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Prayers For Peace With Neighbours

Mother Theresa said: “I want you to be concerned about your first door neighbour. Do you know your first door neighbour?”

But what if it just feels too hard? What if your neighbours don’t allow you to get to know them? Or they are causing so many problems in your life that loving them seems like an impossible task to do?

There are all kinds of people in this world, and of course, you don’t choose your neighbours. Sometimes, they can make your life miserable. Maybe they are even loud, aggressive, attacking your privacy or your personal space…

If so, they fill you up with unpleasant emotions and cause you stress. You constantly have this uneasy feeling, you feel worried about the peace of your family, and just expecting the next unpleasant scene with your neighbours.

This is hard, indeed, and you have all the rights to feel this way. But the most important thing right now is to take care of yourself: to get in peace with your thoughts and emotions.

One of the best ways to do this, regardless if you are religious or not, is prayer. As Kierkegaard famously said: “Prayer does not change God, but it changes whom who prays.”

In this particular situation where your neighbours are giving you a hard time, affirmative prayer is something that may be more than helpful.

What are Affirmative Prayers?

Shortly said, affirmative prayers are focused on the positive aspects of the present and positive outcomes, rather than on worries and fears. Every good possibility in that particular moment comes into focus, instead of what we are lacking.

In other words, affirmative prayers are not focused on the negative aspects of life, contrary to the way of praying most of us are used to: it highlights positive outcomes of the situation.

When we put this into practice where, in reality, there’s a lot of hostility and tension between you and your neighbour, your prayer should not be focused on all the nuisances this conflict is causing you and asking God for all that to stop.

Instead, focus on the desired outcome and affirm it like it already happened. Have faith that the state you are asking for in your prayer is already on its way to your life, and it will manifest in a physical form soon. Be grateful for its arrival.

How Should I Pray for Peace with Neighbours?

To help you get a sense of affirmative prayers, here are some words that come helpful:

I am sure that God is with me at all times and willing to lead me to the right path.

I acknowledge that the inner calm and stillness is accessible to me today.

I am aware that there is a Higher Power in every person, which draws that person to being good and doing good, and so it is with my neighbours too.

I am free and at rest. Anxiousness and uneasiness connected to the situation with my neighbours are past now.

I release these words with deep gratitude and have a better relationship with my neighbours manifested in my life immediately.

What this does is it awakens our spiritual selves and connects us with God within. According to Ellen Guley, the author of the book Prayer Works, what your thoughts are focused on is what will manifest in your life.

If you highlight negative thoughts and emotions in prayer and focus on negative aspects of the situation, no matter you are asking for it to change, you are focusing your energy on the negative and unwanted; consequently, positive results will fail to show up.

So, have faith that the Universe is meeting your needs and is already resolving your relationship with your neighbours, leading to a positive solution. Be grateful for it and soon you will see it manifest in your life.

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