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How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energies: A Complete Guide

How To Free and Protect Yourself From Negative Energies

Ever wake up feeling dissatisfied with everything around you: The work, the family, the friends and colleagues at work.

Everything seems boring. Anything that you touch just falls. You fake any conversation just to make the people, feel you’re cool.

It is like the enthusiasm that you have has been stolen away. Getting back home, you feel like you don’t want to have a conversation with anybody including your spouse.

Just want to sleep, hoping that tomorrow, you’ll wake up in a good state of mind, with new thoughts and excitement.

Chances are you’re coating negative energies. Negative energies is emotions, negative feelings and thoughts that clouds our mind.

Several things triggers negative emotion. It can be the environment that you’re in. Maybe somebody said a bad thing to you and it affected you without knowing. Sometimes it can come from the workplace.

You can never prevent negative energy from happening. Even the most positive person on planet earth, will have negative energies.

The difference lies in what you do when negative thoughts come knocking on your mind. Do you allow it to steal your freedom? Do you let it reign your thoughts and feelings.

It takes practice and commitment to get rid of negative thoughts. There is no one size solution to prevent it, but there is a way to manage the solution. It takes time and practice. Here are the ways to curb negative thoughts.

1. Write Down, Everything

How do you expel negative thoughts? You free them from your mind. In other words, you let them go and replace them with positive energies.

The next time you have negative energy, try to write down everything that you’re feeling. If you’re feeling “stupid”, write I feel stupid and any thoughts that may be in your mind.

Most therapists and psychologists agree that if you write anything down, you let it out. Writing makes you aware of your feelings and thoughts.

Take This Example.

It is no secret that people who are addicted to porn and masturbation, always experience negative energies after they’ve finished watching. There is a level of emptiness and sadness inside them. Sometimes it can hinder them from working.

It will be hard to tell a person who is addicted to masturbation and porn to leave the practice all at once. A quicker way of helping these people is telling them to write down the feeling they are having or craving. If they feel like watching porn or masturbating, they should write, I feel like masturbating.

It makes them aware of what they are about to do. It calms their thoughts. There is a 120 % chance that they will leave what they’re doing.

In short, if you have negative energies, take a deep breath and write down what you’re experiencing. The more you feel the negative energies, the more you should write and write. You will calm down and start writing positive thoughts. Writing cures for real.

2. Drink lemon or lime water

There is something that lemon water does to your mind. The smell of nicely greeted lemon peels is pleasant and uplifting experience for the mind.

The smell fills up the room and repels negative energy. Personally, I like to have lots of lemon in the room.

I like to grate the peels and boil them, sometimes I wave them to my nose. The lemon bitterness and smell relaxes and stores the peace in your mind.

3. Take A 15 Minute Walk

Chances are you will experience negative energies while you’re seated or in a stationary position. Any time you experience negative energies, I want you to try something new.

Anytime you feel down, try a 15 or 30 minutes walking, sometimes you can take an hour or more. Just take a walk, you’ll find that after sometimes positive feeling starts to creep in. And negative thoughts start to fade away.

If you experience negative thoughts from time to time, every evening, try to have a 30 minutes walk. Walking in the evening helps you a lot.

It helps you focus on the good things you have had during the day. Walking also clouds your memory with positive feelings and thoughts about something. Sometimes in my regular walks, I come up with ideas and solutions to different problems that I have.

4. Go To The Gym

If 30 minutes walk doesn’t help you at all, then take it to the gym. Pull the trenches, barbells, weights like you’ve never done before. Chances are you will calm down or you negative thoughts will begin to fade away.

In fact, studies show that physical exercise is not only good for the body, but it is also good for the mind. It strengthens the mind.

To prevent being the victim of negative energy tries to exercise every day. Be active. If you’re active, your mind is active and healthy.

In fact, negative mind is a sign that your mind is sick. Hey, why do some people commit suicide? Where is the origin of a suicide mission?

A suicide mission starts when a person allows negative feelings, thoughts and perception kill their spirits. When that thought settles in, the mind starts to look for reasons on why they are better off dead than alive.

The mind can find so many reasons making the person to give in those perceptions, feelings and negative thoughts and take his life way.

5. Laugh out loud

If you’ve experienced negative energies, chances are you’re doing it when you’re sad. There is a solution. Just laugh, if you can’t laugh, then find a comedy that will make you crack your ribs “hard”.

