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Top 25 Absolutely Amazing Sites with Breathtaking Free Stock Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Without a good and attractive picture, your website will look plain and boring. With a good picture that connects and relate to your audience, your content will stand out and catch people’s attention.

Pictures and images are an important part of our lives. And when it comes to the internet, images play a vital role in communicating the purpose of your website or content to your audience. Statistics have shown that when images are effectively used, they can drive more visitors, shares and able to deliver the message clearly.

And due to the rapid growth of the online community, the demand for pictures and images are growing dramatically, whether it is for marketing purposes or for personal use, images are necessary for every internet users. This article helps you uncover the top 25 amazing free stock photos websites that you can use.

Before you proceed to use any of the photos from the websites below, it is important to know that most of these images are free from copyright restriction and you can use them in any way you want. However, some photos may require attribution. Therefore, it is always a wise choice to understand the website and terms and conditions of the photos that you are going to use before you actually download them.

1. Negative Space

Almost every week, Negative Space will upload new photos for its users to use. And all of the photos from Negative Space are shared without any copyright restriction, which means that you are allowed to freely use them however you like. Negative Space’s website is easy to use and navigate. You can easily filter through the gallery of photos from your searches by category, copy space position, and color. It is a highly recommended free stock photo website.

Website: negativespace.co/

2. Picjumbo

Another good website to search for free photos is Picjumbo. New photos are added daily and there is a wide selection of high-quality images that will fit into almost every industry. If you need images on a regular basis, you can subscribe to Picjumbo’s premium packages and they will send you stock photos every month, plus you are able to access their premium photo collections.

Website: picjumbo.com/

3. Stokpic

Stokpic is created by a photographer named Ed Gregory who generously shares about 10 photos regularly. You can use the images he shared wherever you want. His photos are high-quality and what makes him different than the rest is that he shared the latest top 100 photos in Stokpic. Do check out his latest 100 photos that are amazing.

Website: stokpic.com/

4. Startup Stock Photos

As the name suggested, Startup Stock Photos focused on images that are related and often used by startups. However, there are much more photos you can use, not just for startups. Startup Stock Photos started as an outlet for photos the creators taking on a regular basis, but due to increasing in popularity, the website has grown to be much more than that. If you need free stock images for business, office, or startups, this is the place to source for them.

Website: startupstockphotos.com/

5. LibreShot

LibreShot was founded by Martin Vorel, a photographer and also an SEO consultant. You can find plenty of photos across different categories such as architecture, business, and people. LibreShot also comes with a category where the photos are taken and uploaded in less than 24 hours. All photos from LibreShot are CCO and you can use them without attribution, but the only condition is that the author ban on bulk downloading and using the photos for other similar stock photo websites.

Website: libreshot.com/

6. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the market leaders in the free stock photos industry. In fact, Unsplash is considered the pioneer in the “do whatever you want” photos and they are the very first website that provides CCO or Creative Commons Zero, which means you can copy, use, modify, and distribute the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking for permission or providing attribution to the photographer.

Website: unsplash.com/

7. StockSnap.io

StockSnap.io says that their website is “not your typical crappy stock photo site”, and it is true. When you browse through StockSnap.io, you will discover a wide variety of high-quality and beautiful photos that are absolutely stunning. They also provide the trending search function where you can discover photos that are widely used according to the market trend.

Website: stocksnap.io/

8. Life of Pix

The photos shared from Life of Pix are in high resolution. The website is created by Leeroy Advertising Agency based in Montreal with a network of photographers. Every week, a photographer will be elected as their “Photographer of the Week” and 10 photos will be highlighted on their social websites. What is more interesting to know is that Life of Pic has a counterpart called Life of Vids, where the website shares free footage videos, loops, and clips weekly. And just like the images, the videos shared have no copyright restrictions.

Website: lifeofpix.com/

9. New Old Stock

When it comes to vintage, black and white photos, New Old Stock is the best place to go to. The collections of their photos come from public archive via Flickr Commons and according to New Old Stock, their photos are free of copyright restrictions. The website does sell some of their best vintage photos that are classic and stunning.

Website: nos.twnsnd.co/

10. Pexels

This website contains a ton of free stock photos that are easily available and search through on its website. It is one of the largest free stock photos websites in the world. Plus, you can also contribute as a photographer and join their community. Others can then freely download the images you share from their website. According to Pexels, over 3,000 photos will be added to their website every month.

Website: pexels.com/

11. ISO Republic

ISO Republic’s main mission is to “provide high-quality images to be used by developers, designers, marketers, bloggers, and social media teams”, and they are very successful in doing that. By simply visiting their website, you can tell from an instant that the photos they are shared are of high-quality and meant for professionals.

