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Top 10 Success Principles to Learn from T. Harv Eker

He is the founder of Peak Potentials Training, a well-known seminar company and also the best-selling author of “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind”, published by Harper Collins and the book was listed on The New York Times Bestseller’s list. His name is T. Harv Eker, one of the financial gurus that have helped millions across the world.

Harv Eker was born in Toronto, Canada, and since a very young age, he has developed a strong passion to be an entrepreneur because he wanted to get rid of poverty. After moving to the United States and working on a dozen of different businesses, he finally found his first success in a retail fitness store. It was reported that he has made millions through the chain of his fitness stores and losing it all through mismanagement. Eker then started to analyze and study rich people and their wealth principles, this eventually led him to develop his own financial theories and principles of getting rich. He then compiled his knowledge into his book and became a successful speaker in today’s world.

In this article, you will discover the top 10 success principles that you can learn from Harv Eker and how you can use them to achieve outstanding success in every area of your life right now.

1. You Are the Root of Your Success

The first principle you can and should learn from Eker is that you are the root of your own success. In order to be successful, you must be successful. According to Eker, everything you have around you is the result, and you are the cause. Meaning to say that if you want a different result, the root must first change, which is to say that you first change.

A lot of people thought that all they need to do in order to get rich is to come up with an idea to make millions, and they will be rich. No, this is not how it works. If you did not develop the financial wealth files in your head, whatever you do, you will never make money from it. Once you have developed the right financial blueprint in your mind, everything you touch will turn into a success.

Therefore, you must understand that you are the cause of everything you get in your life right now. If you are living in poverty, your health is in a bad shape or you fail in your relationship, stop looking around, instead, look into yourself. You have been conditioned to fail. And the only way to change it is to change your mindset. And this is what Eker taught in his book.

Success will come to you automatically when you adopt the right financial blueprint in your head. Your inner world creates your outer world. Most people get it wrong by thinking that all they need is an idea, or a workable business, or a great team, or the capital to initiate their business, but the truth is that nothing will change until you do.

If you stay the same and still using the same lousy mentality in your mind, you will never produce an outstanding result even if you have the capital, the idea, or the team. You are the root of your success. And it starts with you.

2. Be Willing to be Uncomfortable

Harv Eker says that comfort is the kiss of death for all successes. The majority of people are not successful because they are not willing to venture out of their comfort zone. People choose to stay comfortable when it comes to reality. People prefer to stay in their comfortable bed when it is time for them to wake up and work on their dreams. They desire for a slim body, but they refuse to do the uncomfortable, which is to wake up and exercise.

You have to be willing to deal with the uncomfortable if you desire success. You are where you are right now because all the things you do right now are comfortable and they are not getting you anywhere. And if you continue to do it, you will just stay the same. If you want a different result, you must do things differently. Albert Einstein once defined the word insanity as “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So don’t be insane. If you want something different, do it differently. A lot of people try to break their bad habits and adopt the productive ones, but most of them will fail. A great suggestion from Eker if you want to build a productive habit is to do it slowly, adopt just one new habit at a time.

When you try to adopt new habits all at the same time, you will fail because your mind cannot take it and the change is too drastic. You will uncomfortable and fall back into your usual state. So change just one habit at a time.

3. Focus on Solving Problems

The biggest mistake almost every entrepreneur makes when it comes to starting a business is that everyone focuses on the opportunity. You can never know if an opportunity truly exists, and when you focus on the opportunity, it means that you are trying to make the most money of out your business, which is not the right way to start.

Harv Eker advice everyone who wants to start a business to focus on solving the problems. Look for problems and be a problem solver. Solve a specific problem for a specific person, and then duplicate the results. For example, you cannot be in the weight loss industry if the people in the market do not have any problem with their weight. This is because the people in the market have a problem of excess weight, it creates an opportunity for the people who have the solution.

So change your perspective and start thinking about solving problems from now on. Give people the solution that they want and they will pay you in order to get rid of their problems. Building a profitable business is all about creating values and helping those who are in need.

