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Business Ideas For Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit and ability in women in the world have gained economic standing and there are more and more women joining the league than ever before. And when it comes to women entrepreneurs, a study has shown that nearly half of the Indian entrepreneurs are women.

It is not easy to make it in the business world as a woman, but it is not impossible either. Highly successful women such as the author of Harry Potter, JK Rowling, the founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, CEO of Pepsico, Indra Nooyi, and the billionaire media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, are well-respected and they are also the role model for other aspiring female entrepreneurs.

For women who aspire to find their place in today’s market and wanted to become a successful entrepreneur, below are the 10 business ideas worth considering.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is huge today and regardless of your gender, with the right strategy and hard work, anyone can do it in this field. One of the very first successful affiliate marketers in the online world is actually a woman named Rosalind Gardner. She is famous for being a super affiliate and has even published a book called “Super Affiliate Handbook”. Any aspiring woman can learn affiliate marketing and model Rosalind’s determination in building a successful affiliate business on the internet.

2. Women Blogger

Obviously, many work-at-home moms also build and grow blogs that earn them a part-time income. Some successful examples are like Ree Drummond, who is a professional award-winning American blogger of ThePioneerWoman.com and Ana Hoffman of TrafficGenerationCafe.com. In the cyber world, nobody cares about your gender as long as you have something that benefits and adds value to the market, you can be a successful blogger.

3. Selling Digital Products

Another great idea for any woman who inspired to be an entrepreneur is to sell digital products. Digital products such as eBooks, videos, training courses, software, and Apps are huge markets today. One great advantage of selling digital products online is that as long as you have the knowledge and expertise, you can become the market leader, create your own products and then sell them online. Laura Vanderkam, the best-selling author of “What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” first published her book in the digital format. And when it became wildly successful, she then created it into a physical book for higher syndication. Besides eBooks, you can create courses and sell through videos too.

4. Becoming a Fashion Model

Fashion design and model are becoming more and more demanding these days due to the expansion of e-commerce in the world. Research has shown that women are better in fashion design and modeling. In fact, when an advertisement features a woman, it has a better engagement and click-through-rate. Besides, women can possess and have better knowledge and experience about fashion than men. This allows female entrepreneurs to start their businesses with an advantage.

5. Interior Design

Another great business idea to explore is the interior designing industry. This field does not require any hard labor work and anyone who has the creativity can build a successful business there. There are many successful interior designers in the world who are women. For example, Elsie de Wolfe, Sister Parish, and Dorothy Draper. These are famous and well-respected leaders in the world of interior design.

6. Online Tutoring

The education business is another lucrative idea worth considering. This is because women have higher patience than most men, and becoming a tutor, whether online or offline, requires tremendous patience in handling children. Anyone can start a tutoring business on the subject that they like and have specialization in. Almost every parent these days are looking for a good tutor for their children. What is more interesting to note is that this business requires minimal or no capital to start.

7. Babysitter and Pet Care

The babysitter business is increasing at a drastic rate, especially in more developed countries. It is common for both parents to work these days and they need a babysitter to take care of their newborn. Furthermore, most people would prefer a woman babysitter than a macho man to take care of their children. The same goes for the pet care business. If you are an animal lover and you can handle pets, you can start your own pet care business.

8. Start a Restaurant or Café

Starting a restaurant or a café may require more of your capital. However, that does mean that you should not consider. If you have the passion for cooking, brewing the best coffees, and baking delicious cakes, this is the industry you should look into. Apart from that, you can also start with no capital by selling recipes and teaching how to cook or how to bake.

9. Selling Jewelleries

Women love jewellery and it is a billion-dollar industry. Look at the super-successful store such as Pandora that was founded by a couple, which has transformed into an international jewellery manufacturer selling in more than 100 countries. Women usually understand what other women want. Therefore, if you have a passion for jewellery, you should consider starting a jewellery business. For instance, you can start selling them online with affiliate marketing or the drop-ship model. Learn and then expand from there.

10. Public Speaking Business

Depending on your ability and skill of public speaking, it can be an art and also a very lucrative business. When you developed yourself as an authority figure in the industry, people will pay a premium price to listen to you speak. One great example is Hillary Clinton. She made millions from her public speaking engagements. Fortunately, public speaking is a skill that anyone can horn and learn.

These are the 10 best business ideas for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Of course, there are many more lucrative business ideas waiting for you to discover. However, the 10 ideas listed above can be a great start for anyone who has a passion for them.

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