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List of Foods that Fight Cancer Tumors by Team - The Wisdom Post - 1. Turmeric Turmeric is widely used in Asian countries. An inseparable part of curries, it adds vibrant and fresh color to them. However, the turmeric powder has many serious benefits. It is warm in nature and contains an element curcumin, which is known to reduce and shrink the tumors. The spice also alleviates inflammation in Continue Reading
How can You Promote Healthy Eating Habits in Your Home?–Answered By Experts by Team - The Wisdom Post - To live a longer and healthier life is important to keep good habits. Even though we try hard, some objectives are harder to achieve. Sometimes people think that is hard to keep a healthy and balanced diet, especially when you have kids, but some small tricks can be helpful and determinant to get to your Continue Reading
Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water by Team - The Wisdom Post - In this article we present you 10 benefits of drinking warm water everyday. Health Benefit # 1. Helps Having a Better Digestion Water is a natural lubricant, that helps the natural process of digestion since it hydrates the digestive organs and help eliminate the waste by dissolving and dissipating foods you’ve eating and gave you Continue Reading
How to Reduce your Hair Loss: A Complete Guide for Stopping Hair Loss by Team - The Wisdom Post - 10 Outstanding Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Women Hair is an essential notion of beauty. However, a lot of women suffer from problems like – hair loss, thinning of hair etc. Losing hair is a natural process, and it is normal to lose nearly 50-100 stands of hair a day. On an average, 10% Continue Reading
How to Reduce Your Cholesterol Level: A Complete Guide by Team - The Wisdom Post - An Introduction to Reduce Your Cholesterol Level Cholesterol is a naturally substance that is produced by liver for proper functioning of cells and nerves. There are two type of cholesterol – Low density lipoprotein (LDL) and High density lipoprotein (HDL). LDL cholesterol carries fat from liver to the cells through blood stream. High amount of Continue Reading
List of Top 12 Cancer Fighting Herbs by Team - The Wisdom Post - Cancer is a group of diseases in which there is an abnormal cell growth that can spread to other parts of the body. There are more than 100 types of cancer in humans. There are many causes for developing cancer, namely smoking, excessive weight, lack of exercise, excessive drinking, virus and genetic defects. This is Continue Reading
List of Foods that Reduces Blood Sugar by Team - The Wisdom Post - Increased blood sugar is a bad news for all. This usually occurs in Type 2 diabetes, when the body has developed a resistance to insulin and is no longer capable of processing and transporting the glucose into the body cells. For this reason, the glucose keeps flowing into the blood and leads to increased blood Continue Reading
What Foods to Eat to Get Rid of Diabetes?-Answered by Experts by Team - The Wisdom Post - Diabetes is one of the most prevalent health problems in today’s world. The ugly truth about this disease is that recently, it has begun to prey on both adults and children. The biggest culprit for the vigorous spread of diabetes is a poor lifestyle. Bad food choices like more junk foods, canned and sugary or Continue Reading
Healthy Habits: Beginner’s Guide To Create Absolutely Amazing Healthy Habits by Team - The Wisdom Post - Everybody wants a healthy life. We all want to get rid of our unhealthy lifestyle. Whether it is too much coffee, quitting cigarette, falling for the desserts and what not! But, is it that simple to do? Every day we say to ourselves that tomorrow is going to be different and new. But when the Continue Reading
List of Top 12 Cancer-Fighting Fruits and Vegetables by Team - The Wisdom Post - Now more than ever, cancer has become one of the most common and worst ailments of all for the human race. The clinical methods are long, tiring and very costly. And there is a limit to depending upon crude medicines and harsh chemical treatments to get rid of the disease. More so, when we can Continue Reading