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Top 10 Success Principles to Learn from Bob Proctor

In 2006, a book was written and a film was made on the Law of Attraction called “The Secret” and since then it has transformed the whole personal development industry. There are a number of gurus have been featured in the book including the famous Bob Proctor. Proctor is an American author, a motivational speaker, and also a success coach. He has written numerous best selling books and worked for Earl Nightingale before he started his own coaching business.

If you want to learn about success and living your dreams, Bob Proctor is the person you should learn from. He has over 40 years of experience in the self-help industry and has helped millions of people living a better life across the world.

Bob Proctor is the living legend who still teaches and shares his ideas and helps people to realize their dreams. He is the man who walks his talks and applies the principles he teaches in his seminars and coaching. In this article, you will discover the top 10 things that you can learn from Bob Proctor.

1. Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose is a big thing. Everyone wants to know their purpose in life and why they exist in this world to do. And according to Bob Proctor, determining your purpose and discovering your purpose are two different things. Proctor does not believe that one determines their destiny, but rather, one will discover his or her destiny when they go about it the right way.

And one great way to know if you are living your purpose is by asking yourself this question, “Why do you get out of bed each morning?” For most people, they will answer that they wake up because they need to work or they wake up because that is what everyone is doing. When you equate your purpose with what everyone else is doing, you are probably going in the wrong direction. You do not want to live other people’s lives.

Your purpose of life is your reason for living. And when you wake up each morning because you need to work or because that is what everyone is doing, you are not living your own purpose. You have to find a purpose so strong and so inspirational that you will want to wake up early to do it. Why do you think highly successful people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson are able to wake up early and they seem to have all the energy to go through their day? They are excited about their lives because they are living their purpose.

This is why finding and discovering your purpose is important. What you can do is to sit down comfortably in a quiet place. Take out a pen and paper, and then write down what you love doing in life. This way, you will discover your true calling and understand why you want to wake up each morning. When you do this, try to choose a comfortable place where you can relax and make sure there is no interruption. And then ask yourself, “What do I really love doing?” And write down all your answers. You may spend as much time as possible while doing this.

At the beginning, you may find it hard to come up with answers because most people will never ask themselves this question every day. However, press on and keep writing down your answers. If needed, you may want to spend an hour or half into doing this exercise for a couple of months until you discover what true purpose of life is. It will be time well-invested.

2. Stop Wasting Your Time

We all know that time is extremely important. Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist once said, “If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” The problem with most people is that they thought they have a lot of time left. Chances are, nobody can tell how much time they have in their lifetime. Some people may have lived a longer life while some people live a shorter life.

And because we do not know how much time we have left, we must make good use of every minute that we have. Bob Proctor has a great idea in showing the importance of time. He equates time with your earnings.

For example, an average person works about 40 hours a week. And there are 52 weeks in a year. And if you are earning $50,000 a year, it means that each minute is worth about $24 to you. And if you are earning $100,000 a year, each minute will worth about $48 to you.

Therefore, the next time before you waste your time, think about how much your time will worth. If someone asks you for a cup of coffee and try to engage you in a useless conversation even for just 5 minutes, you will waste $240 for that 5 minutes of your time. So make sure you use your time wisely and never waste your time on things that will do nothing good in your life.

3. Dare to Stand Out

And because our lives are short, Bob Proctor believes that we should live to our fullest and stand out from the rest. The majority is afraid to make a wave or voice out their ideas. They are too afraid to stand out and to be different. Most people will want to stay on the line and be like everyone else. When you ask them why they do what most people are doing, they will say that they do not want to get fired or they do not want their boss to screw them. Think about it, highly successful people are outliers who dare to stand out and voice their opinions.

If you want to live an extraordinary life and be successful, you must stand out from the rest. The reason most people are trying to live like everyone else is that they are conditioned by the culture they are in. If you were born in a family where your family members spoke three different languages, you will learn and speak those languages too. If you were born in a family that only spoke one language, there is a high chance that you will only speak that language. The point is that you will be influenced and become like the people around you.

