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Essay on Computer! Find high quality essays on ‘Computer’ especially written for school and college students. These essays will also guide you to learn about the types, history, importance, uses, advantages and disadvantages of computer.

Computer is one of the greatest invention of man. The present age students under any circumstances would never imagine even in their dreams that there were a time when there were no computers.

So much we have propelled that now every data is only a click away and in your grasp, day in and day out. This headway was conceivable just with the presentation of a little gadget called the Computer.

In order to make the students aware about the history of computer and make them learn more about them, we have prepared essays for students. These essays shall throw light on the advancements that the world has seen in the field of computers and shall prove helpful for the preparation of examinations as well.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for kids, children and school students (Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12).

List of Essays on Computer

Essay on Computer – For Class 2 Students (Essay 1 – 150 Words)

A computer is an electronic device used to process and store and display data. This is, however, an oversimplification of what a computer as the device has grown to perform several other functions that exceed the above description.

Types of Computers:

Computers are generally classified into three types based on how they process information. To this end, they are classified as the analog, digital and hybrid computers. This classification determines the speed and accuracy of each computer.

Uses of a Computer:

A computer can serve several functions aside from the obvious function of storing and processing data. Some of them are enumerated below:

1. To control machine and equipment.

2. To organize business and venture.

3. To sell product and service.

4. To conduct research for academic purposes.


The computer is already a member of our daily lives. The technology has found its way into all aspects of our lives. Till the end, computer will stay useful in every field.

Essay on Computer – For Kids and Children (Essay 2 – 250 Words)

The invention of computer and its subsequent use has helped in making the dreams of many people come into the realisation and it is almost impossible to imagine what our lives would be like without the computer. A computer is basically a device that can be used for a lot of purposes ranging from storage of information, messaging, email, calculation, software programming, data processing and so many more.

A desktop computer comprises of a monitor, a CPU, a keyboard, an UPS, a mouse for the computer to function very well. A laptop does not need all of the other things apart from itself to function. The computer is basically an electronic device that has a large memory and can save any amount of data.

The human race has become extremely dependent on the technology of the computer. The computer and its technology is now used in every filed and area. Students of any grade use the computer to prepare for exams, download lecture notes, prepare their projects, collect a lot of information within very few minutes and learn how and paint with various computer software.

The computer improves professional skills in students and increases their chances of getting a good job easily. The 21st century computer are very much advanced which means that they are lighter, smaller, more powerful and speedier. They can be used in all fields like in traffic control, weather forecasting, shopping, education, medical sector, crime detection, machinery operations, spacecraft guidance, examinations, and so on. Overall, the computer has revolutionised technology and how we handle things.

Essay on Computer and Its Uses (Essay 3 – 300 words)

Computer is one of the greatest invention of man. It is the coolest product of science and technology that has made our lives so easier. Computers are becoming omnipresent as we can find computers everywhere right from homes, schools, colleges, offices, laboratories to libraries, museums and even hospitals.

What is a Computer?

Computer is actually a machine that has the capacity to store large amount of data and can do numerous tasks in a much lesser time compared to humans. It collects input from users, processes it and delivers the expected result as output.

The first mechanical Computer was created by Charles Babbage. The important accessories of a computer are – Mouse, Keyboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), and the Printer.

Importance and Uses of Computer:

In today’s world, humans have become so dependent on Computers that it is impossible for them to live without it. What makes Computer so important is its usage, efficiency and easy accessibility. The amazing benefits of Computer makes it the most needed technological equipment.

Let’s look into some of the important benefits of Computers:

1. Computers are of great use in the field of Education. It helps teachers prepare presentations for seminars; students find it easy to work on their projects from their homes using computer.

2. No industries or business work without computers today. All financial transactions, employee record keeping, business processes are all done through computers.

3. It is very astonishing to know that Computers are widely used in the medical field also. Computers are used while conducting the medical procedures like X-ray, CT scan, MRI scan, etc.

4. Computers are a boon to the defense department as they help in detecting incoming missiles, diagnosing bombs thereby help in saving lives.


Computer is a wonderful gift of science created by man to help mankind. Laptop and desktops are the forms of computers that are ruling the world today and these has definitely changed the live style of people and status of developing countries.

Essay on Computer (Essay 4 – 400 Words)

The Technology Masterpiece:

Science and technology has been making a steadfast progress and it surely is now the era of computers. With so much rapid progress being made in the field of computers, it is only a matter of time until our lives too start being controlled by these machines.

While we cannot disagree to how computers have simplified our lives, it is important to ensure that we know how to limit the use of technology in our lives. The best way to do this is by ensuring that we put technology to constructive use.

