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How to Act As If and Feel Like You Already Have It

Are you feeling stuck in your current situation? Do you find yourself longing for something more but aren’t sure how to get there? As conscious beings, we are always creating new thoughts. Every thought that flows through our conscious brain has its own energy that will attach itself in and around your physical form.

These energies have an impact on how you think and feel in the moment, but also have power over your future. In order to start acting and feeling like you already have “it”, you will need to examine, identify, and take action to manifest what you want and need.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the beginning of your journey to act as if. The premise of the law is a universal belief that “the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. “You might have heard this described as “like always attracts like.” Similarly, if you put out negative energies, you will only attract negative experiences. Think about it: if you are constantly thinking about how much you hate your job, you will continue to hate your job until you allow positivity in.

To be able to change your circumstance and manifest your desires, you have to be willing to change your thoughts and actions. If you begin to put out good thoughts and energy into the universe, the universe will respond in kind. Instead of obsessing over hating your job, try acting as if you love your job for one week. Begin to observe the changes the power of positivity can have on your situation.

Examine What You Focus On

To start learning what exactly you want to manifest, begin paying attention to what your mind idly focuses on. Do you find yourself obsessing over a singular negative experience in an otherwise positive and productive day? Where does your brain go when left to its own devices? Do you find yourself noticing the positive or negative experiences through your day?

It is easy for us to bypass all the good in a day because our brains find it easier to zero in on negativity. The brain processes positive and negative experiences differently. It is easy to find yourself ruminating on negativity simply because negative events require more brain power to process! For example, if you stub you break your arm on holiday at the beach; you will always remember that experience at the forefront of that trip.

As you start your journey of acting and feeling like you already have it, begin bringing a positive awareness to your thoughts. This will help to combat the brain’s natural negative tendency. Start to look at negative experiences as challenges on your path. When you start to focus on the positive parts of each negative situation, you will train yourself to be a problem solver instead of a problem dweller. You will eventually build confidence in yourself and your thought process and be able to conquer negativity faster on your path of manifestation.

What Do You Want?

Before you can act and feel as if you already have “it”, you need to identify what “it” is. You have a responsibility to actively participate in creating your own reality. As you gain more confidence in your positive power, start by writing down exactly what you want in your life. The more specific, the better. For example, instead of writing that you want success and happiness, precisely define what those terms mean to YOU. “Success” might mean becoming the boss of your boss. “Happiness” could be having five children or having five cars. The point is to develop specific goals for you to manifest.

The key to creating these circumstances is being clear about your intentions. You must be clear with yourself and your intentions before you start this process to avoid attracting things that you don’t really want. If one of your intentions is to be the boss of your boss, make a list of everything about the job that makes you happy. What does your office look like? Which coworkers do you enjoy hanging with? How much do you want to get paid? Don’t be shy. Write down your “best case” scenario. This list will help you clarify your intentions by creating a clear visualization of what you are acting like you already have.

While a clear mental image is important, the key to identifying what you want is to identify how you want to feel. There will be no point in practicing acting “as if” if your desired feeling isn’t clearly defined. No number of lists, boards, or acting will help you manifest what you want to have if you can’t clearly access how you want to feel in a situation. The best part is that once you define how you want to feel, you can start accessing that sensation immediately!

Accept Your Desire

You will only be able to consciously manifest your goals if you are able to accept your current situation, embracing your new truth, and allowing yourself to deserve it. You have to truly believe that your goals are yours already. Don’t allow yourself to focus on the millions of reasons and situations in which it won’t work out. Instead, accept that you do not yet know how your desires will come to pass. Simplysurrender yourself to the process and begin to act as if you already have it.

Acting like you already have it does not mean that you won’t have to take the necessary actions on your path. There is still plenty of work to do to on your path. Start by aligning your current thoughts and actions to meet your goal.

Take Action

If you were trying to bake a cake, would you just throw them all in a pan and expect it to rise? No. You would go through the actions of checking the recipe, gathering the correct ingredients, measuring the correct amounts, and baking for a specific time to create the specific cake you wanted in the first place. The same principles apply to manifesting your desires. You have to begin to take actions that align yourself with the “as if” situation you are working towards.

If you want to purchase your dream home, start by saving an appropriate amount of money each month. By saving money for this specific goal, you are aligning yourself with your dream of home ownership. Even if you can barely afford rent this month, you are showing the universe that you are so confident you will own a home that you are already saving money for it. By taking action that indicates you already have it, you are attracting your goals to your reality.


Starting the process of manifesting your dreams is as simple as you allow it to be. Begin by revealing your intentions to the universe. Act as if you already have “it” right away. Continue to do the work to get there. In time, you will see your path unfold and your dreams become reality!

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