Think about it, why do you get a job rather follow your passion or a business? Well, most probably the answer is because you want to be like everyone else and you do not want to be the outliers. After all, what if you fail and what if things do not work out, right? Highly successful people never think so. They stick to their dreams and they stand out for their dreams. And you have to do the same if you want to live a better life now.

4. Never be Afraid to Fail

When it comes to pursuing the dreams that you desire in life, you must never be afraid to fail. Most people play it safe because they have been conditioned to follow the rules and never go beyond the ordinary. Just like the old adage, “better to be safe than sorry”, and this is why most people are not living their best lives.

Thomas Edison failed more than 10,000 times before he finally succeeds with his light bulb invention. When asked about it, he said that he did not fail, but he has found 10,000 ways that did not work. This is the right thinking that will make you successful. Never be afraid to fail and keep on trying until you succeed. This is why Bob Proctor said that when you are working on a worthy ideal, never let the idea of losing enters your mind.

You have to treat your failure as your feedback. You must learn from your failure so that you can improve and take action again to produce a better result. Michael Jordan was rejected by his high school basketball team when he was young, but he never let that failure defeat his purpose. He worked hard and continued to improve his skills. And today, he was considered one of the most famous basketball stars in the world.

5. Conquer Your Limits

Nobody is perfect and if you want to live your dreams and achieve outstanding success in life, you must learn to conquer your limits. Bob Proctor once said that he was impressed by a lady who has climbed Mount Everest. During an interview, the lady was asked by the reporter how she felt after she has conquered the highest mountain in the world. The young lady said she did not conquer the mountain and it cannot be conquered. What she has conquered were the limitations that are within her.

The same goes for you. You must learn and conquer your own limitations. A lot of people fail to achieve their goals and are not living their dreams because they did not transcend their limits. They let their limitations stop them rather than growing and going beyond them.

Winners were not born. When you were just a baby, you did not know how to walk or stand. However, you did not let that limitation stops you, instead, you learn to conquer it and this is why everyone in this world walks. Thus, never let your limit stops you. When you do not know how to do something or you face challenges in your journey, continue to work on and grow yourself to become a better person worthy of success.

6. Ask the Experts

One of the powerful things you can learn from Bob Proctor is that Proctor is an avid learner. He learns from many people even to this day, he said he is still learning from others. And Proctor gives advice to people who want to live a successful life to seek help from experts.

When you have a problem, do not go next door, or your father, or your mother, or your friends for help, instead, go to the experts. If you are into stock investment and you can choose to get the advice from Warren Buffett or your friend, who would go to? The answer is pretty obvious, you should go to the experts. The reason is simple, the experts know what they are doing and they have produced successful results from what they do. Hence, getting advice from the experts is the most precise.

The sad fact is that most people never ask experts for advice. They choose to ask their friends who do not know much for the advice. This is why extraordinary people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Elon Musk read a lot. They choose to learn from other successful people rather than listening to their friends. And you should do the same.

Whenever you face a problem, choose to learn directly from an expert and seek help from people who know the answer. Bob Proctor also said that he reads a lot of books and has more than 1,000 books in his personal library. More importantly, he chooses to reread books that inspire him. He said that when you read a book for the second time, you did not see something in it that you did not see before, but you see something in yourself that was not there before. This is how Bob Proctor learns to create awareness in self-learning and improving to become a better person.

7. What Others Think Don’t Matter

Most people fall into the trap of constantly worrying and thinking about what others think about them. Successful people will never worry or concern about how other people think about them. This is why they are able to rise above the noise and dare to make a difference. They simply do not care about how others think about them.

You should adopt the same principle in life. The most important person in this world is you, not other people. And thus, you should worry about how you think and not how others think about you. You simply cannot control how other people think about you, but you can control how you want to think and act in your life. When you worry too much about how others think about you, you will never accomplish great things because you are limited by others.

