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What to Say When You Pray?

If you are new or never really prayed before, you may be wondering how you are going to do. How do you talk to God? Are there any specific steps to follow or any specific actions to take? This is exactly what you are going to discover in this article.

Below are some easy and simple steps that you can follow to say your prayer.

1. Make the Right Environment

The best place to pray is a quiet place where no one is there to disturb you. What you can do is to lock yourself in your room and switch off all the noise from TV of your computer. Your posture does not really matter, but you can choose to sit or get down on your knees. And then simply put both your palms together, close your eyes and start praying.

2. Praise Your God

Start off by praising your God and then tell Him what you are grateful for. For instance, you can thank God for your good family, your health, your relationship, your pet, your home, your job, your business, and anything you want to be grateful for.

3. Ask For Forgiveness

The next thing you can do is to ask for forgiveness. As human beings, we all have wrongdoings and sins that we want to ask for God’s forgiveness. When you hold grudges, you will feel stress and this is why it is important to let go and seek forgiveness from God. Thus, ask humbly for God’s forgiveness for the sins you mentioned and all the wrongdoings that you have committed.

4. Pray For Blessings

The easiest way to do this is to start off with “I pray for…” For example, you can say, “I pray for my business venture to be successful”, “I pray for my family’s health and safety”, etc. You can be creative and pray for whatever you desire. And remember to pray passionately with sincerity.

Besides praying for what you want, you can also humbly ask for God’s help through hard times in your everyday life. You can say, “Dear God, please help me go through this financial crisis and let aid come to me”. Depend on the problems you face in your situation, you can ask God for help as He is the almighty God that can solve any problem.

5. Thank God and Chant “Amen”

Finally, you may want to thank God for the blessings that He has fulfilled and all the good that God has done to you. And of course, end your prayer by chanting, “Amen”.

When it comes to praying, there is no need to follow any formality. The above five steps are the suggestions of things that you can do. Of course, you must make sure you pray with sincerity and truly believe in God.

The key is to always be grateful, be thankful, and pray positively with passion. The most important is that after the prayer, you will feel relieve and become a better person in life.

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