4. Learn to Handle What You Already Have

You must learn to handle what you already have in order to have more of it in your life. For instance, most people will not save any money until they have more. The problem with this is that it has nothing to do with the amount of money, but rather, it has everything to do with the habit.

If you cannot save $1 out of $100, you will never save $100,000 out of a million dollar. Harv Eker always told his audience an interesting story on handling what you already have. Imagine you have a daughter and you bring her to a park. Your daughter sees the ice-cream van and wants an ice-cream. Of course, being a good father, you get a single-scoop ice-cream for her. When she is happily enjoying her ice-cream, somehow the scoop of ice-cream falls to the ground. She cries and you try to get another one for her. Now, as you are getting another ice-cream for her, she sees there is a triple-scoop and asks you to get that get for her, what would you do?

The answer from most people is that they will never get the triple-scoop ice-cream for the child because if she cannot handle even a single-scoop, she cannot handle a triple-scoop, right? This is the problem with most adults in handling their finances. They did not learn how to handle what they already have, and yet they ask for more.

You must understand that if you want to be financially successful, you must learn to handle your finances, even if you do not have much. Success starts small. Most people do not know how to handle $1,000, but yet, they requested from the universe that they wanted to make a million dollar. You must learn to manage $1 if you want to have $10. And you must learn to manage $100 if you want to have $1,000.

Thus, start small and learn to handle what you already have. When you take good care of what you already have, you will have more of them.

5. Invest in Yourself

You are who you are right now because of your own decision and action. Whether you make a lot of money or you fail to do so are the result of your own choice. You create your own life. And this is why it is important to invest in yourself. This is why Eker created his seminar business in the first place. He wanted to share his ideas and help people to become financially free.

There are plenty of books, courses, training, seminars, and workshops you can attend to grow your skills and knowledge so that you can produce a better result in that particular area in your life. In today’s world, you can literally learn everything you desire. If you want to know how to play the guitar, you can learn to do it by attending classes or buying a guitar course. If you want to learn to bake delicious cakes, you can do it through workshops and learn from videos. And if you want to be a millionaire, you can attend seminars like the one that Eker provided.

The key is to constantly invest in yourself so that you will grow and become a better person worthy of the success you want. It is just like the bamboo tree story. If you want to grow a bamboo tree, it requires a lot of nurturing with water, fertile soil and sunshine. When you planted the seed, water it and add fertile for the entire year, nothing happens. And if you continue to do so for the second year, nothing will happen too. And goes the third year and the fourth year. At this point, you may feel like giving up but don’t. At the fifth year, you will see the bamboo tree grows 80 feet tall in just six weeks.

The same thing will happen when you invest in yourself. You may not see the results in the first few years, but do not give up and continue to grow. After a couple of years, like the bamboo tree, you will grow tremendously and the rewards will be well worth it. During the first few years when you see nothing grow from the bamboo seed you planted, what truly happens is that the bamboo is growing and sprouting its root deep into the soil so that it can withstand strong winds and grow up tall and high. Learn from this bamboo story and invest in yourself.

6. Play to Win

Harv Eker said that rich and successful people often play to win, while the unsuccessful and mediocre people play not to lose. And this has a tremendous impact on life. When you play something to win, you will go all out and give your best because you want victory. However, when you play not to lose, you will be reserved and are not willing to go all out.

Imagine if you build a business because you want to pay your bills, and so you treat it like a hobby. Guess what, you will be getting “hobby-like” results. On the other hand, when you build a business because you want to win big, you will operate from a completely different mindset. You will be serious about making your business to work, and you will be committed because you want to win.

Therefore, change your mindset and start to play the game to win. Always remember why your purpose behind your goals. If your goal is to become a millionaire, ask yourself why. Do you want to earn some extra money to pay your bills or do you want to earn big money from your business so that you can be financially free? Both goals require a different set of strategies. So make yourself clear before you venture into your business.