There is a saying, “Great minds talk about ideas, average mind talk about events, and small minds talk about people.” So do not waste your time joining the small people and talk about other people. Use your time to realize your dreams.

8. Harness the Power of Visualization

Bob Proctor is the remarkable figure on the subject of visualization. And when it comes to the Law of Attraction, we all know that visualization is part of it and Proctor is one of the famous gurus on the subject. Proctor said that everyone can be creative, it is just that we are not trained to use our creative faculty that often. This is because when people try to imagine, the society will deem them as not paying attention or daydreaming. This is what kills our imaginative sensory.

Take a moment to notice everything that you see around you right now. The phone that you are using, the computer laptop, the chair you are sitting on, the sofa, the cars on the road, the air conditioners, the ceiling fan, the table, etc, were first created in someone’s mind before they made it into the real world. Everything starts from your mind before you can manifest it into your life.

This is why visualization is important. You must first see it in your mind before you can make it real into this world. Bob Proctor said that you have to keep your imagination alive and keep it active. The only way you can realize your dream is that you have to first see it in your mind and then take action to make it real.

9. Transcend Your Fears

If you want to produce amazing success in your life, you must transcend your fears. Imagine giving a speech in front of a thousand people and feel the fear. This is the feeling that will stop you from going further and achieving what you want in your life.

Now, whenever this feeling appears, be conscious and understand that this is perfectly normal because human beings are built to feel fear in order to survive from saber tooth tiger. However, this is not the Stone Age and most of our fears will never come true. Your fear is meant to keep you comfortable and because of this, it will limit your potential and what you will do in your life. Most people never attempt their goals because they are afraid to fail. Never let this happen to you.

Bob Proctor says rather than letting his fears stop him, he uses his fears to inspire him by setting goals that will excite him. Yes, you must set goals that will scare you a little and at the same time, inspire you to go forward. When you are inspired, you will go beyond the barrier of your fears and expand your comfort zone. Chances are, if you are at level 1 and you face a level 3 problem, you will feel that the problem is big. However, things will be different if you are at level 5. When you are at level 5 and you face a level 3 problem, the problem will be small to you and there is nothing to worry.

Therefore, you must transcend your fear and go beyond your comfort zone to grow bigger. When you are at a higher level, most of the problems around you will be small and fear will never be an issue to you.

10. Shift Your Paradigm

If you set goals, work hard and are trying to achieve them, but the results did not show up, it is probably because of your paradigm. Paradigm can be defined as your fundamental thinking pattern, and when you change your paradigm, everything will change.

Stephen Covey, the best-selling author of the book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” told a great example of a paradigm shift in his book. Imagine you are on a subway where everyone is sitting quietly. Some people are reading the papers and some are playing with their phones. Suddenly, a man and his kid enter the subway. The kid is so loud and rambunctious, and the entire atmosphere changes. The man then sits beside you and says nothing about his kid. His kid is yelling, throwing things and appears to be very disturbing. At this point, you will think that the kid is a nuisance and probably a trouble-maker. As for the man, you will most likely think that he is not a good father for being oblivious to his kid’s behavior.

Now, what if the man suddenly tells you that he has just lost his wife and the kid have just lost his mother about an hour ago? And because of this sad incident, the man and the kid did not know how to handle the situation, and hence, causing all the ruckus. Would you think differently? This is called the paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift will transform your beliefs and make you think in a completely different way, and thus, allow you to operate differently. Highly successful people change their paradigm and this is why they are able to produce extraordinary results in life.

And if you want to produce an amazing result in your life, you must change your paradigm. It may not be easy and you will go through a lot of discomforts because you are doing things that are out of your norm. However, stick to it and when your paradigm changed, things will change.

These are the top 10 powerful success principles that you can learn from Bob Proctor. What you discovered here may change your life forever, but first, you must apply these principles and make them part of your life.

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