There are several comedies that you’ve watched in the past. Take the time and watch them. After sometime, you’ll feel good about yourself. If you don’t have fun comedy, YouTube if full videos of funny cats and people.

Do you know that you use 80% of your muscle to be sad and 20% of your muscle to be happy. The question is, why do you overwork your face? Hey guys, cheer up, stop flexing your muscles.

6. Jump on skipping rope

The key to prevent negative energy is to keep your body and mind active, always doing something. Jumping on a skipping rope is another way of killing depression. The more active you’re the more your brain gets rid of negative energy.

7. Start practicing yoga

You can only control negative thoughts if you’re aware of them. Yoga may be a form of physical exercise, but it lets you to be aware of your thoughts.

You get to feel your thoughts, you get to know your feelings better, you become relaxed and calm. All that you do in yoga is promoting a healthy mind.

Any stronger mind is a source of happiness and joy in life. Sadness and negativity start with thoughts. The monks know how to cherish their thoughts and feelings, that is why you see them calms at all time. Peace and freedom is what your mind craves and needs. The only way to do that is through Yoga.

8. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of being aware of the things that are happening around. For instance, when a friend tells you something negative or when negativity starts to kick in.

In both situations you can respectfully respond to them mindfully without reacting back with negative feelings. In other words, don’t respond to people with negative thoughts or insults hurled down at you.

Sometimes the best case scenarios is for you to walk away with your head high. In a nutshell, mindfulness involves the following things:

● Being aware of what’s happening in your environment at the present times without hoping and wishing that it was something different

● Enjoying each pleasant moment like it was the best or last days of your life.

● Handling unpleasant experiences like negative energies with full knowledge that nothing is permanent.

9. Smudging

The smudging practice has been used in the past to get rid of negative energies. The monks and priest use it. Smudging is the practice of burning natural substances that produce pleasant smoke and smell.

You can use lavender, sweet grass, herbs and sage. Smudging is known for dispelling negative energies. People with a strong religious culture have used smudging for various things. The smell and smoke is known for soothing and calming the mind.

10. White Light Meditation

It is no secret that meditation has lots of benefits. Meditation is a way of healing the mind from negative thoughts. Science has proved that people who meditate everyday live happier life, raise wonderful children and suffer less from diseases.

If you’ve had negative energies in the past, try meditation. Try closing your eyes with your legs crossed. Try to focus on your feelings and thoughts. If you still find meditation heard, try meditating while listening to binaural beats. Binaural beats helps you focus on meditation. By the end of the session, you’ll have a relief.

11. Take A Cold Shower or Swim in cold water

It may sound weird, but it’s cold shower or cold swim helps a lot. Studies show that cold water are known for calming the mind and thoughts. Cold water is drug of the mind.

In the past, water was used to treat various ailments. Today water is still used because of its therapeutic benefit. According to MedicalDaily.com, cold relieves depression because of their intense cold receptors in the skin.

Cold water is known for producing anti-presence effects. In other words, the water prevents hardening, increasing great tolerance to stress.

Next time you experience the negative energies, try having a cold shower or swim in a cold water. You’ll notice a big difference at the end of your swim or shower. According to Psychology today, patients that struggle with anxiety can benefit from hydrotherapy.

12. Change Your Environment

The reason why you keep having negative energy is because you live in an environment that allows. The quickest ways to do this, is to change your environment. In other words, surrounds yourself with positive thoughts.

Find new friends to hang out with that are upbeat and captivating. Oh! May be you wondering what if you’re not an outgoing person?

It is simple, head over to YouTube, you will find lots of mentors talking about positive things all the day long. Anytime you feel down, put on earphone and start listening to somebody like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar.

Sometimes negative energies may come from the Television. All you need is to switch off or change the channel of your Tv, and watch something that is captivating for the day.

13. Reading books

Negative thoughts and feelings don’t happen by chance. They happen because we let them reside in our brain. If you want to stay positive, read books. You can read self-help books or novels.

Reading a book takes your mind away from the reality and make you happy in another world. More importantly, it also enriches you with knowledge about solutions to problems. Any time you experience a negative surge, take a book and read.

Or you can start the practice of reading a book every single day for 30 minutes before retiring to bed. It is a practice that you won’t regret

Research from the University of Sussex states that reading overcomes stress and negative thoughts, beating out other methods like listening to music and walking. Reading is something that you can try.

