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Healing Prayers For Loved Ones

Watching someone you truly love being sick is hard. Knowing you can’t help them and cure them is even harder. You feel helpless.

When your loved one is sick and needs healing, it is often inevitable to feel helpless, powerless, scared and overwhelmed. But seeking God’s help and assurance that everything will be good has a healing effect on both you and your loved ones.

Praying has a highly positive impact on both our mental and physical lives. It can bring comfort, peace, strength. It battles stress and anxiety. Praying heals your soul and helps you overcome fear and overwhelming worry.

But besides connecting to your inner self and making you feel better, prayers have the power of changing things around you. Praying has a highly positive impact on your mind and consequently, by doing this, you send positive energy and vibrations into the environment.

Yes, that’s right – some scientific studies showed that praying for others affected those others, even if they weren’t aware that someone was praying for them.

This happens because, as mentioned, when you pray you send energy: the energy of the prayer is directed to the specific person for whom you are praying. However, this energy cannot affect other people against their will. Manifestation of the prayer can show in someone’s life only if their subconscious mind is in alignment with the change asked for in a prayer.

In terms of healing, when you pray, you send the energy to the person you are praying for that brings them into better alignment with health, or rebalance their energy field to better align with health. This is only the case if the person wants to be healed, but considering the fact that almost every sick person actually wishes this the most, the chances of your healing prayers positively affecting the person for whom you are praying for are really high.

How Should I Pray for the Healing of My Loved Ones?

There is no one and only true way. Prayer should be whatever it means to you. Listen to your heart and sincerely expressing your feelings in any way that connects you with God or anything that the Higher Spirit means to you. Those can be sacred words, a casual talk with God, or to the higher power, positive affirmations, meditation, and so on.

But sometimes, we are in so much pain and feel overwhelmed with sadness and fear for our loved one who needs healing, that we simply stay speechless.

If this is the case and you feel in loss of words, let’s pray together this way:

God, thank you for loving me and thank you for everything good in my life. I am thankful for all the guidance and strength you gave me.

God, I feel so much pain watching someone I love suffer from illness and knowing I cannot cure them. I cannot help them recover. Please help me be in peace knowing they are in your merciful hands and you are taking care of them.

Help me feel your presence and warmth. Encourage me to remember you are in control and that my loved one is cared by you. Give me strength and comfort today.

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