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How to Become Limitless in Real Life? – Answered!

Everyone wants to be limitless. People want to build multi-million dollar businesses like Richard Branson who is running over 400 businesses around the world today. People want to build life-changing technology like how Steve Jobs revolutionized the world through Apple. And people want to break the world records like Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth.

Just imagine what you can do if you are living a limitless life. The possibility will be endless and you can go on to achieve whatever dreams you desire, how good that can be.

If you watch the movie, Limitless, starred by Bradley Cooper, you will see how he became limitless and get 100% access to his brain potential and unleash the greatness within him, by consuming the “limitless” pill.

The truth is that there is no pill or medicine that can make you limitless. However, that does not mean that you cannot achieve greatness and live a limitless life.

Plenty of successful people like Warren Buffett, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Elon Musk, and many others have shown us that anyone can be limitless and achieve outstanding success in life if they want to.

Below are some tips how you can become limitless and achieve stellar success in what you desire.

1. Clear Your Mind and Let Go of Negativity

The first thing you need to do is to clear your mind and let go of negativity. You cannot achieve breakthrough if you are always distracted by other things, this is why clearing your mind is important.

When your mind is clear, you are able to better focus on the things that you want. You will have more clarity, a sharper mind, and heighten awareness of the details around you. And one of the best ways to clear your mind is through meditation. Spend about 15 to 30 minutes each day to meditate. You will gain a clear picture of what you want and your life.

Besides that, never let any negative thought drags you down. You cannot perform at your best when you think negatively. Successful people who go on to achieve extraordinary results are always positive. They believe in themselves, their dreams, and they also believe that it is possible for them to achieve it.

2. Exercise – Physically and Mentally

Exercise is extremely important. You cannot become limitless if you do not have the physical and mental capacity to grow and achieve more. According to Laura Vanderkam, the famous author of the book, “What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast”, she mentioned that most successful people exercise early in the morning. And she also said that successful people are extremely busy people, but if they commit to finding time for exercise, it simply shows that exercise is important.

There are many benefits one can get from exercise. When you move your body and you sweat, your brain will release endorphins, which is a chemical that will make you happy. Plus, you will feel lighter and less stress after exercise.

Do not forget that you have to exercise your mental power too. Read more books and always immerse yourself in a learning process. Commit to spending at least 30 minutes a day into reading books. If you want to be limitless, this is what you need to do.

3. Build Superb Clarity for What You Want

One of the most common problems most people are not living a limitless life and are not achieving the extraordinary result is that they do not have a crystal clear goal of what they want.

Most people will tell you that their goal and their dream are to become rich, to become happy, or to live without worry. These are not goals. These are vague and general wishes that everyone desire in life. If you want to achieve an outstanding result in whatever you do, you must define it with absolute clarity.

Tony Robbins once said, “Clarity is power”, and he is right. You cannot develop a plan from a blurry idea, and you cannot hit a target that you cannot see clearly. Thus, make sure your goals are crystal clear and specific.

4. Move Forward

Nothing will come true if you are not moving forward. If you want to be limitless, you have to do something to become limitless. You cannot achieve the result by just talking about it, you have to do something. You need to take action.

Which area in life do you want to be limitless? Do you want to build multi-million dollar business like Richard Branson? Do you want to break the world records in sports like Usain Bolt? Or do you want to change humanity through technology like Elon Musk?

Whatever you desire and want to accomplish, you must do it. You must take action in order to move forward. No matter how big or how small your action, you must make sure that you are moving forward each day. Therefore, commit to doing at least one thing that will move you toward your goals and your dreams each day.

5. Live with Confidence

Lastly, live with confidence and act as if you are already successful in what you want. You must walk and talk with confidence. You must act like how successful people would act.

A lot of people keep their potential within them. In order to release your greatness from within and become limitless, you must unleash the potential within you. So learn to act as if you are already successful. Your motions create your emotions. Thus, when you move like a successful person, you will feel the confidence and think like a successful person.

More importantly, live without fear. Science has shown that our fears are just emotions and thoughts that we created in our minds. That means fears are not real, but imaginations that stop us from moving forward.

Anyone can become limitless, live a great life and achieve extraordinary success if they wanted to. The key is that you must first believe that it is possible for you and then follow the suggestions above and take the necessary steps. Remember, your brain is the most powerful tool that is already built into you. All you need to do is to unlock its potential and you can become limitless.


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