Yes, you can free yourself from negative energy. All you need is control what gets into your mind. The mind is powerful, when used to store positive thoughts, it can make you lead a happy life.

The mind can also be wicked, if you let it keep wicked thoughts in your mind. In other words, don’t be a slave to negative thoughts, be a master of it. Trying mastering positive thoughts.

Thoughts that fuels happiness and calmness. Anytime you feel down or sad, you can apply any suggestions in this article and it will work 100%. True happiness comes when you have total control of what is happening in your life and things working coherently well.

Everyone wants to live a positive life and nobody wants to be in negativity. The problem is that sometimes we just do not have the control over the things in our lives and negative events and people may invade us and succumb us to negativity. Learning how to stay positive is important, but do not forget that protecting yourself from negativity is equally important too.

You cannot be successful and live a great life if you always submerged yourself in the negative energy around you. Whenever you want to act on your goal, someone negative will tell you it is impossible and distract you from moving forward. The moment you are feeling happy and your mood is great, something negative can happen and that takes away your joyful moment. And thus, it is important to shelter and protect ourselves from negative things, such as events and people around us.

How to get Protection from the Universe: Top 10 Outstanding Tips

When it comes to dealing with negative energy, the first thing most people come to understand is negative thinking. They think that negative energy is all about negative thinking and bad emotions. However, in a bigger context, it can be from the Universe. When you read the book, The Secret and understand how the Law of Attraction works, you will know that things happen for a reason.

Once, there was an avid reader of The Secret from Mumbai who followed the Law of Attraction principle and used affirmations daily. He explained how his positive energy has protected him from being killed in a bomb blast in Mumbai. Usually, he would travel the usual route to get to work, but somehow, he received a phone call and had to attend to another client in a different place. Guess what, in that day, the bomb blast took place, but luckily for him, he was saved because he traveled to another place and skipped the bombing area.

Not only that, in fact, he has avoided from the second bomb blast too. This was what he said in TheSecret.tv website, “I travel by bus every day from work to home. This day, because of the new call that replaced my initial plans, I had to divert my route to get to work and I was in the parallel area at the time the second bomb blast took place. If I had followed my daily routine, I would be stuck in the second place of bombing as I pass that place during the same time the bomb blast took place.”

What is more interesting to know is that the reader said he felt obliged to share his story because he practiced affirmation daily that he intends to live in a beautiful, secure and joyous universe and he is always protected by the Universe.

Somehow, his positive energy shielded him from the bomb blasts. Therefore, learning how to protect yourself from negative energy is important. Not only can that negative energy affect your mode and mentality, but also your life.

According to the Law of Attraction, everything is energy, including your thoughts. Therefore, your thinking and feeling will affect every area and event in your life. You may attract unwanted people or things into your life and wonder why things are always going against you.

Below are some of the signs that you have picked up negative energies and you need to cleanse them.

  • You feel depressed out of the blue without knowing why.
  • You get extremely tired and exhausted even when you have enough sleep.
  • You get sick easily, such as flu, fever, headache, and sore throat.
  • You lose your keys, phone, wallets, or something that you value.
  • You spend unnecessarily and buy things that you do not really need.
  • You are deeply in debt
  • You feel stress, uneasy and sometimes feeling difficulty in breathing.

The above are just some examples that you may experience when you are feeling negative. Below are some of the suggestions how you can protect yourself from negative energies that you may face in your everyday life. Learn them and apply them starting from today on.

1. Express Your Intention

One of the most powerful things that you can do is to express your intention that you want to get rid of the negative energies in your life. For instance, you can place both of your hands on your heart and say your intention out loud. You can also write it down on a piece of paper, and then either throw it away or let it burn. See all the negative energies thrown or burned away.

When you do this, you are telling specifically what you want from the Universe. You set yourself clear from negativity with clarity and strong intention.

2. Play Drums or Music in the Background

This does not mean that you need to have a drum at home. Everyone has a smartphone these days and you can simply go to YouTube and check out drum music. There will be plenty. Find one that you like and start playing the music in the background. If this is not working, you can go to a wooden desk and start tapping and drumming the table with your hands. The key is to get yourself move according to the rhythm so that you will keep yourself away from the negative energies.

Well, if you do not like drum music, you can choose any fast-pace or inspiring music. The only problem is that sometimes some music will make you nostalgic and brings back sad memories. Thus, be extremely careful with the music you choose to listen.