7. Do the Easy Things in Life

People are always looking for the difficult, complicated and hard things to do. They associate being successful as doing difficult things in life. While it is true that sometimes success can be hard, there will also be times where success is about doing the easy things too. Everyone knows that if they want to get healthy, they need to have a proper diet and eat more greens. Eating more vegetables and consume more fruits are not difficult tasks. These are easy tasks to do, but most people do not want to do them.

When it comes to exercise, everyone knows that they need to work out and sweat every day. Again, this is an easy task, but most people choose to neglect doing it. Reading books is an easy task to improve your knowledge, but people prefer to play games on their phones rather than reading books. And sometimes when you put off doing the easy things in life, eventually they will make your life difficult.

Reading books to improve your financial education is easy and important, but if you choose to not do it, at the end, you may suffer financially because you did not do the easy thing in the beginning. The same goes for every area of your life. When you do not do the easy things in life, they will make your life difficult. So commit to doing the easy things from now on.

8. Learn from Successful People

Harv Eker says that our minds are like a big file cabinet. And whatever you do, the decision you make and the action you take is a result of the file you stored in your mind. Why do you think successful people are able to produce outstanding results in their lives? This is because they have stored success files in their minds and when they refer to their files, they are able to make decisions and take actions that will bring them success.

Unfortunately, most people do not have success files store in their minds. They learn from other people who are just like them. They get advice and they are influenced by the people who they spend the most time with. And in this case, most people are mixing with other ordinary people. Highly successful people, on the other hand, learn things from other successful people. They build store many success files in their minds, and when they face with situations that require their decision, they refer to their success files in their head.

Hence, learn from successful people and not from unsuccessful people. When you learn from the people around you and if those who are around you are not successful, you will never get access to the success files because they are not there. Instead, you will be accessing “junk files” you get from the mediocre people around you. So network and learn from successful people if you want to be successful.

9. Every Master Was Once a Disaster

Every once in a while, there will be people who go up to Harv Eker and told him that it is easy for him to do it because he is already rich and successful, his response? “Every master was once a disaster”, Eker will tell his students that everything starts from ground zero and everyone can learn whatever they want if they have the desire.

And Eker is absolutely right. Nobody was born a winner. Winners are made, not born. More importantly, you can learn to be anything or anyone you want to be. If you want to be a great swimmer, you can learn to do so. If you want to be financially wealthy, you can learn to do so as well. Whatever you want to be, do and have, you can acquire even if you do not have the skill or knowledge right now.

Do you think that Richard Branson was born a great entrepreneur? Not at all, he failed in many of his businesses before, but what makes him successful is that he never quit and he continued to learn even up to today. The same goes for Roger Federer, the great tennis player. Federer was not born a talented player, he developed his great skills in tennis through hard work and persistence. And you can do the same to become the best in your field. Remember, every master was once a beginner.

10. Don’t Forget to Wear Your Awesome Glasses

No one can stay motivated and inspired forever. There will be days when you will feel like you do not want to do things and just wanted to procrastinate. Highly successful people like Eker faces this situation too, but they choose to do it anyway when things are going tough. And Eker once shared a very good technique for making you feel awesome. He called it the “wear your awesome glasses” technique.

Whenever you feel upset, no motivation, or feeling depressed, use this technique to inspire you and make you feel awesome. Imagine you have a pair of glasses in front of you, and you write the word “awesome” on the glasses. And then you simply wear the glasses and notice what you see around you. Everything will become awesome, right? You are going to look at life in some ways somehow, so rather than choosing to look at the world in a pessimistic view, look at it from an awesome perspective.

The key is to remind yourself to look at the great things in life. You can choose to look at things in a negative way and tell yourself that things are bad. Or you can choose to wear the awesome glasses and choose to look at the awesome things in life. Whatever you choose to look at your life and the things around you, whether it is true or false, it does not matter because the way you choose to look at it is the way it is.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” So starting from now on, look at things in an awesome way. Don’t forget to wear your awesome glasses, especially when you are feeling down, upset or in a bad mood.

These are the top 10 success principles you can learn from T. Harv Eker, the well-known financial guru for his millionaire mindset principles. What is more important for you to do right now is to adopt and make these principles your life. Live with them and you will be able to produce amazing results too.

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