Website: isorepublic.com/

12. Pixabay

Pixabay is another popular website for free stock photos. With over 800K free photos available on the website, it is easily one of the websites people will visit when it comes to free stock photos. Pixabay is easy to navigate and the photos are amazing. Pixabay also has a built-in forum for its community and users to interact and discuss their photos. Furthermore, they also have a blog that updated regularly about related topics in the industry.

Website: pixabay.com/

13. Burst

Burst was developed and created by Shopify and was designed to provide free stock photos for entrepreneurs. All photos are under CCO and you can use them whenever you see fit. Most of the photos are original photos and taken in-house that are trending in the business niche. If you are using Shopify, this may be a great place for you to search for quality photos for your projects.

Website: burst.shopify.com/

14. Gratisography

All the photos from Gratisography are captured by Ryan McGuire, who is also the founder of this website. New high-resolution photos will be added weekly and some of the photos may appear a little quirky, but they are completely free to use in any way you want.

Website: gratisography.com/

15. Freestocks.org

Freestocks.org is another great place to search for photos. The photos shared are of superb quality and you can also post your own photos for to their website for others to use.

Website: freestocks.org/

16. Picography

Picography has been around providing stunning images to millions of people and it is one of the top sources for high-resolution, gorgeous and free photos. Dave Meier is the main contributor to photos together with a few others. Picography’s website is easy to navigate and to search for the best photos that suitable to your requirement.

Website: picography.co/

17. SkitterPhoto

All the photos on SkitterPhoto are public domain and you can use them for any purpose. The website is very easy to navigate and search for the right photo that you want. SkitterPhoto was created by amateur photographers and today it has grown to be one of the famous free stock photos websites. You can create your account for free for easy download of the photos you desire.

Website: skitterphoto.com/

18. Freerange Stock

The photos provided by Freerange Stock come either directly from their in-house photographers and archives, or they are contributed by a growing community of talented photographers. If the images are directly from Freerange Stock, the photos are either taken by Canon DSLR or a high-resolution Nikon scan of an original. Freerange Stock is huge free stock photo websites with many categories for you to choose.

Website: freerangestock.com/

19. Death to Stock Photos

The founders of Death to Stock Photo are Allie and David. They started the project because they found that it is difficult for bloggers and businesses to find high-quality and free images for their websites. Some of the photos from Death to Stock Photo are amazing and you can subscribe to receive free beautiful photos send to your email every month. The website also offers premium packages where you can sign up for unlimited downloads and creative feedback on projects.

Website: deathtothestockphoto.com/

20. Jay Mantri

As the name of the website suggested, it was created by the designer named Jay Mantri. The photos shared by Jay are absolutely professional and high-quality. Anyone can easily search through and download the photos for their own use. Most of Jay’s photos are taken in a very ‘scenic’ style. And if you need photos related to nature and scenery, Jay Mantri is the website to go to.

Website: jaymantri.com/

21. ShotStash

Like Pixabay, Pexels, and others, ShotStash is another huge free stock photos website for you to use. New photos are added every single day and you can use them any way you want. ShotStash also provides quite a huge selection of categories that anyone can choose their photos from. More importantly, their website is clean and straightforward so that you can find and search for the right photo to use.

Website: shotstash.com/

22. StyledStock

StyledStock is a free stock photo website that targeted female entrepreneurs. It offers beautiful feminine stock photography that is more girlish. If you are in a market where you are targeting the ladies, this may be the right place to source for your photos and images.

Website: styledstock.co/

23. Free Nature Stock

Free Nature Stock was created by Adrian Pelletier and all photos shared on the website are scenery and nature related. The photos taken by Adrian are absolutely stunning and beautiful. Adrian personally captures each photo and he uploads one new photo every day. He even showcases the gears and cameras he used to capture those beautiful pictures.

Website: freenaturestock.com/

24. Photo Collections

This is a website created by Vadim Goncharov and he openly invites everyone to use his photos for personal or commercial purposes for free. He has also created a Chrome browser extension and whenever you open a new tab on your Chrome, you will be greeted with a random beautiful photo from him. Of course, you have the option to download the photo if you like it.

Website: photocollections.io/

25. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is created by Karolina, a coffee addict who spends her time creating digital images. She is also a photographer, designer and website creator. Since the inception of Kaboompics, there is 80,000 people visit the website each month. Photos from Karolina have appeared on many mainstream media such as BBC, CNN, Forbes, Hubspot, Cosmopolitan, and more. It is one of the most popular websites for free images on lifestyle, interior design, and specialized bloggers in the world.

Website: kaboompics.com/

The above is the list of top 25 amazing websites that provide free stock photos for anyone to use. Of course, there are much more websites that also share free images without any copyright restriction for you to use, but these 25 here are a great place to start sourcing for the right pictures for your projects.

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