Faster and Better:

There is no doubt that using computers has solved a great deal of complex problems. A lot of things which would have involved endless manpower can be done in a matter of few seconds. At the same time; using computer eliminates the possibility of manual errors as well.

Improved Applications:

There is no end to the kind of applications which has been made possible with the help of computers. The endless games we are often hooked to, the multimedia options, the ease to print on the go and a hundred other things are all marvel of modern day computing.

Long way to go:

We still have a long way to go and there is so much more which one needs to accomplish. However, if we take a look at the kind of progress we have made, it is definitely impressive. There was a time when super computers occupied a whole room and it was too expensive for regular people to afford it. However, with changing times technology has improved and now we have palm sized laptops that can be quickly taken anywhere on the go.

So, if you too are fascinated by the world of computers, the right thing to do is to make sure that you truly understand the concept of the technology and then utilize it for the good. Computers can simplify a lot of problems and offer befitting solutions to too many complexities. The need has been feet to put it to right and constructive use.

The Conclusion:

While people may wonder if we have become too dependent on science, there is no denying the fact that computers have definitely improved our life for the good. To thrive in today’s times we need to make the most of changing faces of technology. Controlled progress could help in contributing to a better life which can also suit the sustainable model too.

Essay on Computer – Advantages and Disadvantages (Essay 5 – 500 Words)


Computers are being used widely in the 21st century especially since most people require internet to run their daily activities. Computers are basically the electronic devices that are used to store and manipulate information that is retrievable and can be stored for long-term use. These devices have been in use since the nineteenth century. The use of computers has escalated in the 21st century due to advancements in technology and the civilization in the society.

People use computers for different reasons and they value its use because of the benefits the computer has. During the development of computers, there have been several advancements which include the reduction in size and the improvement of speed and efficiency. The earliest computers, supercomputers, were huge and very slow while current computers, laptops, are very small yet very fast and efficient. Computers has actually evolved and with the trend of technological advancements, more discoveries are yet to be made.

Uses of Computers:

Computers are found in almost all fields i.e., education, healthcare, business, homes among other fields. The uses of computers cut across all fields for the basic functions and then differences in function are specific to fields. Computers are used to enter information and store them. Specific tasks are also performed using computers for example monitoring of performance or office work. Computers are also used for entertainment like computer games, watching and listening to music. Computers are used to access information from the internet and it enables learning and communication.

Advantages of Using Computers:

Computers enable quick and efficient storage and processing of information. The simplification of work and efficiency is enabled by computers. In healthcare for example, patient’s data and information is entered into a computer instead of using the old methods of pen and paper therefore, time is save and accuracy is enhanced.

Computers enable digitalization of things like photos, documents and books. This makes the learners to have less baggage when carrying their reading material because they have been digitalized. Digitalization also saves time because when one is in need of a photo or a document, it is easier to get a digitalized one than a manual one.

Disadvantages of Using Computers:

Computers have made work easier for people and therefore there is reduced activity. Reduced human activity results in development of unhealthy lifestyles and diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles.

Computers have also enabled the access to internet, which cause social problems like immorality. The use of computers has also caused a reduction in human interaction because people are glued to their computers because they can do everything on a computer from ordering food to communicating, to paying bills and other things.


Based on the shred knowledge on computers, it is evident that its use has diversified globally. The use has increased efficiency and it has improved almost all sectors of life ranging from the social, economic, cultural and political. The use of computers has its pros and cons. Computers are actually essential because they complement human abilities and they will go a long way in improving the way of life.

Essay on Computer – For Class 12 Students (Essay 6 – 600 Words)

Computer is one such man made device without which the mankind cannot imagine their existence. In short, a computer is a device that processes and stores information entered as the input and displays the information as the required output as and when the user desires.


Very huge in size and limited in functionality, the earlier computer was as big as an entire room and they consumed more power. It was in the year 1837 when Charles Babbage despite his limited resources and finances came up with a programmed version of the computer. Later, his son Henry Babbage modified the computer into a simpler unit. Initially, the use of computer was limited. They were merely used for calculations and not for carrying out tasks.

There was an important role played by computer in The World War II. War planning required huge calculations and with the aid of a computer, the armies found it easy.

A Luxury or Necessity:

There was a time when people considered the computer as a luxury but today it is a necessity. People cannot imagine their life without a computer. Well, it isn’t just a calculating device anymore. Modern computer carries out almost every task that the human desires. A computer nowadays is designed to store information and perform innumerable tasks as and when the user wants.

The information entered by the user is transmitted to the computer in the form of a programming language which is again transmitted into human language and the result is displayed.

Well, with computer becoming the backbone of almost every industry running today, you can very well judge whether it is a luxury or a necessity. It hasn’t just simplified tasks and made them quicker but computer has given birth to many other amazing inventions.