3. Just Laugh

Yes, many studies have shown that laughing is one of the best mental medicines. And the best part is that it is free to use and available for everyone. Laughing is a very powerful tool to protect yourself from negative energies because when you feel joyful, your vibration will be high and this will cancel out the lower vibration energies.

If you find that laughing or having a joyful moment is difficult, just fake it. Your emotion is created by your motion. When you laugh and make a big silly grin on your face, there is no way negative energy can attack you. People just cannot laugh and feel sad or cry and laugh at the same time. It is a contradicting behavior that will cancel out each other. Hence, when you laugh, you will automatically feel happy and the negative energy will be gone.

4. Skip like a child

As what you have learned above, your motion will determine your emotion. When you jump up and down, you are boosting your energy to a higher level. As a result, you will get rid of all the lower and negative energies within you. After the jumping, you will feel relieved and less stressful. More importantly, you will feel happier.

5. Dancing

Yes, dancing is another great way to protect yourself from negativity. It does not matter what dance move you are trying to perform, as long as you dance and move your body, you will feel good. This technique is especially powerful when you combine it with playing uplifting or inspirational songs in the background. Your mood will be lifted higher and so with your energy vibration.

6. Write a Gratitude List

Writing down what you are grateful for is one of the most powerful ways to get rid of negativity and at the same time, put you in a grateful and positive mindset. Science has proved that when someone practice writing down and engage their thinking with what they are grateful for, they will feel happier and less stressful after the process.

Think about it, when you are grateful for something, the Universe will reward you more for it. When you constantly worrying about something, the more you worry and the more you think about it, the more it will come true to you. This is because your thoughts are things. And thus, when you feel grateful and thankful for things that you already have in life, you will have more of it.

7. Practice Affirmations

Your words are powerful and they can shape your life. Highly successful people use positive and inspiring words in their daily conversation. They do not use negative words such as “Impossible” or “I can’t”. When you say that you can’t, your brain will shut off all the possibilities because you are directly telling your mind that it is impossible. On the other hand, when you tell yourself that you can, you are giving orders to your brain to find a solution.

This is why affirmations work and why they are powerful. John Demartini, the famous chiropractor who is also a best-selling author and international speaker, said that one thing that changed his life and led him to success is through affirmations. Each and every day, he will repeat a short, simple, but powerful phrase, “I’m a genius and I apply my wisdom”. When you repeat your affirmations regularly, you conditioned your mind to believe it is true. And eventually, you will live your affirmations.

8. Join Others Who Are Positive

It is true that you will become who you mix with most of the time. Jim Rohn said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and he is absolutely right. The people you mix with will influence your thinking and hence, your energy level.

When you network, talk and mix with negative people who always blame, give excuses and complain about everything in life, they will suck your energy and turn you into a negative person as well. Researchers have found that what parents told their children will greatly affect the children’s lives.

So choose to mix with the right group of people. Network and make friends with people who are positive, who want to move forward and who always look at the bright side of life.

9. Practice Meditation

When you quiet your mind through meditation, you are alleviating yourself from all the negative energies within you. Meditation is a powerful technique to keep your focus, reduce your stress, and also protect yourself from all sorts of negativity. Successful people such as Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, etc, are practitioners of meditation. They practice meditation regularly each week.

10. Essential Oils and Incense

In this modern day, using the natural healing properties of essential oils and incense are common and has become popular as people started to see the positive effect from them. Essential oils like sandalwood, myrrh, and niaouli have good smells and cleansing elements. The olfactory sense links to your emotional system and hence enhances a healthy and positive state for you.

The use of incense is similar to essential oils. Incense is commonly used in Buddhism and some other religions. However, you want to make sure you are using natural incense and essential oils that are toxic free and without any artificial perfumes.

11. Take a Shower

If it is in the morning, it is suggested you take a cold bath. This is because the cold water will make you fresh and cleanse away the toxin from your body. And this is exactly what the world’s number one success coach did each morning. Tony Robbins told during an interview that one of his morning rituals including taking a cold plunge in his pool that maintained the water temperature at a brisk 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, he would submerge himself for a full minute. He said that this “cold bath” practice has made him refresh, fully awake and prepares him for what is coming on the day.

These are some of the great ways how you can protect yourself from negative energies. Obviously, there are much more ways how you can do this, however, the above are great suggestions that you may want to choose a few and practice them daily. Find out what works best for you and make them your habit to shelter you from negativity.

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