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Top 5 Steps to Act As If You Already Have, and Manifest Your Dreams

“Goals may give focus, but dreams give power.”

— John Maxwell

In order to create his own reality, one must believe in the process of visualization.

The process of visualization involves a stage of aiming, setting a goal and working for it, but mostly, it’s the power of dreaming that puts one on the right track. Dreams enlighten the body, mind, and soul from within and empower the person to do incredible things and achieve goals that others consider unattainable.

It is dreams that help us believe in things that seem unreal and unachievable. This belief instilled by dreams keep us ignited and determined. But often, we struggle to find the right track to make our dreams come true.

Act as if you already have, and manifest your dreams

When children play pretend, they are so saturated with their imagination that they completely forget their own personalities, adopting that of the role they are playing. They don’t even realize when and how they grow up into the characters they pretended to be. Though not certain, it is likely that a kid, who enjoys pretending to be a doctor, grows up into a doctor or has some sort of love for medical studies.

That is the power of act as if, and also the reason why mostly the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

If you wish to acquire a great amount of wealth, act wealthy and be generous with your donations. If you want to be healthy, act healthy and always comfort yourself with the feeling of being fit, head to toe. You might not believe, but it will have positive results on your life. You will slowly watch yourself getting closer to your dreams.

If your child wishes to be a restaurateur or a chef, let him play pretend in the kitchen and he’ll live out his dream, also moving closer to achieving it.

The best part is that achieving your dreams will not take a lot. You don’t need to rub the genie out of a bottle or swing a magic wand. All you need to do is master the art of manifestation.


Well, manifestation works on the law of attraction!

The Law of Attraction

In simple words, one attracts what he firmly believes in. It’s your thoughts and emotions that guide the world around you, and create the life you live. If you wish to live a dream, you’ll have to bring it to reality. How?

By following these 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Stop Stopping Yourself

You need to believe in your dreams. That’s where you need to start out. If Edison believed what people told him, we would still be living in darkness. It’s natural to grow up in an atmosphere that tells you that certain things just don’t change, around people telling you that you are over-passionate, too ambitious, or even weird. But, that shouldn’t stop you from believing in yourself and your dreams. First things first, you need to stop stopping yourself from conquering the world.

Step 2: Let the Negativity Melt Away

Any form of negativity is a hindrance to a healthy thought process. As thoughts are the foundations of achieving big, it is important that you clear the mess that lies between you and your dreams. Manifestation begins with decluttering.

For instance, you want a big bank balance, but you keep cursing what you already have. In such a case, you are less likely to attract wealth because you are thinking mostly negative thoughts. Instead of thinking about the lack, concentrate on filling up the void.

Make way for positivity and think of ways to acquire more wealth. Let the negativity melt away.

Step 3: Goal Setting

In order to achieve a dream, clarity of vision is just as important as dreaming. People talk a lot about their desires and needs to achieve their dreams but they often fail to specify.

Specificity is essential to bring dreams to life. You want a big house, a luxury car, a multi-digit bank balance, a good job, and a loving partner all at the same time. This way, you are less likely to focus on your desires because of the lack of goal setting. You will waste more time, wanting to achieve everything, which is practically impossible. However, if you specify a goal and work determinedly towards achieving it, success will get closer and closer.

Step 4: Connect with the Universe

Once you have specified your goal, think only of the end result. Connect with the Universe, send out your message with a pure heart, and you will receive signals reciprocating in your favour. The universal law says “You get what you give”. Believe in that!

When you wish to fulfill a dream, talk about it, think about it, think about achieving it, pretend like you already have it. This way, you will send positive energies into the Universe and you’ll be rewarded with positive results.

To make it easier for you, think about what you want and you’ll be given a specific goal, who can get you that and you’ll attract the right people, where will you find it and you’ll get a roadmap to follow, and when will you find it will lead you slowly to your dreamed reality.

Do not think of the how too much, though. If you worry about the how more than other things, you might attract negativity. For example, thinking about the obstacle in between and how to get over them will attract nothing but obstacles. Focus on the big picture and believe it will all come to life.

Step 5: Act As If and Be Grateful

Be positive and act as if you’ve already achieved what you always wanted. This feeling of achievement will fill you with the right energy that you need to actually fulfill your dreams. This also means being grateful: Your gratitude should be such like your desires have already manifested. This will align the energies of the Universe further in your favour.

The power of dreams and your thoughts is a lot more than what the practical world has always told you. Believe in your dreams; believe in yourself and the ways of Universe. There is nothing that you can’t achieve, if you think fondly about it. Follow the steps mentioned above and good luck on your magical journey towards achieving your dreams!

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