It is literally impossible to list the uses of a computer because the list is exhaustive. Basically, a computer nowadays performs innumerable tasks and it is required in every field. Thus, computer has been made a compulsory subject in primary schools almost everywhere. It has become an indispensable need for mankind and we cannot go a day without a computer. Available in varied designs and sizes, the modern day computer has also been modified into a portable form called a laptop. You can carry it wherever you go.

Be it offices, shops, schools, homes, and almost every other place; people cannot imagine their life without a computer. It is one such invention that has made human life super easy.

Well, just like everything has its share of advantage and disadvantages the same goes for computer.

The increasing rate in cybercrime is the biggest disadvantage that comes with computer. But if apt preventive measures are taken then maybe we can remedy the situation. Owing to the advantages computer has to offer we can overlook the few disadvantages it has.

The fast moving life that people are living nowadays is only possible because of this wonderful invention. With the passage of time, there has been an unbelievable advancement in the field of computer and the world has been constantly changing since then.


Owing to the rapid pace with which the computer industry has progressed, it can be rightly said that the coming days will be brighter, smarter and technically more advanced because we are sure to come up with even better computer systems. The next generations are sure to live an advanced life because with computer becoming better there’s no looking back.

Electronic devices on a whole might be making us lazy but we cannot deny the fact that computer is not just any ordinary electronic device; it is a boon to the human race.

Essay on Computer – For Students (Essay 7 – 750 Words)

Computers have been around in various forms for the past two centuries. Over that relatively short period of time this machine, or tool, has transformed mankind equally as much as fire or the wheel. That being said sometimes we take this device for granted and do not appreciate all the different things it is giving us.

When you stop and think about all the places where you can find a computer you will realize that almost all human endeavors in the present have some form of computerized help. Without this help, people wouldn’t be able to do their jobs as efficiently as they do now so let’s take a deeper look at the development of this amazing tool.

The Past:

People have made many different tools all through history that they used to help them calculate and keep track of their resources. The idea has been around for a couple of thousand years but the technology was not advanced enough for us to make anything that resembles our modern computers till the 20th century.

The first computers were analog devices that were used for solving different problems, that is they could perform an operation based on a predetermined mechanism that was usually based on a mathematical equation. That type of computer did not have enough flexibility to be used for many tasks and it could not be reprogramed. The first digital computer was called Z3 and it was developed in 1941 after successive models were upgraded.

The age that saw the birth of the computer also saw many changes in technology and manufacturing that made computer parts available for mass use. Those developments led to the invention of personal computers that were much cheaper and easier to use and once the public got hold of them a revolution in their usage was sparked.

The Present:

The present is all about computers and almost every home in the world has a computer, or that’s what we believe. The estimate from 2015 states that over 2 billion computers are in use today. The number suggests that there are a lot of devices all over the world being used every single moment. You are probably reading this from a computer and if not, you are reading it from a device that owes its existence to the computer and electronics revolution mentioned in the segment above.

Some people have suggested that computers are having a bad influence on people because they are making us distant from each other and because people tend to spend most of their day sitting in front of the computer looking like they are doing nothing. The fact is this is not something the computer does but rather the people who use them. Like with most other things in life that give us enjoyment we sometimes tend to misuse them and cause harm to ourselves.

The fact is that the present looks like it does because of the time and resources computers have saved us and this is an undisputed fact. Without this technology, we couldn’t manage half the production process running today not to mention our daily tasks that have in some circumstances become completely dependent on this device.

The Future:

Computers are becoming more complex and at the same time simpler to use making them widely distributed with a tendency to take over the world. There are many plans for the future of computers and as time goes by, they are capable of finding solutions to complex and unimagined problems. They are used in almost all the industries from mining to hospitality management and everywhere they find a unique task, or several, that they can perform.

They have become so indispensable to our lives that some people are actually considering making them a part of their body and integrating the computer operations with the organism. This can sound a bit bizarre but people are actually making advancements in this field and cyborg devices are being implemented to help people with disabilities more often as time passes.

The potential the computer has to help us is immense and the limit is only our imagination and the resources we have at our disposal. This tool can be thought to perform endless tasks even the experts get surprised sometimes. The future looks like its full of stars but we have to keep in mind that through their use we speed up all our processes altering our existence in a sense we have to keep both eyes open for signs of potentially dangerous outcomes of some of the technological advancements we use.

Essay on Computer – History, Parts and Advantages (Essay 8 – 1000 Words)

A computer, in terms of definition, is such a device, which through the use of computer programming, executes the arithmetic and logical operations. Computers are used as control frameworks for a wide assortment of modern and shopper gadgets. This includes simple gadgets like microwaves and remote controls, plant gadgets, for example, modern robots and computer helped structure, and furthermore broadly useful gadgets like computers and cell phones.

