benefits of planting trees are widely known to everyone. Trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen so that the balance of ecology in and around the environment can be maintained. Trees also help in absorbing most id nit all of the gases that are harmful and presents us with pure and very fresh air for the purpose of breathing. It can be seen that the planting of more trees will mean even purer and fresher atmosphere. Even though the exponentially increasing pollution of our environment can barely be controlled, the effects of pollution can be reduced by the planting of more trees.

The areas and regions that have a higher population of trees are always way cooler when compared to places where there are little or no trees. Trees also serve as a form of protective sheet that shields us from the extremely harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Trees are habitats for a lot of animals most especially birds and some other animal species. Trees are also major food sources for all living creatures from human beings to animals, fruits, flowers and the leaves of various trees are consumable; planting trees means we have supply for shelter and food. Trees can also help in the control of water of water pollution and battling soil erosion. What trees do is hold the soil firmly together and slow the runoff of water down.

It is important to talk about the social benefits of planting trees. The urbanisation and the shift from nature due to the technology around us have not been good on us. Therefore, the planting of more trees is a good method of reconnecting and getting close to nature. The planting of trees in rows in parks and garden in cities and towns serve as a suitable location for people to meet and socialise. Parks can be useful to people for evening strolls, morning walks and even yoga sessions. It is a very good place for the children to socialise and play.

There is also the opportunity for a variety of recreational activities. Forests and reserves can also be used for activities like hunting and hiking. Our moods can be uplifted by a good and soothing environment and trees are important in doing that. With all of the stress of work and life these days, it is necessary that we find things that help lift our mood and the way of getting rid of stress and lifting our mood is through nature. Trees are believed to have extraordinary healing properties, some researchers have said that a patient that looks at plants and trees from their windows are prone to heal a lot faster.

Like the social benefits of planting trees, there are also associated economic benefits of planting trees. Trees can be used as wood that are employed in the building and construction of a lot of things like stationary items, houses, furniture, boats and so many more. Trees can also provide resin, fibre, tannins, rubber, honey and many more. As the number of trees we plant increases, so also the number of ways we can use the tree increases.

There would also be an increase in the amount of factories required to build these things which subsequently means a lot more people will be employed and there will be more businesses around which helps boosts economic development and prosperity. The benefits of planting trees are immeasurable and quite enormous but we still find way to overlook them and play down their importance. It is essential that we come to realise how extremely important and beneficial the planting of trees is to our environment.

Essay on the Benefits of Planting Trees – How Trees Protect Our Environment? (Written in English) (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)

Benefits of planting trees are immense. Trees are vital for all of us because they provide everything that we need. They are one of the best reason for balancing the ecology and also play an essential role in maintaining the weather conditions. You need to plant the right trees in the right place.

Can you think about a situation, living in a bare land without trees or plants? Can you think of living there for your entire life? Well, a big ‘NO’ is the answer to all these questions. These questions make you realize the benefit of planting trees and how important trees are. Living in a bare land is definitely not a smooth thing you can consider, and without trees, it feels like a homeless human being in a shady place.

Unscrupulous cutting of trees is a social menace and doing such actions are a direct challenge to the existence of society. It is essential to cut trees for meeting various necessities, but it also important to go for systematic felling and replantation of trees. Therefore one should always plant more and more trees to avoid unforeseen natural calamities, climate changes, and other challenging circumstances.

How trees protect our environment?

Does this topic even owe an explanation? Trees are the core of our living, and the benefits of planting trees and its importance cannot be written in a few words. It has a compelling place as it protects our environment in multiple ways. Trees are not only essential for living a good life, but they are incredibly beneficial to safeguard our environment.

The following are some of the benefits of planting trees:

1. Trees Fight against Pollution:

Trees are a survivor as they fight against pollution and it is one of the significant benefits of planting trees. Planting trees help in evolving more fresh air in the atmosphere which ultimately safeguards human beings from breathing the polluted air. The clean air is very low and inhaling the contaminated air is the dangerous thing somebody can ever do. Therefore, planting trees is very important to decrease the quantity of polluted air from the environment.

2. Eviction of the Loss of Vigorous Soil:

Healthy soil is significant for maintaining the environment. If we plant trees frequently, then the erosion of healthy soil can be avoided to a great extent. It doesn’t matter how big or small, thick or thin the roots of the trees are. If we plant trees, its roots can hold healthy soil from erosion, and it will ultimately decrease the risk of floods as well. The roots of the tree can keep the soil and resist/avoid any possible hill slides (landslides).

3. Shed for Everyone:

We can say with confidence that ‘Trees are a Life-Saver’. One of the best benefit of planting trees is that it creates a shadow which is essential for everyone. You can plant trees and get your own shed whenever life takes you through the toughest road. Living near and around trees help you to inhale the fresh air which is much needed. Trees help in protecting us and the environment by providing shadow from the sun and more clean air in the atmosphere.

4. Look After our Animals:

Can anyone ever think that trees can be mothers too? Well, they are. Trees act as mothers when they look after the animals in our environment. They literally provide everything to the animals from food to shelter. Animals are a part of our environment and protecting those means protecting the environment. Trees give shelter to the animals and birds which are important for all of us and is yet another alluring benefit of planting trees.

How planting trees help in maintaining greenhouse gases?

Apart from being a lifesaver, trees are also helpful in absorbing the greenhouse gases which are detrimental and ruinous for our health. More than the required amount of carbon dioxide in the environment is injurious, and trees help in maintaining that balance. Human beings inhale oxygen whereas trees exhale oxygen for us. So, planting more trees will lead to clean and fresh air in the environment with more oxygen.

For maintaining a healthy and clean environment, it is essential for trees to inhale CO2. By planting numerous trees, you can give so much to yourself and the environment. Trees are valuable and advantageous for our environment because they also absorb harmful greenhouse gases.

Ozone is a potent greenhouse gas which is said to slaughter many people in different ways. Ozone has its primary presence in the stratosphere, but its presence is capable of affecting the climate in the most disastrous way. Trees absorb ozone to a great extent and reduce the risk of danger as well. Trees are the foundation of our environment, and one should value it like a small baby who needs to grow.

Benefits of planting trees are not over yet:

If you thought that trees are valuable and profitable for only the above points, then you’re going wrong. Planting trees comes with many more superior benefits.

Some of them are:

i. Trees bear fruits, and fruits supply us essential vitamins and nutrients. So, planting trees means more fruits.

ii. Trees act as a shield for everyone and especially children from harmful Ultraviolet rays of the Sun. UV rays may cause skin cancer, but trees are always there to protect us from the destructive rays.

iii. Trees provide wood and paper. In some rural areas, selective trees are tillered to extract paper and timber out of it. Not all trees face axing.

iv. Trees are a canopy for our wildlife. Birds, squirrels, and bees are never afraid of living a good life because they have trees as their home.

Some interesting facts about trees and the benefits of planting trees:

i. A large tree can cool the neighborhood 11 degrees more in summer than a small tree.

ii. A large tree can clean 70% more pollution than a small tree.

iii. The cooling statistics of a large tree is equal to 20 hours running on an air-conditioner.

iv. Presence of trees can reduce the rate of regression, which may help to lower crime rates.


Trees are powerful, eminent, and consequential for all of us. With immense importance in our lives, trees offer seamless service for the environment. They should be treated and nurtured nicely so that human beings can survive on this planet. The benefits of planting trees are beyond your imagination, therefore, plant trees and rise above all the manners and ethics of humanity. Plant the right tree for matching to the purpose.

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