History of Computers:

Charles Babbage, an English mechanical designer and polymath, began the idea of a programmable computer. Considered as the father of the computer, he conceptualized and concocted the primary mechanical computer in the mid-nineteenth century. In the wake of chipping away at his progressive distinction motor, intended to help in navigational figuring, in 1833 he understood that a considerably more broad structure, an Analytical Engine, was conceivable.

The contribution of projects and information was to be given to the machine by means of punched cards, a strategy being utilized as an opportunity to coordinate mechanical weavers as the Jacquard linger. For yield, the machine would have a printer, a bend plotter and a ringer. The machine would similarly be able to punch numbers onto cards to be examined in later. The Engine consolidated a number juggling rationale unit, control stream as contingent stretching and circles, and incorporated memory, making it the primary plan for a broadly useful computer that could be portrayed in present-day terms as Turing-finish.

Parts of a Computer:

The essential parts of a computer are the computer case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord. Each part assumes an important role in the functioning of a computer. The computer case is the metal and plastic box that contains the principal parts of the computer including the motherboard, the CPU and power supply. The monitor works with a video card, situated inside the computer case, to show pictures and content on the screen.

Most monitors have control catches that enable you to change your screen’s showcase settings, and a few screens likewise have built-in speakers. The keyboard is one of the primary approaches to speak with a keyboard. There is a wide range of sorts of keyboards, yet most are fundamentally the same and enables you to achieve a similar essential feature. The mouse is another imperative device for speaking with computers. Ordinarily known as a pointing gadget, it gives you a chance to point to objects on the screen, tap on them, and move them.

Advantages of Computers:

Computers have no doubt made human life quicker as a result of extraordinary speed, accuracy and capacity, with which human can spare anything and pursuit it out effectively when required. We can state that  computer is an adaptable machine since it is entirely adaptable in carrying out different occupations. The ability to do many tasks together, or in computer terms what is referred to as multitasking is one of the real advantages of a computer. An individual can carry out different undertakings, numerous tasks, and figure numerical issues within a couple of moments.

Computers can perform trillion of directions for every second. Other than this, one of the fundamental points of interest of a computer is its staggering pace, which causes human to finish their assignment in a couple of moments or even seconds. Each one of the activities can be performed in a quick manner in view of its speed otherwise it requires a long investment to complete the assignment.

Moreover, the storage capacity of computers is another of its abilities which make computers so powerful. You can store gigantic information inside a small hard disk. Concentrated database of putting away data is the significantly preferred standpoint that can lessen cost as well. One of the other advantages of computers is the precision of its calculations which are very hard to achieve manually.

The Other Side:

With the advent of technology, the computers have seen the darker side as well. Of late, there have been many instances of misuse of computers as well. For instance, viruses and hacking are two tools which are used to attack computers and misuse them. The virus is a worm and hacking is basically an unapproved access over a computer for some illegal reason. Viruses are exchanged from email connection, seeing a tainted site ad, through removable gadget like USB and so forth. Once malware is moved in host computer it can destroy the record, overwrite the document, and misuse them and so on.

For example, a huge bit of web was affected including Twitter, Netflix, and CNN in October 2016 on the grounds that the biggest DDoS assault was propelled on specialist organization DYN utilizing IoT Botnet. Such instances have given rise to cybercrimes. Cybercrimes imply computer system may have been utilized with the end goal to carry out unlawful activities. Cyber stalking and Identity burglary are the focuses which go under online digital crimes.

For example, one may get the access of your bank account or your shopping account like Amazon account and the hacker can have the capacity to access the bank account details or the credit or debit cards which can then be misused by the hacker. Moreover, with the increasing use of computers, there has been a decrease in the requirement of manual force as a lot of work has been taken over by computers. This was initially a cause of the increase in the rate of unemployment as well.

Computers – A Boon or a Curse?

There is no doubt that our lives have been made much easier with the introduction of computers. How easy it uses an ATM machine to withdraw money. In fact, online examinations which have removed the bias the students had to go through at the hands of teachers have been possible only with the use of computers. There are so many benefits of computers that is simply not possible to term them as a curse to our society.

However, everything must be sued judiciously, or else it does not take time for a boon to end up being a curse. For instance, we must make our kids understand the ill effects of using computers and cell phones for hours and encourage them to better reading and playing habits for them to go through their development process properly. Similarly, we must be aware of the cybercrimes one is prone to and follow the advice of the government from time to time in order to keep ourselves safe and secure from the ill effects of computers.


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